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Ren is an artist who specialises on ‘Shodo’, Japanese traditional calligraphy. He was conferred Consul-General's Commendation on in 2016.

After holding exhibitions in Tokyo and Osaka, he moved his centre of activity to Sydney in 1996.

Now his work can be seen all over NSW through his exhibitions. In addition, he has held various performances and workshops at many occasions including the NSW Art Gallery, the Japanese Embassy’s Candle Festival and the Cowra Japanese Gardens.

He has also taken the role of Kanji (Japanese characters) Demonstration in the SBS Japanese learning show ‘Nihongo Daisuki’ and other Chinese learning shows.

In recent years he has also impressed overseas audiences with many activities including his exhibition in Dubai and performance at the Japan Day in New Zealand, to which he was invited by the Auckland Consulate of Japan.

In 2010 his work ‘Furusato’ (En: place of origin) was approved by the Japanese Foreign Ministry as a national property of Japan, meaning his artistic talent is now recognised by two nations(Australia and Japan). This work is now housed at the Japanese Embassy in Canberra.

He holds Shodo classes in Sydney, and is endeavouring to pass his talent to future generations.

Ren participated in production of Hollywood movie “The Wolverine” (2013) as a calligrapher. Also he was conferred Consul-General's Commendation on in 2016.




Timothy Williams

Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop

Ren San is an excellent teacher a real Sensei of calligraphy
The space is well lit with windows on the south and east, the materials and work tables beautifully prepared.
He talked about the importance of breath, of calm, of how the brush transmits your state of mind. He finds out what you know and adapts to your level. You learn how to prepare the ink, Ren listens for the correct grinding sound on the stone.
He teaches Brush technique and exercises to practice. A word is chosen, the strokes, their order and the balance of spaces between were practiced on thin paper again and again and discussed, then you commit to a beautiful piece of board.

After a fleeting hour, You go home with a beautiful thing peace

Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop review by Timothy Williams

Stephanie Barbieri

Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop

Thank you for a great class. I very much enjoyed what I learnt, especially about the Japanese language and culture. Looking forward to practising now at home. Thank you

Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop review by Stephanie Barbieri

Kelly Dees

Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop

Loved learning this new style of brush lettering. Teacher had a great eye for small corrective details and had an easy progression of teaching working up to our chosen word. Class could be a little longer like 1.5 hours rather than an hour to go at a little slower more relaxing pace. All in all it was very enjoyable!

Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop review by Kelly Dees


Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop

It was a very interesting class that briefly touched on the techniques of calligraphy. I would highly recommend for people who want to see what it is like

Paper Craft and Ink workshop review by Emily

Leanne Jan

Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop

Professional venue in a very nice setting. His instructions were clear and simple to follow as he explained very clearly. I would do again.

Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop review by Leanne Jan Sydney

Kylie Jackson

Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop

The class was fun. Looks easy but actually very challenging to master the strokes. Good technique requires a calm mind and connection to breath. Was great to learn and be guided by the teacher. He was very encouraging.

Paper Craft and Ink workshop review by Kylie Jackson

Milton Braga

Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop

The teacher was great and very patient. Just remember to bring your word to work with.

Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop review by Milton Braga

Xinhui Chen

Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop

Great experience, when writing the words, I can feel I am interact with the character.

Paper Craft and Ink workshop review by Xinhui Chen Sydney

Lana Habl

Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop

A wonderful, masterful and jam packed workshop: for an hour, Ren's efficiency really took over and the progress from practising strokes to actually creating calligraphy was swift. I didn't want the class to end. Really recommend this workshop for an hour of Zen to break up a hectic day. Thank you Ren!

Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop review by Lana Habl Sydney


Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop

We had a great experience, very friendly teacher and nice location. We will definitely consider coming back for another lesson.

Paper Craft and Ink workshop review by Zackery

Kate Ahmad

Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop

It was wonderful.
Amazing teacher who took us through every step.
Japanese equipment and a very calm and relaxing experience. Will be back!

Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop review by Kate Ahmad Sydney

Cherry Clark

Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop

The teacher was very friendly and easy to get on. We learned the traditional Japanese Calligraphy culture starts from making the ink from scratch which was educational for the kids!

Eileen Jenkins

Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop

Great private session with Renclub. He was very helpful and encouraging. Really enjoyed coming away with my own artwork and am keen to do more.

Josie Groen

Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop

The Japanese Calligraphy Class was a great experience and Ren the teacher was very supportive, helpful and welcoming. I really enjoyed learning this skill as well as the proper technique in order to do so which was very calming. I’d love to try it again and learn more about it as well now. Thank you very much for an introduction into this special skill.

Wing Yip

Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop

Both my friend and I who went are beginners and we thoroughly enjoyed the class. Ren san our teacher was nice and easy going, he demonstrated some basic techniques to get us started and we had some time to do a few practices before doing a final piece of a card board that we get to take home. Time flew by and it was a fun experience, I recommend it and would like to go back for more classes.

Nesta Miles

Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop

First time trying this and it was a really fun experience, I would love to do more in the future. Great teacher! Would recommend to anyone.

Alice Thachasongtham

Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop

It was a great fun! the teacher is very helpful and knowledgeable. What I have got is more than just calligraphy technique but history and reasons behind everything we do!
Highly recommended

Sophie Cocard

Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop

The teacher was amazing and I really enjoyed the class. It was a fantastic experience and I would recommend this class to anyone interested in learning calligraphy.

Noah Gock-Stephens

Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop

I really enjoyed this class, great brushes and supplies. I was able to do the whole process of grinding the ink, practicig the brush strokes etc. I was also able to choose which kanji to write, even if you are someone who can't already write some characters, i would still recommend as Mr Ren took me through the whole process.

Heather Sundin

Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop

Wonderful experience in our calligraphy class, thank you Ren- sensei for your patience and understanding. Definitely a class for anyone wanting something fun to do

Ron Ragel

Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop

All good teacher was attentive and helpful throughout class giving me a good background into calligraphy. The venue was conveniently located near Chatswood station which made it east to get to. I intend to do more with Ren

Tirone Pama

Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop

Within the space of an hour, I was able to learn a large amount about Japanese calligraphy; such as the proper way to hold a brush and even things such as breathing when writing a character. Ren is an amazing teacher that makes writing complicated kanji seem simple, and it’s easy see that he’s very experienced in what he does. I enjoyed my lesson a lot and I’ve taken away a lot of knowledge from my shodo class.

Yogini Patel

Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop

Intimate class, hands on teaching. All materials provided.
My friends and I really enjoyed the experience.

Rachel Perrett

Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop

Excellent experience Ren was a master and the take home equipment I purchased was very affordable. Would highly recommend

Greg Kesby

Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop

Ren Is a very Experienced teacher who did his best to put as much as possible into the hour I had with him. It was a very enjoyable experience. Highly recommend it.

Leslie Lau

Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop

An amazing experience. Ren-san was a great teacher, very attentive, supportive and encouraging throughout the entire session. He was extremely accommodating and welcoming with his friendly, casual approach, and I very much appreciated his tutelage and friendly warmth. I have acquired the tools to practice on my own and am already planning on making another visit to further sharpen my skills! Domo arigato, Ren-san!

Luke Sumner

Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop

Wonderful experience. The teacher was very welcoming and accommodating. Very patient and explained things in a way I could understand. Very enthusiastic and supportive. Very nice person. I had a wonderful time and will definitely recommend

Kara Valeontis

Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop

Ren is an amazing teacher. Very patient & positive. All art supplies are provided. Venue is accessible by transport. I enjoyed the workshop so much that i will be looking at joining classes during the week.

Olgney Pinto

Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop

Hi There

We arrived late. The teacher was fantastic. He was able to accommodate us and help us to catch up with the rest of the group. We love it.


Katarzyna Syta

Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop

It was a great class. All materials has been provided and for sale to take home, so I bought some to practice at home. Great atmosphere and very calming experience. Will come back next week for more. Teacher is patient and makes everything clear for students.

Anthony Liem

Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop

To learn Japanese calligraphy is interesting and challenging. More time is needed to follow all the procedures and to practice. Certainly learnt a lot and provided ideas for my watercolor paintings

Kaye Yaager

Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop

Lovely lesson. Much more to calligraphy than I realised. Gentle informative tuition following traditional methods with a supportive and encouraging teacher. Wish to do more.

Eugene Penna

Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop

Excellent. Highly recommend. Great teacher - authentic, honest and willing to share knowledge with an understanding of the client needs.


Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop

Good value for money, teacher was friendly and good at explaining would highly recommend for people interest in learning Shodo (even with no prior experience)

Renate Carius

Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop

Hitoshi was great- encouraging, organised and adaptable. He created a positive and friendly atmosphere and was able to share some of his professional experiences after the lesson. Great to have a master to learn from.

Katherine Smith

Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop

The lesson was very clearly delivered, materials all laid out and ready to go.


Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop

Great teacher and we enjoyed the class very much


Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop

Ren was a wonderful teacher and was very patient and thorough in teaching me the various strokes. It was the perfect meditative class that helped me to relax and unwind whilst also learning a new skill.

Melanie Ozanne

Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop

Amazing instruction.I learnt an appreciation of Japanese lettering and will come again from Tasmania when I have done my homework to learn and respect more of this style of calligraphy.


Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop

Will return.

Ren sensei setup a lovely space welcome me to calligraphy in. Whilst his club's studio is in Chatswood and handy to the train station it's in a quiet area suitable for this kind of activity.

Ren himself was unassuming and an excellent teacher, working out my capabilities quickly and giving just enough information then space and feedback for me to work things out.

With thanks,

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