Honkas Bar + Eats

Honkas Bar + Eats

Honkas Bar + Eats

A Pan Asian restaurant taking flavours from the streets of Vietnam, Korea, China and Japan

Honkas Bar + Eats, cooking teacher
4.9 (16)
5.0 stars (21+)


Honkas Bar + Eats opened in July 2018, the site of the old Favela / The Village. Taking inspiration from the street vendors of Asia, Honkas menu has a balance of clean, fresh, healthy dishes mixed with irresistible cheat food, oh and we only serve brown rice.





Tina Christy

Cocktail and Dumpling Making Class

Venue was set up well and teachers made it lots of fun. Thanks for a great afternoon.

Bhawana Gurmukhani

Cocktail and Dumpling Making Class

We had a fantastic time! Kieran & Cindy were very patient with us & very friendly. We will be back!

Harrison Walker

Dumpling Making Class

The class was great, Cindy was an excellent teacher, she was patient and explained each step clearly. It was also a nice surprise to make our own rice paper rolls. The gentleman who introduced us to our teacher was a bit rude though, the way he spoke about the her was a bit degrading Eg. She is soft spoken so we'll turn the music down, and saying she is too quick and we'd have to ask her to show us again, she wasn't too quick and she did a great job of teaching us, he should have highlighted her talents.

Dumpling Making Class review by Harrison Walker Sydney

Michelle Phillips

Cocktail and Dumpling Making Class

Great venue. Good instructions on both cocktail making and dumpling making! Great time had by all!

Julie Hartz

Cocktail and Dumpling Making Class

Very friendly staff, good atmosphere and good products. We really enjoyed it, thanks a lot!

Alicia Styles

Dumpling Making Class

Venue was cute and lively, an awesome vibe! The teachers were fantastic also! Kinda wish a couple of drinks were included in the class price but I can also understand why it wasn’t an option. It was a lot of fun!

Beth Pastore

Dumpling Making Class

Great class , lovely teacher, learned so much. Thank you Would love this lean more advanced skills

Judy Barden

Dumpling Making Class

Class was very easy and fun, learning a few neat and easy but impressive ways to fold dumplings. Ingredients all prepared in advance, fresh and tasty! A fun night out

Dumpling Making Class review by Judy Barden Sydney

Hannah Sandoval

Cocktail and Dumpling Making Class

The class was amazing!
The venue was really lovely in set-up and vibe. The staff were VERY friendly and accomodating to our requests and needs. High recommend.
I echo others comments, the dumplings may be a little bit of a wait in a large group, but there are sooo many and they are yummy!

Kirralee Eschler

Dumpling Making Class

Our teacher cindy was so sweet and really helpful! Good value for money too, we had so much food and were extremely full afterwards

Gaurav Awadhwal

Dumpling Making Class

Great relaxed class, great teacher, lots of fun in a nice venue, for our group of 19. Hamilton and the team were very accommodating and helpful with answering questions. Thanks!

Amanda Bouari

Cocktail and Dumpling Making Class

Our dumpling and cocktail class was absolutely amazing, our teacher Matthew was 10/10, funny, knowledgeable and made our afternoon so enjoyable. Would highly recommend any classes to make an event that extra bit fun for all ages.

Cooking workshop review by Amanda Bouari

Rachel Park

Cocktail and Dumpling Making Class

It was great opportunity for our team to experience something new together and build fun team culture. The teachers were very good with giving instructions and the food was so great too.

Clare Buckingham

Dumpling Making Class

Great value for money and absolutely perfect for our event! I loved everything about it - except maybe the lingering food baby the next morningthe food was just way too delicious to resist.

Luen Samonte

Dumpling Making Class

Lovely venue and great atmosphere despite the rainy weather! Instructor was very helpful and we now have new dumpling folding techniques to master. It would have been great if we were able to do the whole cooking process not just the preparation.

Rachel Ruber

Dumpling Making Class

The class overall was very fun! Got to meet so many nice people and have a great time.
The set up took a bit of time to get ready, seems like they weren’t prepared by the 5pm start time, but honestly that was the only glitch the whole night.
The teacher was very nice, just a little bit shy to start! But once we got into it she really opened up. Thank you for teaching us so many awesome techniques!

Honkas Bar + Eats's classes

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If you need a customised class (e.g. for a larger group, a special event, or more advanced learning, just get in touch with the Honkas Bar + Eats or us, and we'll make it happen.

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