Public Speaking Course: Finding Your Voice

Practice public speaking

Zuzi Fort
Zuzi Fort
Communication & Drama Teacher, Industry professional with over 20 years of experience

8 x 1 hour Class size 2 to 16     label $180 - $540 ($540 per guest when you book for 2+ guests, $180 for 5+ guests)
Sweating. Dizziness. Nausea. Horror. It is estimated that 75 percent of all people suffer from this anxiety. The official term is Glossophobia. The fear of public speaking. This eight-week course will give you the tools to master the art of oration and set you on the road to leadership and friendship.
Through practical exercises, you will advance and perfect your communication skills and become a self-assured and engaging presenter, persuasive public speaker and powerful debater. You will also create a unique personal brand and find your voice.
You will explore the use of body language and eye contact while eliminating nervous habits. You'll advance your vocal skills including breathing, articulation, tone, pace, stress and more. You will study the structure and the use of power words and you’ll be introduced to the 4C’s of public speaking and the ACE Key. And finally, you will develop an understanding of the different types of speeches and when to use them.
By the end, you will become a dynamic speaker. You’ll have the ability to conquer nerves and to connect with your audience. You will communicate your message effectively by using your research and analytical skills. You’ll understand when to employ escalating speech structure, beginning with a dynamic opening and continuing to a vibrant closing, to appreciate the use of hooks, through-lines, facts and figures, and anecdotes.
Finally, you will have the mindset of a successful communicator and leader. You’ll gain the ability to listen and ask questions. You’ll grab the audience's attention and keep it!
Knowledge required
No prior knowledge needed
What you'll get
Will gain a thorough understanding of public speaking and gain hand-on practical experience.
What to bring
Comfortable clothes, pen and paper, water
Session repeats

This class series runs over 8 consecutive sessions, at the same time every week.


Constitution Hill, NSW

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Zuzi Fort
Zuzi Fort

Communication & Drama Teacher, Industry professional with over 20 years of experience

Zuzi studied at the University of Western Sydney – Nepean (Theatre) and at the University of Technology – Sydney (Communication – directing and scriptwriting). Zuzi’s worked as an actor, director, scriptwriter, drama teacher, life coach, communication and public speaking tutor, community facilitator, radio/TV host as well as a stunt performer. Highlights include performing Moliere at the Belvoir, acting with David Ritchie in Place with the Pigs, playing Tiger Lily at Capitol Theatre, performing stunts on the Superman movie, Home & Away, Sea Patrol, All Saints and working for the Universal Studios. For over ten years Zuzi has worked with children, young adults and adults encouraging their creativity, developing confidence and providing essential life skills.

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