Liana's reviews

Jul 2018

Group Juggling Class

Our team of 6 thoroughly enjoyed the juggling class with Kenny! He was a great teacher and gave each of us individual attention to introduce and develop basic juggling skills. He explained the benefits of this skill beyond the entertainment value : concentration, exercise and of course, laughter! A great break from our team workshop nearby, in the fresh air and sunshine of Hyde Park - would highly recommend it

Group Juggling Class review by Liana Vilcins

Nov 2019

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop

Some feedback received from the class attendees:

“I thought that the Kintsugi Class was really well run and informative. I enjoyed the practical element of this along with the history.”

From my dealings with Jun prior to and on the day, he impressed as very professional and organised. He and fellow teacher, Hitomi Morooka, even made a visit to the location in Macquarie Park a week in advance of the class to check the travel time, see what the space was like and to let me know the few requirements he needed to set up the class.

I would recommend the Kintsugi class as a great corporate small team event to break up a day of meetings and learn something completely new. The philosophy behind the craft is also interesting and applicable to team building.

Thanks also goes to ClassBento for arranging the class to be held at our office, which worked so well for our team workshop!
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