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Studio Inner West is a creative space for adults and teens to relax, create and socialise. We offer a range of classes for all creative outlets. We host Birthdays, Hens nights, Date Nights, Team Building and other private events, or regular public classes!

Enjoy a class with our kind hosts who demonstrate easy step by step instructions for even the not-so-creative guests to follow and get the creative juices flowing!

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Jian Juan Waan Jun 2024

Lucy was awesome! She showed us all the different kinds of paints, materials and walked us through what to do with instructions that were easy to follow. We also really appreciated her letting us stay in the studio a bit longer to finish our products. It was such a fun experience making the coasters and trays; we’d love to come back again for another class!

Dea Lalwani Jun 2024

9 ClassBento workshops attended

Lucy was fantastic, she guided us every step of the way and helped me and my partner produce stunning pieces. I will definitely be back again to try another one of her classes.

Aziza Lai Jun 2024

Took resin class as an idea for a friend's birthday. Definitely something different. Everyone had lots of fun creating.

Lauren Tomassetti Jun 2024

This class was a lot of fun. The teacher was wonderful. We will definitely be back to do another resin class.

Hannah Cable Jun 2024

Such a fun class, very artistic and Matt, the teacher was so friendly, knowledgeable and had the best tips. Unlimited colours, inserts and foils to use. Never felt rushed and could have a wine which makes it the perfect activity to do with friends. Can’t wait to try more classes at Studio Inner West!

Joanna Klein Jun 2024

The class is at a nice venue, great decorations and foils and colours to choose from.

Resin Art Class: Mirror Design review by Joanna Klein - Sydney

Elisa Mansour Jun 2024

My partner and I had date night at this lovely place and we both enjoyed it very much. My partner isn't a creative person and this really brought his inner creativity out and he enjoyed it so much. I highly recommend it and we will definitely be back. :)

Peter Humburg Jun 2024

We made a resin tray and coaster. There were lots of colours and materials to choose from. Lucy was great. She made sure everyone knew what they were doing and was there to help with the technical as well as the creative aspects when needed.

Fluid Art class review by Peter Humburg - Sydney

Robyn Fernandez-Baca Jun 2024

I really enjoyed the class. I was nervous about learning a new skill but Gina was fantastic and so patient. Everything was great and now I have a new hyperfocus!

Jessica Castane May 2024

We did the resin trinket and coaster for a work event. Really organised and great fun. Our host Ash was great!

Marco Coulter May 2024

What a fantastic experience. We had a small class with Lucy. She was patient with all our questions and easily rescued our pieces if we made an error. Definitely recommend the resin jewelry experience for travelers as you can just wear them as you leave, or they easily fit in your suitcase.

Emma Collins May 2024

Great class with a great teacher! Highly recommend for a fun outing to learn something new!

Ange May 2024

This was organised by my sister as my birthday gift. the teacher was friendly and helpful. she explained the process and was delightful to talk to.
we really liked the final work.

Sharon Obrien May 2024

Gina was patient and lovely. The venue was very suitable, convenient with no parking issues. Materials provided were adequate. I liked Gina very much and her kindness with me being able to test her after the class with any issues I may have. Looking forward to another class with Gina when date provided.

Deb Barndon May 2024

Gina was absolutely lovely, very warm and welcoming.
The class I attended was pitched to beginners and that was absolutely me. Although the other woman was self taught and had made several crochet blankets already and was asking lots of questions about calculating wool amounts and different stitch patterns to what we were there to learn with granny squares. I found this very distracting and often times confused me as what Gina was talking to her about was not aligned with what we were working through. I felt it made the class a little difficult for Gina having to share her attention on several more different elements than what I would imagine the class usually covers. I found myself often waiting for the other woman to pause from her conversation so that I could ask a question. I would then receive a quick reply from Gina before she was drawn back in to questions from the other woman that were not related to the granny squares. As a result I missed the opportunity to have gained structure on the fundamentals or going through how to read the pattern so that I could confidently continue to do this as home.
Although my experience was not what I hoped for I would imagine the classes are usually very good and I enjoyed meeting Gina and found her encouraging

Tanya Durant May 2024

I booked this class as a birthday activity to do with my girlfriend and thoroughly enjoyed it. We both highly recommend this, we learnt alot and had fun doing it!!

Claire Wu May 2024

Awesome place to get started with resin art. I really like that I get to do whatever I want in a safe space. There are many options too for the tinker or coaster I could do. Highly recommended!

Hannah Hockley May 2024

Amazing studio and we loved our workshop! The quality of the product was great and the staff super friendly and helpful. Small intimate space so it didn’t feel overwhelming, and the staff were knowledgeable too. Great experience and would go again!

Chaitali Chandani May 2024

Lively the easy to follow.the instructor was very attentive and clear with all his instructions.

Rezwana Bashir May 2024

This was such a lovely class! Both the teachers Matt and Lucy were very helpful and great to be around! I really enjoyed the experience and the final pieces - thanks!

Andrea Bouterey May 2024

We had Lucy teach us on our first experience with resin. We enjoyed our experience and Lucy gave us lots of encouragement and advice. We would recommend this experience and we get to take home our boards to enjoy and remind us of our first trip to Sydney. Thanks again Lucy. Andrea and Charlotte

Fluid Art class review by Andrea Bouterey - Sydney

David Liff May 2024

Great experience. Great teacher and a lot of fun. Would recommend this as a nice addition to a trip to Sydney.

Paris Johnston May 2024

Came with some of my friends for my 21st. We got Lucy as our teacher and she was amazing! She made it extremely easy to follow the steps and helped us through the whole class. Engaged in conversation with us and even helped us take cute photos at the end. I'm 100% coming back!

Paola Botero May 2024

The resin workshop was amazing and my birthday friend enjoyed it a lot. Thank you so much. An experience to keep on repeating

Erin Miranda May 2024

Lucy was a pleasure to be taught by and gave super clear instructions and assistance. Also great to chat and vibe with. The resin making itself is super easy and you have a fair amount of freedom to be creative. Highly recommend!

Orit Silberman May 2024

Amazing class vibe and instructor thank you matt. Generous with time tools and patience. Recommend

Fluid Art class review by Orit Silberman - Sydney

Jessica Aoun May 2024

Awesome class with an awesome teacher! Was so fun and such a great birthday present for my bestie!
Really recommend :)

Resin Art Class: Cheeseboards review by Jessica Aoun - Sydney

Amelia Davies May 2024

My husband & I thoroughly enjoyed our experience using resin to decorate our cheese boards.
Lucy was fantastic in her guidance and patience.
Will keep this in mind for future trips to sydney.

Valerie Senne May 2024

The class was amazing! Ashton explained everything super well, with good advice and a lot of fun.
We really enjoyed this experience and now we have 2 great new cheese boards.

Peita McConnell Apr 2024

My daughter and I did the resin charcuterie board class, and it was fantastic! We had a great time, and my 11 year old daughter thoroughly enjoyed it! Would definitely recommend!

Fluid Art class review by Peita McConnell - Sydney

Samantha Lollback Apr 2024

This was a great class to do with my teen daughter, easy to get to the studio and teacher was so friendly and knowledgeable. Definitely recommend the resin jewellery class for holiday activity. I will probably book for 1 of the other resin class next holidays.

Rebecca Cazzolato Apr 2024

The resin and boards for our cheeseboards were beautiful. Our host Matt was fabulous and I would highly recommend this class. V good value for money

Jennifer Birrell Apr 2024

Lucy was a phenomenal instructor. We had so much fun making our boards and all of our art reflected each personality in the room. You don't have to be an artist to do a class like this but you do need to trust the process and have fun! What an experience! Kind regards, JDawg.

Karin Wong Apr 2024

My daughter and I truly enjoyed the resin mirror workshop. Lucy was incredibly friendly and provided us with ample inspiration. We had a wonderful time and loved our mirrors. Looking forward to join another class in the near future

Sophie Edwards Apr 2024

I did resin jewellery making, and I loved it The teacher, Lucy, was absolutely lovely and such a ray of sunshine. I would highly HIGHLY recommend this class

Melanie Magpayo Apr 2024

14 ClassBento workshops attended • 8 reviews

Another great class! You get to choose the shape of the cheeseboard and design it yourself with the resin. I added gold flakes on mine :-)

Resin Art Class: Cheeseboards review by Melanie Magpayo - Sydney

Leanne M Hinton Apr 2024

A fantastic way to spend the evening with no electronics. Bonding time with a aunty and her niece. Strongly recommended

Stacey Taplin Apr 2024

Such a fun class allowing you to be creative and make something special with friends and family!
Thanks Matt, we had great fun and you were a great help!

Melanie Magpayo Apr 2024

14 ClassBento workshops attended • 8 reviews

It was a fun activity making resin trinkets and coaster. Lucy was nice to accomodate my need to change the class time so I could take a second class. Coaster and trinket trays looked amazing. Only requires 24 hrs to set before you can pick up.

Melanie Magpayo Apr 2024

14 ClassBento workshops attended • 8 reviews

It was fun to make resin jewellery and your own creation. Lucy accomodate my need to change the date. My mum enjoyed her early Mother’s Day present.

Jewellery Making class review by Melanie Magpayo - Sydney

Sandra Parsons Apr 2024

Great teacher, well taught, clear and concise, very encouraging about our colourings and design, kind and easy conversation throughout the whole time.
It was made a special birthday present from family, even better with a friend who attended with me. Lots of fun Thank you.

Rose Shield Apr 2024

Lucy was SO lovely and the class was so much fun. 10/10 reccomend We’ll be back

Chantal Beasley Apr 2024

Loved the class. Lucy is great! Will definitely be coming back again. Loved the take homes too

Deborah Turnham Apr 2024

Fab morning Lucy was very helpful, and calm! we had fun and two “ master pieces” were created
Deb n Lisa

Aditi Misra Apr 2024

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Had a amazing time making the resin jewellery, Lucy is a great host and teacher!

Jewellery Making class review by Aditi Misra - Sydney

Lina Kim Mar 2024

Terrible quality output and poorly facilitated class.

Despite many positive reviews here, my experience was the worst one out of all studios I’ve been to. Maybe I’ll be contacted shortly after to take down my review for a full refund. Stay tuned.

To kick off, my booking got rescheduled by Lucy (I presume is the owner) due to a private class being booked at the same time. I had paid and already received confirmation but was given two options by Lucy to either cancel or come earlier. I rescheduled and didn’t think twice about it since it could be a limitation of the booking platform. It’s possible Lucy rescheduled us because private classes are more expensive but I gave her the benefit of the doubt and moved on.

Upon arrival at 12:45PM for the 1PM class, the instructor did not let us in despite seeing us ring the bell. I grabbed her attention through the window and she still didn’t want to let us in until I explained my mum (who was with me) wanted to use the bathroom. She later explained a class just finished so had to clean - fair enough, I moved on. I still think it would be nice to at least acknowledge that people arrived or let them hang around the display area in the corner. This made my mum feel bad for needing to go to the bathroom and she wanted to just wait outside. We didn’t feel welcomed.

6 of us eventually came in and found the table messy, there was resin on the chair and the plastic cover, it got on my shirt, my skirt, and shoes. There is no mention of what to wear (e.g. a warning to wear clothes you don’t value like they do at pottery classes) and the apron is sticky and covered with resin.

Class starts, and the instructor didn’t know how to facilitate a class. You can see the output in my photos - there was no explanation of how the colours would mix or even show up on the front. Without much explanation, she asked us to choose colours, we stood in front of a trolley full of resin-covered paint jars, opening and closing each of them. Minimal instructions, we had to ask questions as we went along like “what do I do to make this line”, “where do I put the glitter “, “how do I use the blow dryer”. Just generally a lot of confusion - there was no demonstration, no walk-through, and no help with the pictures some of us brought for inspiration. My mum went back to the trolley to grab more colours and to my surprise, was stopped by the instructor to sit back down. Why treat a bunch of adults like pre-school kids when the level of instructions is clearly not suitable for beginners?

You are paying $99 per person (6 of us so that’s a whopping $594 for just 1.5hours). This includes equipment. We are each given 4 cups and 4 paddle pops. We asked for extra when we wanted more than 4 colours, which is fine, just raise your hand and ask. Each time one of us asks, the teacher brings a single paddle pop or a single cup and the girl in front of us tells her friend “I feel bad for asking more”. These paddle pops are washed off and reused (which is good, great for environment), why can’t they put a whole bunch in the middle and not try to cut cost on weird things like this when they are making $594 for less than 1.5hr? Read on for why it’s less than 1.5hr. 1000 wooden paddle pops cost $12 on ebay. It hit me then and there, I paid $99 for this awkward and poorly facilitated class of a joke.

Towards the end, there are no offers to have photos taken for each group and the teacher starts packing and cleaning up while we are still working on our pieces. Class was meant to finish at 2:30PM - two people in front of us left just before 2PM, other two left right after, and we were rushed out at 2:15PM as the teacher started clearing out our area when we were still using the equipment.

Unfortunately, my bad experience doesn’t end here. You have to come back to pick up at the studio or pay an extra $20 for postage ($20! Are they making money off this?). I scheduled in a time 4 days in advance after Lucy told me her schedule. When I texted again on the day to confirm, she tried to reschedule which I declined.

I was still excited for the final products. The output was an embodiment of disappointment. The edges are very sharp, no finishing touches are made, and they came stuck together. During the class, I asked the instructor if mine was too thin (purple ones), she mentioned they were perfect. They are now bending and warping. They have bubbles and the colours aren’t what we expected. We knew the back would look great but the front turned out shit, despite the instructor saying if the back looks good, the front will look the same. What’s the point of a tray with only the back looking good - do y’all use your trays upside down? When I was picking up, Lucy commented “they’re so cute”. If anyone genuinely thinks they’re cute, let me know. Maybe my taste is shit then. Lucy also almost gave me Jennifer’s cheeseboards without checking my name - what would have happened to Jennifer’s if I just took them!

To the owner - Please respect your customers’ time and train your instructors. If they book in for a session, don’t reschedule it to your convenience or profit. You’re running a business, that’s a lot of work and I understand, but each and one of your customer should feel welcomed and the class should be worth every penny. We should have at least learned the difference between epoxy resin and hardener at the end.

To potential customers - 1L of epoxy resin and hardener cost $40 on ebay. Plus some paints and cheap silicon mould. Grab these off the internet, a piece of paper, your hair dryer, and just do it at a park or at home.

A final thought is, I understand staffs are humans too. Maybe the instructor was having a bad day. I can live with that but I can’t live with the output being shit when it could have been good. We could pull off what you see on the back without instructions, if only she gave us some tips, they would have turned out great.

Teacher's response

Lina, I'm so sorry to hear about your experience with our art workshop. We truly appreciate your feedback and we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. As a small business, we are shocked that your experience compelled you to leave a 1 star review. All of our team members are committed to providing a great experience for all our participants, which you can see evident in our 200+ 5 star reviews. We understand that the rescheduling at the beginning were frustrating for you. We'll definitely work on improving our communication and booking process to avoid such issues in the future. Regarding the cleanliness concerns, we apologise for the issues it may have caused. We take cleanliness seriously and will make sure to address it promptly. We use high quality, food-safe, non toxic resin which is an investment in the safety of our clients. We value your feedback and would like to make it up to you. Please reach out to us so we can discuss a solution or compensation that you find suitable. Thank you for bringing these concerns to our attention and we hope to have the opportunity to make things right.

Selina Kho Mar 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Lucy was lovely and helpful. She provided clear instruction and assisted with whatever we needed help with

Fluid Art class review by Selina Kho - Sydney

Sarah Robinson Mar 2024

I really enjoyed the trinket tray and coaster class that Ash ran. He saw my artistic vision and helped me bring it to life and I’m really happy with how it turned out. He was incredibly patient with newbies like me but I’d recommend having an idea of colours/designs beforehand so you have more time to create it and make the most out of your time in studio. I’d highly recommend doing this class!

Fluid Art class review by Sarah Robinson - Sydney

Jessica Dai Mar 2024

Although the process was very uncertain, I'm super happy with how my pieces came out.
Best to have an idea going in as to what colours and designs you like. There's little instruction beyond 'mix your ingredients together and then go for it', but if you have a vision in mind the instructor is very helpful in suggesting the steps to take to achieve it. They didn't have dried flowers available in my class, but there is colour, shimmer, gold flakes, and some stickers (I reckon you could bring your own things to add if you really want).
The space is small but sufficient, and keep in mind you'll have to pick up your pieces again after 24 hours of drying. But overall I really enjoyed the experience and the end product~

Milena Olszańska Mar 2024

Birthday of my 10years old daughter. The class was really nice and kids spend great time together and had new experience.

Nita Kim Mar 2024

We went in as sister’s day and the teacher was amazing, she helped us with the resin tray at every step all the way. The place was aesthetic. I thought making resin was hard, but it was easy! Price was good too

Claire Breckenridge Mar 2024

So much fun! I did it on my birthday with my mum and it was so cute and my little duck coaster rug is awesome

Julie Kha Mar 2024

Such a great class! We booked in a private session for my birthday and had Lucy as our teacher. This activity is so calming and enjoyable, we all had a really great time. Lucy was helpful and patient with us which made the whole experience really wonderful!

Resin Art Class: Mirror Design review by Julie Kha - Sydney

Sue Boceski Mar 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Lucy was fantastic with our group of ladies with mild intellectual disabilities explaining everything in an easy to under and follow manner. We did the trinket tray and coaster and will be back to do something else.

Fluid Art class review by Sue Boceski - Sydney

Swati Onawale Mar 2024

Wanted to learn Resin art for a long time and found one on Norton street, Leichhardt which was near my place and not too expensive. Lucy the instructor was great and gave step by step instructions and also gave suggestions with colors. Material was provided and my idea of using lentils in the design was incorporated.Studio is neat and cosy with lot of colors to choose from. As this was my first try which is not perfect but love the end product. It was an enjoyable and relaxed learning experience. Would definitely go back and try making something else with resin.

Fluid Art class review by Swati Onawale - Sydney

Gareth Charles Mar 2024

Had a one-on-one art lesson with Lucy. Was definitely worth the money to make one of a kind art pieces. She was very helpful in showing the steps and techniques to get the pattern or designs you want. Would recommend checking it out, regardless of your own art skills as she is a great guide!

Justine Kavanagh Mar 2024

A great class and so much fun. Lucy was welcoming and clear in her instructions. She provided excellent support and encouragement. Definitely worth doing.

Lauren Hammacher Mar 2024

Celebrated with 3 girlfriends for my birthday and international women’s day. So much fun creating with bubbles ????!

Lisa Codemo Mar 2024

4 ClassBento workshops attended

This was my fourth visit to Studio Inner West- I'll definitely be there again and would highly recommend. Lucy caters to all abilities and clearly explains the process throughout. A fun, beginner friendly, creative experience with a beautiful keepsake you'll be proud to show off.

Alison Skevington Mar 2024

Gina was a fantastic teacher, and the class loads of fun! It was just myself and my Mum there, so we got lots of 1-on-1 time to fix any mistakes or ask questions. I highly recommend this class for beginners-- I had almost zero crochet experience before this!

Soobin Cho Mar 2024

I love the place and staff was so friendly. I like to attend the class next time as well

Nikki Lopez Mar 2024

This was the perfect activity and forever moment of my trip to Sydney! Lucy was so helpful and sweet and really made my experience so lovely. I made both the cheese board and coaster - highly recommend this experience

Nidhi Chopra Feb 2024

Too good as a team building activity. Experienced resin art, was great to slow down and tickle our creative brain. Lucy was very patient and supportive through the whole session

Lucy Kirk Feb 2024

My friend and I loved Matthew! He was kind, encouraging and so much fun! Loved the tunes
We will be returning! Xx

Heidi O'Brien Feb 2024

Lucy was brilliant with her guidance, patience and fun! Myself and my three daughters thoroughly enjoyed our workshop whilst travelling from Busselton, WA. Thanks a bunch Lucy x

Fluid Art class review by Heidi O'Brien - Sydney

Jennifer Broere Feb 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Lucy was an amazing teacher, very kind and encouraging. The process was fun and also relaxing, it was really fun to choose the flowers and other items to put I to the jewellery. I recommend it!

William Tran Feb 2024

My partner (K) and i (W) had such a wonderful time doing the resin art class (trinket tray and coaster).The teacher Lucy was a warm and friendly person and provided alot of artistic insights to our designs. I highly recommend anyone looking for date ideas to consider taking this class. We will certainly be back

Belinda Phillips Feb 2024

This was a very belated Christmas team outing for us, and this experience was an absolute blast. We were all nervous about what we were going to attempt, but the teacher was great and stepped us through every little bit. They also had great advice on what outcome to expect - aka don't expect it to turn out exactly as you think it will. This all really helped us. We were all stoked with our creations and are keen to try it again with more confidence!

Annette Tripodi Feb 2024

Matt was an excellent teacher and a pleasure to meet. We have an amazing afternoon and can not wait to do another class.

Alyssa Miller Feb 2024

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Absolutely fabulous class! Lots of inspirational pieces and ideas; as well as great materials provided! The teacher was very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the experience and we had a wonderful experience!

Robson Santana Feb 2024

Definitely a great and fun experience.
We loved it, perfect idea for valentine’s day ????????????.

William Yang Feb 2024

Really fun time where Lucy helped run us through resin and how to make our trays and toasters. Before walking in, it seemed to be a complicated process but Lucy really helped breaking the process down and was a really enjoyable experience overall.

Amie Quispe Feb 2024

As something different than a party idea, I booked this in for my daughters birthday celebration with her two cousins.

The mirror resin class was such a lovely way for them to spend some time together, doing something they had never done before. They walked away with beautiful pieces that are functional and pretty and something they can be proud that they created.

Lucy was so helpful and gave them some great ideas.

They had a really lovely morning and are very proud of their artworks. Thanks Lucy!

Walid El-Ghoul Feb 2024

Me and my fiance came here for a last minute date night. Upon arrival we were greeted with a lovely, bubbly vibe. It was a great and fun experience. I made a resin chopping board and my fiance made a coaster and trinket tray. We would recommend this to anyone looking for something to do and doesn't have much or any experience with resin.

Selena Veltman Feb 2024

We had the absolute best time! Lucy was so wonderful and encouraging. She made us feel super comfortable and was willing to help with everything! We will definitely be back!

Fleur Hannan Feb 2024

Lucy was lovely, very encouraging with clear instructions. Great choice of materials and ideas, I was really impressed with my creations. After a busy week, it was great to relax and have some me time! I loved the class thank you and will look to do another one.

Kaitlyn Savoy Feb 2024

The instructor was very nice and helpful, and I got to take home a really nice cheese board. 10/10

Lorenz Aquino Feb 2024

Went for an anniversary and Lucy was our teacher, she's very good at her job. Venue was a nice small space would recommend and go back for another class.

Moe Salameh Feb 2024

Very fun class. Lucy was a great instructor and was very helpful. Would definitely recommend.

Jodie Queenan Feb 2024

It was so much fun! Lucy was awesome, very knowledgeable and really helped us all.
Venue was great - I live close by so it suited me!
Great selection of colours and options like gold & silver, glitter etc.

Louisa Tan Jan 2024

Great way to spend a Saturday afternoon with my girlfriends, we made a trinket tray and 2 coasters. Our teacher was very engaging and patiently walked us through the whole process. Highly recommend

Sofia Vashist Jan 2024

My daughter & I had a great time! Lucy does an amazing job engaging with everyone & is very friendly. This was the second time with Lucy doing a class. My daughter doesn't want to go anywhere else.

Katie Williams Jan 2024

Such good fun. The teacher walked us through the steps, and was really encouraging the whole way through

Kylie Munns Jan 2024

Thank you for the great class, my daughter thoroughly enjoyed it. The teacher was really friendly, knowledgeable and responsive.

Hanju Byeon Jan 2024

It was fun and nice:) She was so friendly and explained well how to make it. Thanks☺️

Jewellery Making class review by Hanju Byeon - Sydney

Michelle Bae Jan 2024

We've had soooo much fun with our teacher Lucy :) She was super awesome and made our girly date perfect. Definitely coming back again

Cansu Durkaya Jan 2024

Ashton was our instructor and he helped us a lot. Also the studio was very clean and the location was easy to find. We had so much fun and they were so generous with the amount of reisin we used. Thanks :)

Haidee Kozman Jan 2024

Teacher was wonderful. So much fun and relaxed. Well organised and explained things well. Thanks

Resin Art Class: Cheeseboards review by Haidee Kozman - Sydney

Melissa Sianidis Jan 2024

Teacher is lovely, my daughter and i made a beautiful resin set. Easy to do and nicely set up studio.

Marc Rocca Jan 2024

Everything about this lesson was perfect. Lucy was extremely helpful, professional and engaging. Would highly recommend this to anyone.

Tanu Sridhar Jan 2024

Venue was cute and the teachers were really fun and helpful and responsive - even with a big group. There were plenty of materials for all of us.

Arani Sivakumar Jan 2024

The class was really fun and the instructors taught us very well! All resin materials were provided to us and we had a great time.

Sushmithaa Gowrieswaran Jan 2024

Our teachers were great - we had 2. They were both very helpful and explained how to do everything well. They were also very fun and nice, keeping the good vibes up for the hens party.

Anne Dorahy Jan 2024

Great class. Tutor was very knowledgeable. Everything was supplied. Easy access to studio. Had great fun. Loved it. Will go back and do more.

Jewellery Making class review by Anne Dorahy - Sydney

J’adore Anonymous Jan 2024

61 ClassBento workshops attended • 61 reviews

Great class. Relaxed class, good pace, teacher was friendly and helpful and guided us with UV resin jewellery. I would recommend this to others.

Jewellery Making class review by J’adore Anonymous - Sydney

Mary Deguara Jan 2024

The teacher was very helpful, offer suggestions and answered questions. All materials were provided and there was a large selection of colours and materials. I asked a lot of questions about the whole resin process and Lucy answered all of my questions. I made my first resin mirror and will be attending more classes to learn new techniques

Fluid Art class review by Mary Deguara - Sydney

Lava Raman Jan 2024

It was fun making resin trays, however upon entering the class, it was a bit chaotic. There were a lot of people crammed into a small room and two different classes were operating at the same time by the same teacher. Also, there were no real introduction or teaching moment. It was more of a "here are the materials and off you go" vibe, rather than a structured class learning about resin etc. It's also listed as a "sip and snack" class but there was absolutely no way anyone would have been able to have a drink or food on the table because it was so crammed and the tablecloth had old resin stains everywhere. The person who ran the class was nice, but more of a "come to me if you have an issue" approach as opposed to active leading a lesson. Not worth $99 a person.

Teacher's response

Thank you, Lava, for sharing your experience with us. We appreciate your feedback and we recognise this class was chaotic during the Christmas rush. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. It's disappointing to hear that the "sip and snack" aspect wasn't fully realised due to the crowded conditions. We'll take your concerns into consideration to ensure our classes are structured and relaxing as they usually are.

Heba Dib Jan 2024

We went for my daughter's 16th and we all loved it! Our teacher Lucy was amazing! We had so much fun Highly recommend!

Sakshi Jain Jan 2024

Lucy was lovely and very helpful.
Overall enjoyed the time
Had good variety of colours

Marina Kamenev Jan 2024

Fun class! Matt was lovely and warm and helpful. It’s a great material to work with as little effort can produce remarkable results

Bilal Jan 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Great class and teacher and so much fun thanks for the class we definitely going to do it again

Marcus Chan Jan 2024

8 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

The class was absolutely brilliant. My girlfriend and I enjoy it so much and the cheeseboard came out perfect.

Kelly Eaton Jan 2024

Our teacher Ashton was amazing - very positive, encouraging and knowledgeable on how to achieve the looks we wanted. My mum and dad were visiting from New Zealand and we all had an amazing time

Melissa Grant Jan 2024

Ash was such a great teacher! He was super nice and helpful! The whole experience was really fun and I would highly recommend!

Sabrina Sugijono Jan 2024

nice teacher, very helpful . And very fun class . I will surely join another resin class

Denise Hsueh Jan 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

We had a wonderful time at the punch needle class. Lucy was a great teacher and helped us design a coaster which we could complete by the end of the 2 hours. We couldn't believe how quickly time flew by so we must have had a lot of fun! The venue was easy to find and street parking was readily available. Thank you for teaching us Lucy!

Textiles class review by Denise Hsueh - Sydney

Chris Thompson Jan 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I bought my mum a resin art kit for Christmas and we didn't know what we were doing so I booked this class. We had Matt who was a wonderful and patient teacher. He definitely taught us the skills to be able to do this on our own next time.

Jacqueline Diaz Jan 2024

A great introduction to resin with beautiful colours to choose from in a relaxed environment.

Lea James Dec 2023

We used our own dried flowers for the jewellery and although Lucy tested them and thought they would be fine to use, they weren’t quite as good as we had hoped. Lucy’s instructions and help were great. The resin on most of our pieces turned out well. It was a great experience.

Caitlin Johnstone Dec 2023

Lucy (our teacher) was so kind and helpful. The materials provided were excellent, instructions clear, and tools easy to use. Studio Inner West is easy to get to by public transport from the Sydney CBD. My friend and I had so much fun doing this class, and we love our resin creations!

Anushree Bajaj Dec 2023

My 10 year old niece participated in the Resin mirror class with Lucy. She had a wonderful time and was really proud of her artwork. Lucy is a lovely, warm and supportive teacher. She is really encouraging and has a nice word to say about each person’s work. The materials provided in the class were very nice and being able to bring in extra material of our own choice added a special element. Thank you, Lucy. We’ll be back for other classes

Bec Rugers Dec 2023

Lucy was amazing! So patient and helpful. She guided us throughout the whole process and we are thrilled with the finished results. A lovely studio, great atmosphere and a fantastic way to spend an afternoon.

Eleanor Woodrow Dec 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Great class! It was so much fun to do and there were plenty of options of flowers to design with. The teacher, Lucy, was wonderful and very helpful and encouraging. Highly recommend!

Resin Jewellery Making Class review by Eleanor Woodrow - Sydney

Tove Liden Dec 2023

Great experience! Very therapeutic and it’s even better leaving with a beautiful piece of art to remember the day.

Antoinette Saba Dec 2023

Took my kids here they absolutely loved it I loved it our host was amazing great value for money will be back for sure for a Adult catch up session

Punch Needle Tufting Class: Christmas Ornaments review by Antoinette Saba - Sydney

Zsofia Kispal Dec 2023

I really enjoyed this class. The teacher was amazing. She explained everything clearly, gave me great advice, and helped me pick the right colours.

The venue was nice and cosy, all the necessary equipment and tools were provided for the class. I can’t wait to see the result of my work (it takes 24 hours for the resin to dry).

Sofia Vashist Dec 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The studio inner west was so much fun. Lucy was so nice and helpful I had a great experience and I can't wait to do another workshop again.

Alexia Katsoturhis Dec 2023

30 ClassBento workshops attended • 22 reviews

WOW this mirror turned out really pretty The resin and glitter looks super nice with the mirror. I also got the trinket tray and coaster which turned out really nice. Teacher was very patient

Neala Fraser Dec 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Had a great time making our cheeseboards, lovely relaxed atmosphere, extremely helpful and friendly teacher. Can't believe what we created in less than 1.5 hours. Would highly recommend.

Nikola Hajjar Dec 2023

Had an amazing time at Studio Inner West making a Cheeseboard! Lucy was such a great help and was honestly so nice and hospitable. Would highly recommend this to anyone, it's a cute date idea!

Alison Webb Dec 2023

Teacher was amazing, class was so fun and we’re excited to pick up our goods soon

Sibel Millard Dec 2023

Had an amazing time! Lucy is lovely and very easy to get along with. Coaster and trinket tray turned out better than I thought.

Fluid Art class review by Sibel Millard - Sydney

Luisa Silva Dec 2023

I enjoyed my classes immensely and I would recommend the studio to anyone.
The studio is wheelchair accessible, and Lucy is an amazing person willing to help at anytime.

Sejalpreet Kaur Dec 2023

It was a fabulous experience with my teacher, I enjoyed alot. Also, the teacher was so welcoming and i loved the way she explains everything was incredible. Thanks

Liav Meoded Stern Dec 2023

It was a great experience! We got great guidance and we really enjoyed the workshop. Thank you

Mariam Yousuf Dec 2023

Attending Ash's resin class was a delightful experience thanks to both the inviting environment and Ash's exceptional guidance in crafting a beautiful cheeseboard. Lucy's invaluable assistance in finding the perfect class time made the entire experience seamless, ensuring we could fully immerse ourselves in Ash's wonderful teaching. This was a great way to make an unforgettable and rewarding experience, resulting in a beautifully crafted cheeseboard I'm proud to display.

Alyssa Robinson Dec 2023

Our group of 5 had so much fun! None of us had done anything like this before but Matt was very encouraging and patient and made it an easy, enjoyable process. I can’t wait to try some other workshops at Studio Inner West!

Alexandra Fuller Dec 2023

Sooooo much fun. It was a small class, just me and my friend but the tutor Ashley was patient and talked us through the process. Lovely colours to choose from and examples as inspiration.

Vladimir Gligorovski Nov 2023

67 ClassBento workshops attended • 47 reviews

The class was very interesting and very relaxing the teacher was great to and the thing we did was interesting

Shona Macvicar Nov 2023

We had a great time! Very relaxing environment, plenty of time and guidance to create your piece. We even created an additional little coaster with spare resin.

Catherine Major Nov 2023

Great fun!
Loved the class and Lucy made things go so well for us. Really looking forward to using our cheese board and Christmas board.

Olivia Moore Nov 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Super fun, explained the technique well and was a great activity. Highly recommended to all!

Joanie Wong Nov 2023

The teacher is helpful and patient. Teaching us step by step and giving us ideas. Such a wonderful experience.

Brooke Nguyen Nov 2023

This class was amazing! Lucy was so knowledgeable and helped me pick the best colours for my cheeseboard.
The materials provided were great and the class was so much fun! Would recommend to anyone.

Resin Art Class: Cheeseboards review by Brooke Nguyen - Sydney

Amanda Fisher Nov 2023

Great class. Matt was lovely, and helpful with finessing the design to make sure it met expectations.

Sandrine Atallah Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Took mum for her birthday and we had such a great time. So much fun and a great bonding experience! Lucy is absolutely awesome. It was our first time working with resin, and she was great at explaining and helping out. Thank you so much Lucy, we will definitely be back!

Iris Menzies Oct 2023

I had a wonderful time at my resin jewellery workshop! Lucy was so friendly and knowledgeable, and I love the pieces I made. I was lucky that no one else booked the session I went to, so I accidentally got a one-on-one class! I brought some pressed flowers of my own, and used a mix of those and the materials provided to make some lovely pieces which I can't wait to give as gifts.

Karishma Anuj Oct 2023

Such a great experience, Lucy was an awesome teacher and we had the best time! Highly recommend!

Jessica Wong Oct 2023

I was super impressed that they were willing to run a class just for the two of us. Everything at the studio was so clean an orderly so you felt comfortable as soon as you walked in. Ashton who facilitated the class was such a superstar, he never made us feel rushed or that we couldn't do something unique and answered all our questions. He really helped us bring to life the vision we had for our boards. If you've been thinking that you're not creative enough to make one of these resin pours, then please go visit Studio Inner West.

Kalliopi Elfes Oct 2023

31 ClassBento workshops attended • 13 reviews

Lucy is amazing and I just loved doing her classes. She is patient, guides and motivates you to make beautiful pieces!

Resin Art Masterclass review by Kalliopi Elfes - Sydney

Kalliopi Elfes Oct 2023

31 ClassBento workshops attended • 13 reviews

Lucy is an amazing teacher who motivates and inspires you. This is my 3rd class with Lucy and already booked in next week!

Resin Art Masterclass review by Kalliopi Elfes - Sydney

Cassandra Lenz Oct 2023

Had such a great time with my friends making our own Cheesboards. Lucy was such a great teacher, help was never far away when we needed it and was very encouraging when some of us were unsure. Studio had great vibes. Thanks for having us Lucy!

Resin Art Class: Cheeseboards review by Cassandra Lenz - Sydney

Daniel Lee Oct 2023

Lucy was a legend. Materials were good, I personally needed assistance as i’m not very artistic however lucy complimented and helped with tips throughout the whole process.

100/10 recommended

Kelvin Ho Oct 2023

Great staff great environment and extremely friendly and helpful. We enjoyed it so much especially on a special day of us!

Meghana Nagesh Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Ash was an incredible teacher! Mum and I absolutely loved the class, it was very informative and easy to learn step by step process. We were provided with a wide range of colours, glitter and dried/pressed flowers to help achieve our designs! Highly recommend this class to everyone

Fluid Art class review by Meghana Nagesh - Sydney

Alex Simpson Sep 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended

This was a fun birthday experience with my mother. The resin was surprisingly easy to use and we were happy with our final result.

Resin Art Class: Cheeseboards review by Alex Simpson - Sydney

Kalliopi Elfes Sep 2023

31 ClassBento workshops attended • 13 reviews

Lucy was a such a great teacher and loved making my cheeseboard. She was friendly and guided me to make my cheeseboard. Can’t wait to do more workshops with Lucy

Fluid Art class review by Kalliopi Elfes - Sydney

Lucy Aurelius Sep 2023

We had the best time making resin cheeseboards. Lucy, the teacher, was so helpful and encouraging. It was great fun and the results were beautiful. I’m definitely keen to try it again.

Fluid Art class review by Lucy Aurelius - Sydney

Klarika Tortely Sep 2023

Teacher Lucy is excellent. Knowledgeable and gave great advice on how to get best results. Comfortable, well appointed studio. I was very pleased with how my artwork turned out and will be back to do the jewellery workshop.

Resin Art Class: Cheeseboards review by Klarika Tortely - Sydney

Nathaly Sep 2023

Overall, our experience with the resin art and cheeseboard making class was enjoyable. The instructor was knowledgeable and guided us through the art creation process effectively. However, we were a bit disappointed that the ‘sip’ part of the class, which we were looking forward to, was entirely missing. Nonetheless, the art and cheeseboard crafting portion was great fun and we left with some beautiful creations.

Resin Art Class: Cheeseboards review by Nathaly - Sydney

Teacher's response

Thank you, Nathaly, for your feedback! We're glad to hear that you enjoyed the resin art and cheeseboard making class. The class is BYO only so you’re more than welcome to bring your own drinks to enjoy during the class, we do not supply alcohol. Nonetheless, we're thrilled that you had a great time creating beautiful art and cheeseboards. We look forward to having you back!

Nicholas Buckley Sep 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

This class was fantastic and most definitely beginner friendly. If you’re like me and don’t have an artistic home in your body you’ll still end up with fantastic results.
I was met with a clean and modern studio, knowledgeable instructors and every colour I could think of to make a cheese board of size and shape you select at the beginning of the class.
I loved the beginner friendly nature of the project and learned that even tho I’ve never worked with resin before that I shouldn’t be afraid of them.

Resin Art Class: Cheeseboards review by Nicholas Buckley - Sydney

Victoria Musa Aug 2023

I booked this as a surprise for my friend and it was the best decision ever! It was so much fun! Lucy was an awesome teacher and so helpful.
We got to mix our own colours and choose our own boards. We haven’t stopped talking about it since. We’ll definitely go again.

Thank you so much Lucy!

Fluid Art class review by Victoria Musa - Sydney

Buddhini Leanage Aug 2023

I love the class, Lucy was such a friendly teacher who gave us technical advice right through the class , colours and guide till the end of the class.
Wish I would have joined this class much earlier. It’s fully worth for the money I spent on today.
Planning to have a group of my friends in the near future to attain to this class as it’s money’s worth class by Lucy.

Fluid Art class review by Buddhini Leanage - Sydney

James Yu Aug 2023

Great day with Lucy.
She was professional and patient with the class. Amazing experience- Highly recommended

Resin Art Class: Cheeseboards review by James Yu - Sydney

Gabrielle Wagner-Beiner Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Ashton was a very nice and helpful instructor.
I enjoyed that it was such a small class.

Kit Aug 2023

22 ClassBento workshops attended

Playing around with resin was a great experience - thank you to the friendly staff. Easy pick up process afterwards too!

Fluid Art class review by Kit - Sydney

Timothy Martin Aug 2023

Great experience. My mate and I wanted to do some sort of art together, and this was so fun and relaxing to do. The resin is really forgiving and the instructors were fun and good at teaching. Really loved the experience!☺️

Charlotte Wonson Aug 2023

Amazing experience, staff was super helpful so friendly. Highly recommended had the best time.
Charlotte xx

Rebecca Vagg Aug 2023

Fantastic teachers, so encouraging and knowledgeable. Made it so approachable and fun. Highly recommend as a social event. You will walk away with a beautiful piece of art.

Samantha Williams Aug 2023

Super impressed with the knowledge and helpfulness of both of the teachers. Learnt heaps and had so much fun! Will definitely be back.

Fluid Art class review by Samantha Williams - Sydney

Sophia Poon Aug 2023

Lucy was informative, friendly and encouraging! It was our first time using resin and it was very interesting and fun! Highly recommend the 2nd coaster to make a set.

Fluid Art class review by Sophia Poon - Sydney

Sarah Baracz Aug 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Highly recommend this class! Lucy is so helpful with guiding you through the process and making the class a lot of fun!

Kristen Makaric Aug 2023

Amazing time. Lucy was amazing and will make again - thanks for an incredible time Lucy

Khoo Felicia Aug 2023

Clear instructions with enjoyable companions in the class. Colours were great after mixing them together. Can't wait for the final product

Lana Danilov Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Really great class! All equipment was supplied with clear and informative tutoring. As someone new to any type of art I was made to feel welcome and relaxed. Thank you for a lovely day. I will be back!

Fluid Art class review by Lana Danilov - Sydney

Elyse Galloway Jul 2023

My family had the most amazing time doing this! It was so much fun and we will definitely be back

Resin Art Class: Cheeseboards review by Elyse Galloway - Sydney

Linda McDonagh Jul 2023

I attended the Resin Art and Sip Class: Cheeseboards with Lucy who was fantastic, her personality and enthusiasm is well suited to class situations. She clearly outlined the timeline for the class at the start and assisted with each step as required. Lucy answered all my questions with ease and offered suggestions and encouragement at all times.
The venue was fine and well ventilated but not cold.
All materials for the class were provided with plenty of options to choose from. I really liked the many examples which were on display and also being able to see finished projects by other students which had not yet been collected. It is always encouraging to see other novice work.
I do think the class I chose was good value for money, especially as a gift which is what mine was.

Lauren Gilbert Jul 2023

Lucy was such an easy going but informative teacher. She provided good vibes, advice & encouragement the whole class. The venue was cute & intimate but with plenty of space to sprawl out amidst our creative process. The art around the space made us want to come back to do all the classes. It was a great team buisling activity & we are all so proud of our creations. We will be back!

Narelle Bitunjac Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Lucy was lovely and the class was just the right amount of time to complete the coaster.

There was only one small, easy step to do at home.

I would definitely recommend this class.

Monica Lo Jul 2023

Lucy was very accommodating throughout the session and offered great advice during colour selection and the overall design process. Venue was set up well beforehand and all materials were available for use. We appreciated using the provided gloves in order to keep our hands safe from harsh chemicals and staining from the dyes. Lucy’s positivity and friendly attitude made us feel comfortable to be creative and embrace small mistakes. 10/10 would recommend to anyone interested. No prior experience needed!

Resin Art Class: Trinket Tray and Coaster review by Monica Lo - Sydney

Michelle Micallef Jul 2023

Great class very easy to do. Lucy was very helpful with choosing colours that made the board pop

Resin Art Class: Cheeseboards review by Michelle Micallef - Sydney

Vitoria Guimaraes Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I had a LOVELY time at Lucy’s punch needle workshop! The place was so cute and Lucy was so sweet and patient with everyone and taught us in a very easy to understand way! We were visiting and it was the perfect workshop to do! Would recommend to anyone looking to try something creative!

Punch Needle Tufting Class: Make Rug Coasters review by Vitoria Guimaraes - Sydney

Emily Floeren Jul 2023

We had a lot of fun in this class, the teacher was really lovely and helped us a lot. Can only recommend this cool activity!

Leah Theodor Jul 2023

Lucy was very organised and helped each person step by step through the process, but also allowed your own creativity.
A nice hour and 1/2 time to yourself.
I particularly liked that our day was a small group.

Resin Art Class: Cheeseboards review by Leah Theodor - Sydney

Hanh Le Jun 2023

Fun creative activity and host was very helpful and friendly. Highly recommend and definitely consider coming back

Resin Art Class: Cheeseboards review by Hanh Le - Sydney

Simge Karazincir Jun 2023

It was a very fun class a great option for a day out with your girlfriends

Nuha Fariwala Jun 2023

Had so much fun with my friends the perfect day and such a relaxing thing to do for a girls weekend trip to sydney.

Elizabeth Ellis Jun 2023

We had a great time at the Studio! The teacher was amazing and very encouraging of our ideas and helped where she could.

Racheal McDonald Jun 2023

Loved my resin cheeseboard class. Lucy was so lovely and helpful. I was happy we were able to choose what size and shape cheeseboard we wanted. Lots of colours and glitters to choose from. Note, go with at least a colour combination idea so you dont waste time on deciding.

Jess Nop Jun 2023

Great class! The Trainer was very friendly and super helpful
Highly recommend this class to everyone

Lilly Wright May 2023

We had a great time! The class was creative, fun and clearly explained. Would definitely recommend’

Whitney Bourke May 2023

Had so much fun! All materials were provided, our instructor was great and providing guidance helping with colour choices and overall providing a wonderful energy.

Emma Smith May 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Really great class and the instructor was awesome! She explained everything and made the event more fun!

Emma Phillips May 2023

This was such a fun and intimate class Lucy was really good at helping everyone to ensure their vision came to life. It was really fun and she was really helpful and our boards came out beautiful

Resin Art Class: Cheeseboards review by Emma Phillips - Sydney

Kiana Toha May 2023

Amazing class. Lucy was awesome and super helpful. Would definitely do again and maybe try some of the other products as well!

Veronica Poussin May 2023

My mum and I had a great time! Lucy (our teacher) was really friendly and helped everyone, she explained what to do really well and was really patient with everyone. The overall experience was so much fun, definitely going to come back for another class!

Fluid Art class review by Veronica Poussin - Sydney

Jaimie Svhliebs May 2023

Lucy was brilliant! Really friendly and thinking of anything we could possibly need to make beautiful resin boards. We had a great time and can’t wait to come back! X

Resin Art Class: Cheeseboards review by Jaimie Svhliebs - Sydney

Eva Zemanova May 2023

9 ClassBento workshops attended • 9 reviews

What a lovely class ☺️ The teacher was very friendly and explained everything really well and in detail. She also helped us with picking up the right pigments and how to mix the colors to get the right shades.
I did a very basic color scheme, but there were options to put gold specks, glitter or dried flowers in the resin.
I’m already super excited to see how my tray and coasters will turn out once dry.
Very much recommend this class to anyone who wants to try working with resin!

Fluid Art class review by Eva Zemanova - Sydney

Sinyi Chan Apr 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

We had an amazing afternoon learning how to make our own resin cheeseboards with Lucy! She was patient, kind and encouraging. We had a range of colours and boards to choose from and the session flew by very quickly. Lots of laughs were had! A great way to celebrate our friends’ birthdays and learn a new skill. Highly recommend!

Chenoa Thiele Apr 2023

Our experience was very pleasant. The teacher did a great job entertaining us and showing us how everythings done. The materials were easy to handle and of good quality. Overall the experience was a 10/10 and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to be a little crafty and creative.

Sophie Binnekamp Apr 2023

The experience was fantastic! It was so much fun and the boards looked amazing! Thank you so much, we would definitely recommend

Smit Apr 2023

I absolutely loved the class! Lucy our teacher was amazing - so helpful and encouraging. This is a very accessible class and fun for everyone no matter your level of craft / art skill!

I would recommend for everyone, absolutely loved it!

Patricia Ward Apr 2023

Lucy was a great teacher. A few people in my group were nervous as they doubted their abilities in Resin, but Lucy made it so enjoyable and we loved ALL of our results! Brilliant experience.

Fluid Art class review by Patricia Ward - Sydney

Mikaela McMurtrie Apr 2023

Our teacher was fantastic
Knowledgeable and
Very helpful. She was insightful when It came to creativity as well

Catherine Martire Apr 2023

It was a a great Friday night activity.
Venue was great. It was fun and easy to do. We had a ball making our boards.
Thank you for a wonderful time.

Ilse Schaefer Apr 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

We had a awesome time! And it was so much fun !
She didn't just only explain, she also showed how to do it. Give good tips and offered a hand if needed.

I highly recommend this workshop

Madeline McCann Apr 2023

What an incredible experience We had such an amazing time and we could not recommend it more highly! We were guided through every step and felt so supported. We’ll definitely be back We love our boards so much

Fluid Art class review by Madeline McCann - Sydney

Dasha Havrilenko Apr 2023

Honestly, great experience. The teacher was very nice and helpful and the studio was lovely.

Rachel Juniper Apr 2023

Lucy was a great teacher, the class was really enjoyable and I would definitely come back for another class!

Cherie Baker Apr 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The class was amazing! Lucy was fabulous, knowledgeable and encouraging.
Thoroughly enjoyed the class and will recommend to everyone!
Everything was provided and a fun afternoon.

Resin Art Class: Cheeseboards review by Cherie Baker - Sydney

Mandy Vidor Apr 2023

I bought the resin class for a birthday present for my daughter. We had fun, our teacher was great. Over all what a wonderful afternoon.

Fluid Art class review by Mandy Vidor - Sydney

Katie Kavalekas Apr 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Such a fun session! Lucy was great; she not only did a demonstration but gave us tips and guidance throughout as we mixed/poured/blow dried resin. Venue was great, with just enough space and clean amenities. The music in the background was perfect and soft enough that we could still talk. Super friendly class, with other attendees offering words of encouragement. Overall, a nice activity to do solo or with girlfriends.

Resin Art Class: Cheeseboards review by Katie Kavalekas - Sydney

Victoria Liu Mar 2023

The class was so much fun and Lucy was an amazing teacher She was super helpful and friendly!
100% will be coming back again to do more classes as it was heaps of fun and such a unique experience!

Rebecca Phair Mar 2023

Fantastic fun. Very clear instructions and Lucy was a lovely teacher. Will definitely return. So happy with my board.

Arielle Patapanian Mar 2023

Some a fun class! Friendly instructor and simple steps to follow. Had a blast :) the end product turned out great too

Elke Watmore Feb 2023

Had a fabulous time today at the Resin Cheeseboard Class. Lucy was such a wonderful guide and showed us some amazing ideas and designs for our boards. It’s a lot easier than it looks and the finished masterpieces we’ll cherish forever!

Janet Wong Feb 2023

We had such an amazing time creating the resin boards. Lucy was very attentive and guided us with every step!

Jade Serban Feb 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The teacher was super nice and she explained how to do the needle tuffing in a simple way which made it easy to follow. She liked and encouraged our designs. Overall a fun bonding experience

Winnie Yip Feb 2023

Lucy was an amazing teacher. She is very helpful and helped us with so many different creative styles. She was very encouraging and there were also lots of colours to choose from at the studio. It was well equipped.

Chiara Volpatti Feb 2023

Had a great time at the resin board making class. Lucy was great, super helpful and made sure we created something we loved. Such a nice little space to be creative !

Resin Art Class: Cheeseboards review by Chiara Volpatti - Sydney

Nikita Presland Feb 2023

Lucy was great, it is easy to see she loves seeing what people create when they make their masterpieces. The space was a perfect fit for an intimate art class. I can gladly say, my friends and I wore our new pieces proudly when we left the studio. I hope on our next trip to Sydney we visit again!

Shannen Thurlow Feb 2023

Lucy was absolutely fantastic! She explained everything so well and helped with adding her expertise to our ideas. All of our resins turned out amazing, as the instructions were so clear. Such a fun class!

Fluid Art class review by Shannen Thurlow - Sydney

Doris Du Jan 2023

We had so much fun in the tufting class and the product turned out a lot better than I expected ^^ They have a big range of colours to choose from and you can do whatever you want on the canvas. A PERFECT spot for an anniversary event with your beloved ones.

Textiles class review by Doris Du - Sydney

Nia Ho Jan 2023

Lucy was amazing and very informative, helpful throughout the way and encouraged us to think outside the box and not be afraid of mistakes.

Vera V Jan 2023

Lucy was a great teacher as she is fantastic in picking up beautiful paint colours for the resin art! 10/10 recommended!

Kristiana Elias Jan 2023

It was such an incredible and fun experience! Definitely would recommend for a fun group activity

Rida Waraich Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Lucy was so sweet and patient with us and helped us create such beautiful jewellery! It was so fun getting creative and it was an enjoyable experience! Would highly recommend this workshop to others :)

Zenji Parry Jan 2023

7 ClassBento workshops attended • 7 reviews

My husband and son chose to do this workshop as their "date" afternoon and enjoyed it. My son came home excitedly with his 2 cards to show me. They said the space was warm and inviting and the instructor friendly.

Ruby Gunn Jan 2023

The class was great! The teacher was super helpful and would assist everyone in the class on the best techniques and colours for us. Had so much fun, and super happy with me and my friends boards!

Fluid Art class review by Ruby Gunn - Sydney

Janaya Suters Jan 2023

Class was incredible & can’t recommend enough! Lucy was beyond helpful, explained every step in detail & helped us all pick our colours so they flowed nicely. She was super nice & we felt very welcomed!

Esther Heggie Dec 2022

Such a lovely experience! Booked as a Christmas present with a friend and we joined a small group for the class led by a friendly teacher. All materials were provided and the studio was a great space. Would highly recommend, was great value for money.

Deborah Burford Dec 2022

It was such a fun class! Lucy was a great teacher. She provided plenty of guidance and help. We were thrilled with the results.

Fluid Art class review by Deborah Burford - Sydney

Suzanne Alameddine Dec 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Lovely teacher providing Great demonstrations and instructions on how to create our own designs.Really enjoyed this class.

Victoria Gamble Dec 2022

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Lucy is a fantastic teacher and the class was heaps of fun. I now have a one of a kind charcuterie board - thanks Lucy!

Resin Art Class: Cheeseboards review by Victoria Gamble - Sydney

Angelynn Tuano Dec 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Thank you for the experience. My mum and I loved it. Really liked how the teacher modelled before allowing us to proceed.
I think may be more guidance on the placement or having a quick sketch to plan how much and where to pour certain colours to get each of the colour more visible.

Kara Walker Dec 2022

Amazingly friendly and stellar teacher, great light and open facility, fun environment - would definitely recommend and look forward to going back again

Resin Art Class: Cheeseboards review by Kara Walker - Sydney

Kylie Kong Dec 2022

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Lucy is an amazing and patient teacher. Our team had an incredible time and really enjoyed the session. (:

Abbey Thompson Dec 2022

What an awesome little crafternoon! It was a lovely intimate class guided by a friendly teacher in a really relaxed setting. The instructions and demos provided gave us all we needed to create our very own creation. The variety of boards to choose from was great and there were so many resin colours to work with we were spoilt for choice. Would absolutely do again & recommend to others.

Ditte Krebs Dec 2022

So great experience. The teacher was so nice and positive. She demonstrated and taught the group quickly and still time for small talk.

Samantha Black Dec 2022

Absolutely loved the class , Lucy was so accommodating and lovely - she was amazing as a teacher and helped Us with all our questions , we definitely will be coming again ❤️

Alex Gilmour Dec 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

We attended as a team of 4 for a Christmas party and everyone really enjoyed it!

Lucy was a great teacher. She started with a working demo and guided us with tips and tricks for the resin pouring and finishing.

Emma Chalupkova Dec 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Lucy was very helpful, explained the whole procedure in great detail.

The studio is very nice, good location.

I will be back for the resin jewellery classes.

Ainsley Grech Nov 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Such a great class. Our teacher was so helpful and lovely, and our boards turned out perfectly.

Jeanette Nov 2022

This was a great experience gifted to me. What a great Birthday present!
The studio offered a range of boards to choose from and all equipment was provided. Instructions were easy to follow and the teacher provided assistance step by step. She was very friendly and encouraging.
It was very rewarding to see the end product. Thank you for a great experience.