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Mennt is a design studio operating out of a small Sydney studio. Mennt’s products are designed and made by Laura Butler with creative direction from her partner Aman Braich.

Mennt has an uncompromising focus on high quality materials. We believe in creating products that will last a lifetime with continual love and use.

We believe that high quality design should be available to everyone, not just the 1%. In order to create a more affordable product, we reimagined our entire approach to create a more productive and streamlined process.

Mennt is minimalist in its approach to design; we strip our products down to only the necessary elements and focus on the rituals of everyday life.

Mennt is designed with longevity in mind. Our clay is sourced sustainably from Victoria and we recycle as part of our daily practice in the studio. We design and create refined objects that will not only last a lifetime, but will polish with age.




Katrina Richardson  •  Feb 2021

Porcelain Hand Building Workshop

Highly recommend. Laura, the instructor was great - she was really welcoming, enthusiastic and was flexible with what we wanted to do with our pieces and how we used the time. I really liked the smaller groups (we had 6 due to covid limits). The morning tea and juice provided were a lovely touch.

The work space was great, very urban and artsy - just the backdrop for the porcelain workshop. Can't wait to pick up the pieces I made.

Catherine Lee  •  Feb 2021

Porcelain Hand Building Workshop

Wonderful morning class. Plenty of freedom to be creative and follow your own style while learning techniques and skills
Yummy muffins included and plenty of clay and tools.
A great place to develop your skills and confidence

Porcelain Hand Building Workshop review by Catherine Lee Sydney

James Monaghan  •  Feb 2021

Porcelain Hand Building Workshop

The class was fantastic. Laura is a welcoming, knowledgeable teacher who explains techniques clearly and creates a hospitable environment where questions are encouraged. The balance between structure and freedom is perfect: students with more experience with ceramics can explore their own ideas while beginners are well-supported. I would wholeheartedly recommend the class.

Sonia Chovanec  •  Jan 2021

Porcelain Hand Building Workshop

Laura is a delightful teacher. The workshop was very informative and we learnt several different techniques and were able to make several pieces. A wonderful introduction to the world of porcelain.

Pottery workshop review by Sonia Chovanec

Julie Stoddart  •  Jan 2021

Porcelain Hand Building Workshop

Absolutely amazing class, knowledgeable and friendly teacher, great way to spend a morning. I’ll definitely be back!

Pottery workshop review by Julie Stoddart Sydney

Alison Thomas  •  Jan 2021

Porcelain Hand Building Workshop

What a great class. Fantastic instruction and good materials. I made 4 pieces-can’t wait to see how they look once fired!

Porcelain Hand Building Workshop review by Alison Thomas

Christina Bell  •  Jan 2021

Porcelain Hand Building Workshop

Laura was lovely and encouraging
Great to hear different techniques and get some inspiration from the studio

Erin Colgrave  •  Jan 2021

Porcelain Hand Building Workshop

My friend and I had a great day at Laura's workshop and we are beginners

Suzanne Thompson  •  Dec 2020

Porcelain Hand Building Workshop

Great class. Laura is lovely. Everything was well organised in advance of the class and the class ran very smoothly. I definitely recommend this course and I am hoping to go again when classes start up again next year.

Francesca Papa  •  Dec 2020

Porcelain Hand Building Workshop

Fun class! Laura is so knowledgeable and down-to-earth. She guides you through all the steps and gives you handy tips/tricks to help with your masterpiece!

Highly recommend this class! Would do this class again :)

Brendan Manning  •  Nov 2020

Porcelain Hand Building Workshop

Absolutely loved my workshop with Laura, great hands on experience, intimate group size and a nice and casual vibe

Amanda Barnes  •  Nov 2020

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Porcelain Hand Building Workshop

Great afternoon, Laura was very helpful and patient ! Everything we needed was provided and the champagne went down well too !

Caroline Finch  •  Nov 2020

Porcelain Hand Building Workshop

Class structure was great, as was the room set up and materials. Clear instructions.

Abigail Goodfellow  •  Nov 2020

Porcelain Hand Building Workshop

Fab class. Laura is a great teacher, and it was lovely to learn and try out some new techniques. As a complete newbie, I was pleased to be able to create some awesome (not biased at all) plates that I'm really excited to see the final outcome!

Georgie Alcock  •  Nov 2020

Porcelain Hand Building Workshop

Great class! Very clear and easy instructions and an inclusive and fun environment. Very enjoyable!

Elizabeth Luchjenbroers  •  Oct 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Porcelain Hand Building Workshop

Fun, and relaxing. A solid intro with time to play with the clay. Highly recommend.

Nathania Alice  •  Sep 2020

Porcelain Hand Building Workshop

Love it!
Laura was very engaging and kind. I'm not sure if everyone knows each other, but it was not the case for me, I came alone. Throughout the lesson, Laura would ease the atmosphere and have a conversation with everyone, the class ended up having a very fun conversation and laughter. She also provides water, mimosa and cheese platter :)))))
The venue is beautifully decorated (she arranged flowers). It is also spacious and brings, there's natural sunlight too. Overall, the place makes you relax and enjoy what you are doing!
I think it's a good value of money, we don't need to prepare anything, everything is provided. We were thought three techniques, she also demonstrates them. Since the class is small, you can ask the teacher techniques without worrying you're taking too much time.
And if you're worried about COVID, don't worry, everyone was asked to come with a mask.

Porcelain Hand Building Workshop review by Nathania Alice

Suzannah Hogan  •  Sep 2020

Porcelain Hand Building Workshop

Great sat afternoon class. Lovely teacher and class was well presented, relaxed. Nice small class size with plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

Yashka Virassamy  •  Aug 2020

Porcelain Hand Building Workshop

This class is perfect for beginners and shy people like me. The fact that we were a small number made the workshop more engaging. Laura is very knowledgeable and friendly, she let us explore with our chosen techniques but was always here to assist with anything we were not too sure with. Definitely a great way to unwind on a weekend and explore new skills. I hope for a part 2 workshop to delve deeper into each technique or learn about glazing and firing

Lyna Lao  •  Aug 2020

Porcelain Hand Building Workshop

Easy to follow especially for someone who has zero clue about porcelain like me. I bought this class for my sister’s birthday and she loves it.

Pottery workshop review by Lyna Lao

Melissa Lewin  •  Aug 2020

Porcelain Hand Building Workshop

Laura was a great teacher. She is so calm and patient and this created such a peaceful class. She gave clear, easy instructions and then we were able to work at our own pace and create the pieces we wanted. I would definitely do another class with Laura.

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