Andi's reviews

Sep 2020

Paper Craft and Ink class

Great class. Peta covered a variety of Alcohol Ink techniques and explained them really well. She is a warm and friendly teacher and generous with her time.

Sep 2020

Hinged Box Making for Beginners

Great Class! Cyrus took time to explain things well and had lots of great tips. I’m a beginner but by the end of the class I had a beautiful little box. Highly recommended.

Paper Craft and Ink workshop review by Andi Garing

Oct 2020

Make Polymer Clay Earrings for Beginners

Fun class!
Zara created a warm comfortable atmosphere where students were encouraged to ask questions. It was a very relaxed, easy introduction to using polymer clay to make earrings.

Jewellery Making workshop review by Andi Garing

Dec 2020

Mould Making and Casting Course

Irina’s classes were fun and informative. Also, she was really flexible regarding course content and allowed me to work on silicone moulds for my resin jewellery. I really enjoyed the course.

Pottery workshop review by Andi Garing

Dec 2020

DIY Handmade Greeting Cards

Fran’s Christmas card class was really fun. It was well structured with a clear plan for several creative designs of card. All the designs were simple but highly effective and beautiful. Great for beginners to more experienced crafters.

Paper Craft and Ink workshop review by Andi Garing

Jan 2021

Screen Print Your Own Design

Great fun class! Carizza is a really good teacher and was able to guide me through the entire screen printing process. She prepared the frames prior to class so that we could concentrate on the fun stuff
I highly recommend this class.

Screen Print Your Own Design review by Andi Garing

Jan 2021

Fluid Art class

I really enjoyed this class. Monika is clearly experienced in fluid arts and is a very good teacher. She was happy to modify the class to fit what I wanted to do and she also provided lots of useful information. Highly recommended class.

DIY Resin Painting review by Andi Garing

Jan 2021

Glassblowing and Mosaic class

This was a really fun class. Natalia is a great teacher and clearly very experienced in glass painting. The paints in the craft box are beautiful and obviously high quality. I loved learning the techniques and am inspired to keep doing more stained glass painting.

Glassblowing and Mosaic workshop review by Andi Garing Sydney

Feb 2021

Painting class

Great fun class. Natalia is very knowledgeable and is very good at sharing the tips and tricks of tile painting. Highly recommended class.

Painting workshop review by Andi Garing Sydney
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