Sufi Movement & Dance

Experience the Sufi movement and sacred dance as we come together for a soul-stirring evening.

Angela Ambrosia
Angela Ambrosia
4.9 (8)

75 mins Experience size 1 to 20     label $20 - $35 ($20 per Sufi Class, $35 per Sufi Class plus World Dance Healing)

Join us for an enchanting evening of Sufi Movement & Dance at Amera's Palace. Immerse yourself in the mystical world of Sufism as we celebrate the rich heritage of this ancient tradition.
Experience the mesmerizing movements of conscious trance and meditative movement that will transport you to a state of spiritual ecstasy with their graceful movements.
Discover the profound connection between music, dance, and spirituality as master teacher Angela takes you on a journey of self-discovery and inner peace.
Let the rhythmic beats and melodious tunes guide you toward a deeper understanding of the Sufi philosophy.
Whether you are a seasoned Sufi enthusiast or simply curious about this magical art form, this event promises to be an unforgettable experience. Come and witness the beauty and serenity of Sufi Movement & Dance at Amera's Palace, where tradition meets contemporary expression.
Angela Ambrosia aka Angela Badolato is a Certified Teacher of Classical Egyptian Folkloric Gypsy Dance with A Magi Dance Florida and Melanie LaJoie who was one of the first teachers to bring Classical Egyptian Dance to the USA.
Angela discovered the power of Sufi Movement and Dance with Adnan Sarhan in the Sufi Foundation New Mexico, which transformed her relationship with Mid-Eastern dance and helped her discover her heart and spiritual awakening.
Sufi traditions are also connected to the Bhakti devotional movement from India and Pakistan, and Angela's teachers in Spiritual Awakening have given her a wealth of understanding of how to feel the dance through the entire being and body and support your growth for kundalini awakening with safe and guaranteed methods to support your personal growth, natural joy, and freedom from suffering.
Some classes include veil dance - bring a veil if you wish to use it.
Discover the freedom of dancing with the veil and liberating your techniques for freedom of movement and expression.
If you wish to attend both this Sufi class and the following class on the same night: Dance Healing with World Dance, please purchase the $35 ticket option for both classes.
A small break will happen between classes for those who attend the Sufi Movement & Dance Healing Class at 7.45pm.
Knowledge required
Beginner Friendly
What to bring
Bottle of water.
Cushion or mat to sit on. Blanket or layers of clothes if you tend to get cold.

Amera's Palace, Marrickville Road, Marrickville NSW

This venue is a short walk from Marrickville station (500m).

Sufi Movement & Dance location
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Angela Ambrosia
Angela Ambrosia

25+ years in dance, movement and healing

4.9 (8)

I share with students young and old from 4 to 100 years how to enjoy your body by feeling into the body with music, deeper listening, understanding of dance and the anatomy of the body. I teach how to be confident in your body through understanding your relationship to space, music, rhythm and your intent. If you are looking for healing old habits, lack of confidence, social awkwardness and finding out how to master your body intuitively, I give you very easy quick body awareness skills that allow you to tap into your inner knowing and shift easily out of old habits. I teach belly dance for beginners, body confidence and awareness through movement and meditation and healing with the energy body.

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