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Honkas Bar + Eats

Honkas Bar + Eats

A Pan Asian restaurant taking flavours from the streets of Vietnam, Korea, China and Japan

location_on Potts Point, Sydney

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Honkas Bar + Eats opened in July 2018, the site of the old Favela / The Village. Taking inspiration from the street vendors of Asia, Honkas menu has a balance of clean, fresh, healthy dishes mixed with irresistible cheat food, oh and we only serve brown rice.

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Rachel Jones Feb 2024

We loved this. Food was fresh and delicious! Staff we fun, friendly and knowledgeable. Cocktails were super fun to make. Would 100% recommend

Randy Deli Feb 2024

I love everything about this experience honestly the people the there the vibe the food it’s just the best I love it and recompense 10000 times always the best spot to celebrate birthday occasions

Cocktail Making Class with a Feast review by Randy Deli - Sydney

Gavin Houchell Feb 2024

Fun experience, simple but enjoyable. Kids loved it and yummy eating at end. Fun couple of hours

Bianca Logan Feb 2024

We celebrated a birthday here and it was a really fun night. The cocktails were so delicious and so was the food.

Anita Kyriacou Feb 2024

As soon as we entered the staff were very friendly and accommodating.
The cocktail and dumpling experience was amazing and we both had a really great time
We have already recommended to our friends
The instructions were great and made the experience fun

Olivia Holman Feb 2024

This was a birthday gift from my family it was totally enjoyable lots of fun learning how to make cocktails the cocktail instructor was fun and full of great information and was able to change the recipe to suite dislikes. The making of the dumping was interesting and amazingly quite simple. Would totally recommend this to all my family and friends

Bella Williams Feb 2024

Attended for a work event and had a fun time. The staff were friendly and the food was nice. However the cocktails were not great and the cooking class was less of a cooking class and more of a crafting activity as we only mixed the prepared ingredients and filled using ready made wrappers.

Juan S Feb 2024

Well explained and clear instructions. Definitely a nice date out in a central location. Highly recommended

Cocktail and Dumpling Making Class review by Juan S - Sydney

Jack Henry Feb 2024

Great value for money. Cocktails, particularly the sake-based one, was excellent. Would recommend for a fun date night event.

Amelia Trippas Feb 2024

We had a great girls afternoon out. The instructor was great and happy to take us through all the steps with demonstrations individually at your table (he also had a bit of fun and was cheeky with the class participants)! Some of the prep was done for us so we could get to making the fillings and learning 3 different techniques of folding the dumplings. The dumplings were all then cooked for us (steamed, deep fried and pan fried) whilst we sat back and drank cocktails (also delicious).

Paula Kashio Feb 2024

Drinks and food were delicious! Well paced class and fun activity to do with friends or date

Michael Herman Feb 2024

Both the cocktail making and the dumpling making were a lot of fun and enjoyed by everyone. We will definitely recommend to others. I would suggest possibly adding options for say a salad or some veggies to the table when eating, to provide a more complete meal (dinner in our case). Possibly also offer further drinks at dinner time, other than just water. Finally, a small something sweet afterwards, such as a sorbet would be great too. Overall, thank you - it was such a nice way to spend a sunday evening.

Cocktail and Dumpling Making Class review by Michael Herman - Sydney

Jessica Lena Feb 2024

I came by myself as I’m not from Sydney and found it so chill and fun! The cocktails were cool to make and tasted amazing and the dumplings were fun to make and were yummy too. Enzo was a great host as he guided us on how to make the dumplings and their alternate shapes and he was helpful. Everyone was super lovely and friendly, I’ll come back with my girlfriends for sure when I move here.

Anthony Collum Feb 2024

It was a great experience for a unique date. The process itself was easy and the dumplings were very tasty. Would recommend for first dates or for older couples.

Paige Petrou Feb 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

This class was by no means the best class that is available. The Teacher was not welcoming, nor very enthusiastic. He made it very clear that the class was simply us just being there to do it and not an experience, as he had other tables to wait on. He only interacted with us when it was to tell us to 1.put on gloves 2.mix the ingredients 3.how to fold them - that was it.
The class itself was not what was expected. You do not make the dumpling dough, they are pre-made dumpling wrappers that are bought (not even made in house). You then get to actually “making” the dumplings by mixing all the ingredients needed for the dumplings, which are already laid out in portions for you. Additionally to this, the teacher does not pay attention to if you had dietary requirements, even after being asked on the booking he double checked only after we had already started making the dumplings and touching meat. The only thing that I felt this class was useful for was that you get taught two different ways to fold dumplings. You are then left for you to make all the dumplings until the fillings run out and then moved to a dining table, as opposed to the table where you were making it which was already in the open dining area. For this specific aspect, me and my partner were placed on a big table to ourselves to make the dumplings, while the other six people in the class were on a separate big table. Why not put us all on the same table or pull numerous tables together so it feels more like an experience. You are then served the dumplings you made in three different ways - fried, steams and deep fried. However, there is no consistency with how many of each you get. Me and my partner got about six fried ones while the people on the next table got about half of their dumplings fried. The place was also not very clean, as when we got sat at our table, the table water had Sriracha sauce on the rim, the glasses weren’t cleaned properly, and you got wood pre-packaged chopsticks. But there was a bonus that everyone got one drink on the house (we didn’t book the drinks and dumpling class), and it came with a metal straw which was nice.
The environment was loud, and the EDM music they had on was not helping.
This class only ran for one hour, with making the dumplings taking about 30mins and then how ever long you want to eat for. They do give you take away containers for the dumplings you can’t manage to eat which was nice too.
Overall a very disappointing experience and not at all worth the trip there for.

Darius Araghi Feb 2024

Love it thank you guys so much, will definitely book a corporate conference. Staff were amazing and it was a lot of fun. Only thing is maybe do one more cocktail or a shot? Loved the cucumber cocktail

Pratik Raichurkar Feb 2024

Had a great time at cocktails and dumplings, an enjoyable casual class with lovely staff

Sauda Kanyambo Feb 2024

It was an amazing session would definitely recommend, The instructor running the session was awesome! mad sure the people who were late were informed of what was going on by making sure they caught up on what was missed. Very interactive session, everyone was friendly. Great opportunity to learn something new

Alecia Cavka Feb 2024

So accommodating to dietary requirements and a fantastic time - highly recommend for a date night or even a catch up with friends.

Tania Chahoud Feb 2024

It was a Christmas gift - an excuse to catch up with a friend.

The teacher was great, she was very friendly, helpful, attentive, clear and supportive.

The venue was noisy, made it hard to enjoy the experience as teacher needed to speak to each of us in pairs in order to be heard. It wasn't possible to chat easily with my friend or any of the other participants as the area where we were seated was basically surrounded by groups of ladies celebrating a Hens Day Out. If they were not in the adjacent room which was divided by a curtain I think, they were all at the bar having a great time. Which inevitably was loud.

Ingredients were generous and of a good quality.

We made dumplings and they were delicious.

I would have to say it was not value for money, in respect to the fact that it was impossible for the session to be presented effectively, in a mode that is engaging and entertaining as it was too noisy. This was in no way the teacher's fault, she actually did a wonderful job given the circumstances.

Emilee McLean Feb 2024

Great day and awesome birthday present from my friends.

Would have loved to prepare the food not just assemble the dumplings but great otherwise.

Cocktails were fun and informative. + yummy

Fab few hours

Kate Swain Feb 2024

It was interesting to learn how to make dumplings, however our group felt it was very rushed and the instructor needed some support as he was rushing from table to table. Also trying to prepare dumplings on bar seats was challenging for a few of our party.
Three of our group ordered cocktails, and were very disappointed in them…none of them finished their drinks, so ordered soft drinks to eat with our “creations”. I feel this was a lost opportunity for the bar staff.
Staff were very friendly, & I hope you hat this review will help you all.

Steph Lentz Feb 2024

Honkas has a nice vibe but the class was a disappointment. Firstly, they were understaffed and running late. There also wasn't much in the way of instruction about making the dumplings - rushed, rude instructor. I enjoyed eating the dumplings we made, but would have been interested to learn more about making the wrappers, where to buy specialty ingredients, making other varieties and how to cook what we'd prepared. This class could definitely do with an overhaul.

Louise Claridge Feb 2024

I was excited. I went with all sorts of anticipation. I thought our “teacher” would share the background to the dumpling, how to make the dough, different ways to actually make the dumpling, and that we’d get to actually cook.

It didn’t provide any of that. The only exception was the gorgeous girl who did our cocktail class, she was great.

The guy who greeted us didn’t seem to understand a course was happening, and to be frank, seemed like he was high on something - which makes a short shift for him but wild time for us.

Stop advertising it’s a dumpling class, we sat there for 40 minutes waiting for something to happen, you were so understaffed that even the staff couldn’t manage it, and it wasn’t cooking. At least give us bulk drinks so we forget it’s not actually cooking Bad bad bad.

Dilan Jivan Feb 2024

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Good teachers, very helpful, nice food we cooked plenty how to make dumplings nice people, for future make it less noisy so easier to listen and talk

Sakshi Patel Feb 2024

Had a lot of fun! It was a birthday surprise and they loved the experience

Jeannette Ferguson Feb 2024

A fun evening and excellent value for money. Both teachers (cocktails and dumpling experts) were engaging and knowledgeable. Set up and execution was flawless and allowed for comfortable interaction with other participants. Have already recommended the class to several others.

Courtney Morris Feb 2024

Friendly teachers and relaxed atmosphere! It’s a cute date night idea, don’t drive and enjoy the cocktail portion of the class

Cate Veal Feb 2024

Had so much fun yesterday, shout out to the staff especially the barman he was engaging up for a laugh with cheeky banter

Kate Pickels Feb 2024

I booked this for my boyfriend’s birthday, we had such a great time! The cocktail class was great and the dumpling making was super fun. While you’re enjoying some drinks they start bringing all the dumplings out super quick, there’s plenty to fill the tummy.

Sophia Burton Feb 2024

Fantastic day, lots of fun, friendly good service well organised and seamless. Recommend recommend recommend

Gulsevin Tuncay Feb 2024

Thank you, we had a great time and the cocktails and dumplings were super great

Tina Clifton Feb 2024

The staff were excellent. Teaching instructions and demonstrations were very clear and easy to follow. The cocktails were delicious and the dumplings were fun to make and cooked in 3 different ways - all very yummy and filling. We will be going back as this was such a great activity and worth the money.

Ashleigh Turner Jan 2024

Amazing class. Loved the teacher the food and the cocktails. Would highly recommend this cocktail making class.

Akera Suresh Jan 2024

Was super fun and our teacher was lovely! Would highly recommend!
Loved it so much :)

Edward Ongay Jan 2024

Everything was great Cocktail teacher was the highlight - made the experience very fun! The dumplings were fun to make, but they didn’t taste amazing

Alex Turner Jan 2024

The teacher was so much fun and the group size was perfect. Everyone was nice. The food and cocktails were absolutely amazing and very generously sized. Great value for money.

Cocktail Making Class with a Feast review by Alex Turner - Sydney

Joshua McDowell Jan 2024

It was a fun night and we ate heaps of dumplings and met some nice people.

Georgina Bovard Jan 2024

It was a Christmas present from my daughter for three of us
The cocktails were delicious and fun as were the dumplings
Great location and atmosphere and staff

Emma Power Jan 2024

This was such a fun class! The staff are super lovely and helpful. It’s a really fun activity to do with friends and it was in a very accessible location (very close to the train station). Highly recommend this class!

Anissa Bedaoui Jan 2024

Teachers were very friendly and helpful, was an overall pleasant experience. The food and cocktails were great and we would definitely do it again :)

Adrian Caldarola Jan 2024

Great instructor and vibe. Great technical knowledge about cocktail making. Highly recommend completing the cocktail and dumpling making class

Lana Faraj Jan 2024

Venue closed and not a single person to call or communicate with not a single message to say hey we’re closed reschedule another day , none of that just completely closed and no communication from anyone whatsoever.

Nikos Maniaty Jan 2024

Fantastic class, great value for the money! Would definitely recommend to do with friends. Highly recommend.

Guada Jan 2024

Easy to access ingredients and simple instructions. I found it a fun, humorous, and altogether light-hearted experience.

Monica Tamayo Jan 2024

Kiren and the Honkas team were excellent hosts, and made the entire hens party a fun, engaging experience. The food was great, and we were blown away by the ease of the lessons they gave. Thank you so much for the wonderful class!

Alice Bowers Jan 2024

This class was really fun, the dumpling were tasty and it was great trying them cooked 3 different ways. They definitely filled you up!
My feedback would be that the venue was very loud especially at the start so it was hard to hear the teacher, it would have been better if the cocktail making was in a dedicated space rather than at the main bar as it was quite cramped and lots of other activity.
Also saw quite a few big cockroaches here which wasn’t great.

Rebekka Garreis Jan 2024

The Cocktail making part was awesome, the teacher was a lot of fun and very chatty. We could ask a lot of questions and I learnt much.

The dumpling making part was also fun, but not what I have expected. It is not a cooking class. They were surprised how sober we were. You do not make the dumpling dough yourself and you also don't cook them. You get to mix the ingredients and form the dumplings. They will then cook them in three different ways for you and then you get to eat them. We had fun in any case, I would just not call it a cooking class but rather a social dumpling forming event.

Alex Jones Jan 2024

Great class and good teachers. Wish we could have made a third cocktail though. For the dumplings it would have been amazing if we learned how to cook the dumplings.

Freya Radmore Jan 2024

Both the cocktail making and dumpling making teachers were great! Knowledgeable, friendly, and knew how to run a fun class!

Leigh Ferguson Jan 2024

It was very limited actual cooking or dumpling making experience. The ingredients were already prepped and the dumpling dough was just store-bought and taken out of plastic ready to roll - you don't make it. So you're just mixing a couple of pre-chopped up ingredients together and putting it into the dough and squeezing it together with water. We ordered drinks during happy hour but on the bill at the end they charged us full price instead. They didn't accommodate dietary requirements well. A few friends who were gluten free (we'd informed in advance) were given a small bowl of salad/noodles, and some chili cauliflower dish. Those who were vegetarian could only eat one type of dumpling, cooked in a few different ways. Definitely not worth $65+ - if youre considering this class, it would be better value and more fun just to go out to dinner with friends.

Lois Hayter Jan 2024

So so much fun Definitely recommend!
Teachers were excellent and very interactive! Would love to do it again,, dumplings and cocktails were very delicious! X

Cooking class review by Lois Hayter - Sydney

Nicky Owen Jan 2024

Such a fun activity today. Staff were extremely friendly and helpful. We had a wonderful time.

Jane Sutherland Jan 2024

Lots of fun. Our teacher was very engaging and easy to fill. Great cocktails and delicious food

Liyisa Li Jan 2024

6 ClassBento workshops attended

Both teachers for the dumpling class and cocktail class were friendly and fun - perfect for a group experience!

Joseph Fernon Jan 2024

Fantastic place 10/10 would go agian staff was engaging and funny and was a wonderful time

Kath O'Shea Jan 2024

The class was brilliant fun, made much more so by the super fun and friendly staff in K and Vim. Thank you so much guys.

Kelli Moon Jan 2024

Was a good class, teachers were super helpful, dumplings and cocktails were yum! Definitely want to do another class

Tracey Thein Jan 2024

Teacher was awesome, Enzo was super chill and knowledgeable! Cocktails tasted fantastic and the setting was spacious and vibrant. Would’ve been good to know more of a history behind the cocktails demonstrated.

Kaete Ashley Jan 2024

We loved the whole set up, the teachers and the experience as a whole It was such a fun date night and delicious!

Jason Armstrong Jan 2024

Expected more from the venue, wasn’t really a close class learning experience due to the loud environment in the bar, though you make a lot of dumplings would have liked more than 1 flavour of dumpling to make, teacher was nice && knowledgeable and did her best under the conditions. $196 was a bit overpriced for 2 people, had an ok time

Grace Nicholson Perry Jan 2024

Amazing teacher. She was really helpful and nice. Really delicious food and great value. Nice location too.

Aditya Vishwanathan Jan 2024

Great staff and vibe, yummy cocktails and dumplings - well worth it! Would definitely recommend to all.

Natasha Welch Jan 2024

Such a fun couple of hours. The teacher and all the staff were so nice and friendly, the cocktail class was fun and the food afterwards was ample and delicious! I highly recommend this!

George Campbell Jan 2024

Our teachers were great and really made the experience. So friendly and helpful. Would highly recommend this to anyone considering purchasing it.

Kiernan Mannix Jan 2024

Enzo was really engaging and taught us all the steps to make the cocktails very well - probably a little too well :)
The venue had a relaxing atmosphere, the music was pleasant and the service and staff were fantastic.
Thank you for the great experience, we will definitely be recommending to friends and family :D

Luke Hesson Jan 2024

The teacher (Enzo) was really good, engaging and clear with his instructions. It was great value for money consider we had four cocktails and more dumplings that we could eat. The cocktails and food tasted great and we learned how easy it is to make them at home!

Lesley Jolly Jan 2024

My husband and I really enjoyed our cocktail and dumpling making class. The both of the women instructing the cocktails and dumplings were friendly and helpful. It was a small and very friendly class.

Dylan Benjamin Donaldson Jan 2024

Venue was decent, staff where friendly, cocktails were average, dumpling class was decent, dumplings where really good

Cooking class review by Dylan Benjamin Donaldson - Sydney

Jordan Holley Jan 2024

Great class! Enzo and Claire were wonderful hosts and teachers for the cocktails and dumplings respectively! The class was a good size so you don't feel like you are going to miss out on anything. You are given great ingredients to make an ample amount of dumplings. You are not rushed - and the different cooking methods used for your newly made dumplings just adds to the lovely experience. Would recommend!

Lydia Whiteb Jan 2024

Very fun and informative teachers. Love that we made dinner and drinks. Very good date night activity, would recommend

Cathy Bowrey Jan 2024

We were a party of 10 ladies celebrating a birthday by having a private Cocktails Making class with a Festival of Food package.

Our teacher was great. He was accommodating, friendly and knowledgeable. Nothing was too much trouble for him to tailor to some non-alcoholic drinkers and allergies to certain ingredients.

The cocktails we made were delicious and so was the food after the class. Wait staff were great and efficient.

All up we had a fun night and well worth the price.

Victoria Wilson Jan 2024

The dumpling class should be before drinks, so there is no unecassary waiting to eat the dumplings

Liam Irwin Jan 2024

That was an amazing course! Really enjoyed the experience and the staff were great and very knowledgeable! Really worth the money and will recommend to my friends.

Linda Collins Jan 2024

9 ClassBento workshops attended • 8 reviews

Great classes. Dumplings were delicious! We had a great time with making dumplings and having cocktails. I would highly recommend the class to everyone.

Cooking class review by Linda Collins - Sydney

Alice Patience Jan 2024

Lovely teacher, tasty cocktails and really good food! What else could you want and need!

Liam Breton Jan 2024

Really good fun with clear instruction and great food + drinks! Would absolutely recommend to anyone looking for a great date night idea or fun with friends.

Alanna Manfredini Jan 2024

Very cute venue with exceptional food. The feast was substantial and the staff were friendly.

Simon Valenzuela Jan 2024

Teachers were friendly and knowledgeable. Cocktails were explained how to perform the steps and why they were done.
Turned out quite nice and dumplings were tasty. Not going to go home hungry as there were plenty we made, and got to enjoy some deep fried, steamed and pan fried.
Good fun and decent value for money.

Sophie Pitkethley Jan 2024

The class was great! Cocktails and dumplings were lovely. The teacher was wonderful, would definitely come back.

Popi Valakas Jan 2024

We learnt how to make 2 cocktails which was lots of fun. The feast afterwards was plentiful and delicious and was paced well. Service was also very good.

Brad Arsenault Jan 2024

Great value! Venue is perfectly placed. Loads of fun at the bar under the guidance of a great teacher who shared some great cocktail tips. Additional fun making dumplings followed by devouring them all Overall, would love to do this again with a group of friends.

Jasmine Tran Jan 2024

Such a fun and cute class. Loved it so much! Venue was beautiful and instructors were amazing

Kim Dao Jan 2024

Fun experience for a date night or group. Cocktails and dumplings were delicious but we wished there was more of a vibe for a Saturday night.

Maria Bennett Jan 2024

Did this with 2 friends, was lots of fun! It was well organised, and all the food prep was already done, so we got to do the easy part of mixing ingredients and turning it into dumplings of different shapes. The cocktails were simple (and tasty) which was perfect for us newbies to DIY cocktails and meant we all felt pretty good about ourselves when they turned out well .

Peter Collins Jan 2024

Great afternoon of dumpling making with more than we could eat.
We had fun and learned some techniques along the way. Our instructor was fun, helpful and clear in her instructions.
Plenty of dumplings were made. Various fillings and were cooked 3 different ways.

Warwick Smith Dec 2023

We had a great teacher who made everything lots of fun. And we made loads of yummy dumplings. Fabulous!

Emily Rex Dec 2023

So much fun! Bought as a Christmas gift and it was the perfect mix of activity and enjoying good food together! Highly recommend!

Jason Jack Dec 2023

Great day out with friends, bartender was entertaining, cocktails were simple and enjoyable. Would recommend for small groups.

Mrs Emily Tavendale Dec 2023

There was four in our group and another bigger group, we had our own separate table which I liked! We grabbed a drink from the bar, sat down at the table with all ingredients in front of us. We were introduced to the different types of folding, and carried on at our own pace and chatting/drinking. It was really relaxed and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Afterwards we sat outside and the cooked dumpling were bright to us. It was really memorable, we really recommend! Great friendly teacher.

Brooke Dailey Dec 2023

9 ClassBento workshops attended • 6 reviews

Great class. Easy to follow instructions from a friendly instructor and tasty treats to wrap up.

Dumpling Making Class review by Brooke Dailey - Sydney

Kate Norris Dec 2023

Lychee cocktail 7/10
Cucumber cocktail 7/10
Pork dumplings 8/10
Vegetarian dumplings 6/10

Terry Broomfield Dec 2023

The class was run efficiently and the explanations were clear. Overall it was a very instructive and enjoyable experience.

John Marinovich Dec 2023

Cocktails were tasteless uninteresting.and not unique to Sydney
Deep fried dumplings - gross !
This was a scam!

Teacher's response

Thanks for your feedback. We are sorry you didn't like the cocktails nor the dumplings (steamed, pan fried and fried).

We pride ourselves on the cocktails being tasty (whilst not always everyone's taste) and cooking dumplings in multiple different ways so you see the flavour contrasts.

Elliot Lucas Dec 2023

Really nice teachers who explained things well without bogging the experience down in detail

Cocktails we made were fine but a little simplistic, would have been good to have either some rare techniques or flavours

Dumplings were lots of fun

Venue itself worked well for the experience, and was laid back and easy

Sonam Thakur Dec 2023

It was very organised and the teacher taught some easy and neat techniques to fold the pastries
The overall experience was very fun and fuss free.
The lot of dumplings we folded were brought to us in deep fried, pan fried and steamed versions to enjoy.
Great gift idea, I would highly recommend

Laura Dalziel Dec 2023

The dumplings and cocktails were really tasty but didn’t feel it was much of a class as such, especially the dumpling making section, as we felt there was very little “teaching” done. Also it was a shame that everyone was sat separate, felt more like we just made our own dinner and then simply ate them just the 2 of us. Shame as it would have been nice to have all experienced it together.

Daniel Raymond Dec 2023

My partner and I had a great time making dumplings together. The venue took care of everything so that all we had to do was mix the ingredients together and make the dumplings! We then sat down and they cooked our own dumplings for us three different ways. They tasted amazing.

Taylah Johnstone Dec 2023

Didn’t even get to the class, on arrival asked the teacher places to park and was turned away and told there was no where to park, spent the next 30 minutes driving around in the rain looking for a spot only to find nothing. Ended up going home….

Aditi Khamar Dec 2023

Very well managed and fun!
We have vegetarian options and mocktail options too.
Best place to park is Kings Cross station park, just across from the venue.

Cocktail and Dumpling Making Class review by Aditi Khamar - Sydney

Amey Greenaway Dec 2023

What was the teacher like? The cocktail making teacher was really great & lovely. The dumpling making teacher was nice too, but I think the heat had really gotten to her.

How was the venue? Its a cool venue, but the aircon needs to be tended to. It barely worked which was a struggle for all on a 40 degree day.

If materials were provided, did you like them? yes
Was the experience good value for money? yes
What did you do / learn? Cocktail & Dumpling making
What did you like most? Learning new things! It was a great time.

Lauren Ayoub Dec 2023

The cocktails were great, and we struggled to eat all the dumplings! But they were delicious so we had to.

Jenny Lloyd Dec 2023

Teachers and atmospheric and food and drink were excellent

Ruby Wagenvoord Dec 2023

This class was great. Quite relaxed & appropriately paced, did not feel rushed. The instructor was funny and personable, and took her time getting to know us as well as teaching

Kylie Chambers Dec 2023

Great atmosphere and fun making the cocktails with Pauline, we had fun, particularly given we had a big group.

Davinder Sangha Dec 2023

Had an amazing evening, cocktails teacher shared her knowledge and was great.

Food was amazing

Candice de Marzi Dec 2023

The class was lots of fun! The teacher who helped us make the cocktails was great & funny, and the one for the dumplings helped us to make them in cool shapes. Worth the money with 2 cocktails and plenty of dumplings to eat once you’ve made them. Would recommend to others for sure!

Corene de Ninis Dec 2023

The class had notable strengths, including clear instructions for adding ingredients and shaping dumplings. While these aspects were positive, the absence of a lesson on making dumpling wraps from scratch was a missed opportunity for an enriched experience. Furthermore, diversifying the post-class experience with a variety of served foods would have elevated the overall culinary journey.

Lucy Hargreaves Dec 2023

Everything was fantastic and accessible; my friend and I both are neurodivergent, and very easily were attended to when we needed any form of help ! Will do again!

James Cregan Dec 2023

Had a great time, nice cocktails and nice dumplings. Need to add six more words.

Nerida Lawrence Dec 2023

Heaps of fun for myself and my family. Thanks for the easy explanations and both the cocktails and dumplings were delicious.

Claudia Anema Dec 2023

Kay was exceptionally clear, patient and made the class fun for everyone. We truly enjoyed ourselves!

Dakhshina Quar Dec 2023

The cocktail and dumpling class was great fun and would definitely recommend it to friends and family.

Samantha Tate Dec 2023

Great experience for me and my team! Great teacher and great location, would recommend this

Laverne Smith Dec 2023

We had our work Xmas party there and it was such a fun activity! The teachers were great and everyone had a wonderful afternoon. It was a very hot day so they could do with better air conditioning but that was the only con!

Allirah McLaughlin Dec 2023

We absolutely loved making cocktails and dumplings at Honkas Bar. So much fun was had by all and both teachers were great and interactive and not boring.
I will be recommending this as an event to my colleagues and friends.
Thanks so much for having us.

Angela Rozali Dec 2023

Pauline and the dumpling teacher were very good at explaining everything. Pauline was generous with their advice and support.

Cocktails and dumplings were a hit and loved the different types of folding styles, cooking styles and condiments for the dumplings. The team got right into each activity with enough time to socialise with each other.

Cathy Johnson Dec 2023

This was a fun thing to do. I wouldn’t really call it a class in the traditional sense. Everyone doing the ‘class’ sits at a long table in the bar with all the dumpling ingredients laid out. The teacher shows you how to mix the ingredients and wrap them in the wrappers. That doesn’t take long. Then you make dumplings in a few different shapes and with a few different fillings. The teacher will offer help if you need it. Honkas cook them in a few different ways - deep fried, steamed and ‘pot sticker’ method, which is part fried, part steamed. All delicious! You end up with more dumplings than you can eat but you can take extras home. What’s not to like? We did it as a couple and had laughs with another couple sitting next to us. But it would also be fun to do with a group of friends. The bar has a friendly atmosphere. Have a cocktail while you’re there.

Alex Smart Dec 2023

Teacher was great. Venue was good and we had a pleasant evening with my daughter.

Ellen Olzomer Dec 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Great experience for our work team Christmas party. It was super interactive. Everything was very well explained and at a great pace. It was great that there was time/space for us to re-group afterwards and enjoy our dumplings and cocktails.

Christine Atkins Dec 2023

Great cocktails and really tasty dumplings - a good activity for a group. We really enjoyed it.

Chaitra Kumar Dec 2023

Super fun and loads of food! Also really easy and nothing complicated either so great go with someone and chat while making dumplings. They teach you well so you don't have to use too much brain power.

Lisa Forbes Dec 2023

Such a fun afternoon-thanks for the dumpling and cocktail making class-we we’re amazed at the amount of food and everything was delicious-such a great events

(And looking forward to you emailing the recipes as promised please).

Claire Fuller Dec 2023

The dumplings were alright, I don’t think the class was worth the money though.

Rachael Hunter Dec 2023

Our dumpling teacher Vim was lovely! She walked us through the process of dumpling making and made it super fun
Julia our Cocktail teacher was fun and made the class interesting
We loved the afternoon and will definitely recommend to anyone who's looking for an exceptional event

Anita Simic Dec 2023

The teachers & staff were so kind & amazing! We enjoyed every second of it! And the dumplings tasted great!

Emily King Dec 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Fun activity with friends! Learnt new techniques for dumpling folding and interesting cocktails! Highly recommend

Miles Dupen-Fitzgerald Dec 2023

We felt that all teachers were friendly and they made the instructions easy to follow.

Lauren Pride Dec 2023

What was the teacher like? Teacher was great, informative but fun, venue also works well for small groups but also larger groups (we had a group of 25 and was spacious and you could move around. Easy, fun class and was great value for money. LEFT STUFFED!

Carly Sanford Dec 2023

Pauline was very engaging, positive and made the class such a vibrant and fun experience!
We had a blast in the cocktail making section and also enjoyed the dumpling class. Would have loved to make the dumpling cases fresh but the ingredients and techniques explored made up for this!

Naomi Seed Dec 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Both Pauline and Enzo were amazing. We had such a great day. I am definitely going to be doing this course again for pure fun! The dumplings were nice and super fun to make.

Shaira Mae Urquico Dec 2023

Great experience! The team enjoyed the class and food varieties - great food choices! The teacher was very informative, friendly and approachable.

Jessica Perchman Dec 2023

The dumplings were very easy to follow, making the cocktails were quite difficult and the instructor felt a bit critical. Overall a good experience

Rosemary Barraclough Dec 2023

Great time had by everybody Friendliest staff. Great vibe. Great food. So much to eat. Thumbs up

Jess Rhodes Nov 2023

the venue responded quickly to us having additional attendees. we had a fun time and the food was delicious. loved having the venue booked to ourselves. would book again for other teams!

Cleo Walker Nov 2023

A really fun date night, with easy introductions and all staff was super friendly and accommodating, drinks were fun and yum. A thousand bonus points for completely delicious and handmade

Coming back for sure :)

Kate Davis Nov 2023

Enzo was amazing Grea to speak to and super informative, I would definitely recommend to a friend

Angela Mihailou Nov 2023

All staff and teachers were fun and very professional. The venue was nice clean and fun . Food was delicious and the cocktails
Definitely recommend to others .

Ruby Beveridge Nov 2023

Fun class, would recommend! Teachers were great, explained steps well and accommodated to all! Thankyou

Cocktail and Dumpling Making Class review by Ruby Beveridge - Sydney

Joan Denahy Nov 2023

Excellent fun enjoyed both activities and our teacher did a great job. Good venue and because classes are small in number plenty of opportunities to ask questions.

Kylie Casey Nov 2023

It was great and the teacher was awesome. The dumplings were great too. Would highly recommend

Susan Donaldson Nov 2023

This was a great afternoon for our work team! Great staff, well set up venue - including a lovely courtyard to eat outside. Lots of fun!

Prayatna Shetty Nov 2023

Great teacher, nice eveningthe food was divine. A perfect way to celebrate with friends .

Penelope Jurd Nov 2023

The Canadian girl who took the cocktail class was so lovely but generally I think the whole package was not worth the money.
I didn't learn anything, and I'm not even a very good cook.
Would recommend that others look at other options

Kim Dao Nov 2023

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 6 reviews

Both the cocktail and dumpling making was really fun! Great for larger groups and it was so satisfying to eat the final product.

Patricia Amorim Mateer Nov 2023

It was a really great fun class.
The staff was super friendly and helpful.
It wasn’t an intense cooking experience it was easy and good diet for money and the food was delicious

Robert Thuch Nov 2023

Great in theory and little boring. Not value for money, But thanks anyway. Class started late.

Kathleen Lyon Nov 2023

Lots of fun and laughter, the teachers made it so much fun, thankyou
So much food to eat after the dumpling class

Kathy Mirzaian Nov 2023

Nice atmosphere and Pauline was a fun tutor at the bar.
Food was ok and needed more seasoning; a little salad/vegetable would have been nice as a side.
We had a good night. Thank you

Melinda Enright Nov 2023

What a great event for our mother daugther catch up. Teachers were great, cocktails fabulous and Dumpling very yummy! Highly recommend. P.S Car park only a block away if you can't find a park in the street.

Jordan Kemp Nov 2023

Honkas bar was amazing amazing! The teacher was so helpful kind and funny! We had so many dumplings they tasted amazing! It was so much fun! Highly recommended going! Can’t praise this enough.

Nadine Silver Nov 2023

The dumpling and cocktail class was good fun. Well organised and our instructor was good value. A good easy way to catch up with friends.

Elise Koulyras Nov 2023

This class was a really fun experience! The teacher was excellent and we really enjoyed learning how to make cocktails and dumplings.

Manette Nov 2023

Amazing experience! Very well organized. Host was highly entertaining. Cocktails were delicious and simple to make. Dumplings were absolutely amazing even with our rookie folding techniques. Highly recommend to anyone!

Manette Jones Nov 2023

Such a great experience! Amazing date idea. Lots of fun and amazing cocktails and dumplings. Who knew we could do so well on our own. Great host that walked us through every step of the way. Can’t wait to try it again

Prathibaa Kandaari Nov 2023

I was skeptical and apprehensive as it was unfamiliar grounds , but everything just vanished due to the awesome staff . I can't name anyone 9erson as it wouldn't be fair to the team . As success of any event is team work . Thank u so much for the experience and for being so friendly
All the best

Ceara Kearney Nov 2023

The teacher was fun and made all the cocktails and dumplings seem easy to make.

John Staples Nov 2023

Fun informative teacher of cocktails and dumplings - great style and attitude with all the participants. We loved everything about it :)

Michael Cai Nov 2023

Good time to take out with the misso and socialising with other couples

Highly recommended

Greg Byrne Nov 2023

Cocktails were great and tasty
Teacher was good too.
Dumplings and teacher were great.
Different thing for us but really enjoyable
Would do again

Mitchell Luton Nov 2023

Easy class to engage with, great flow with the cocktail making first then dumplings after.
Overall a relaxing and enjoyable course to make delicious food and drinks!

Angelique Souma Nov 2023

It was such an aesthetic place with lovely staff. Perfect for a hens party or group who want to do a cute activity together. Delicious cocktails and dumplings really can’t find much better in Sydney !

Matthew Ferguson Nov 2023

The staff were brilliant and engaging, making the experience both fun and memorable
Thank you!

Rebecca Chong Nov 2023

Fun class, cocktail making teacher set a good pace and made it comfortable and enjoyable for everyone. Drinks were delicious! Dumpling making was fun and best part was eating it. Pan fried was our favourite.

Maria Villalva Nov 2023

A very fun class, and the food was great. My friends and I had a fun time!

Robyn Youll Nov 2023

Teacher was good.
Issue was that our booking was changed and we ended up waiting an hour for the class to begin.

Warrick Clarke Nov 2023

The class was fun but very basic. After a short intro, the teacher leaves you for an hour to make your dumplings. We only made two very basic shapes even though the description on classbento said we’d learn 3 shapes the pictures show far more elaborate dumplings than what we made today. On the plus side, the dumplings we made were delicious and you leave feeling very full.

Bianca Roach Nov 2023

Such a great experience, recommend getting the drinking package! We had so much leftover food. So you definitely get your moneys worth. Both our instructors on the bar and for the dumpling were amazing! Had everyone laughing! Will be back to try the other classes!

Teresa Laura Johnson Nov 2023

Awesome fun, interesting
great cocktail with gin and fresh cucumberdelicious dumplingsreciepe to take home

Selina Asilevi Nov 2023

The venue was clean and open.
The staff where amazing, making cocktails, and the wait staff.
The teacher was friendly.

Lin Quach Oct 2023

The class started 15 minutes late and we were made to wait with absolutely no explanation from the staff. It felt very disorganised. When asked about the late start, a staff member was rather unhelpful, rude and dismissive. Cocktails on the house were later provided as an apology. Overall an OK experience, but will not be recommending or attending again.

Teacher's response

Thank you, Lin, for sharing your experience. We apologise for the late start and the lack of explanation provided by our staff, we were waiting for other guests to arrive before we could start. It's important to us that our classes are organised and run smoothly. We appreciate your feedback and have taken it onboard to improve. We hope the cocktails on the house were a small gesture of apology. We're sorry to hear that you won't be recommending or attending again, but we understand and respect your decision.

Lisa Goetze Oct 2023

Fabulous idea for any occasion, my best friend loved this experience for her Hens weekend

Levi Darby Oct 2023

Great experience, the instructor was super friendly and attentive. Made it fun for everyone and cocktails/food were great!

Would definitely recommend!

Karen Johnston Oct 2023

Staff were very friendly and everything was so well organised. Cocktail making was fun and they were great! Dumpling making had all the prep work done and we were shown 3 ways to fold the pastry. And tasted great!

Joanne Rutkowski Oct 2023

7 ClassBento workshops attended • 7 reviews

Class started late but the staff were apologetic and offered us drinks on the house which was really lovely. Our teacher was great with managing a large group and the dumplings were delicious!

Dumpling Making Class review by Joanne Rutkowski - Sydney

Cindy Lee-Kato Oct 2023

We absolutely loved our cocktails and dumpling making class! We had a group of about 18 or so. The teachers were engaging and funny, I think the cocktail making was a highlight for me personally, the dumplings were delicious too and the staff and service were great! Highly recommend for a corporate team event :)

Callie Doukas Oct 2023

Booked this place for a hen's night. Was a great size for our group and the staff were extremely helpful! Also made so many dumplings, was definitely worth the money!

Fred Barendregt Oct 2023

Ventured from the suburbs to inner city for this experience. It is well located to train station and car parking station.
The food was good, teacher was great, was a little dark to see the finer details of the more complex shaping, but almost got there in the end. You probably want to really like dumplings as we ended up with a lot, took some home for next day lunch.

Keith Mudge Oct 2023

Awesome fun class the cocktail making was fantastic! Kay was a great teacher and explained the intricacies of cocktal making in simple easy to understand terms.

Anonymised ClassBento student Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Awesome class, great instructor and fantastic vibes. Would definitely recommend anyone interested in making cocktails and dumplings!

Cocktail and Dumpling Making Class review by Anonymised ClassBento student - Sydney

Chiara Leone Oct 2023

The teacher was great - really informative. Had a lovely experience. The structure of the class meant we got to learn a lot of different techniques that will give me a lot of opportunities to put into practice at home. We arrived on time and were told to sit around for a solid 15 minutes while we awaiting for people coming in late - this was a bit annoying.

Sarah Wijenaike Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Loved our experience! We went as a team building experience and it was such fun. Our teacher (Kay?) was so funny and really instructive. The cocktails were amazing, and we got taught many useful tips to use at home. And there were SO many dumplings - I can't recommend this experience enough!

Janelle Dawson Oct 2023

Fun day out with girlfriends making cocktails and dumplings. So much laughter. Staff were engaging and fun. Delicious dumplings and cocktails - worthwhile the price. This is our 3rd or 4th class bento class and it has delivered on its promise of fun, value for money class. Highly recommend

Sophie Westerbrink Oct 2023

Kieran was super duper fantastic Drinks were fabulous. Had a fantastic time :)) Thank you team!

Hartmut Eckert Oct 2023

The trainer was great, it was fun. It‘s really nice to partizipate in prepraring your own meal

Bethany Oct 2023

A really great and fun experience! The teachers were great and engaging, location was perfect with a 3 min walk from kings cross train station. Food and drink was delicious we had the perfect amount of dumplings to share with three options that were all so delicious!

Cooking class review by Bethany - Sydney

Anne Carter Oct 2023

Pauline was charming , and a great teacher. Venue excellent. Food tasted great. Thought it was a bit pricey.

Edward Browne Oct 2023

Had the loveliest time here - staff were very attentive and made sure everyone was having fun

Alyssa Oct 2023

We really enjoyed the cocktail and dumpling making course. It was so much fun and great value for money. Our teacher was awesome as well. Would definitely recommend.

Olga Cohen-Perry Oct 2023

We came with a 12 year old who really liked the experience! But I must say its probably less a whole family thing Still we all had a nice time

Nicholas Oct 2023

Such a great concept, it was a really fun way to start a Friday night.

Louise Campbell Oct 2023

Enthusiastic teachers, private class, relaxed attitude. Fun for a team event or group of friends. Yummy cocktails and dumplings

Cooking class review by Louise Campbell - Sydney

Kim Wang Oct 2023

Teachers were lovely and engaging! Class was run well and we all had fun! Would highly recommend

Matthew McSweeney Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Cocktails were mediocre, the class could use some jokes. Dumplings were ok but weren’t great.

Adrienne St Clair Oct 2023

An enjoyable afternoon with a great cocktail teacher, who made it fun and entertaining. The feast that followed was definitely worthwhile, so delicious.

Cocktail class review by Adrienne St Clair - Sydney

James Edgecombe Oct 2023

Our teachers knew what they were talking about and gave us good advice. Very friendly.

Logan Bell Oct 2023

The class was amazing! The people were so much fun and really added to the environment will def be back to do again :)

Esther J Colman Oct 2023

Such a fun experience and our teacher was really knowledgeable and friendly. Highly recommended for a fun time with friend and food.

Cocktail and Dumpling Making Class review by Esther J Colman - Sydney

Angela Motta Oct 2023

An experienced, knowledgable and friendly teacher delivering two easy-to-make yet amazing cocktails which we will be making from home ❤️
This was followed up by a long feast in the outdoor area. Friendly service and fresh food made this an amazing experience. Thank you. Perfect for a date night.

Terri-Ann Oct 2023

Dumpling making class was great! Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and teacher Karn? (Sorry not quite sure of spelling) was very friendly and cruisey. She made us feel very comfortable and instructions were very good and detailed ALL of the staff were great, would totally recommend this class.

Brigid Gaffney Oct 2023

Seven of us took this class for our combined 60th it was a wonderful experience to make the cocktails with expert instructions from Pauli and then make our dumplings. The food was plentiful and fun to make and delicious. Thanks all

Ayurshi Khatri Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The class was really fun, and getting to have our dumplings and drinks was amazing!

Michelle Blake Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

We had the BEST time! Our host was HILAREOUS and we laughed the entire time! The venue/city was abnormally quiet on our night which was a shame, but the food was divine and the service was second to none! Loved it!

Cocktail Making Class with a Feast review by Michelle Blake - Sydney

Eva Bartlett Oct 2023

The teachers were great and it was a very fun experience. I great way to meet people, we all ended up eating together at the end. The cocktail class was very fun and informative. The dumpling part was good too, but I wish we got a little bit more background on the ingredients, recipe, technique etc. Overall a super cute night out.

Anonymised ClassBento student Sep 2023

Everything was great! There was plenty of dumplings leftover, great instructions and everyone was super lovely!

Dumpling Making Class review by Anonymised ClassBento student - Sydney

Melisa Kalnberzina Sep 2023

Such a great experience! Kay was a fantastic and approachable teacher. He made exceptional dumplings and displayed amazing skills with the shapes. The cocktail making was so much fun and Will was a great instructor. The cocktails were yum! The venue was easy to find and in a great spot!

Thank you for for the best day! Would recommend to everyone! Will and Kay made it soooo much fun!

Cocktail and Dumpling Making Class review by Melisa Kalnberzina - Sydney

Leslie McDonald Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

We had a lot of fun and the classes were put together well. Might do it again

Lynette Vo Sep 2023

Great value for the time spent making the dumplings then spending the rest of the time eating them and enjoying the bar there. The teacher was friendly and his instructions were straightforward.

Cooking class review by Lynette Vo - Sydney

Anna Sep 2023

Kay was fantastic! He really engaged with our group well and kept us very entertained. Really fun experience would highly recommend for groups !

Kitty Wright Sep 2023

I book a cocktail class just to find out that it’s a private hens party when I show up, and they can’t take me to do the fun lesson I paid for as I imagined.
So I just left, expecting a full refund and feeling quite disappointed and scammed.
If you double booked, you should’ve let me know and cancelled.

Emilia Chorobski Sep 2023

Both cocktail and dumpling teachers were great. Funny and provided good instruction. Would definitely recommend!

Rachel Beaumont Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

It was so well explained. The staff were friendly and kind. Super helpful! So much food and drinks it was great

Alana Moxon Sep 2023

The staff were rushed and lost 1/3rd of our dumplings that we made. An okay experience but disappointing to miss out on the full batch.

Kathleen Vu Sep 2023

The teachers were very kind and understanding and explained everything thoroughly. I didn’t feel intimidated learning new things and had a lot of fun! The only issue was that it wasn’t private and there were other customers eating and being a little loud which was hard to hear but other then that it was really good and I highly recommend

Cooking class review by Kathleen Vu - Sydney

Eloise Sep 2023

The experience was nice, we got to make two types of dumplings - one vegetarian, and one with pork. When we arrived the ingredients were already minced and pre-portioned, so we only had to mix and start filling.
One thing I did not appreciate is that we were only taught two ways to fold the dumplings, when the class ad states that we would learn three. So after the second we were kind of just waiting for the teacher to come back and teach another one, but our filling ran out before that. I also read other comments mentioning they learned three folds, so I'm not sure what's up with that.
Not much interaction from the teacher, he would just come over to the table for a few seconds to explain what we had to do, and then would leave.
The dumplings tasted very good, they prepared it for us three ways - deep fried, pan fried and steamed.
The experience was nice overall, I just expected a little more interaction and to learn three folds. But would recommend, I think it was a good experience to try with friends.

Nerida Johnston Sep 2023

The venue was great, cocktails were delicious and it was easy to relax. Nothing was rushed.
The teacher demonstrated how to mix the ingredients and the various ways of shaping the dumplings and we got plenty of practice making our own. :)
The best part was eating the finshed dumplings cooked 3 ways. Very delicious and filling. We took leftovers to enjoy later.
An excellent birthday present from my daughter that didn't add to my clutter.

Lochie Andrews Sep 2023

The class was really fun! Great teachers and vibey atmosphere. Both the dumplings and cocktails were delicious.

Not to brag, but I made an origami crane out of a dumpling wrapper.

Cocktail and Dumpling Making Class review by Lochie Andrews - Sydney

Darcy & Robynn Sep 2023

The dumplings were delicious and very fun to make. We made heaps, as they gave us enough wraps for 60 dumplings, so lucky we were hungry and going home afterwards to put the leftovers in the fridge. Some people couldn’t make that many, so we saw a lot of waste which was a shame. I’d recommend they start with one pack and give out more wraps as people ask, but for those ready to eat, bring your eating pants haha.

We were quite hungry, as you don’t eat until about two hours in which for us was due to a late set up and start and waiting for several others before getting started and before going to the next step during the process, as there was one main instructor for about 30 people. Smaller groups or staggered starts would have been better.

All in all, I’d highly recommend! We had a great time and the dumplings were delicious.

Michael Criss Sep 2023

What a great way to spend an afternoon, cocktails were generous dumplings were delicious. Shout out to the amazing team it was loads of fun.

Cooking class review by Michael Criss - Sydney

Anonymised ClassBento student Sep 2023

Heaps of fun, teacher was great and very helpful! Good value for money + dumplings tasted great

Nikki Haddock Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

We really enjoyed learning to make Dumplings and then we were seated in the restaurant to enjoy them. They were delicious!

Dumpling Making Class review by Nikki Haddock - Sydney

Jordan Smith Sep 2023

The class was really well run. We had Kieran and Kay and they were really friendly and very helpful with any questions we had. They made it a really enjoyable experience. The venue was really cool also

Oksana Gladchenko Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Really enjoyed the experience! Cocktails are the perfect way to start the activity and dumplings were delicious. Highly recommend for an afternoon activity to have fun with friends!

Jordan Kennedy Sep 2023

This was a wonderful experience. The cocktails turned out well and the dumplings did too. The teachers/hosts were lovely to deal with and helpful.

Kristine Gonzaga Sep 2023

Kieran was a hilarious cocktail teacher. During the whole class, he was engaging, charismatic and attentive to all our needs.
Our dumplings teacher, Kay, was equally as fun and entertaining.
This class was definitely worth every cent. Not only do you get a generous amount of tasty dumplings, the drinks were just as delicious!

Anonymised ClassBento student Sep 2023

Extremely Overpriced.
We paid over 70 dollars for a group of 11. At over 700 dollars, the class did not deliver.
The tutor was friendly, and involved the class.

The ingredients were extremely basic- two variants with minimal flavour and store bought packet dumpling wrappers.
The tutorial covered 3 basic folding techniques and mixing of the filling. There were only 4 bowls for a table of 11.
The class traditionally comes with pork and a vegan option. We requested a chicken substitute to the pork which cost us an extra 50 dollars.

The class itself was in the indoor outdoor area, which on a winter evening one would expect to be heated (the indoor area was completely vacant and we could easily have been accomodated there). On asking for the heater we were told the gas cylinder was missing.
Our dumplings were then steamed, fried and pan fried, however they felt lacking in flavour. The condiments on the table were limited to bottles of sri-racha sauce and soy sauce.

All in all it did not meet our expectations and was a bit of a let down as we booked it for my husbands birthday.

Basim Kamil Sep 2023

We had such a great time and experience! The teacher was amazing, so warm and friendly!

Jenni Harman Aug 2023

Oliver the bartender was not the usual teacher but he did a great job. He was friendly, attentive and generous with his knowledge. The dumpling chef was lovely too. The class was a perfect blend of transmitting skills & knowledge with fun. I loved the dumplings and will certainly try making them again. Great choice of cocktails too.

Pat Norman Aug 2023

Had a great time, really great teacher, cool crowd, amazing staff - absolutely would do it again!

Becky Pascoe Aug 2023

Great venue with excellent atmosphere. Chill vibes which was great - not too much pressure to get it spot on (which was great for us!).

Teachers were great. Provided easy to follow instructions.

Great idea to pair cocktails with dumplings.

Only suggestion to improve would be to assign the dumplings we actually made to us for eating.
We watched the team next to us create their dumplings without gloves. They molded theirs into penises, and whilst not a prude, when we were served their "body parts", we didn't really feel like eating them.

Riya Goyal Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

We had an amazing time at the class. This was the perfect activity for a hens weekend. The cocktail making class was really fun and the host made it even better. We were also full from all the delicious dumplings we helped make.

Lorna Strickland Aug 2023

A very enjoyable night! The cocktail making class easy to follow and fun covering two cocktails in different styles that will come in handy as we head toward summer. The food was truely a feast - plentiful and delicious. The bao buns were amazing!

Serena Cardwell Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The cocktails- delicious.
The class- dumpling making made so easy.
Kay was a fabulous and entertaining teacher- and the whole team at Honkas were so much fun.
Thanks for an awesome afternoon of cocktails, dumpling eating and making new friends.

Florentine Wood Aug 2023

The venue was great and the teachers were friendly and organised. The food and cocktails we made were delicious and it all timed well to be able to drink them and eat what we made.

Cocktail and Dumpling Making Class review by Florentine Wood - Sydney

Cindy Lam Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Was great fun! Great bonding activity for a girls night ❤️ thank you to our nice instructor for walking us through everything

Cocktail and Dumpling Making Class review by Cindy Lam - Sydney

Anonymised ClassBento student Aug 2023

GREAT VALUE - the cocktail drinks were simple to make but delicious. It was sweet but not too sweet. We had an amazing instructor that night who was super fun while being helpful and clear with providing instructions + tips for future cocktail-making.

Hana Thomson Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The class was really enjoyable - making the cocktails was good fun and we loved how the dumplings were prepared in three different ways (deep fried, steamed and pan fried). Yum!

The only downside was that there were several other hens groups that were very loud and rowdy. Given that it was a private class, I didn't realise how close we would be to other groups. I completely understand that it would have been impossible for staff to keep the other groups quiet but maybe a little forewarning would have been nice.

Otherwise though, we had a fun time! Thank you :)

Divita Aggarwal Aug 2023

Booked this for my sisters bday and we all loved it. Such a good experience, definitely would recommend

Robyn Wheatley Aug 2023

The teacher could have been good but wasn't able to teach. The Hens group in with us was horrendous, yelling ans screaming all thru it. We could not hear the directions given. Management was appalling and did nothing to improve the situation. In the end I had to go outside with a headache. We were there for a special group celebration. There appeared to be no security available.
I would highly unrecommend this venue and experience to anyone.

Elena Zakharova Aug 2023

We have booked the class for six people for a girls night out. We all absolutely loved it! Both making the cocktails and the dumplings was very informative, easy to follow and lots of fun. The cocktails and the dumplings were so delicious. The teachers were super fun and engaging and the venue was very nice. Overall great night out with friends, very good price for a whole experience, highly recommended. Thank you!

Luke Pritchard Aug 2023

Highly recommend. Class was upbeat and insightful, excellent date night option certainly havnt eaten so many dumplings in one sitting before

Isabella Parr Aug 2023

Good food! Great to learn technique. Advertised as a 1.5 hour class with 1.5 hours to eat. We had finished making the dumplings in 30 minutes. Our instructor said that we only had 20 minutes to make as they needed the table.
Made and ate all in an hour.

Leon Pinkerton Aug 2023

It was an interesting activity, but not a very interactive activity, and it seemed a little overpriced for what you receive (2 cocktails and folding dumplings). The dumpling mix was pre-prepared and cooked by the chef, so you were only doing / learning the folding. You get to eat your dumplings at the end but there's too many and you feel like a dumpling by the time you walk out. Overall, a good experience but can be refined slightly to make it a memorable one.

Kristy Hunter