Dumpling Making Class

Learn how to fold dumplings three ways in Sydney

3 hours Class size 1 to 20 (public classes), 10 to 50

label $65 - $69 (or 4 payments of $16.25 - $17.25 Afterpay)
($69 per guest when you book for 1+ guests, $65 for 10+ guests)

Have fun learning how to make delicious dumplings from an expert!

You need no experience for this class which is perfect for any food enthusiast! Have our chefs teach you our perfected recipe of two styles of dumplings, with just the right amount of herbs and spices. Not only that, but we will be teaching you how to fold the wrappers so each one looks like impeccable. We'll steam the dumplings for you, and you'll then conclude with a meal featuring the delicious dumplings you made.

We have a private space onsite where we can hold up to 50 people perfect for any private event you want to request, alternatively assuming you have tables and gas burners, we can come to you. Using it as a team building exercise? Let’s judge the perfect dumpling, from flavour to presentation. Just ask for more details. Classes take from two to three hours and include a meal of dumplings. Vegan and gluten-free options are available.

If you like, we can offer a cocktail on arrival for an extra $17 per person, or unlimited 2 hour drinks package for an extra $45 per person, which includes wines and beer - if you'd like these options, just mention it when you Request a class with us.

The class / hands-on part takes around 1.5 hours, then the eating usually takes another 1.5 hours, though we can adjust this as necessary, just let us know.

There are two parking stations that are less than 100m away from Honkas - Secure and Bayswater.

Add-ons available for this class
  • 1 cocktail per guest ($17)
  • Unlimited beer & wine (2 hours) ($45)
You can add these when you book (optional).
Knowledge required
Perfect for beginners.
What you'll get
  • All ingredients
  • Lunch of: dumplings.
  • Water (onsite only)
  • Plates, cutlery, steamers and everything to make dishes
Suitable for

This class is great for individuals and couples as well as for a team building activity, Christmas party, birthday or hens party.

This would also be a nice gift for her, gift for mum or birthday gift.


Honkas Bar + Eats - 1 Kellett Way (Cnr Roslyn + Ward) Potts Point, NSW

300 metre walk from Kings Cross station. There are two parking stations which are usable (both Secure and Bayswater). They are roughly 100m from the venue.

Dumpling Making Class location
Your teacher
Honkas Bar + Eats
Honkas Bar + Eats

A Pan Asian restaurant taking flavours from the streets of Vietnam, Korea, China and Japan

4.8 (1,260)
Instagram followers4k

Honkas Bar + Eats opened in July 2018, the site of the old Favela / The Village. Taking inspiration from the street vendors of Asia, Honkas menu has a balance of clean, fresh, healthy dishes mixed with irresistible cheat food, oh and we only serve brown rice.

Verified reviews

We only show reviews from customers who have paid for and attended this class

Jess Rhodes Nov 2023

the venue responded quickly to us having additional attendees. we had a fun time and the food was delicious. loved having the venue booked to ourselves. would book again for other teams!

Cleo Walker Nov 2023

A really fun date night, with easy introductions and all staff was super friendly and accommodating, drinks were fun and yum. A thousand bonus points for completely delicious and handmade

Coming back for sure :)

Jordan Kemp Nov 2023

Honkas bar was amazing amazing! The teacher was so helpful kind and funny! We had so many dumplings ???? they tasted amazing! It was so much fun! Highly recommended going! Can’t praise this enough.

Warrick Clarke Nov 2023

The class was fun but very basic. After a short intro, the teacher leaves you for an hour to make your dumplings. We only made two very basic shapes even though the description on classbento said we’d learn 3 shapes the pictures show far more elaborate dumplings than what we made today. On the plus side, the dumplings we made were delicious and you leave feeling very full.

Lin Quach Oct 2023

The class started 15 minutes late and we were made to wait with absolutely no explanation from the staff. It felt very disorganised. When asked about the late start, a staff member was rather unhelpful, rude and dismissive. Cocktails on the house were later provided as an apology. Overall an OK experience, but will not be recommending or attending again.

Teacher's response

Thank you, Lin, for sharing your experience. We apologise for the late start and the lack of explanation provided by our staff, we were waiting for other guests to arrive before we could start. It's important to us that our classes are organised and run smoothly. We appreciate your feedback and have taken it onboard to improve. We hope the cocktails on the house were a small gesture of apology. We're sorry to hear that you won't be recommending or attending again, but we understand and respect your decision.

Joanne Rutkowski Oct 2023

7 ClassBento workshops attended • 7 reviews

Class started late but the staff were apologetic and offered us drinks on the house which was really lovely. Our teacher was great with managing a large group and the dumplings were delicious!

Dumpling Making Class review by Joanne Rutkowski - Sydney

Fred Barendregt Oct 2023

Ventured from the suburbs to inner city for this experience. It is well located to train station and car parking station.
The food was good, teacher was great, was a little dark to see the finer details of the more complex shaping, but almost got there in the end. You probably want to really like dumplings as we ended up with a lot, took some home for next day lunch.

Hartmut Eckert Oct 2023

The trainer was great, it was fun. It‘s really nice to partizipate in prepraring your own meal

Olga Cohen-Perry Oct 2023

We came with a 12 year old who really liked the experience! But I must say its probably less a whole family thing Still we all had a nice time

Nicholas Oct 2023

Such a great concept, it was a really fun way to start a Friday night.

Terri-Ann Oct 2023

Dumpling making class was great! Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and teacher Karn? (Sorry not quite sure of spelling) was very friendly and cruisey. She made us feel very comfortable and instructions were very good and detailed ALL of the staff were great, would totally recommend this class.

Anonymised ClassBento student Sep 2023

Everything was great! There was plenty of dumplings leftover, great instructions and everyone was super lovely!

Dumpling Making Class review by Anonymised ClassBento student - Sydney

Lynette Vo Sep 2023

Great value for the time spent making the dumplings then spending the rest of the time eating them and enjoying the bar there. The teacher was friendly and his instructions were straightforward.

Cooking class review by Lynette Vo - Sydney

Alana Moxon Sep 2023

The staff were rushed and lost 1/3rd of our dumplings that we made. An okay experience but disappointing to miss out on the full batch.

Eloise Sep 2023

The experience was nice, we got to make two types of dumplings - one vegetarian, and one with pork. When we arrived the ingredients were already minced and pre-portioned, so we only had to mix and start filling.
One thing I did not appreciate is that we were only taught two ways to fold the dumplings, when the class ad states that we would learn three. So after the second we were kind of just waiting for the teacher to come back and teach another one, but our filling ran out before that. I also read other comments mentioning they learned three folds, so I'm not sure what's up with that.
Not much interaction from the teacher, he would just come over to the table for a few seconds to explain what we had to do, and then would leave.
The dumplings tasted very good, they prepared it for us three ways - deep fried, pan fried and steamed.
The experience was nice overall, I just expected a little more interaction and to learn three folds. But would recommend, I think it was a good experience to try with friends.

Nerida Johnston Sep 2023

The venue was great, cocktails were delicious and it was easy to relax. Nothing was rushed.
The teacher demonstrated how to mix the ingredients and the various ways of shaping the dumplings and we got plenty of practice making our own. :)
The best part was eating the finshed dumplings cooked 3 ways. Very delicious and filling. We took leftovers to enjoy later.
An excellent birthday present from my daughter that didn't add to my clutter.

Darcy & Robynn Sep 2023

The dumplings were delicious and very fun to make. We made heaps, as they gave us enough wraps for 60 dumplings, so lucky we were hungry and going home afterwards to put the leftovers in the fridge. Some people couldn’t make that many, so we saw a lot of waste which was a shame. I’d recommend they start with one pack and give out more wraps as people ask, but for those ready to eat, bring your eating pants haha.

We were quite hungry, as you don’t eat until about two hours in which for us was due to a late set up and start and waiting for several others before getting started and before going to the next step during the process, as there was one main instructor for about 30 people. Smaller groups or staggered starts would have been better.

All in all, I’d highly recommend! We had a great time and the dumplings were delicious.

Nikki Haddock Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

We really enjoyed learning to make Dumplings and then we were seated in the restaurant to enjoy them. They were delicious!

Dumpling Making Class review by Nikki Haddock - Sydney

Anonymised ClassBento student Sep 2023

Extremely Overpriced.
We paid over 70 dollars for a group of 11. At over 700 dollars, the class did not deliver.
The tutor was friendly, and involved the class.

The ingredients were extremely basic- two variants with minimal flavour and store bought packet dumpling wrappers.
The tutorial covered 3 basic folding techniques and mixing of the filling. There were only 4 bowls for a table of 11.
The class traditionally comes with pork and a vegan option. We requested a chicken substitute to the pork which cost us an extra 50 dollars.

The class itself was in the indoor outdoor area, which on a winter evening one would expect to be heated (the indoor area was completely vacant and we could easily have been accomodated there). On asking for the heater we were told the gas cylinder was missing.
Our dumplings were then steamed, fried and pan fried, however they felt lacking in flavour. The condiments on the table were limited to bottles of sri-racha sauce and soy sauce.

All in all it did not meet our expectations and was a bit of a let down as we booked it for my husbands birthday.

Basim Kamil Sep 2023

We had such a great time and experience! The teacher was amazing, so warm and friendly!

Pat Norman Aug 2023

Had a great time, really great teacher, cool crowd, amazing staff - absolutely would do it again!

Isabella Parr Aug 2023

Good food! Great to learn technique. Advertised as a 1.5 hour class with 1.5 hours to eat. We had finished making the dumplings in 30 minutes. Our instructor said that we only had 20 minutes to make as they needed the table.
Made and ate all in an hour.

Hannah Andersen Aug 2023

Teacher was great and entertaining. Venue was good and atmosphere was good too.
Would definitely recommend and come back again!

Nicole Lewit Jul 2023

We arrived early ready for the 6pm start. They took our drink order and it took ages to come out and it took us a while to ask someone as a cocktail class was being held at the bar.

We didn’t start doing the dumplings until 7pm and the “teacher” looked fed up and unhappy from the get go. I don’t think she smiled the whole time. For someone who is doing group functions, they should be lively and energetic. The staff were really lacking and had a really “don’t care” attitude. The dumplings were yum and it was fun to make them but the overall experience was disappointing.

Matt Lambert Jul 2023

Pauline was amazing! We had the best time, the food and drinks were amazing, definitely will come back and bring more people with us!

Christina Comelli Jul 2023

Great night out. We did this with as a family and had plenty of fun.

Nathan Le Jul 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended

It was a fine experience - pretty much had all the ingredients chopped and ready for us. All we had to do was mix them together and put it into the dumpling wrap. We did get to learn different styles of wrapping the dumpling which was cool but the class wasn’t really informative. They did not explain how to chop the ingredients, how long to cook the dumplings for, at what temperature etc. The class was pretty quick too - 1-1.5hrs to make the dumplings and then it took 15mins for the chefs to cook the dumplings. The dumplings tasted okay, quite basic and lacked a ‘traditional’ taste. Overall, it was a fun experience but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone wanting to learn how to make dumplings from scratch.

Cooking class review by Nathan Le - Sydney

Adriana Hartcher Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Great value for money. Easy to follow instructions on forming dumplings and fun to engage with others whilst working.

Elizabeth Troiano Jul 2023

Expected some more dumpling making techniques and nicer tasting dumplings. Fun experience but expensive for what it is.

Teacher's response

Hey Elizabeth

Thanks very much for the feedback. We will take this on board when we reconfigure our classes.

Have a great weekend


Ilan Weihart Jul 2023

It was as expected. Short, sweet and to the point….

Thank you from Ilan and Michael

Louise Taylor Jun 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Food was delicious! Very easy to follow instructor who was also lovely and friendly
Had a great time making “off the book” shapes lol

Dumpling Making Class review by Louise Taylor - Sydney

Bhumi Parbhu Jun 2023

It was amazing The teacher was great, she checked in on us regularly and taught us a number of different shapes! Other staff were incredible also, super friendly and made the experience more personalised. Was so happy they let us make so many dumplings and gave us containers to take them home to freeze. Inspired me to want to make them at home myself!

Sandra Wade May 2023

Thank you for a fun experience. Who knew learning to make dumplings could be so much fun! The teacher was patient and explained everything very clearly. The best part was the taste test at the end.

Brenda Nguyen May 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

What was the teacher like? He was lovely and tried his best to demonstrate different dumpling making techniques despite his R wrist being injured
How was the venue (if applicable)? it was a good size
If materials were provided, did you like them? it was nice to be able to see which ingredients were included in each dumpling
Was the experience good value for money? yes
What did you do / learn? learning different dumpling style techniques
What did you like most? being able to eat what we made!

Dumpling Making Class review by Brenda Nguyen - Sydney

Shama Kaur May 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Pretty fun experience because it was new and at the end the food was delicious. The teacher was lovely, service was fast, everything was organised very well. I would recommend it to any newbies.

Jacqueline Mann May 2023

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Great fun, lots of dumplings, very basic folds making it easy to do. My friend showed us some folds she does at home and I think she was hoping to learn more folds to try. Very generous with the amount of dumplings we got to make and eat. Wish the drinks package started earlier, only really used about 1 hour of it and took a while to arrive. I recommend starting it as soon as you arrive as there was a wait for the class to start after the set commencement time. People at the venue and host was lovely and welcoming. Made ample accommodations for the vegetarian in our group to avoid cross contamination. Something different to try!

Cooking class review by Jacqueline Mann - Sydney

Marina Ribeiro May 2023

The teacher was very good and proactive. I would definitely come back to do another class

Karen Joshua Apr 2023

The concept is awesome but the actual class is not great. We were shown a brief demonstration of 2 dumplings shapes and then the teacher left us to make the dumplings on our own. The teacher didn’t stick around to give us feedback or help. The dumplings were then cooked for us and we were able to eat them on site. The whole experience lasted a maximum of 1.5hrs despite being advertised as 3hrs. Very disappointing as we loved the concept of a dumplings making class but the experience was a let down.

Matthew Fung Apr 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Venue was great, close to station and was comfortable
Good value with amount of dumplings, lots of practice a food to eat
Teacher was really good, made sure to check in with ys periodically

Vladimir Gligorovski Apr 2023

40 ClassBento workshops attended • 37 reviews

I really enjoyed the set and the teacher was nice the presentation was great and food that we were doing was easy to do

Stefan Sudweeks Mar 2023

It was really well arranged and well executed. Our teacher was superb. What a lovely person .

Cooking class review by Stefan Sudweeks - Sydney

Rebecca Greenway Feb 2023

Lovely teacher
Was expecting to get to chop and cook ourselves
Good location
Nice drinks

Emma Adams Feb 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Great fun and easy to do :) dumplings were delicious! Instructor was fun and enthusiastic. An enjoyable date night!

Dumpling Making Class review by Emma Adams - Sydney

Kim Flack Feb 2023

Friendly, helpful. It was a great fun thing to do with friends. thanks. Yummy too.

David Hampton Feb 2023

We had the best time! Our host Ryan made the experience fun and was very easy to follow. Service was great and would definitely recommend for a fun and yummy date night out.

Ms Singh Feb 2023

It was a good session but could have taught more techniques and shared recipes of the dumplings.

Suzanne Kelly Feb 2023

Roslyn and the dumpling guy ? were excellent, lots of useful information love the class , great atmosphere

H Jan 2023

Would have liked to actually cooked the dumplings too, kinda was expecting that in the class

Sal Compton Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Dumpling class was good.
Not really what we expected it, as we didn't learn how to cook them.
We made 2 flavours (meat and vego) and the kitchen cooked them for us 3 different ways.
We were seated in the restaurant at regular tables to do the making/folding.
Staff were very friendly and helpful

Stacey Barker Jan 2023

Our teacher was great, the venue was great, and now I want to make dumplings all the time! Would 100% recommend!

Dumpling Making Class review by Stacey Barker - Sydney

Jasper Bisley Jan 2023

A girl stepped in and did a fantastic job. She was absolutely amazing and I felt as though she had been there for years. She ended up doing just about everything! Overall great night

Annabel McKnight Jan 2023

Super fun! We really enjoyed the experience, learned some new skills and staff were super friendly/welcoming.

Jane Moran Nov 2022

Teacher was nice and helpful and the dumplings were really tasty. Nice to do something different.

Caitlin Gilbert Nov 2022

Was at a great venue, teacher was fab, the dumplings were delicious and we got plenty of them!

Morgan Smith Aug 2022

We did the dumpling class for a team activity and had a great experience. The staff were very attentive for our group - would highly recommend!

Lauren Burns Jul 2022

Great experience! Such a fun class and the dumplings were delicious Would highly recommend this

Tracey Rona Jul 2022

A great team event thank you! Great service and fun had by all, funky venue :)

Ellen Atkinson Jul 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

SO much fun! Very easy to do and a good team event. Thanks to the staff

Carine Mousseux Jun 2022

Great class for a work team building day. Teacher was lovely and food tasted great.

John Mellow Apr 2022

Amazing venue and teacher. Learnt so much and then got to sit down and enjoy our food. Highly recommend.

Andrew Johnson Mar 2022

Fun evening out. Cocktails were great and teacher very helpful with a great sense of humour. Dumplings were tasty too :)

Dumpling Making Class review by Andrew Johnson - Sydney

Simone Pope Mar 2022

Teachers were very helpful. Fantastic that all the ingredients and equipment was provided. The venue was well set out.

Tillina Carter Mar 2022

So much fun! Relaxed and friendly vibe. Amazing food and drinks. Our teacher was lovely and I would recommend to everyone!

Valentine Maguire Mar 2022

A fun activity to do with friends while sipping on cocktails. Absolutely loved it and will do it again!

Cooking class review by Valentine Maguire - Sydney

Pina Margiotta Mar 2022

It was a bit difficult to fine Honkus Bar maybe better signage.
Teacher was well organised. It would have been good if he showed us what the packet of pastry looks like as I've never purchased one from the shops. Ingredients were fresh. Teacher walked around and observed and assisted where needed. Explanations and demonstrations on how to make the different shapes was clear.
We waited a fair bit for the dumplings to be cooked, they were delicious when they arrived. It would have been good if they served the dumplings with a salad. If not included in the price we would have been happy to pay for a salad, its nice if you give the customer the option, no one asked us if we wanted something else with our dumplings. Overall a great experience, great teacher, now I need to make them myself again with my family.

Ivan Sanchez Mar 2022

We enjoy so much the experience and the flavours of the food. The people were amazing. It’s true that we hope to find more teaching with some explanations about the dumplings, or the origins, or the recipes with the quantities. But in general a great experience:)

Alaine Burgess Mar 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Fun to make the dumplings, great ingredients provided. Slow start to the class we were told to arrive at 1145 but the class didn't start till almost 1230. Got to make plenty of dumplings to share, would recommend.

Rebecca Davis Mar 2022

I went there with my partner with no real expectation however from the time we arrived we were treated as a person and not a number. All the bar staff/waiters are very professional & attentive but most of all very friendly.

The dumpling class was fantastic as we had never made dumplings before these classes are designed for the beginner. The teacher was amazing with taking the time to show us individual the techniques.

Once finished making our dumplings the teacher took us to a beautiful outdoor terrace dining area were we were seated.

The dumplings were served to us steamed, pay fired & deep fried & we were waited on like any paying customer.

All in all I can’t recommend this highly enough to any age group & it was an amazing experience.

Aisling McGann Feb 2022

We all really enjoyed this class - great team bonding event to do! The dumplings were delicious :)

Ken Negri Feb 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Teacher and venue were amazing. Once you prepare the dumplings you get a table in the restaurant and the service and staff are just so welcoming and nice. Will likely come back for just the restaurant. Would recommend definitely.

Kristie Kulper Feb 2022

Second time doing the dumpling class, the teach was very slow with starting, during the class and to finish off so it took longer then expected, but the teach was very lovely. Great place, bar tender was great serving cocktails. Food was lovely

Chris Giometti Feb 2022

Great experience all round.

Teacher was fantastic, helpful and fun.

Would Highly recommend to friends

Dumpling Making Class review by Chris Giometti - Sydney

Jeff Morehen Feb 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

A fun and relaxed class with good teacher. Very pleasurable as you get to finish with eating the “fruits if your labour”

Liam Feb 2022

Kieran was great, patient, and gave excellent instructions. The food was delicious and fun! Thanks!

Liam Mozayani Feb 2022

25 ClassBento workshops attended • 25 reviews

Kieran was really friendly and gave great instructions. It was a fun afternoon, would do it again!

Cooking class review by Liam Mozayani - Sydney

Michal Jan 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

The teacher was personable and gave good instructions. The course was fun and good value for money. The dumplings we made were delicious. Nice venue.

Bella John Jan 2022

Family of 5, age ranged from 13 to 60 and we ALL had a blast and learned so much.
Host was friendly, fun, gave great instructions and very helpful.
The dumplings turned out delicious too.
We learned a new skill, had fun, are yummy food and made some memories.
Perfect activity for any age group or occasion. (Ours was a Xmas present)
We all highly recommend this class!

Dumpling Making Class review by Bella John - Sydney

John Nguyen Dec 2021

Really fun class, teacher was really engaging and friendly making it really enjoyable for our group

Damien Barfucci Dec 2021

Absolutely great experience, you'll love it! Great teacher and a whole lot of fun

Monica Chahoud Nov 2021

We had a great laugh and learnt how to make dumplings… our teacher was great he took the time to show us techniques. We then enjoyed the dumplings with a cocktail … worth the $ we had a great night

Cooking class review by Monica Chahoud - Sydney

Savannah Reali Nov 2021

All we really learnt was how to fold the dumplings. We didn’t learn about where the dumplings come from, their history, the ingredients or alterations to the recipe. We did make lots of dumplings and I had extra to take home though which was nice. But overall it was very average, not a great atmosphere, and a bit boring. Wouldn’t recommend.

Clara Gomes Nov 2021

This class was great fun, the staff were very friendly and welcoming, I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a fun activity and learning a new skill.

Margaret Keelty Nov 2021

Fun and yum. Keiran was great, he explained and demonstrated really clearly and he was so patient with us. We made so many dumplings and then ate them - Yum. A really nice day out, well organised and good value. Thank you

Jennifer Tang Nov 2021

Kieran was friendly and took the time to coach us to dumping success. Honkas staff were all very polite and obliging. The venue had a fantastic atmosphere were groups had their own space. Dumplings were cooked in three ways to perfection.

Dumpling Making Class review by Jennifer Tang - Sydney

Stephanie Jones Nov 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

We had fun at this dumpling making class. The main focus was on how to fold the dumplings, ingredients come pre chopped and the dumplings are cooked for you in the kitchen. The teacher Kieran was really friendly and knowledgeable. After the class you get your dumplings to eat in the restaurant area.

Dumpling Making Class review by Stephanie Jones - Sydney

Richard Arkell Nov 2021

We really enjoyed our dumpling making class. The staff at Honkas were great, we learnt different ways to make dumplings and then we moved to a table in the dining areas and our dumplings were cooked in the restaurant kitchen.
It was awesome.

Simone Ligori Oct 2021

Class was fun and enjoyed by all. The teacher was very knowledgeable and friendly. It was nice to complete the class inside and then sit outside to enjoy our cooked dumplings with some drinks.

Diana Lynch Jun 2021

Our teacher showed great patience and kept cool calm & collected while helping some of our younger guests make dumplings.Well mannered and polite

Candida Jun 2021

Fantastic experience I had, most certainly was fun and I now can make dumplings great teacher as well

Gaewyn Evans Jun 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Making Dumplings was a great learning experience and fun. The teacher was entertaining and interactive with us. He really made our evening interesting. The dumplings were cooked for us in three different ways and we got to taste and enjoy our handy work and take home the left overs. This is a fun night and well worth doing.

Niamh Peren May 2021

I was under the impression that the class was about learning to make dumplings. Unfortunately not. Pre bought dumpling wrappers from Harris Farms / Woolworths were heralded as the best, and used here. Ingredients were pre-chopped too so the class didn’t learn much by means of preparation. Just to mix it all together. Then the class didn’t learn how to cook the dumplings as the venue wouldn’t allow the class into the kitchen due to insurance regulations.

Catherine Wood May 2021

The dumpling making class was excellent, the head chef was really great at explaining the different folds of dumplings. The venue was a little cold as the large door was open, however it was also a cold night. The end results were also delicious and cooked wonderfully.

Rose Jones May 2021

Was a great class. You got to sit to make the dumplings, which is a bonus compared to other classes where you stand for 3 hours! It was hard to hear the teacher, but that's because he had to wear a mask so hopefully soon that won't be the case. The dumplings were DELICIOUS, and would happily do it all again. Easy to do, learned a lot, and eating them certainly was a highlight!

Matilda Roberts May 2021

Great, friendly and helpful teacher. Good quality ingredients with generous servings- made so many dumplings! Such a fun class!

Jacqui Carvalho May 2021

We loved this class! Fun location, we enjoyed being able to order cocktails while making the dumplings. By the end of the class we all felt confident in folding the 3 styles of dumplings and will hopefully try to recreate them at home soon. Note you don't actually cook the dumplings (this is done by the kitchen) but we were more than happy to just eat our creation at the end. Great night out.

Jodie Handley May 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Really enjoyed the class. We made more dumplings than we could eat! Really enjoyed the Teacher and the venue. Would definitely recommend to others!

Alison Luong Apr 2021

The teachers were so great and definitely showed us a thing or two about dumplings There was so many dumplings at the end of it that that we couldn’t eat anymore !

The teachers ran the class so smoothly with 20 people and everyone had a great time !

Highly recommend for a hens event !

Liv Kwiatkowski Apr 2021

The venue was an awesome set up, open plan with lots of room for a big-team activity. The dumpling instructor was lots of fun and allowed for even the most novice cooks to enjoy the dumpling making process. The cocktails on arrival were divine and I’d highly recommend them. We also tried the chicken katsu which was delicious. Definitely an awesome team bonding experience!

Dumpling Making Class review by Liv Kwiatkowski - Sydney

Nishy Apr 2021

Good value for money. More dumplings than you can eat. Good activity for any occasion: dates, friends, work, events etc. Incredibly friendly staff. Vibe was good. Will come again. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks!

Cooking class review by Nishy  - Sydney

Ashley Cameron Apr 2021

This is a fun activity for a birthday party. The teacher was good. All ingredients prepped and you learned how to fold your dumplings. It would be good if we had the recipe (I.e. quantity of ingredients). But overall it was a fun thing to do and good value for money (heaps of dumplings!)

Kylee Lavelle Apr 2021

We had a Very helpful teacher there to teach us new things and yummy food.

Jessica Beckett Apr 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Fun! We were expecting to cook the dumplings but it was so great it didn’t matter

Erny Sujentono Mar 2021

The venue and teacher are good. The class is for very beginner. It will be good if it’s mentioned.

Matthew Hanham Mar 2021

Loved Kieran! Helpful and funny and just really friendly. Thanks guys what a great evening!

Edith Bocaz Mar 2021

Great class. Great instructor. Highly recommended. The venue is perfect and the service was wonderful.

Cooking class review by Edith Bocaz - Sydney

Deedee Lee Mar 2021

It was great! Kieran, our teacher was really helpful and taught us well. The staff at Honkas were all really lovely too. The only thing that could be better was the separation of the veg and meat dumplings. Some of the veg dumpling plates that came out had meat dumplings on them.

Cooking class review by Deedee Lee - Sydney

Stacey Graham Mar 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Super fun experience! Great vibe! Great teacher would highly recommend it to friends and family

Omar Rodriguez Mar 2021

What a great experience. The set up was professional and efficient. Everything was ready to go. I came a little late (sorry) but I was attended to by no less than 3 instructors to get me up to speed. Three different dumpling wrapping styles were covered. I really appreciated working my way up from easiest to hardest. To top it off, I had the pleasure of enjoying the dumplings I made. As did my room mates, as I was able to bring home 2 containers full of dumplings.

Nicole McKenzie Feb 2021

The teacher was great, however we were told that we would be served the dumplings we made and there was some kind of mixup which meant we were served someone else’s dumplings. This was quite disappointing.

Michelle Wahl Feb 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Great venue, excellent if you want to do something with a few friends or on a date for a few hours whilst drinking. Would recommend this to friends.

Dumpling Making Class review by Michelle Wahl - Sydney

Mathilda Ebadatt Feb 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

We had a great afternoon on Friday for our corporate Xmas party making yummy dumplings!

Jenn Clifton Feb 2021

Great fun, easy course and educator was very informative in a fun casual setting. Only comment would be to get all to either wash hands or hand sanitise prior to making the delicious dumplings. They really were great!

Isabelle Stransky Feb 2021

A group of colleagues and I took the dumpling making class and thoroughly enjoyed it. We started off inside the venue grouped at smaller tables. We made two lots of dumplings one vegetarian and the other pork based. The ingredients were all chopped and ready for us to mix, the teachers were helpful and clear in their instructions and we learned how to fold the pastry to make 4 different shapes. Our dumpling were then steamed, pan fried and deep fried for us. We were moved to a long communal table where we all got to eat the fruit of our labour. Would definitely recommend this class.

Clare Kitcher Jan 2021

I bought this class for my sons at Christmas. They loved it.
A new skill they are eager to practice and share. We’ll have dumplings regularly from now on.

Marti Kurt Jan 2021

Really fun date night idea. We learnt lots of different ways to fold dumplings and enjoyed them cooked 3 ways

Cooking class review by Marti Kurt - Sydney

Robyn Shuttleworth Jan 2021

The teacher and other chefs were very friendly and helpful. Once we arrived the class was set up in a seperate room and the teacher explained everything. It was a nice venue as we were also able to order drinks whilst we did the class, and all the staff came to check if we needed more drinks etc. We learnt aloft of different dumpling folds Everything was provided and was good quality

Eunice Tam Jan 2021

Such a good experience and a fun date night with my partner. The teachers were so nice and and gave good instructions.

Rachel Ching Dec 2020

The experience was thoroughly enjoyable. The teacher was friendly and accommodating. Everything was supplied and the teacher and chef made time for each table. The venue was also really nice and cosy.

Alex Jones Dec 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Awesome dumpling making class! Completed as a work team building activity had great reviews across the board.

Georgia Saunders Nov 2020

My partner and I had so much fun doing this! The staff were great and the dumplings turned out delish.

Claire Slailati Nov 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Great venue, the class was so much fun and the guys were very helpful at showing different techniques with the dumplings. Would recommend

Dumpling Making Class review by Claire Slailati - Sydney

Sarah Meyer Nov 2020

It was great.
The class itself was really fun, we learn a lot of different ways to fold dumplings.
Also the dumplings were really tasty!

Dumpling Making Class review by Sarah Meyer - Sydney

Andrew Stone Oct 2020

I booked the dumpling making class for my mum’s birthday and we had a wonderful time. The staff were helpful and attentive, and the chef was lovely. I have made dumplings many times before, but I learned a few new tricks in this class. Thoroughly recommend!

Frances Debono Aug 2020

Ingredients were good and tasted awesome, teacher was very friendly. Perhaps explaining the method in more detail at the start will make the prepping process more smoother :)

Gerard Melchior Aug 2020

The head chef taking the class was fantastic and helpful, showing us all the proper dumpling making techniques and being friendly throughout. Venue had great vibes and was well maintained. Good value for money, made enough dumplings to feed a family of 6. Great date idea or to get out of the house to do something fun. Would highly recommend.

Lone Martinsen Jul 2020

Fun and easy dumpling class, perfect for beginners. Very friendly teacher and staff. Great value, and fun getting to eat your own dumplings after the class. Recommend doing this with a friend or as a couple, as the whole class don't eat together.

Melissa Abdullah Jun 2020

Class was good, although we didn’t get a recipe for the dumplings as all ingredients were pre measured. The class was a bit packed in too.

Nishi Patel Jun 2020

Could have been organised better but it was fun overall. Learnt new skills which I will try at home.

Lucy Parsons Jun 2020

Yummy food and fun class!
Learnt some fun things, would’ve liked to watch how the dumplings were cooked though!
Overall a good and fun experience.

Cooking class review by Lucy Parsons - Sydney

Harrison Walker Feb 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The class was great, Cindy was an excellent teacher, she was patient and explained each step clearly. It was also a nice surprise to make our own rice paper rolls. The gentleman who introduced us to our teacher was a bit rude though, the way he spoke about the her was a bit degrading Eg. She is soft spoken so we'll turn the music down, and saying she is too quick and we'd have to ask her to show us again, she wasn't too quick and she did a great job of teaching us, he should have highlighted her talents.

Dumpling Making Class review by Harrison Walker - Sydney

Alicia Styles Feb 2020

Venue was cute and lively, an awesome vibe! The teachers were fantastic also! Kinda wish a couple of drinks were included in the class price but I can also understand why it wasn’t an option. It was a lot of fun!

Luen Samonte Feb 2020

Lovely venue and great atmosphere despite the rainy weather! Instructor was very helpful and we now have new dumpling folding techniques to master. It would have been great if we were able to do the whole cooking process not just the preparation.

Rachel Ruber Feb 2020

The class overall was very fun! Got to meet so many nice people and have a great time.
The set up took a bit of time to get ready, seems like they weren’t prepared by the 5pm start time, but honestly that was the only glitch the whole night.
The teacher was very nice, just a little bit shy to start! But once we got into it she really opened up. Thank you for teaching us so many awesome techniques!

Beth Pastore Feb 2020

9 ClassBento workshops attended • 9 reviews

Great class , lovely teacher, learned so much. Thank you Would love this lean more advanced skills

Judy Barden Jan 2020

Class was very easy and fun, learning a few neat and easy but impressive ways to fold dumplings. Ingredients all prepared in advance, fresh and tasty! A fun night out

Dumpling Making Class review by Judy Barden - Sydney

Kirralee Eschler Nov 2019

Our teacher cindy was so sweet and really helpful! Good value for money too, we had so much food and were extremely full afterwards

Gaurav Awadhwal Nov 2019

Great relaxed class, great teacher, lots of fun in a nice venue, for our group of 19. Hamilton and the team were very accommodating and helpful with answering questions. Thanks!

Clare Buckingham Jul 2019

Great value for money and absolutely perfect for our event! I loved everything about it - except maybe the lingering food baby the next morningthe food was just way too delicious to resist.

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