9 Mother's Day Gift Experiences for Remote Working Mums in Brisbane

9 Mother's Day Gift Experiences for Remote Working Mums in Brisbane

By Kellie Maloney

Let's give a round of applause for all the remote working mums out there! This Mother's Day 2024, let's turn that applause into unforgettable gift experiences for mum in Brisbane. These experiences are designed to help her unwind from work and relish some well-deserved downtime.

If your Mum is a remote worker, you know she's always on the lookout for fun things to do in Brisbane that let her step out of the home office and engage in something social and fun. Our gift experiences for Mum are not just about a typical Mother's Day lunch or flowers—they're about creating memorable moments that she'll cherish.

Mums pour their hearts into caring for their little ones. While it's incredibly fulfilling, it's also crucial for Mum to take breaks, focus on herself, and indulge in something enjoyable and creative (minus the kiddos!). That's why our gift experiences go beyond the usual offerings, aiming to inspire and delight remote working mums in Brisbane.

Discover our top nine Mother's Day gift experiences below, ranging from culinary adventures and cocktail crafting to pottery classes and painting sessions. With these options, Mum can break free from her WFH routine and immerse herself in new experiences that bring joy and relaxation.

Treat Mum to a paint and sip class 

Mother and daughter drinking wine and painting at a Brisbane paint and sip class

Looking for fun and unique Mothers Day gift ideas for the hard-working mum in your life? Get inspired with paint and sip classes in Brisbane! Mum can learn how to paint a beautiful landscape or life drawing, or even use watercolours to paint flowers or animals at one of our Brisbane art workshops. All while she enjoys a glass of wine or two! 

Painting classes are usually designed with absolute beginners in mind, so no matter what, mum will still be able to easily follow along and receive guidance when needed. As well as learning some amazing new skills, mum will also leave with a unique masterpiece that she created herself. What could be better than that?

Inspire her to cook up a storm

Mother and daughter tasting food at a cooking class for Mother's Day

Not every mum out there likes to cook, but almost everyone loves eating, and with our Brisbane cooking classes you can get the best of both worlds! With everything from American smoking BBQ classes to sourdough bread-making classes and all that’s in between, there’s something for everyone to enjoy making and devouring. 

Mum can travel the world from the comfort of one of our Brisbane kitchens with an Italian cooking class or make delicious and authentic Japanese food. Learn how to cook pizza, pasta or gnocchi, or even how to make ramen or dumplings. As far as fun Brisbane activities for mum go, you can’t choose wrong with a cooking class!

Jump on the pottery wheel

The mum in your life doesn’t need any experience to be able to create something beautiful and made especially for her home at one of our Brisbane pottery workshops. With a little bit of guidance, mum can take the wheel and create her own bowl or try making unique ceramics with hand building clay. If mum likes trying out unique activities then she may even be interested in learning Japanese gold repair with a Kintsugi workshop. 

Mum will be surprised by how much fun she has creating something unique and personal in one of our Brisbane pottery studios. From vases and bowls to clay planters and even handmade jewellery, mum will have the opportunity to create something beautiful that she can proudly display in her home. When it’s all said and done, there’s nothing more rewarding than transforming a lump of clay into a work of art!

Shake, muddle and stir cocktails

Woman making cocktails at a class experience she redeemed for Mother's Day

There’s nothing better than spending a weekend relaxing with a cocktail or two, but your Mum may not know that a cocktail making class is a must do in Brisbane! From a classic negroni to an aromatic espresso martini or even a fruity cosmopolitan, mum can learn how to mix up the perfect drinks with some of the city’s best bartenders.

Mum will have so much fun tasting her own creations and learning about different spirits and ingredients at cocktail making classes that she may be inspired to take all of her delicious new recipes home with her and recreate them time and time again. There’s nothing like relaxing with a refreshing drink after a long day caring for the kids!

Weave and twist macrame knots

Two women weaving material at a macrame class

Give Mothers Day gift ideas that mum can keep forever with a macrame weaving workshop. Using some simple, eco-friendly materials and with the help of a friendly teacher, mum can learn how to make anything from decorative wall hangings and baskets to beautiful home decor accessories and even a boho macrame swing!

If you’re feeling especially generous this year and want mum to have a hobby or craft that she can enjoy for years to come, then make sure that you give her a macrame workshop as one of her Mothers Day gifts! As far as fun Brisbane activities go, there are few things more unique and satisfying than weaving macrame with your own hands.

Get crafty with jewellery making

A bit of DIY and crafty fun is always a great idea for the driven mum in your life. With so much on her plate, she’s sure to appreciate a few hours of creative time with some crafting tools in hand. 

Our Brisbane jewellery making classes are the perfect way to spend an afternoon! Whether mum wants to learn how to make beautiful acrylic earrings, a silver ring or even unique resin art accessories, she will always have something handmade to wear that is both beautiful and unique with these Mothers Day gift ideas!

Create beautiful flower arrangements

Shake up your traditional Mothers Day present and get mum to make her own flower arrangements this time! The best part about this creative take on your classic Mothers Day gift is that mum will gain the confidence and skills to arrange many more fresh flower bouquets.

Playing with fragrant, colourful flowers is also a real mood booster and a great way to help mum relax after a long week! Plus, it's the perfect way to switch up your usual Mothers Day flowers gift and instead let mum personalise her perfect bouquet. If you also want to try these fun Brisbane workshops, why not accompany mum and make a day of it!

Prioritise self-care with soap making

Mother and daughter using soap moulds at a soap making class

Encourage Mum to prioritise self-care this Mother's Day with our soap making classes! She can learn how to create luxurious and fragrant soaps using natural ingredients. It's a therapeutic and creative activity that will leave mum feeling refreshed and pampered.

It's the best gift for Mums who love a little luxury and are interested in nourishing their skin with more natural ingredients.

Illuminate her day with candle making

Dive into the art of candle making and gift Mum an experience filled with warmth and creativity! Our Brisbane candle making classes are the perfect gifts for mums who love adding a touch of ambience to their homes. From learning the basics of candle making to crafting custom scents and designs, Mum will delight in creating personalised candles that reflect her style and personality.

Let Mum immerse herself in the gentle glow of candlelight as she crafts her own unique candles, making every moment at home feel cozy and special. Candle making classes are a wonderful way for Mum to unwind, express her creativity and add a personal touch to her home office space.

Being a mum can be so rewarding and meaningful, but it’s always nice to have a break, unwind and do something different for a change, especially if she has been working remotely. With our gift experiences for Mum in Brisbane, it has never been easier to find something fun and creative for her to try this Mothers Day 2024!

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