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Nov 2018

Natural Soy Candle Making Class

I was really excited about this class and attended with my son 11yrs. I did not know how much we would both actually enjoy it.
Set up in an intimate workshop environment perfect for candle makig with all the tools we could possibly need set up already for us. Along with notes. All we needed was a pen for additional notes and a nose to make the tough choice of what fragrance for our candles.
The beauty of this class was not that we made one candle, Elena had us make 4, different sizes and wicks. So by the end we understood what we were doing and how to make adjustments and measurements. Elena also bought a wealth of experience and hints and tips she generously shared that only experience can offer.
Elena our teacher was a delight, she ensured we were not only having a great time- that we were also really understanding the process and able to make decisions to do this at home. She made it really simple and as easy to follow as a recipe. There was another lady who had made some candles in the class as well and it was great how much she was adding to her knowledge as it was us learning the ropes.
Not only did we walk away with all this knowledge we walked away with 'store quality artisan candles' . My son and I were so impressed with ourselves. When we returned home we proudly displayed the candles and my husband rolled his eyes and said we went to the course to learn how to make candles, not buy them Imagine how shocked he was to learn they were the candles WE made BY OURSELVES Thank YOU Elena
It was a great afternoon and flew by and we are inspired to do more.

Natural Soy Candle Making Class review by Katherine Beaumont

Dec 2018

Smartphone Photography Class

This class was beyond expectations. Our guide Chris (who filled in for Alfonso) was fantastic. He was easy to follow and a great combination of what we were doing and how to do it and then actually putting it into practice. Chris made sure that we then knew what we were doing after we had left.
I was surprised with how much I can do with the smartphone (did you know you can make buildings look straight?- to know more do the course!) as well as editing on the go- so quick and fun. Already I am making use of what I have learnt.
It was a practical coarse as well as really lovely wondering around The Rocks and seeing it through a photographers eye.
A great afternoon.
Thank you

Smartphone Photography Class review by Katherine Beaumont
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