Corporate Tea Ceremony Experience for Team Building

Embrace mindfulness with your team at this unique Sydney experience

1 hour Experience size 10 to 50     label $75

Discover the transformative power of mindfulness with Altitude Tea®’s team bonding wellness experience. This is a practice that involves a 21 step process to prepare and serve tea with an emphasis on mindfulness and being present in the moment. 

As we adapt to hybrid work environments, many employees have reported feelings of isolation and disconnection. Our immersive tea ceremony engages the senses and nourishes the soul, creating an opportunity for staff to unwind, release stress, and forge deeper connections with one another.

Learn about the ancient wisdom and philosophy behind each purposeful and measured movement and how it can help your team live a calmer lifestyle, achieve goals while protecting mental balance along the way.

In this 60 minute corporate team building experience, your team will embark on a serene journey where they will learn how to drink tea mindfully in tiny cups combined with a sound bath meditation.

Included in this experience:

  • A traditional tea ceremony using the Gongfu set
  • Learn the wisdom and philosophy behind each purposeful and measured movement
  • Team building challenge of filling tea into each other's tiny cups
  • Sampling of rare and exotic teas
  • Tips on how to drink tea mindfully
  • Learn how to be present in the moment by appreciating taste and aroma through tea cupping
  • Learn about the origins of each tea
  • Learn about cold brew
  • A sound bath meditation using a crystal singing bowl

Our unique tea ceremony experience has been well-received by organisations such as Google, Pinterest, Activision, Ernst & Young, The Guardian and Benevolent Society.

Participants have reported feeling calmer, more focused, and more bonded with their colleagues. This has resulted in an increase in team morale, productivity, and innovative thinking in the workplace.

Knowledge required
What you'll get
  • Partake in a tea ceremony together
  • Guidance from a tea expert
  • Sampling of exotic teas
  • Team building challenge of pouring tea into each other's tiny cups
  • Sound bath meditation

76 Botany Road, Waterloo NSW

This venue is within walking distance from Redfern station (800m).

Your host can also travel within 30 kms of Waterloo, to a venue of your choice for a private experience

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Hi there I'm Cara, the founder of Altitude Tea. I've been a life long tea drinker obsessed about tea quality, taste and getting the tea ceremony part down to a fine art. I have sampled over 1, 000 varieties of tea during my life time from all corners of the world and I would like to share with with you the best of the best. Real quality rare and exotic teas grown on a high altitude and how you reach a peaceful state of mind through a tea ceremony experience.

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