7 Reasons to Gift Experiences in Melbourne

7 Reasons to Gift Experiences in Melbourne

By Kellie Maloney

Get your favourite person throwing clay, soldering silver rings or even painting in the dark with these gift experiences in Melbourne! Guided by passionate and experienced artisans, your special someone will get to explore their creative potential in a welcoming and supportive environment. Want to make your gift experience even more meaningful? Join a workshop with your favourite person and spend quality time together.

Whether your gift recipient DIYs daily or has never crafted before, these beginner-friendly experiences will surely boost their wellbeing in ways that store-bought presents just can’t. In fact, they are some of the most popular Christmas gift ideas, birthday gift experiences and date night ideas out there in 2024—as you’re getting a gift, an experience and potentially a fun new hobby all in one! 

Not convinced? Discover 7 reasons why you should gift experiences in Melbourne below and take your presents to the next level.

There are so many unique gift ideas in Melbourne to choose from

turkish mosaic lamp class

These creative and unique experiences are some of the best things to do in Melbourne if you’re stuck on inspiration. Your gift recipient can learn how to cook flavourful dishes at a cooking class in Abbotsford, sculpt clay and sip wine at a hand building class in South Melbourne or even piece together a colourful Turkish mosaic lamp in Collingwood. 

The best part is, you don’t even have to choose for them. With an experience gift card, you’ll be giving your special someone access to incredible art, craft and cooking classes across the city. From gin tasting to terrarium building—the possibilities are endless! 

Whether you’re gifting your partner, family member or friend, experience gifts in Melbourne are a great way for you both to learn something new together. Not only will you create lasting memories, but your creative workshop will also give you quality time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Who knows—you may even discover skills that you never knew you had!

You’ll be supporting local small businesses

women smiling with dried flower arrangements

By investing in an experience gift card or voucher, you’ll be supporting small business owners and local artisans, allowing them to continue to do the thing that they love and share it with others. You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at your local cooking school, cafe or studio and learn from passionate and experienced makers excited to share their knowledge. 

If you’re chasing warm and fuzzy feelings this Christmas, you can’t go wrong with a creative experience! These Christmas gift ideas are also great if you are looking for a more sustainable option. Go eco-friendly and preference quality gifts and handmade items over store-bought presents this year. 

They'll leave the class with a unique handmade item

When you’re giving an experience for Christmas, birthday or another special occasion, you want the gift to be even more memorable than a store-bought present. One of the best ways to do this is by giving an activity where your giftee will have a handmade item at the end.

If your favourite person takes a pottery class in Melbourne, they’ll have their very own ceramic vase at the end of it. If they go to a jewellery making workshop, they can walk out with their very own handmade silver ring. Whether your loved one is a budding baker or artist, there are so many beginner-friendly activities available across Melbourne that will give them something special to take home after class.

You’ll boost their wellbeing with these creative Melbourne activities

cooking class

Learning a new skill or taking up a hobby can help boost the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of your gift recipient—helping them to feel more relaxed, focused and productive each day.

Creative hobbies stimulate the brain and have been proven to reduce stress levels by promoting mindfulness, while also enhancing self-confidence as they learn something new. Whether it’s by kneading fresh pizza dough from scratch or learning how to throw clay on the potter’s wheel, you’ll help your special someone feel amazing! 

Putting your holidays on hold? Explore your neighbourhood (and the world) with these unique experience gifts for travel lovers. 

It’s a gift idea they’ll actually want to use

macrame plant hanging class

The best part about gifting experiences is that they make perfect presents for anyone—no matter what their interests may be. From couples looking for date night ideas and families wanting to try something new together, there are so many activities available across Melbourne that everyone is sure to find something they love doing. 

Unlike other gifts that may end up gathering dust in the cupboard, experience gifts guarantee that your loved ones will actually use and enjoy them. Whether your recipient prefers painting classes or macrame workshops, they can use their experience whenever they like—which means more bang for your buck!

You’ll give them something to look forward to

Gifting experiences is the perfect way to give your recipient something to look forward to. Instead of receiving a present on the day, they can pick a date in the future when they’re ready to use their experience and start learning something new.

It also gives them flexibility, as they can choose an activity that suits their busy schedule or even switch it up if they change their mind. With so many activities available across Melbourne, you can be sure that your gift will be used and appreciated—no matter when they decide to use it.

Inspire them to try something new

pouring resin art

When it comes to gifts, sometimes the most meaningful presents are the ones that encourage people to try something new. Whether your gift recipient is a creative, hands-on type or they’re a little more reserved and are looking for a new hobby, experience gifts are truly unique and will encourage them to get creative!

Gift experiences in Melbourne are personalised, as you’re gifting someone an opportunity to discover something new about themselves. Whether they choose glassblowing or pottery painting, latte art or tufting, you’ll be encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone and learn something new about themselves.

With all of these benefits, it’s easy to see why gift experiences in Melbourne are the perfect Christmas gifts, birthday party gifts and date night ideas.

Whether you want to treat your partner, family or friend to a special present, experience gifts are a great way to do it. Gifting creative workshops and classes are a fun way to give them something they’ll actually use, allowing them to craft something beautiful or learn a new skill.

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