Top Eco-friendly Experience Gifts This Christmas

Top Eco-friendly Experience Gifts This Christmas

By Annie Symmonds

Give the planet a big hug this Christmas with these eco-friendly experience gift cards! Grow adorable plant babies, pour candles using natural soy wax or even upcycle ceramics with the art of Kintsugi. Whatever you choose, these workshop experience gifts across Australia will help you give more sustainable gifts this Christmas, delighting your giftee and reducing your environmental impact.

Turn your back on heavy consumer-based goods and instead focus on supporting local and giving back this holiday season. Whether you are after sustainability-focused Brisbane activities or want to inform your little ones with eco-friendly things to do in Melbourne with the kids, there are plenty of planet-friendly experiences to be had! The best part? There's no landfill with our digital gift cards!

The Christmas season is all about giving to those who need it most, and we think that it is about time we give back to the planet and support some eco-friendly workshops and classes from around Australia. Our top environmental workshops and classes recognise the value of sourcing sustainable and recycled materials and limiting waste. So this festive season you can gift away without feeling wasteful. 

Join us in taking a stand for our beautiful earth with our top Christmas experience gift cards. 

Get in and amongst nature with gardening classes

woman smiling with diy terrarium

First up on our list of top eco-friendly experience gifts for this Christmas are gardening classes. What would a list of eco-friendly classes be without gardening? Whether you choose to DIY a terrarium or Kokedama moss balls or even grow your own vegetables, these hands-on workshops are a great way to get started.

If you know someone who loves introducing plants and flowers to their home but have never quite grasped gardening or how to, you know, actually care for plants then gardening classes in Australia are the perfect e gift card! 

Build a mini ecosystem with fun terrarium classes 

Our expert teachers will guide you through how to make the most hospitable environment for your DIY terrarium. Get dirty, reconnect with nature and get lost in the moment. In our terrarium classes, you can learn more about how plants think and feel and get in touch with your long-lost green thumb. At the end of your class, return home with your own mini-ecosystem! The plants in terrariums don't die easily as they're in their own mini eco-system, making these classes one of the best sustainability focused gift vouchers you can give. Terrarium classes are a great eco-friendly experience gift and one of our top things to do in Perth and beyond this holiday season. 

Make a unique and versatile plant with Kokedama classes

Man displaying his kokedama

There is something incredibly therapeutic about learning how to make Kokedama and it is also incredibly easy! With our Kokedama workshops, you will gain a better understanding of plants and create a unique and eco-friendly decoration for your home. You will be instructed on how to care for your new Kokedama plant and learn how to keep your cute, little green friend happy in your home. So, get a gift voucher for two and join your giftee as you get down to earth with Kokedama.     

Learn the basics of urban gardening

Learn how to grow your own food with urban gardening workshops! Whether you want to plant edible herbs in your home or create a mini veggie patch, our experienced teachers can help you establish a sustainable garden that is perfect for your needs. No worries if you have a brown thumb, with these workshops you can learn how to use natural and sustainable gardening techniques that will benefit you (and the planet) for years to come. If you know someone who has space in their yard and doesn't know what to do with it, give them a nudge with a gift card for a gardening class.

Get creative with natural waxes 

woman smiling at candle making class

Natural waxes are a sustainable, natural and eco-friendly product that can produce some amazing results. Whether you would like to make your own soy candles or reduce your waste by switching to beeswax wraps instead of plastic, there are many environmental benefits of working with wax. 

Customise your own natural soy candles 

Why buy an overly expensive, mass-produced candle when you can make your own? Natural soy candle making classes are a wonderful way to experiment with the size, fragrance and colour of your candle to create something truly beautiful and individual.

Once you have learnt the basics of soy candle making and can produce similar results from home, you may even be able to recycle things like old food jars and use them as unique holders. What a great way to use sustainable products which can also reduce unnecessary waste! We love the versatility and possibilities that come from our soy candle classes. Plus they encourage your gift card receiver to take some time for themselves and de-stress. Letting them get back to the mission of supporting the planet feeling refreshed and rejuvinated.

Reduce food and plastic waste with beeswax wrap workshops  

Beeswax is one of the most sustainable products out there and our beeswax wraps workshops have multiple, eco-focused benefits. Beeswax wraps are natural, reusable and recyclable and the obvious alternative to harmful plastic wrap and single-use plastic. What is even more impressive about beeswax is that it is proven to preserve food for longer than plastic, keeping it fresh and reducing food waste. 

Our beeswax wrap workshops are a great way to act more sustainably and learn how to make products that are both eco-friendly and incredibly useful. Beeswax wrap workshops are popping up all over the country and are one of our favourite unique experiences in Sydney that we would definitely recommend trying out with your friends and fam! Picture finishing up your Christmas feast and packing up the leftovers in your handmade beeswax wraps that the family made at a workshop together off the back of your thoughtful e gift card!

Discover personalised gift experiences for couples this Christmas here. 

Get a little messy with pottery classes

woman smiling while hand building clay

Tired of spending hours in giant furniture stores searching for some random bowl or mug that you barely even end up using? Create something personalised and from scratch with one of our many pottery classes. Not only do these classes use all-natural materials, but by making pieces yourself you are reducing the harmful side effects that come from mass-manufacturing these products. 

Relax in a wheel throwing class for beginners, create hand building ceramics, or even master the Japanese art of kintsugi. There is no limit to some of the amazing, eco-friendly things that you can make at one of these fun experiences. 

Try out unique, sustainable design with Kintsugi 

japanese kintsugi

Kintsugi is a wonderful and meditative art form that has an important message: even broken things can be made into something beautiful. Kintsugi demonstrates this through the mending of broken pottery using lacquer with gold, platinum or silver, highlighting the history and story of what was once broken. Kintsugi classes are one of our favourite experience gifts in Melbourne right now and a memorable activity.

Aside from being incredibly thought-provoking and fun to do, Kintsugi classes are also a great eco-friendly experience gift. What is more sustainable than fixing something that is broken instead of simply throwing it away? The second big message of Kintsugi is quite clear: there are always ways to reuse and limit our waste, we just have to work out what that is! And with a gift voucher for a kintsugi class, you're one step closer to emulating the message!

It is now more important than ever to become more environmentally conscious, choose sustainability and continue to reuse, recycle and build a better planet for everyone. Whether you are more interested in gardening, creating something new or repurposing something old, there are thousands of eco-friendly experience gifts out there for you to try out this Christmas! All that's left to do is choose the right experience for your giftee and get them an eco-friendly digital voucher.

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