Make Scented Soy Wax Tablets at Home

Hand-pour natural soy wax hanging tablets for your car, closet, or kitchen.

Vishakha Patel
Vishakha Patel
4.8 (74)

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When Vishakha first started working with 100 percent natural organic soya wax and fragrance oils, she didn't realise that what started out as just another new experience would turn into a passion she wouldn't be able to get enough of.

Share the joyful experience of hand-pouring natural soya wax with blissful fragrances to make your own scented tablets air fresheners. In the process, you also ensure you are safe and healthy when you enjoy them as well as do not end up causing any harm to the environment.

Share the joyful experience of hand-pouring natural soya wax candles with blissful fragrances.

Class outline:
  • Understand the material and equipment needed
  • The right type of soya wax
  • Heating & pouring at the right temperatures
  • Pampering the fragrance tablets, packaging, and presenting!

What you'll get in your craft kit:
  • 1 x silicone mould to make 6 wax blocks of various shapes (rectangle, round, hexagon)
  • 300g natural organic soya 416 wax
  • 2 x 10 ml candle fragrance oils (based on availability)
  • 2 x bamboo stirrer
  • 1 x mercury thermometer
  • Dried flowers, petals, lavender buds, calendula, shells, beads, pearls, and more to give character to your scented tablets
  • Strings & white organza bags for individual packaging of tablets

Your teacher will also share some really practical tips and information for troubleshooting so that you leave not only with the beautiful wax tablets you would have made but also the knowledge that you can do it on your own in the future.

At the end of a session, you would have made 6 x wax tablets air fresheners (25 ml each with an approximate size of 9x5x1 cm or 3.5x2x0.4 inches) of various shapes (rectangle, round, hexagon) with a hanging string and packaging to gift straight away to your friends and family.

And it's no secret that anything with fragrances would make perfect gift ideas for any occasion, for they are both festive and timeless.
What you'll need
1. Gas stove or electric hot plate to put the double boiler on for heating the wax.
2. Two saucepans/pots to make a double boiler to heat the wax.
3. Plastic/steel/glass jug with a handle and spout for pouring so as to be able to pour really hot wax carefully.
4. Old newspaper/baking paper/craft paper, etc., to lay on the surface you will be working on (so that it's easier to chuck in the bin straight away rather than cleaning up the mess).
Add-on available for this class
  • Make 6 more fragrance blocks ($29)
You can add these when you book (optional).
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Vishakha Patel
Vishakha Patel

4.8 (74)

I have always had that intuitive urge to 'create' something with a purpose: a new vegetarian recipe, a cake that would still be calorie-friendly, a soap that would nourish my skin with essential oils, a paining that would tell a story of my childhood, a candle that would smell divine?

By day, I am a fulltime ICT Professional helping product teams build great software applications that deliver an awesome User experience. In my moonlight hours and occasionally on weekends, I enjoy this experience of facilitating crafts workshops at my adorable apartment thereby follow my own passion (thank God I found a way), do what I love (or else no point yea), exercise my entrepreneurial skills (or at least I would think so), stay emotionally healthy (this one is real), meet new people (when Sydney reportedly is world's 3rd worst city to make new friends), and do my bit of promoting mental health.

In my journey of hosting the picnics, cooking, baking, fitness and crafts experiences in Sydney, I have come across a range of creative people, many of whom discovered things to be a fun hobby and some who have taken it further and started selling stuff online.

My pursuit of the little joys of life continues as I look forward to share these experiences with you!

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