Make Your Own Terrarium Succulent Garden

Make Your Own Terrarium Succulent Garden

Julia Carr-Catzel

Adorning modern Australian homes and gardens, due to their high-tolerance of testing weather conditions, succulents are the ideal household plant. Teeming with water which is stored in leaves, roots and stems, these low-maintenance plants thrive in sunshine, making them the ideal décor to spruce up a basic veranda or courtyard during the steamy summer months. Alternatively, owners can place succulents indoors, near windows bearing an abundance of natural light.

Pry through a gallery of frilled, spined and flower embellished succulents to liven up the indoors; opt for pincushion cactei dotted in beautiful hues of pink or perhaps a variegated zebra plant to match household décor. The number of succulent garden compositions are unlimited, choose from colours, shapes and sizes to adorn a bookend, hanging wall frame, wreath, pot, birdcage or terrarium. Not to mention the health benefits of indoor plants, such as the aloe vera plant, which produces cleaner air, lowers the risk of illness, boosts one’s mood and has potential to enhance concentration and memory.

Despite their low-maintenance reputation, succulents thrive under a balanced upkeep. Refrain from over-watering when attending to your succulent garden, a common mistake among owners who overcompensate with a plant able to tolerate prolonged drought. Instead, make sure to check the soil moisture level with your fingers and water only when dry. Water or mist succulents at least once per week. Allow for time in shade as succulents can burn with exposed to too much sunlight. Use a gentle formula once per month to fertilise. Do not combine succulents with non-desert dwelling plants

Making your own succulent garden is therapeutic and rewarding activity to fill a morning or afternoon and doesn’t require any prior expertise. Adorning your home with a succulent garden can have aesthetically pleasing benefits for the inside of your home, as well as health benefits. 

The terrarium making experience can be shared with others and doesn’t have to be a solo mission. Encourage family and friends to take part in a terrarium workshop with Christoper Saban, Creative Director of ‘Merchant and Green’ who conducts beginner workshops in Sydney, catering for plant-lovers looking to design and create their very own succulent garden. Christopher, who has over fifteen years’ experience as a floral decorator and stylist provides all plants and equipment, and caters to all skill levels. Equip yourself with a pyramid or quad glass container, choose from a wide variety of mini succulents, toy with vase river stones, dirty your hands with moss and soil and create the perfect environment for your plants to thrive. Make a terrarium today.


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