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Print Paint Pot is born from a pure love for making and creating.

Zena and Elgan are husband and wife and together we have set up a light filled leafy green pottery studio in Artarmon.

With Zena's experience working as a pottery teacher at Bondi Clay and Clay Sydney paired with the support, partnership and hands on skills of Elgan, we decided to take a leap of faith and open a pottery studio in Artarmon offering a range of fun pottery classes and courses.

We are so excited to share our space with a wider community who have an interest and passion for pottery.




Michelle Ang Feb 2024

This was our first wheel throwing experience and we loved it! Georgina (our teacher) was great. She explained everything so clearly, and gave us tips and tricks on how to use the wheel. She was also super encouraging and gave us the confidence to not be afraid of the wheel and the clay. A great date night experience! So glad I booked this. Place was conducive and easy to find. Would definitely recommend couples to try this out. We had a fun ‘ghost’ photo op near the end of our session. Our hands felt so smooth after from handling all the clay.

Jocelyn Parulian Feb 2024

It was so fun, the class was really well run and the environment was amazing. Would highly recommend!

Kali Omar Feb 2024

Went for my sisters birthday, teacher was awesome! The class was super informative and fun. Worth every penny! Super keen to get the finished product:)

Clay and Sip Wheel Throwing Pottery Class review by Kali Omar - Sydney

Eleanore Frances Bennett Feb 2024

Booked a class for my 11 y.o daughters birthday party. Venue was perfect, teacher was incredibly patient and the girls had an absolute blast. Would definitely recommend for your next party or group event

Pottery class review by Eleanore Frances Bennett - Sydney

David Rutkowski Feb 2024

This is my second time taking this class and for good reason! The workshop facilities are fantastic and Elgan, Georgina and the team are wonderful.

Pottery class review by David Rutkowski - Sydney

Blake Waterhouse Feb 2024

It was fantastic.
So much fun and the guidance was amazing.
Would love to come back and do it again.

Mee Luong Ling Feb 2024

Elgan the instructor was very friendly, gave a very clear mini lesson on wheel throwing and was there to assist with everyone’s works.
Very relaxing atmosphere and suitable as a family activity.

Jazmin Cassell Feb 2024

We had a really fun experience with the date night pottery class as a late valentine's gift. The instructor was very engaging with lots of patience and helpful tips.

Courtney Landrebe Feb 2024

We had the best time! Our teacher was lovely and very accommodating, the venue was easy to find, we would definitely come back. Can’t wait to get our finished pieces in a few weeks!

Eeshan Jhingran Feb 2024

Elgan was a really lovely teacher despite how tragic my pottery turned out to be.

Diana Hernandez Feb 2024

we came from perth to get a lesson, the teacher was very professional it was fun!

Pottery class review by Diana Hernandez - Sydney

Jacqueline Mann Feb 2024

8 ClassBento workshops attended • 6 reviews

Class was so fun! The atmosphere and vibe were so great. Excellent guidance from Elgan our teacher. Hands on and helpful. Visual aids to help remember the process. Highly recommend.

Clay and Sip Wheel Throwing Pottery Class review by Jacqueline Mann - Sydney

Jen Feb 2024

First time to try pottery and the instructor was so much helpful and encouraging. Planning to book another session

Andy Nguyen Feb 2024

Teacher was very kind and knowledgeable. It was a fun and interactive class! Would definitely recommend to others

Kara Kermack Feb 2024

So much fun! I bought my 2 friends this for their birthday and we all had a great time. The venue was super cute and learning the wheel was so much fun. Definitely recommend for someone either by themselves or with their friends

Sugam Thapa Feb 2024

Loved it. Had an amazing experience. The instructor was so caring. will do it again.

Cheryl Till Feb 2024

Super fun course that takes you through the whole process. Elgan is a great teacher who is really patient and good at explaining things! Would definitely recommend this class and will be attending again!

Lynne Lee Feb 2024

instructors were patient and gave individual guidance. Zen and fun! Not very easy to learn as a beginner but process is worthwhile.

Margaux Cabrera Feb 2024

Georgina was awesome and our group had a really great time! It was a really good intro to pottery.

Yan Yue Leung Feb 2024

Went solo and had the absolute best time ever. The teacher was so sweet and he literally helped so much. Definitely will be coming back. 100% recommend!

Kopal Sinha Feb 2024

It was a surprise for my husband's birthday. We all loved the class/activity. Most importantly the teacher was just wonderful who made our experience very special.

Jingjing Wang Feb 2024

An excellent gift for a friend’s birthday, we had a lovely afternoon there. The instructor was great, super patient and helpful!

Nicholas Tabeta Feb 2024

Venue was great.
Teacher was engaging and made the experience fun.
Aprons provided - definitely needed!

Helen Xie Feb 2024

Fun and also interactive activity to do with partner, friends or family. Would go again!

Giuseppe Arena Feb 2024

Honestly the class went as smoothly and as well as i hoped.
Great value as well as the extras

the only thing i could add is if we could pick our Glaze Just a suggestion). But this didn't impact how good it was.

Kylie Loadsman Feb 2024

My husband and I had THE best time. Not being the least bit artsy, I was concerned about being the only one in the class not to produce anything. Was so proud of my “Gauc bowl”, lopsided top and all.

Georgina was hilarious and very patient and took time to help everyone in the class. Instructions were easy to follow and there was plenty of time to have multiple attempts (I needed them). Highly recommend.

Ashik Romy Feb 2024

Really good and fun learning experience with Georgina. She is a really encouraging, and positive teacher

Megan Narain Feb 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Fantastic value! Easy access and parking. Georgina is patient, knowledgeable and fun! Learnt tons. Highly recommend for anyone seeking creative fun!

Andy Nhan Feb 2024

Late valentines actvitiy with my partner.

It was absolutely amazing we both loved it, was so fun and everyone was encouraged to work as much clay as they could to get as many pieces as they could. Between my partner and i we made 3 pieces.

I felt we got really good value for money and the teacher was absolutely amazing, very welcoming, inclusive and made us feel very comfortable.

Nancy Nirmal Raj Feb 2024

The instructor was amazing She was so friendly and funny - it made the whole experience very comfortable.

Grace O'Donnell Feb 2024

Was a great experience only complain was that we wished it was longer class as we both managed to make only one completed piece

Teacher's response

Hi Grace, Thank you for you kind review and feedback.

We are so glad to hear you enjoyed class with Elgan.

We are always looking to improve our teaching and will adapt our methods to share with students tips and tricks so that everyone can make more pots during class. The potential reason for less selection at the end of class is pushing clay to its limits. We do try to find a balance of providing guidance while encouraging guests to have creative freedom. We will aspire to find the right balance to ensure guest satisfaction.

Thank you Grace :)


Amy Portelli Feb 2024

My husband purchased the class as a gift for me.
We had such an amazing time. Teachers were great, made it easy to pick up the skills.
They allowed you to be a creative as you wanted.
We would 100% be booking again.

Sabrine Wang Feb 2024

Came with my partner to celebrate Valentine's Day and had an amazing time! Instructors were extremely patient, thorough, and ready to step in whenever we needed them. They were also amazing at making their way around the class to ensure every individual was able to walk away with a piece that they would enjoy. Thank you so much to Zena and Elgan for the beautiful evening <3

Rhonda Irv Feb 2024

Hi, our teacher was really helpful as he explained the how & why to the performance of clay.
The studio was easy to find and facilities clean & well setup.
I found the class enjoyable, though I’ll definitely be needing more help with leaning how to throw clay & use a pottery wheel ;-)

Stuart Marshall Feb 2024

It was my wife’s birthday and this was a great fun evening thanks. The hosts / instructors were very helpful and lovely people.

Sarah Mooney Feb 2024

Got as a valentines day gift, was an amazing experience and very fun! My partner and I left really happy

Clay and Sip Pottery Class for Date Night review by Sarah Mooney - Sydney

Karin Hasse Feb 2024

Great experience, friendly teacher that explained the process really well. It was a fun birthday experience.

Taylor Somerville Feb 2024

Great day out with the girls! Lovely teacher, was a great experience! Highly recommend this class

Hugh Evans Feb 2024

What a great evening. The teacher was great and really friendly and very supportive to all

Marwa Sabih Feb 2024

The teacher was so friendly and helpful, we had fun in this class and we enjoyed making many clay pieces.

Daniel Abdallah Feb 2024

Great night! Best vibes and Elgan was awesome, would highly recommend for a cute date night.

Marie Matriano Feb 2024

I really enjoyed the class. This is my third time doing a pottery class and I can definitely say this was the best experience for me. I felt relaxed and our instructor Georgina gave me a lot of confidence and space to make mistakes and grow. Definitely recommend this class!

Kristina Lynch Feb 2024

We had a group of six attend for a birthday. We had so much fun! Venue was easy to find, the teacher was informative and helpful (some of us were literally hopeless and required a lot of assistance!). We loved it. We are planning on going back for the next birthday in line!

Clay and Sip Wheel Throwing Pottery Class review by Kristina Lynch - Sydney

Jess Compton Feb 2024

Great teacher! She is second to none with clear communication and excellent delivery serving you up east to follow instructions with humour. The way humans learn best!

Tom Brennan Feb 2024

Awesome class! Had everything you need + unlimited clay which is great when you make alot of mistakes. Georgina was also super helpful, nice and funny. All in all we'll definitely be suggesting this friends and family.

Nolene Sharma Feb 2024

Great experience, the instructor was amazing and after the beginning instructions you got to create and play however you liked!

Minami Southam Feb 2024

Elgan was such a great teacher! Very calming voice and happy to explain and help as much as you need. Offered to take pics of us and checked on everyone throughout. Great vibe, especially the evening class. I’d definitely do this again!

Sarah Driver Feb 2024

Amazing interaction, very good a teaching the class, provided support where required, assisted when necessary

Jaymie Newson Feb 2024

What an amazing experience, decided to do something super random for my birthday and it turned out to be such a fun day.
The teacher was so amazing and very helpful, will definitely be coming back next time I’m in Sydney.

Gavin Wang Feb 2024

Nice, friendly and funny tutor!
Enjoyed the session very well and unlimited mud so no worries you will guarantee to build Sth for sure!

Pottery class review by Gavin Wang - Sydney

Anna Fischer Feb 2024

The class was very laid back but also very instructive. He gives you a tutorial at the beginning and walks around helping people, but really you get to make whatever your mind can come up with! You can craft as many pieces as you want because they supply unlimited clay; you’ll get one piece fired and sealed for free, and then any extra pieces you want them to fire for you to keep are between $10-$15. Anyway, highly recommend Was so fun, and the instructor also takes pics of everyone with their own phones if they want. A really great experience!

Clay and Sip Wheel Throwing Pottery Class review by Anna Fischer - Sydney

Janet Lee Feb 2024

My husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary here. Doing a class like this was definitely outside our comfort zone but I am so glad we did it. Elgan was a helpful and patient teacher, and made us feel at ease throughout the class. While the class was reasonably small and intimate, we thought there was still a good atmosphere and enjoyed some laughs along the way. It certainly gave us a sense of accomplishment and also appreciate for the craft itself. Thanks for a memorable evening!

Bridgette May Feb 2024

Bought this as a birthday present and we both absolutely loved it. So much fun and the instructor was amazing. Super cute and vibey venue - highly recommend

Emelia Corvette Feb 2024

Everything about this class was fantastic. A great intro to wheel throwing, comes with all the clay and tools you need on the day. It was my first time wheel throwing and our teacher was incredible. The venue is cute and intimate! I will absolutely be going back to Print Paint Pot

Camille Feb 2024

Georgina was an excellent teacher and was very welcoming. She was supportive every step of the way and would come help out when needed. The class itself was interesting especially if trying pottery for the first time — the experience was so wholesome and would definitely go again!

Jemma Kalina Feb 2024

Amazing Georgina was so much fun and gave us all the help when needed Highly recommend.

Natalie Balbona Feb 2024

Booked this for my friend’s birthday and we all had such an amazing time! Georgina was a fantastic teacher. Would absolutely come back and do this again!

Fortune Atuakpoho Feb 2024

Great experience and even greater teacher! Would recommend for any occasion, you leave with a feeling of accomplishment.

Susanna Hill Feb 2024

So much fun! Never did pottery before but Georgina made it easy to learn and we were able to come away with a finished piece which was great!

Ella Atkinson Feb 2024

Very calming. Great value. Will go again. Great for aniexty and feeling grounded. Great teacher.

Neve Kilbane Feb 2024

Amazing teacher, who had a super lovely, funny, and encouraging attitude. Instructions were very explicit and we were able to make lots of cool creations. Very pleasing set up and all around fun! Time goes super quick because it is such fun!

Clay and Sip Wheel Throwing Pottery Class review by Neve Kilbane - Sydney

Samantha Smith Feb 2024

We booked this as complete novices’, the occasion was a friend’s birthday. Our instructor was very patient, and broke down the instructions step by step. We had unlimited clay within our allotted time so we were able to have 2 or 3 attempts, each time being able to refine our new found skills. It was a really fun afternoon and one I would recommend.

Jill Sueoka Feb 2024

I wanted to try something different with a friend of mine, and had seen ads for these types of classes, and I'm so glad I found this one. It is conveniently located, plenty of parking, well supplied, and fun. Elgan was a great instructor - he was exceedingly polite, very clear, and helpful, and patient, and made it look so easy :). I hope to do this again soon. Highly recommended!

Kathleen Drakopoulos Feb 2024

A great night out with my son and daughter.
Our teacher Elgan was very welcoming and had a beautiful calming aura .
He did a demo before we started and it was in one ear and the other.
Once we actually sat and listened to instructions, we all got the hang of it. By the second clay piece, we all were masters (haha).
A really great night, trying to create a vase, plate or whatever you thought you made.
Loved it
Will certainly come again.

Ben Johnston Jan 2024

Unreal experience. Teacher was great. Set up was great. Would recommend to anyone interested in trying

Jason Yip Jan 2024

Our girls had an amazing experience. Workshop was a beautiful space to get creative in. Georgina made the experience so fun. She was so patient and helpful. Highly recommend!

Clay and Sip Wheel Throwing Pottery Class review by Jason Yip - Sydney

Vera Manalac Jan 2024

Bought this for my husband as a Christmas gift and it was so much fun. Georgina is a wonderful, patient and funny teacher. Would highly recommend for all even if you don't have any pottery experience ( we didn't). Will definitely be back x

Pottery class review by Vera Manalac - Sydney

Janine Zammit Jan 2024

It was for our wedding anniversary. It was fun and our first time at pottery and we'd definitely do it again and recommend it to our friends.

Kristine Teo Jan 2024

The class was super fun and memorable. All thanks to Elgan for guiding us throughout!

Stella Shi Jan 2024

Great experience, 2 hours went really fast. Teacher was very helpful and gentle. (Days later I realise some cast member I like from Love on the spectrum went to same studio for workshop :)) Recommend !

Hannah Wills Jan 2024

Visiting Sydney from the uk and as a solo traveller, I always look for fun activities to do on my own! Loved this class, it was so easy to get to and so cheap for a 2h class, the atmosphere was so friendly. I felt at ease and the teacher was so down to earth and lovely, explaining everything multiple times because I easily forget things. She let us have multiple goes too, so I made 4 in the end. Was such a fun experience and I loved how relaxed it was, I 1000% recommend this place it’s beautiful and has such a welcoming warm feeling ❤️

Imogen Scott Jan 2024

georgina was so lovely & so encouraging my partner and i are now obsessed with pottery and we will be coming back.

Mark Borges Jan 2024

Fun class and great teacher who helped us rookies make pottery!

Keep up the good work.

Katie Panteli Jan 2024

Great atmosphere and great teacher! Genuinely a lot of fun! We booked very last minute and glad we did.

Ken Le Jan 2024

Great couples date night idea.
The teacher(Georgina) was great! Everything that was needed was provided and we learnt alot. Made lots of mistakes but that's what made it fun. We were allowed to be creative and just enjoy the process. I personally found it quite therapeutic experimenting with making different shapes with the clay. Hope to come by again soon!

Clay and Sip Pottery Class for Date Night review by Ken Le - Sydney

Sylvia Tran Jan 2024

Elgan was a fantastic teacher and super patient. We brought our 8 year old cousin with us and she had the best time! We managed to try creating a pot/cup/plate 3 times and picked our favourite one. Highly recommend this!

Clay and Sip Wheel Throwing Pottery Class review by Sylvia Tran - Sydney

Christopher Green Jan 2024

Very fun date night, really excellent and professional teacher, and an awesome skill to learn. 10/10 would recommend

Kaysie Vokurka Jan 2024

We had a wonderful time doing the pottery class. It was a great introduction to wheel-throwing pottery. Our teacher was exceptional. Elgan was friendly, courteous, warm and very gracious to us even when our hens party group of 7 arrived a little bit late. His teaching demonstration was very well executed and he had great management skills for the class where various learning paces and abilities where quickly becoming apparent. He had a calm and relaxed presence that put us all at ease when we were all doing something we had never done before!

Overall, everyone had a great experience.

Anusha Ramgoolam Atchiamith Jan 2024

My team and I came in as part of our team building. We had a great time at the pottery class. The teacher was amazing, very patient, friendly and funny. It was fun learning and doing something different from what we do on a regular basis. It was surprisingly relaxing and calming as well. Thank you for such a lovely experience.

Emma Carnody Jan 2024

Beautiful interior, Engel was a fantastic teacher and super helpful. Wheel pottery is hard but with unlimited clay you do get the hang of it as you can start over after a mishap! Highly recommend this class, I would book again.

Fabiha Habib Jan 2024

Elgan was a great teacher - very patient and explained the steps really well. I really enjoyed the class!

Marlene Jan 2024

Teacher was excellent & venue was great we had a very good time.

Kenneth Gibson Jan 2024

Really fun class - would definitely do more. The instructor was super friendly and explained things clearly. Ended up making an awesome mug.

Martin Perkins Jan 2024

Great class, great teacher, fun time. It takes 6 weeks to get your pottery back

Teacher's response

Hi Martin,

Thank you so much for your lovely review. We are so glad to hear you enjoyed your pottery class at Print Paint Pot with Elgan

Thank you for your patience regarding pottery collection. Due to random cold, humid and wet weather and a delicate and slow process to ensure successfully baked pots it does take more or less 6 weeks. Being one of the few if not only studios in Sydney that bake student stoneware pots to 1200 degrees to be as durable as possible. It does take more or less 6 weeks to fully bake stoneware pots so that they are durable, dishwasher, microwave, oven and food safe. We hope you understand and thank you to you and all our guests for your patience. Turning clay into functional stoneware ceramics is a slow and delicate art, we hope you understand .

Print Paint Pot
Unit 4 53 Dickson Ave Artarmon

Kerrilyn Jan 2024

It was fun. Teacher was friendly, entertaining and informative. He explained. He demonstrated. He had instructions on display for us to refer back to. Once we started he assisted us as needed. Looking forward to seeing our fired pieces.

Wanicha Wongwan Jan 2024

Very good experience Highly recommended for fun date with friends. Instructor is awesome!
I had so much fun

Liya Roy Jan 2024

We had a great time, the session was very fun and the instructor was very helpful and attentive throughout the session. Would highly recommend

Alex Yick Jan 2024

Absolutely fantastic first pottery class! The instructor was patient, encouraging, and made the entire experience enjoyable. I learned a lot and can't wait for the next session. Highly recommended! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Clay and Sip Wheel Throwing Pottery Class review by Alex Yick - Sydney

Alex Watt-Smith Jan 2024

Elgin our teacher greeted us warmly upon arrival and made us feel very welcome.

The studio was very well setup and the equipment was excellent

Having never done pottery before we didn’t know if we would be able to make anything useful but Elgin’s very detailed demo and instructions made it a really fun learning experience.

The class was full and we had several laughs with the other participants during the session.

In the end we both made something that we will be taking home with us when it is ready.

I would recommend this class as it was a lot of fun and Elgin was extremely patient and helpful. His experience and calm demeanour made it a great experience for us both.

Alex & Tracey

Pottery class review by Alex Watt-Smith - Sydney

Corinne Chiang Jan 2024

Great experience! The instructor is very patient and friendly. Location is easy to get to

Madison Chan Jan 2024

Teacher was great! Time went so fast it was so fun. Thank you so much :)

Nazanin Hosseini Jan 2024

Very fun activity to try out and just have a good time learning clay throwing

Yunlan Guan Jan 2024

Signed up my daughter and her classmate for a class. They enjoyed it very much.The 2 hour class includes instruction and doing it yourself. The instructor gives each student patient guidance during the class. Each person can try to make three or four pieces. The teacher will give each participant a lot of guidance, and each person can try to make three or four pieces. My daughter made a cup, a bowl and a dinner plate. She wishes she could do it again.

Dale Sheppard Jan 2024

Our pottery class was so much fun.
Our teacher Elgan worked so well with the class, guiding us at the speed we needed and matching the vibe across the group. As something we had been looking forward to for some time, pottery was an awesome activity!

I wouldn't suggest drinking along with this due to how messy you get. There's plenty of fun and concentration in the pottery itself.

Lucinda Hillyer Jan 2024

Elgan was a great teacher! he was super patient and helpful, and the class was really fun.

Cynthia Bluety Jan 2024

Elgan was a patient and impressive teacher. Great equipment. It was loads of fun and a relaxed atmosphere.

Tracey Cross Jan 2024

We thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of our experience . Great class and teacher. Eglan was fantastic

Pottery class review by Tracey Cross - Sydney

Fionnuala O Connor Jan 2024

The teacher was amazing so patient and made the class so fun !
The studio is gorgeous and so easy to find.
Would 110% recommend for a date night :)

Catherine Wolfson Jan 2024

What a fun and exciting class! Very hands on instructor! Will definitely do it again. Next time I’ll bring some friends

Nathan Kerr Jan 2024

Elgan was an amazing teacher and really helped us learn how to spin pottery. The class was loads of fun and we're all really keen to try again. One of the highlights of our trip to Sydney

Cindy Pantoja Jan 2024

The instructor was super friendly and encouraged us every step of the way to be able to make at least one piece. It was a memorable experience.

Madison Battese Jan 2024

Elgan was a great teacher and gave us all the information we needed. It was great that you had unlimited clay, as beginners we weren’t nervous to make mistakes. Amazing experience, would definitely book again!

Sara Bamford Jan 2024

Amazing class with Georgina for a hens celebration. The studio has such a cosy feel, and we were helped out with our pot/cup/bowl making at each step along the way. Thanks so much Print Paint Pot

Chloe Hong Jan 2024

The whole experience was fabulous! Elgan was a great instructor and we all had so much fun.

Irene Mayo Jan 2024

This was a great class. Our teacher, Elgan, was patient and was very clear in teaching instructions. Venue has a nice atmosphere. We were able to practice and make different items. I made three within 1.5 hours. It was super fun. Thank you Elgan and Zena.

Zander Smith Jan 2024

Elgan was so great ! I would go back again for sure. Thanks so much Elgan

Joe Kay Jan 2024

The teacher was amazing, friendly, confident, knowledgable and very helpful! The class was super fun, it starts with a quick tutorial and then you go for it! Would 100% recommend and will definitely come back!

Jackson O'Brien Jan 2024

So much fun! Was a gift for my girlfriend and we had an awesome time. The venue was nicely laid out and the teacher was fantastic. She was very knowledgeable and had a good sense of humour too. Can’t recommend enough!

Justine Gatt Jan 2024

Fun and informative class, even with my long nails I managed to create something good!

Grace Evans-Craig Jan 2024

Attended Georgina’s class with a dear friend.

Had the most fun. Georgina made us feel more than capable as beginners. Her faith and patience paired an incredible playlist made for an evening filled with giggles and some great pottery.

Will definitely be back for more. I recommend

Marcus Chan Jan 2024

8 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

Guidance given was absolutely perfect and the end product looks phenomenal. Teacher was very patient. Highly recommended to attend this class with your partner.

Claire Tait Jan 2024

What an absolute delight Georgina was! Truly you couldn’t ask for a better teacher.

This was a fun 2 hours and I would definitely do it again and recommend it to others.

Andre Prusac Jan 2024

Georgina was super friendly and was the perfect teacher when it comes to doing pottery for the first time

Paula Lark Jan 2024

amazing class with Georgina! Informative and fun! Will definitely be coming back for another class soon!

Pottery class review by Paula Lark - Sydney

Megan Narain Jan 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Excellent experience! Georgina is a fantastic teacher clear fun instructions. Venue is lovely easy to find and easy parking and great value for money compared to other courses I’ve seen.

Lauren Gliddon Jan 2024

So much fun!
Great intro and perfect for those who are curious about ceramics, but have never tried it.

Clay and Sip Wheel Throwing Pottery Class review by Lauren Gliddon - Sydney

Eric Huang Jan 2024

The pottery class on the wheel was very interesting and fun. I would recommend it.

Mia Loizou Jan 2024

I had the most wonderful experience. My partner and I had such a fun time and would definitely recommend this to everyone. Our teacher was great and made the process fun and easy to understand. The venue was lovely and I can’t wait to book again in the future.

Denise Pointon Jan 2024

Great experience…welcoming atmosphere… knowledgeable, friendly and helpful tutor… loved the venue and set up and decor… would do it again! Thank you

Alicia Bitetto Jan 2024

Super fun class with a great teacher Would definitely do this class again with Georgina

Kelsey Robertson Dec 2023

So, so happy with this class. It was a Christmas gift for my mother and she loved it. The studio is so cute and the instructor, Georgina, was so personable and a great teacher. Highly recommend anyone interested to have a go!

Clay and Sip Wheel Throwing Pottery Class review by Kelsey Robertson - Sydney

Jean Ng Dec 2023

Our instructor was really good at explaining the technique. We had plenty of clay which is handy when we make mistakes. Lots of opportunities and feedback to help make the piece. Overall a great experience.

Alice Hodgson Dec 2023

Teacher was great! Very welcoming and helpful. Venue was good, however could have had more fans to cool it down. Would have been good to understand in advance what facilities were available for keeping drinks cold, fridge was very small and not very clean.

Teacher's response

Hi Alice,

We are so glad you enjoyed your class with Elgan He really is a wonderful teacher, we are so glad you think so also .

We apologise about the state of the fridge and the lack of awareness of the amenities for drinks. We will make sure guests know about our fridge for drinks and clean it very well . There was a beverage that spilt and due to staff on vacation and a lot of responsibility on a smaller team the cleaning of the mess was not as thorough as usual.
We have now thankfully hired cleaners who will ensure a clean fridge and studio and we will look into getting a larger fridge / provide large ice buckets and electric fans in the new year

Thank you for your positive and constructive feedback Alice. It really is much appreciated and can only help improve the service we offer

We hope you enjoy your New Year celebration and thank you for booking a class with us :)


Yvaine Ang Dec 2023

Just had a class with Georgina, and she was a great instructor! The class was easy to understand, and she went around making sure everyone got the hang of things. There was plenty of clay provided, so you could keep trying till you get your favourite piece. Love that the location was easy to get to even with public transport. Can’t wait to pick up my pieces and wouldn’t hesitate to have another class again!

Tom Sawyer Dec 2023

Teacher is friendly. That was a very nice experience. It’s a nice way to spend your free time.

Tia Ilic Dec 2023

Thoroughly enjoyed this class, particularly the detail our teacher went into, attention to detail and assistance given. Learned so much and had a lot of fun. Really great group size! Hope to be back! Thank you.

Amy Knibbs Dec 2023

Very accessible, lots of fun, great instruction, thank you! And the glaze looks like it will be nice.

Britteney Soltani Dec 2023

Georgia was a great teacher very very incurring and very good with her instructions. Venture was great a little hard to find.
There was unlimited amounts of clay to use so you would feel bad messing clay up.
It was definitely worth the money

Clay and Sip Wheel Throwing Pottery Class review by Britteney Soltani - Sydney

Grace O'Brien Dec 2023

Our pottery wheel class was so excellent ! Georgina was a great teacher, so helpful and made it a wonderful learning experience. Would highly recommend

Pottery class review by Grace O'Brien - Sydney

Minnie Kim Dec 2023

It was really fun overall!

Georgina made it super easy for a pottery beginner providing a detailed step by step instructions and checking on my progress regularly.

The atmosphere was cosy enough to relax and concentrate on work at the same time. I wish i had my nail short so i could have attempted some different shaping

Irene Cabasa Dec 2023

Our teacher was warm, welcoming, very skilled and a great communicator. She was patient and went at everyone's different paces and spent some 1:1 time with each of us giving some great tips/advice. You'd be stupid not to attend this class and or book again. This is THE BEST pottery class I have ever attended and my partner and I had the most fun. You'll never find a teacher like this again.

Puchka Roberts Dec 2023

Had a fun evening, Georgina was great and taught everyone very patiently! With the time provided for the class, multiple items can be made :)

Dewi Kartika Dec 2023

The teacher is helpful and friendly. She provided us with many of clays so we can try as many as we can. She also offered to take a picture each of us. And before we leave the premise, we can bring home pieces for free. Loved it ;)

Clay and Sip Wheel Throwing Pottery Class review by Dewi Kartika - Sydney

Mary Cheng Dec 2023

Thanks for a great pottery session! Georgina was so skilled and patient as she taught

Melanie Morris Dec 2023

The teacher was knowledgeable, fun, and had a great sense of humour. She made the class memorable.
The workshop was a bit small for 13 people, but we made it happen and the teacher was very accommodating with us bringing our Xmas celebrations to the venue as well.
We were given all the materials needed and had so many tries to make something lovely.

Overall, we all had a great time and glad we booked in.

Teacher's response

Hi Melanie, Thank you for the kind review and feedback.

We are so glad to hear you had a fun class with Georgina and happy we could accomodate your team to have 30 minutes before class to hang in the space.

We apologise we had not anticipated you would need more space and did not realise the feast the team would enjoy 30 minutes before class. If we had known we would have made more preparations

We will ensure to clarify with guests their needs to avoid any discomfort and accomodate requests the best we can

We are confident our private classes that run 2 hours with BYO and light snacks can comfortably accomodate a team of up to 20 guests for wheel throwing and 30 guests for a taster class that is both wheel throwing and half hand building

We are always looking to improve our service and will clarify with guests their needs to ensure a fun comfortable time for all.

Thank you Melanie :)

Dawn Hillier-Davis Dec 2023

Great anniversary pottery class at Print Paint Pot at Artarmon. We did the 2hr intro and it was fantastic. We produced pots far better than we’d hoped for our first time! The instructor Georgina was fantastic, knowledgeable, yet relaxed and funny. Initial tutorial was short so we had lots of time to get stuck in and work our magic. Keen to go on and do the 4 week course now, it was so good!

Pottery class review by Dawn Hillier-Davis - Sydney

Denusha Suthagar Dec 2023

the teacher georgina was so sweet and helped us whenever we got stuck. would defo do it again!

Pip Stenekes Dec 2023

Georgina was a great (and patient) teacher and we had a really good experience in her class. We are very motivated to do the longer course now . The venue was good on such a hot day too, cool shady workshop. Thank you!

Herath Palipana Dec 2023

Everything was amazing and heaps of fun. The instructor super lovely and kind. Amazing experience

Howard Liang Dec 2023

Overall the experience was absolutely fun! Our instructor was very friendly and very funny. The atmosphere was amazing and generally good vibes :) for a complete beginner it was great to have a work we can take home.

My only critique would be that we had a completely packed class of 12 and we only had one instructor. Me and my partner didn't really have much help or critique from the instructor through the night. Although I made a piece, I didn't feel like I had done it properly.

Clay and Sip Pottery Class for Date Night review by Howard Liang - Sydney

Teacher's response

Hi Howard,

We are so thrilled you had fun with G at our studio. She is so funny :) providing good vibes all around . We feel very lucky to have her be part of our team.

Apologies if you felt like you didn’t get enough one on one time with G. We feel so grateful that we get requests from guests to add attendees to their booking that we do allow class get up to 12 guests. This is something we have done for a while and feedback from teachers and guests is it does create a fun social vibe with enough time to discover on your own and have one on one help from the teacher .

There may have been factors that didn’t allow G to give you the attention necessary for your session . We will investigate this to ensure guests are happy with the pottery they made,

Thank you for your constructive feedback, it is much appreciated.

Kind regards

Su-Wen Wong Dec 2023

Instructor was friendly and helpful, plenty of material to go around and the class even comes with one free item to be fired and kept. Only downside is the location is a little difficult to get to.

Pottery class review by Su-Wen Wong - Sydney

Teacher's response

Hi Su-Wen

We are so happy to hear you found class with Georgina enjoyable and like how we run class with unlimited clay and have a fired pot included

Thank you for your constructive feedback, we are however a little confused what you mean by hard to get to ? Do you mean distance travelled ?

Thank you Su-Wen


Danny Ward Dec 2023

Instructor was amazing! She made everyone comfortable and assisted where necessary. Equipment was fully functional and the area was warm and pleasant.

Clay and Sip Pottery Class for Date Night review by Danny Ward - Sydney

Daniel Monti Dec 2023

The class was amazing! Our teacher was so good, teaching the group together, than while using the wheel coming around with little one on one when you asked for assistance. Everything was provided for you with unlimited clay. I enjoyed it very much and would go again

Ka Leong Dec 2023

Had a really good time! Lots of tips and tricks given and lots of experimental time! I would so do this again

Clay and Sip Wheel Throwing Pottery Class review by Ka Leong - Sydney

Tina Truong Dec 2023

Love every second of it. Teacher was very helpful and patience with questions. Atmosphere was great

Aileen Zeng Dec 2023

We really loved our class with Georgina! She was really helpful and patient with us! Highly recommend! Get to keep 2x pieces

Renee Wootton Dec 2023

Teacher was an absolute 10/10. Helpful, funny and kind and easy to speak to.

Sereena Caro Dec 2023

For a first time pottery experience this was an amazing class. It’s great value for money and the teacher was so kind, patient and friendly. Time went by so quickly but it was a really fun experience and definitely something I would do again.

Skye Potesta Dec 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Venue easy to get too, Teacher very attentive and helpful only downside was length of time to get fired results.

Teacher's response

Hi Skye,

We are so sorry about the extended delay for your pottery. A team member unexpectedly and suddenly became unable to work with us and caused delays around the time when you attended class early this year.

Since then we now thankfully work with a reliable team who ensure to get fired pots to guests as soon as possible.

Thank you to you and all our guests for your patience, the stoneware ceramics process is naturally a slow and delicate one to ensure quality pottery that is dishwasher microwave, food and oven safe.

We appreciate your constructive feedback and so glad to hear you enjoyed class with Elgan overall.

In the new year we aspire to get fired pots to our students sooner with a new team member joining Print Paint Pot in 2024

We hope you understand,

Thank you Skye

Print Paint Pot

Mathanhi Jegatheeswaran Dec 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Great experience. Elgan made sure we all understood the basic concepts of wheelthrowing and ensured we had a piece to fire by the end of the class. We had plenty of opportunities to play around with the clay, and it was a safe creative learning space.

Would recommend as a team building/end of year activity as well. I can't wait to pick up my finished product in 6 weeks. Thanks!

Rojina Parchizadeh Dec 2023

Elgan was a fantastic teacher who spent one on one time with each person in the class. The venue was very cute, with soft warm lighting perfect for a date. It was also great value for money, as a single piece made by you was included (other places charge extra if you want to keep your creation). Overall, I had a very positive experience and would recommend this place over any other large pottery business.

Kaylee McElveney Dec 2023

So awesome, grateful for this experience. Very patient and encouraging teacher. Looking forward to telling friends about this!

Miranda Knowles Dec 2023

Very cute and warm atmosphere, teacher was an absolute star breaking down all the steps making it as simple as possible for a first time, offering to take pictures and helping out. Would recommend to anyone wanting to try out pottery!

Pottery class review by Miranda Knowles - Sydney

Mikela Dixon Dec 2023

The venue was easy to find, lots of parking, and really cute!
It was a smaller class (about 11) and it felt just right. The teacher (Elgan) was amazing, clearly passionate about ceramics. Would recommend!

Laura Worboys Dec 2023

The wheel throwing pottery class with Clay and Sip was so fun! We had a great time trying a new skill and getting creative. Elgan was a lovely teacher and the set up was great.

Angela Tran Dec 2023

Looking to create and share new memories with family and friends, this is exactly the class to book. It was beginner friendly with an excellent and kind teacher. They also provide many attempts to make a perfect one to take home, and though there is a 6-7 week wait for drying and glazing, the end product was definitely worth the wait. (Food, microwave and oven safe)

Hailey Damato Dec 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

My partner and I had such a great experience with this class. The teacher was so fabulously talented, kind and lovely and was patient with all the students in the class.

Caitlin Knight Dec 2023

Georgina was fabulous! Super encouraging and very knowledgeable! We will definitely be back! Thank you!

Lauren Gallagher Dec 2023

Georgina was great! She was so helpful, super funny and made everyone feel like they were doing the most amazing job (even if some of our creations were questionable, haha). Had a really fun time, thanks so much

Annabel Edwards Dec 2023

SUCH a good class, our teacher Elgan was absolutely fantastic taking time to show us the techniques and constantly walking around to assist! The vibe of the studio is so warm and friendly, and the clay spinning is so fun Great value for money and would recommend everyone to try, you will enjoy it :)

Dana Bourke Dec 2023

Took a friend who was as visiting Sydney and they really enjoyed it. Great value for money and an overall fun experience!

Samantha Beasley Dec 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended

We had the best evening and the teacher was wonderful Highly recommend doing this class!

Grace Slatyer Dec 2023

Had a lovely time, our teacher was wonderful and really helpful. Very patient and guided us into creating pieces that we truly love!

Pottery class review by Grace Slatyer - Sydney

Anna Lancaster Dec 2023

Georgina was really easy to listen to and learn from, we had a great time and would recommend this class to anyone looking for a way to learn something new and relax

Bronte Tukana Nov 2023

Elgan was patient and so helpful! The class ran smoothly and my partner and I were both super happy with what we made!

Oscar Smith Nov 2023

Teacher was great, lots of help given and heaps of materials provided - easy to find and heaps of fun

Andrew Milwain Nov 2023

Georgia was a wonderful and very patient teacher. My partner and I had a great time. Lots of laughs, a few gins for confidence, and some new skills acquired along the way!

Indre Chakravartty Nov 2023

The teacher was brilliant, we had so much fun! Perfect date night activity, we got our hands dirty, got to learn something new, fail with joy and giggled at endless innuendos. Best Sunday night everrrr.

Simran Chhabra Nov 2023

The teacher was so funny and sweet. Instructions were so clear and she gave us amazing tips. We ended up making so many wonderful pieces. 10/10

Pottery class review by Simran Chhabra - Sydney

Sharna Mulcahy Nov 2023

The teacher Georgina had a wonderful sense of calm and ease to teaching and some humor. Very relaxed environment to learn and plenty of guidance and encouragement throughout the class.

Bree Smith-Purdie Nov 2023

the teacher was incredible; so engaging and funny. the class itself was so much fun as well. it was perfect (except for my skills)

Mengke Feng Nov 2023

It was a great experience and the teacher (Georgina) was very helpful. Hope I got her name right, I was late and had to catch up and she was really helpful. I had great fun.

Shivani Prasad Nov 2023

The venue was quite a distance to get to, however the experience was a great one! Our teacher was very kind and patient with us- even taking photos for us to capture the experience. The instructions were easy to follow and the end results were a nice little memo to keep. Overall a fun experience!

Janice Spinley Nov 2023

Great venue
Excellent teacher/instructor very cheerful & made it a very enjoyable experience.
Nice ambience and warming atmosphere

Pa Xiong Nov 2023

I had a wonderful experience at the Bento Clay and Sip class! The teacher's friendly and fun approach, combined with their expertise and attention to detail, made the creative process enjoyable. The class was not only educational but also infused with laughter, thanks to the teacher's sense of humor. Highly recommend for a fantastic and artistic experience. The clay wheel experience was equally amazing, providing not just skill development but also valuable self-discovery.

Tiffany Nov 2023

Teacher elegan was calm, explained things easily and felt the class was very well put together made several pots at the session would like to return to do another class sometime soon lovely pottery studio thanks very much

Vincent Nov 2023

Amazing class, fantastic date night or fun with friends. Possibly a new Bobbie to get into as well, so much fun!

Pottery class review by Vincent - Sydney

Sylvi Wong Nov 2023

Elgan was an amazing teacher, so patient and charismatic. Thank you so much Everyone should do this class

Adam Tan Nov 2023

Had a great time! Elgan was a fantastic teacher - very clear with his explanations and patient when helping us individually. It was nice to be able to have multiple attempts to ensure we were able to take something home. Unfortunately did end up feeling quite short, so maybe a few pointers regarding time management would have been helpful. Nevertheless, will be recommending to others!

Julie Gros Nov 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

So much fun!
Really Nice teecher, he's taking time to explain and to help you

Aadam Kumar Nov 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Amazing experience, loved every minute ! Definitely something I'll be booking again. Everything from the teacher to the atmosphere and activity, spot on.

Pottery class review by Aadam Kumar - Sydney

Patrick Morton Nov 2023

Super friendly and very helpful, instructions were clear and the space was really welcoming thankyiu for a great experience

Lilly Iskandar Nov 2023

The class was great fun, the instructor was fantastic. You get a lot of clay so you aren’t stressed about messing up a couple times. Didn’t want the class to end! Definitely recommend.

Maddy Paydar Nov 2023

We had an amazing and fun day! The instructor's expertise and guidance made the learning process enjoyable, and the relaxed atmosphere allowed creativity to flow. I crafted beautiful pieces I never thought possible. Highly recommend for anyone wanting a hands-on, rewarding experience!

Pottery class review by Maddy Paydar - Sydney

Cheryl Bruce Nov 2023

We very much enjoyed our wheel throwing session with Elgan at Print Paint Pot at Artarmon. Demonstrations were great, and the class was a good size that allowed for personal attention as needed. I went with a small group of friends and we all enjoyed the session and produced some successful pots along with some failures!
Parking was easy being a Saturday afternoon.

Michael Singh Nov 2023

Great teacher - Georgina was the best
Great venue - private, warming, great spot.
Value for money

Melanie Heighway Nov 2023

My 2 friends and I really enjoyed our 2 hour Clay and Sip Pottery class with Georgina. We were provided with lots of guidance but given the space and time to play around and enjoy ourselves in a fun atmosphere. I really liked the Print Paint Pot space and thought Georgina was a great teacher. I'm keen to go back for more classes!

Honey Limbu Nov 2023

One of the best activity to do in Sydneyloved the whole experience❤️ and loved the mentor

Joe Whelan Nov 2023

Fantastic! great instructor & atmosphere. Couldn't have been better. Really got us into pottery. Will be back

Hien Nguyen Nov 2023

She was very helpful and patience. The work shop is very cute, would recommend to my friends ❤️

Clay and Sip Wheel Throwing Pottery Class review by Hien Nguyen - Sydney

Jessica Soliman Nov 2023

The class was both fun and educational. We were able to use as much flayed as need and were given the space to try our own techniques. Really enjoyed the class and would do it again.

Sandy Ta Nov 2023

The class was good. Vibes were really nice and teacher made the experience fun. We got individual pointers

Stephanie Mah Nov 2023

Elgan was incredibly warm and friendly, and a very patient teacher. He taught the techniques in an easily digestible way and was always happy to help anyone who was struggling or had questions. The class was super fun and a great way to bond with your partner/friends - plus you can make a few different types and pick your favourite one to keep at the end so you have something to remember the experience by! Highly recommend!

Piper Caruana Nov 2023

The lessons was really calming, the teacher taught us a lot and made it easy to understand

Ella Dickey Nov 2023

I LOVE IT so fun and something new to try. The guy that ran the class was fantastic

Daryn Craine Nov 2023

Elgan was amazing. Very nice guy, easy instructions and great help. He was fun and made the day for us all.

Really enjoyed the day. Never done anything like this and it was a great date day.

Great value for money and will probably be back again for an extended class

Cleodora Oetomo Nov 2023

Me and my boyfriend had such a fantastic time with Print Paint Pot. The timing was perfect to learn how to use a pottery wheel and to have multipel attempts at making different pieces. Elgan was also a great teacher who explained things well, was patient and took time to show each person how to use the wheel. Would highly recommend for anyone who has never done pottery before.

Clay and Sip Wheel Throwing Pottery Class review by Cleodora Oetomo - Sydney

Mitchell Long Nov 2023

Me and my partner had an awesome time at the clay and sip pottery class. Our teacher was really helpful and it was a great experience trying something new :)

Rhianna Scarlett Nov 2023

Our teacher was a good teacher
very knowledgeable and helpful
We enjoyed it immensely

Jacob Beckenham Nov 2023

The teacher was excellent! You could tell that she has a vast knowledge of working with clay and she made the lesson easy to understand and fun for everyone there! I would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in giving clay throwing a crack!

Clay and Sip Wheel Throwing Pottery Class review by Jacob Beckenham - Sydney

Niriksha Mutharia Nov 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

The class was really fun - highly recommend it to anyone wants to try clay pottery!

Marco Zoglio Nov 2023

It was an excellent evening and our teacher was magnificent with his demonstration. Highly recommend

Gemma Doko Nov 2023

We did the pottery spinning class. Our teacher was engaging and made our experience super fun. she made something that looked quite hard into something achievable! The class was super fun and there was plenty of time to make loads of fun pieces ! The price was very reasonable as well!

Melissa Miller Nov 2023

Really lovely way to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary (traditional gift is “pottery”!). Georgina was lovely, patient and funny, she made the class enjoyable and we didn’t feel bad when we stuffed one up!

Pottery class review by Melissa Miller - Sydney

Baylee Munson Nov 2023

Teacher was very patient, class was laid back and enjoyable, great for people trying out pottery for the first time :)

Medric Oribert Nov 2023

Well explained techniques, great material set-up, the 2 hours just flew by. Super fun group Experience

Gen Hebert Nov 2023

Elgan was so wonderful and patient with our big group. Their description of the stages for creating our vessels was amazing. Great teacher. Great environment. All around really fantastic experience

Maire O'Brien Nov 2023

It was a great experience! We went for a friends birthday and it was so much fun! The teacher was really great at guiding us through and supporting us through out the session. I learnt so much for the session and created two great cups! Would highly recommend this place!

Mamey Issa Nov 2023

Fantastic instructor who was so helpful and friendly, easy parking and beautiful studio. Would 100% recommend and come back.

Louise Repcik Nov 2023

I went here last night with my friends and boy did we have fun! Elgan demonstrated how to successfully create a beautiful bowl while explaining the reason behind each process. I really enjoyed learning about the clay and how it reacts to different hand movements and temperatures. Elgan is a very talented teacher and I am very keen to join in for another class soon again! Highly recommend.

Akari Nakamura Nov 2023

That class is easy to understand and also Tutor is very kind I'd like to attend next time too.

Patrick Marcal Nov 2023

My friend and I had a wonderful time during out first pottery class. A big thanks to Georgina, whose demonstrations, explanations, and wonderful jokes made the experience a 10/10. Hope to come back soon !

Ellen Lonergan Nov 2023

Elgin (teacher) was very clear with his demonstration and instructions. He was very patient with all the students.

Juri Heo Nov 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Cute venue, awesome teacher, fun activity to book for date night or a bunch of friends. Surprisingly difficult but enjoyable.

Amy Nov 2023

we had a great time, the teacher goes through it all and explains what we are doing, then do the first attempt as a group then off you go.

Arthur Chien Nov 2023

The best experience we had. The course is very beginner-friendly and the instructor has shared some key steps to work with our clay. I really recommend the course.

Chuxiong Wu(Sven) Nov 2023

The class was amazing and the process was of full of fun!
Shout out to the tutor she is so cute and has a good sense of humor

Mel Corner Nov 2023

This class was so much fun. Our teacher was fantastic, funny, gave great instruction & extra help to those who needed it (I did!).
We all managed to make something & look forward to seeing the results once they are fired.

Alexandria McKie Nov 2023

This was such an awesome class. I went with 2 other friends and we were able to sit with each other and work next to each other easily. We had access to endless amounts of clay so messing up was part of the fun.

We all ended up with a piece we liked and the 10$ fee to get another piece fired was super reasonable. We’ll see how they end up in a few weeks :)

Tasha Reynolds Nov 2023

The teacher was incredibly knowledgeable and genuine. My friends and I found her very gentle, kind and accomodating. She was amazing!

Asmita Ghale Nov 2023

Had an amazing opportunity to spend time and discover inner creativity with this pottery class. Our instructor was amazingly calm and supportive to us (noob potters)! Will definitely come back soon!

Sophie Quan Nov 2023

Had a great time with our teacher E, he was so kind patient with everyone and taught us all so clearly. We were given unlimited clay to have several attempts to make different pieces that we could pick out of - but I ended up keeping all of mine for an extra $25 total. The venue was in a cute little alley with fairy lights and lamps which created a really nice ambience at night. It was such a fun experience, will definitely go again!

Ula Ziobakaite Nov 2023

My friend and I loved this experience! The teacher was very patient and supportive, the studio was lovely, and the overall atmosphere was great. Highly recommend!

Bec Milner Nov 2023

Had an amazing evening! Elgan was so patient with teaching us and we ended up learning a lot. Super happy with the whole evening I would definitely recommend!

Mathew Oct 2023

Our instructor was amazing, learnt a lot.
Would definitely do this again in the future

Iwan Oct 2023

man the teacher was the best! georgina was super funny and made the whole experience so much fun! the work was so relaxing as well. i love everything about it! so fun! please book you won't regret it!

Carly Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

We had a wonderful experience. Our teacher, Elwyn was so patient and supportive. He provided everyone with enough confidence and support to develop their skills across the short time.
The atmosphere was fun and enjoyable. Would highly recommend as an activity to do with a friend, group or partner.

Pratiksha Nagesh Oct 2023

Fun activity, did it with a friend and enjoyed our Sat afternoon! Elgan was a great teacher, very patient! Awesome vibes :)

Sarah Wijenaike Oct 2023

Elgan was a great instructor, the class had such a fun and relaxed vibe, and the pottery class was the perfect mix of challenging but fun!

Alice Morgan Oct 2023

Georgina was hilarious and amazing! Would definitely recommend to all of my friends. Thanks so much!

John Burgess Oct 2023

Excellent 12yr old birthday party.
Great teacher.

Cheryl Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Attended a fantastic class run by Elgan! He was a very patient & kind teacher, who explained everything perfectly. A great experience!

Also a beautiful studio space (though not at all close to Artarmon station).

Liliana Galea Oct 2023

Georgina was amazing and we had lots of fun for the first time . Will go there again

Jeet Parikh Oct 2023

The teacher was superb. So sweet and helpful.
Great atmosphere. Quite a cute little nook.
Materials were all provided and they encouraged using as much as you require.
Underestimated how dirty clothes would get.
Experience was well worth the money paid.
Overall the whole experience was great fun and super interesting to add to the skill set.

Anonymised ClassBento student Oct 2023

The class was really good. The instructor was very informative and helpful and allowed to explore our creativity. I highly recommend this class.

Claudia Rigney Oct 2023

Amazing! Great teaching, loved the class and the atmosphere. Our instructor was brilliant and patient.

Rajvi Desai Oct 2023

Planned pottery class as one of the events for our friends Hens weekend and we really enjoyed it. The teacher was great and has good energy. Would definitely recommend :))

Pottery class review by Rajvi Desai - Sydney

Shareef Ibrahim Oct 2023

Fun and relaxing experience. Elgan is such a gentlemen and great teacher. Looking forward to coming back one time

Alana Oct 2023

Highly recommend this class. The teacher Elgan was wonderful and very helpful, making sure each person got assistance.

Eloise Smith Oct 2023

Teacher was very helpful and kind. Had wonderful explanations and the place was very cute! Super quiet with loads of resources! Very much recommend!

Lily Kovacs Oct 2023

My boyfriend and I had such a great time at this class.
Our teacher, Georgie, was absolutely brilliant - so engaging and fun!

Jazz Vaughan Oct 2023

Teacher was great, funny and made the class fun while also being informative and teaching us what we needed to know.

Jess Lee Oct 2023

Highly recommend this Clay and Sip wheel throwing! This is a wonderful quaint studio set up in Artarmon. The teacher was able to clearly explain the processes into simple steps and was very passionate about her work. It was a very fun and intimate experience and would love to come back for more.

Kathy Xu Oct 2023

Georgina was a funny, caring and very clear instructor. Made the lesson so fun! 10/10 would recommend to friends and family

Madison Mides Oct 2023

The teacher was amazing, so kind and very good at instructing. I would love to go back again it was such a fun night

Adam Rusgnach Oct 2023

The most fun I’ve had in ages. Both my partner and I can’t recommend coming here enough

Eddie Wu Oct 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

We thoroughly enjoyed our wheel throwing class with Georgina. She was super friendly and her instructions were clear and easy to follow. We have signed up for a 5 week course.
We also appreciate the care and attention to detail taken into finishing our pieces from the class.

Alexandra Quinn Oct 2023

7 ClassBento workshops attended

Amazing class I've done wheel throwing before somewhere else and never understood how to do it but this class was amazing Plenty of time to have fun Super venue