Barolo Wine Tasting Experience

An exquisite journey through the world of one of Italy's finest red: Barolo

1.5 hours Experience size 10 to 12     label $180

As a wine enthusiast, we believe you will appreciate this exclusive opportunity to explore the complexities and nuances of Barolo, often referred to as the "King of Wines."

This tasting features a carefully curated selection of Barolo wines from renowned vineyards, showcasing their distinct characteristics and regional influences. Our knowledgeable head sommelier, Daniel Marcella, will guide you through each tasting, providing insights into the wines' history, production techniques, and unique qualities.

We encourage you to engage in lively discussions, share your impressions, and deepen your appreciation for this remarkable wine style.

To enhance your tasting experience, we will provide palate cleansers, water, and a thoughtfully paired selection of delectable bites. So please bring your curiosity and enthusiasm for wine as we embark on this delightful journey together.

We look forward to raising a glass of exceptional Barolo with you and celebrating the beauty of wine.

Knowledge required
What you'll get
  • Taste 6 Barolos.
  • Better understand the territory of the Barolo appellation.
  • Know the municipalities of the appellations.
  • Better understanding of soils and natural features.
  • Distinction of the various production areas through the soils.
  • Winemaking methods.
  • Modern VS Classic styles.
  • Learn about food and wine pairing.
  • Access to our selection of Barolos for purchasing.

Italian Wine Cellars, Victoria Road, Drummoyne NSW

Barolo Wine Tasting Experience location
Your host

Daniel Marcella is a highly qualified Italian sommelier, with thousands of bottles of Italian wine experience. His team is constantly selecting prime Italian wines that they personally drink and highly recommend.

No one understands the world of Italian wines better than Italian sommeliers! Daniel meticulously chooses wines representing Italy’s diverse wine regions and peculiarities. Our selection is made up of native vines and our range of brands demonstrate many years of research and professional experience.


With a boutique recently opened in Drummoyne, Sydney, the Italian Wine Cellars aims to educate local customers to explore, understand and appreciate the amazing wines made in Italy. We offer a range of educational programs, live and online teaching about Italian wine regions, appellations system, grape varieties, Italian wine history and more! We aim to spread the delightful habit of drinking Italian wines throughout Australia.

Our community loves to meet, learn and indulge in what the best life has to offer. Spoil yourself by attending our events and masterclasses. Whether you live in Sydney and want to meet likeminded Italian wine lovers, learn more about a specific wine topic while nibbling great food and tasting incredible Italian wines, or get your wines delivered and join our virtual masterclasses from the comfort of your home, you certainly can find an event for you!

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