Katherine's reviews

Mar 2020

French Croissant Baking Class

Joel was very kind, nice and extremely passionate about his profession. He runs his bakery during the day and then in his weekend downtime () teaches. The class was small and hands on. It was also a lot of fun! You learn how to make croissants and danishes - from making the dough through to decoration. Joel even gives you tips of where to buy ingredients at the local grocery store. In the mini-breaks while you're waiting for the dough to rise Joel shows you how to make puff pastry.

French Croissant Baking Class review by Katherine Dahill

Mar 2020

Barista Course: Absolute Fundamentals

Silvia was fantastic. I'd highly recommend this class. The description is spot on -- it's an absolutely beginner class. She takes you from how to grind coffee/work the machines, all the way through to how to add milk + clean up the machines afterward. I am new to Australia and espresso machines. I recently purchased one and had a million questions :) She thoughtfully and expertly answered all of them. The small class size means you get to really learn and experiment. The best part is the instruction booklet Silvia gives you afterwards so that you can pay attention during the class and then check your notes afterward (to see where you went wrong :)) Plus you leave with a barista certificate and a new sense of confidence that you can make a good cup of coffee. Take this class!

Apr 2020

Brush Lettering with Watercolours

Vanessa was a great teacher. It was the perfect class to do remotely. You can easily watch her do the letters with the camera set-up she has and then follow along. It gives you all the tools to then practice on your own. Getting the materials in advance was super easy.
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