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Hi there I'm Cara, the founder of Altitude Tea. I started this tea brand in Sydney in 2014. I've been a life long tea drinker obsessed about tea quality, taste and getting the tea ceremony part down to a fine art. I have sampled over 1,000 varieties of tea during my life time from all corners of the world and I would like to share with with you the best of the best. Real quality rare and exotic teas that you can't find on supermarket shelves and how you reach a peaceful state of mind through a tea ceremony experience.




Ilana Jun 2022

Mindful Tea Ceremony Experience

We had a lovely evening tea ceremony experience. Cara's calming presence and the crystal singing bowl set us on the path for a mindful journey. Cara is very knowledgable about tea, and it was fascinating to learn about different varieties, the tea ceremony process, as well as tasting them. The setting was beautiful - intimate and relaxing I really enjoyed the evening - thank you Cara!

Seshan Komonen Jun 2022

Mindful Tea Ceremony Experience

Cara was a fantastic host. Her in-depth knowledge of all things tea in addition to her calm and patient demeanour made the experience both educational and relaxing. The tea itself was delicious and the variety we experienced across oolong/green/herbal was great and helped us to draw out the differences. Cara's venue was wonderfully set up and is great for a small group. I would recommend allowing a bit more time to find parking as Waterloo can be quite busy!

Paula Yu Jun 2022

Mindful Tea Ceremony Experience

Me and my friend had a great time learning about tea culture with Cara. She was very knowledgeable and patient with answering our questions. We would both highly recommend this experience

Laura Liu Jun 2022

Mindful Tea Ceremony Experience

Surrender to the present moment. Cara’s tea ceremony experience is mind-blowing and nourishing to both body and spirit. At a knowledge level, you learn so much on the oriental tea culture, its origin, development and contemporary practice. At a taste level, you get to try different tea flavours and their unique aroma. At a spirit level, the sound of the crystal singing bowl brings you tranquillity. The meditative movements of brewing the tea, every step is filled with consciousness. This would be a perfect gift class to groups of people who would  + more

Emily-Kate Ringle-Harris Jun 2022

Mindful Tea Ceremony Experience

The mindful tea ceremony with Cara was such a calming and fun experience. The singing bowl was a beautiful way to start, followed by us sharing a variety of different teas. Cara is so knowledgeable about tea, its history, how it's grown and its benefits. She taught us how to be present in the moment, appreciating the tea's aroma and taste, and clearing the mind. I would recommend this experience to anyone, especially if you enjoy tea! - Emily

Jodie Sheather Jun 2022

Mindful Tea Ceremony Experience

What a beautiful relaxing experience Cara was amazing, the tea was very high quality. Loved the ceremony

Lucy Sheather Jun 2022

Mindful Tea Ceremony Experience

I booked this workshop to spend time with my mum on my birthday. Cara is so knowledgeable and kind. This workshop was a fun and calming experience. I would 100% recommend it to anyone. Especially tea lovers. I will recommend it to all my friends. The altitude teas are also delicious and high quality.

Tea workshop review by Lucy Sheather Sydney

Jesse Quick Jun 2022

Mindful Tea Ceremony Experience

The tea ceremony I had with Cara was wonderful. If you're looking to try something new I definitely recommend it. I left feeling completely different to how I normally do, just at peace with everything going on and present in the moment. It something you must experience to truly understand. It gives you something you can take away and use to your advantage in life and it also gives a great insight into Chinese tea history/culture. Go alone or bring some friends or family, you'll have an awesome time. Thanks again Cara!

Mi Cielo May 2022

Mindful Tea Ceremony Experience

Nice experience! It’s a pleasure to know more about the Chinese tea culture! Highly recommend it.

Helena Ha May 2022

Mindful Tea Ceremony Experience

A very unique experience, and a fun activity to do. Cara was a great host and learning about tea and the science and philosophy behind traditional tea making was so interesting. Definitely fueled my love of tea !

Ilya Bedretdinov May 2022

Mindful Tea Ceremony Experience

It was an amazing experience! Only after everything was over I realized how tense I was before coming to the ceremony. We tasted a variety of teas that were carefully selected according to our preferences and we thoroughly enjoyed the process. Cara swhitched us to the right state of mind seemengly effortlesly. Thank you!

Joshua Vink Apr 2022

Mindful Tea Ceremony Experience

We had a fantastic time with Cara! She is very knowledgeable and we tasted a variety of teas while learning about the culture surrounding the tea ceremony.

Gigi Tsui Apr 2022

4 ClassBento workshops attended

Mindful Tea Ceremony Experience

I had a really nice experience with Cara and inspired me to incorporate this into my daily mindfulness practice. Thanks so much :)

Kristy Lam Mar 2022

Mindful Tea Ceremony Experience

Great experience, personalized and intimate. Cara has lots of knowledge about tea and was friendly, easy going, genuine and happy to answer any questions. Highly recommend this experience.

Sarah Pham Feb 2022

Mindful Tea Ceremony Experience

I received the « Tea ceremony experience » for Christmas. We had a very good time with Cara. She is lovely and makes sure we are comfortable. Her room is beautifully decorated. It was relaxing and at the same time instructive. We learned a lot about tea, ceremony. We definitely recommend this experience and looking forward the next Tea event with Cara.

Gabrielle Hansen Jan 2022

Mindful Tea Ceremony Experience

Absolutely amazing experience! I would definitely go again and I would fully recommend that you sign up! Cara (who leads it) was wonderful and so nice! It was relaxing, delicious and educational (but in a fun way)! I purchased a tea with my discover nsw points and it helped me sleep so much! Learning about the different kinds of tea ceremonies and how the altitude tea is made was very interesting and  + more

Mindful Tea Ceremony Experience review by Gabrielle Hansen

Vanessa Subandi Nov 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Mindful Tea Ceremony Experience

Absolutely a wonderful experience. The whole session is very new to us and we love every moment we spend in there. Great place to spend your afternoon in peaceful and mindful manner. I learn a lot about tea and how to make a proper tea. I will definitely comes back to do more session.

Dharma Hakim Nov 2021

4 ClassBento workshops attended

Mindful Tea Ceremony Experience

It was great experience. Kara provide various variety of tea leaves samples that you may never see in the market. Also combinations of floral and tea leaves and lemon grass makes tea flavour more interesting. It is a great and worthwhile experience.

Jimmy Nguyen Oct 2021

Mindful Tea Ceremony Experience

Can't believe I was Cara's first Class Bento Booking. She performed her class perfectly incorporating a structure that felt natural, interactive, and valuable all the way through. Definitely recommend.

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