Basket / Bouquet Flower Arranging Workshop

1.5 hours Class size 1 to 6 (public classes), 10 to 25

label $150 (or 4 payments of $37.50 Afterpay)

Arrange a beautiful basket or bouquet arrangement with Setsuko, who has over 13 years of experience as a florist, and who is the founder of Yuga Floral Design in Glebe.

Setsuko will select the highest quality seasonal fresh flowers for you to choose from. You'll get insider tips on how best to combine elements to compose a beautiful arrangement or bouquet. Express your creativity while indulging in a beautiful and meditative experience.

The class size is purposely kept small so you'll get enough one on one attention from Setsuko. The ambience in Setsuko's flower shop will be relaxed and tranquil - a perfect way to spend two hours getting away from the usual hustle and bustle, to be just breathe and be in the moment.

You'll take your tasteful creation away with you, as well as fresh new skills in flower arranging and appreciation.

Please note that the duration of this class may be shorter than 2 hours if there are only a small number of students.

For groups (5 to 10 guests), we can also offer a cheese platter and sparkling for an extra $15 per guest - just contact us with your preferred date and time if you'd like this option, and we'll send you a link to get it booked in.

Knowledge required
No knowledge required, this class is perfect for beginners or flower enthusiasts.

For those who have already attended a flower arranging class, this will be a fresh new perspective on how flowers can be combined and presented.
What to bring
All equipment and flowers provided as part of the listed price. Just bring your enthusiasm!

The bouquets can be quite large, so best to come by car rather than public transport.
Suitable for

This class is great for individuals and couples as well as for a birthday or hens party.

This would also be a unique gift for her, gift for mum or anniversary gift.

Setsuko Yanagisawa adheres to COVID-19 government guidelines.


172 St Johns Rd, Glebe NSW

Your teacher
Setsuko Yanagisawa
Setsuko Yanagisawa
(Yuga Floral Design)

Floristry Teacher

4.9 (337)

I am a passionate qualified florist and teacher, with over 15 years of experience in floristry. I am the founder of Yuga Floral Design in Glebe.

I am specialised in Japanese (Ikebana) and European styles of arrangement. My work expresses a contemporary marriage between the exquisitely refined traditions of Japanese floral art Ikebana, and the vibrant textures and colours of Australia. I regularly provide flower arrangements for Sydney University, Sydney restaurants like Masuya Group, weddings, and more.

My Ikebana journey started at a young age, with the Ikebana that my mother created with flowers picked from the fields and gardens around our home, and has continued and evolved ever since.

Flowers to heal your soul.

Let's arrange flowers.

Verified reviews

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Joshua Cruz May 2022

Setsuko was a great teacher. Showed us how to make it first and guided us when making our own. Had a nice little balcony where you can take photos with your completed bouquets. It’s pricey but considering you get to keep your bouquet which would often cost over 2/3 the price this is actually a pretty decent deal. Overall very pleasant and relaxing way to spend the afternoon with mum on Mother’s Day.

Floristry workshop review by Joshua Cruz

Sukanya Jampakaew Jan 2022

It was enjoyable day , the teacher is so lovely and kind, i know nothing about the bouquet of flowers now i can do my own one after this workshop , will definitely joy a class again .

Floristry workshop review by Sukanya Jampakaew

Sue Ong Dec 2021

Setsuko was great! She provided great tips and demonstrated how to put together a lovely bouquet easily.

Floristry workshop review by Sue Ong Sydney

Diana Su Nov 2021

This class was lots of fun, relaxing and enjoyable. Setsuko was warm and very informative and I will definitely come back again!

Basket / Bouquet Flower Arranging Workshop review by Diana Su

Raphael Gorrez Nov 2021

Flower arrangement class with my mum for her birthday. My mum absolutely loved it. It’s not the sort of thing I normally do but I found it really enjoyable and would definitely do it again! Honestly would go again by myself ahahaha. Setsuko is great and really knowledgeable, she had so many good tips for us. Her place is so beautiful too, such a lovely ambience and made us all feel really relaxed and happy. 10/10 recommend!

Basket / Bouquet Flower Arranging Workshop review by Raphael Gorrez

Amy Ong Nov 2021

Setsuko was a wonderful and patient teacher, and my cousin and I had such a fun afternoon!

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Jill Jun 2021

A very fun and enjoyable afternoon. Setsuko is a great teacher and the end result was lovely.

Molly Weems Jun 2021

Really enjoyed the bouquet workshop! I was the only person to book that day and the class still went ahead which was amazing. The teacher was detailed and made me redo the bouquet to get it perfect which I thought was great as she really made sure I knew what I was doing. Great variety of colours and flowers. Very happy

Basket / Bouquet Flower Arranging Workshop review by Molly Weems

Aji May 2021

Setsuko was a lovely teacher, who was warm and welcoming. The flowers used throughout the class were fresh and beautiful. Great experience with family members.

Winchelle Garcia May 2021

It was a very casual workshop. Sets ulo was very kind and personable and she had the magic touch when it came to arranging bouquets.

The venue smelled of fresh flowers and was welcoming.

The flowers provided were good although I wish there were more variety in colours but overall it was a good workshop!

Basket / Bouquet Flower Arranging Workshop review by Winchelle Garcia Sydney

Corinne Lee May 2021

Really enjoyed our class today on Mother's Day. My mum was so happy and had a lot of fun. Setsuko our teacher allowed us to use our creativity to make our bouquets and then gave us great tips on how to make it look even better. I feel that the class was worth it because you get to take your bouquets home ! The atmosphere was chill and the shop was cosy and a great learning space. Would definitely recommend the class to others.

Basket / Bouquet Flower Arranging Workshop review by Corinne Lee

Paige Zhou May 2021

It was great to attend this class. We totally enjoyed it. The flowers are beautiful and the teacher is very patient and helpful! Thanks!

Elena Withmory Apr 2021

17 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The teacher is very clear and an expert In flower arrangement.Her designs are unique

Henry Phu Mar 2021

Setsuko is nice and kind. A great session with her. Nice Bouquet we made today!

Mandy Fung Mar 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

This class was amazing! Setsuko was such a good teacher where she introduced how to arrange flowers nicely for beginners with no knowledge. She was also always there to help with positioning and trialing different styles.

The flowers she provided were absolutely beautiful and there were lots of them as well I highly recommend this class if you’re looking for a new hobby and love flowers.

Basket / Bouquet Flower Arranging Workshop review by Mandy Fung

Elena Withmory Feb 2021

17 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The teacher is friendly and clear. She explains every thing in detail. It was very useful for me.

Wenyen Wei Jan 2021

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

Love the flower selection, bouquet is a bit challenging but really like the outcome! Thanks Setsuko!

Floristry workshop review by Wenyen Wei

Penny Beck Jan 2021

Setsuko was friendly and an excellent teacher. Her florist shop is clean and beautifully decorated. The workshop was fun and informative - a great introduction to flower arranging for beginners. I would highly recommend it to others

Basket / Bouquet Flower Arranging Workshop review by Penny Beck Sydney

Fanny Lo Dec 2020

Overall a good and enjoyable experience. The only thing was I wish we learnt more about the flowers, how to pick them, the different types and how long they’ll last etc.

Dina Shahin Dec 2020

It was a great experience! would have loved to learn more about types and flowers and florist techniques but other than that, great atmosphere! loved it. Thank you

Janelle Goulding Nov 2020

Such a great class! Teacher was lovely and helpful. Would definitely recommend doing this workshop.

Floristry workshop review by Janelle Goulding

Simon Torok Nov 2020

The flowering arranging workshop was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. Setsuko was friendly and engaging and clearly very skilled. It was a pleasure to listen to her teach techniques and offer advice, and I’m so pleased I attended her class.

Joshlyne Edwina Nov 2020

Great workshop. Setsuko was really thorough when explaining how to make a bouquet and She guided us with patience when we were arranging our own bouquet. Love it.

Liz Myers Nov 2020

Easy parking
Lovely teacher
Beautiful flowers
100% satisfaction
Great value for money
Would go again

Basket / Bouquet Flower Arranging Workshop review by Liz Myers

Paula Tambolero Oct 2020

Wonderful class! We were taught by Setsuko, who has years of experience in the field of floristry. She made it look so easy! I struggled a bit but she was so helpful and made sure I had a beautiful arrangement. The class was set in a stunning flower shop and she had a great sense of humour that made the class fun :)
Would definitely love to do this again!

Floristry workshop review by Paula Tambolero Sydney

Ola Chehab Sep 2020

I really enjoyed the workshop, it was very informative and laid back, and the flowers are beautiful!

Ellen Sep 2020

Lovely atmosphere and very relaxing/fun session. We all had loads of fun and enjoyed it very much. Thank you Setsuko Sensei, you were very helpful and had great sense of humor! We will definitely come back again!

Floristry workshop review by Ellen Sydney

Katharine Pan Sep 2020

Setsuko is a wonderful, charming, and patient teacher. The venue reflects her style, and it is a beautiful maximalist place with dried king proteas, vibrant statice, an elegant mirror, and potted plants. The flowers are fresh, conditioned well, and the sweet peas we used in our bouquets have an enchanting fragrance. I appreciate the variety of wrapping she has to offer, the ribbon quality is very nice, and I think the use of raffia to tie up our bouquets is ingenious as it is both sustainable, and less time consuming compared to other methods. Setsuko offers a unique perspective on floristry with her background in both Japanese, and European style floral design, both novice and more seasoned florists can appreciate. This workshop is great value for money considering the costs of flowers nowadays are much more higher due to COVID-19, the quality of flowers you can find at the Sydney flower markets by yourself can be a bit subpar, but Setsuko has a great eye for quality flowers.
Overall, the workshop has a personable, relaxed, rejuvenating feeling and I highly recommend Setsuko. Although car is recommended, it’s still worth the train trip. Looking forward to future flower workshops.

- Sasha and Katharine

Basket / Bouquet Flower Arranging Workshop review by Katharine Pan

Lorena D'Souza Sep 2020

I really enjoyed this class. We finished quite quickly and so the time allocated should be adjusted or a few more techniques could have been demonstrated.

Jill Bethwaite Sep 2020

Friendly and engaging creative direction. The passion and background story made the course more enjoyable. Beautiful setting in the floristry shop being surrounded by all the fresh flowers and bouquets! All 5 of us throughly enjoyed it and are talking about wanting to do it again!

Floristry workshop review by Jill Bethwaite

Isuru Perera Sep 2020

Setsuko is a wonderful teacher who has such a charming and bright atmosphere around her. I highly recommend this class for anyone as its such a lovey experience.

Barbara Subilia Aug 2020

I really enjoyed Setsuko workshop. I learnt a lot about flowers and had such a lovely time talking with her. The bouquet looked just amazing thanks to her great advices. Thank you so much! Highly recommend this course for everyone in need to connect with nature in working with some beautiful flowers!

Floristry workshop review by Barbara Subilia Sydney

Chloe Pierre Aug 2020

Lovely teacher for an intro to floral arrangements. Quality flowers and foliage provided. Good fun!

Basket / Bouquet Flower Arranging Workshop review by Chloe Pierre Sydney

Rebecca Felix Jun 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I would recommend this workshop to anyone. The teacher was very knowledgeable and the classes were small enough that we had great one on one time with the teacher.

The teacher explained the process of flowering arranging in depth and provided some great tips and tricks. The flowers were fresh and a great variety of colours were provided.

Floristry workshop review by Rebecca Felix Sydney

Belinda Taylor Dec 2019

Wonderful teacher great experience and explained everything really well. Worked with some beautiful flowers and created a lovely bouquet I got to take home

Floristry workshop review by Belinda Taylor Sydney

Steph Krueger Nov 2019

Setsuko's class was lots of fun. She was an excellent teacher and the classroom was just beautiful. I really enjoyed my morning and the beautiful bouquet!

Natalia Linnik Sep 2019

Setsuko is a great teacher. She gave us basic knowledge how to create beautiful bouquet. My partner enjoyed the class as well as I did myself. We spent two hours doing what we have never done before and Setsuko helped us to finalize our bouquets. Now I have 2 beautiful bouquets the one from my partner and the other I did myself

Grace Lim Sep 2019

Really loved the workshop! Setsuko was an absolute delight! The workshop was informative and valuable.

Jody Jackson Aug 2019

I was absolutely honoured to be given the opportunity to learn from Yuga. She is very patient and took the time to show me a number of different styles be for allowing me to play with the flowers myself. She provided me with good advice on how to improve and I definitely feel as though I learnt a lot. She had a good variety of foliage and flowers to work with and allowed me to make my own creative choices. I will definitely be coming back next time I am in Sydney

Basket / Bouquet Flower Arranging Workshop review by Jody Jackson

Dr Aparna Aug 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The class was easy to engage with. A nice and small group. I learnt
some simple techniques of flower arrangements that could be used in many settings . I also got to take home a lovely bouquet. It was good value for money.

Jean Siew Aug 2019

A very fun and informative workshop! Setsuko was very friendly and patient in teaching the techniques and definitely very happy with the arrangements I made in the end :)

Trina Andriasian Aug 2019

Everything about this class was just wonderful. The teacher is so lovely and she taught me so much in the 2hours to know about floristry so it was so worth it. Very enjoyable, great environment and can’t have a better way to spend my Saturday. Highly recommended to all

Sowjanya Pasunuri Jul 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Setsuko is very experienced teacher. She provided information about seasonal flowers. The place is very peaceful and aesthetic. I took so many good pictures

Basket / Bouquet Flower Arranging Workshop review by Sowjanya Pasunuri Sydney

Katina Irwan Jul 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended

the class was laid back , relaxed and very informative. I thoroughly enjoy the 2 hours and went hope happy with my own bouquet Setsuko was very friendly and patient in teaching us the ways of properly making a bouquet.

Basket / Bouquet Flower Arranging Workshop review by Katina Irwan

Madeline Batori Jun 2019

I attended a class this morning with 3 other people and it was amazing! The teacher, Yugo, was so sweet and super attentive! There were so many flowers for us to choose from and the smell in the room was great. Yugo was very helpful, offering suggestions where needed. I would 100% recommend this class, definitely worth the money!

Floristry workshop review by Madeline Batori

Barbara Baker Jun 2019

Very fun and interesting, the teacher is really nice and I would recommend the class

Jade Macapinlac Feb 2019

The teacher has great flower arranging skills, but the 2 hours paid for was not maximised to d full. The class finished early n I was eager to learn more but after 1 bouquet arrangement that was it we could go.

Most bouquets completed were done by the teacher, so it was not hands on.

Irene Somera Feb 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Lots of flower variety was provided. The teacher clearly shared her 1 technique or main principle to apply with the flower bouquet arrangement. She completed the steps till packaging or wrapping. The,quality of flowers ab, rest if materials are of at par quality. The class though ended quickly. We could have used the remaining time to learn more ideas or have a 2nd go of practice. Though the instructor has explained that it varies or is dependent on the pace of the students.

Basket / Bouquet Flower Arranging Workshop review by Irene Somera

Rebeca Belling Dec 2018

Our teacher was lovely and made the morning very relaxing. She showed us what to do and then helped us get to a final bouquet we were happy with. A lovely space to have the class and a great cafe next door too

Nicole Switaj Oct 2018

The teacher was fantastic, helped and guided through myself and the group on arranging the bouquet.

Sanna Axbom Sep 2018

Setsuko is a very sweet teacher and has a personal approach. She's knowledgeable and picked out a good mix of flowers for us to work with.

The class only lasted for 1.5h (we put together one bouquet each) and wasn't as informative as I would have hoped. I would have liked to get to know a few more techniques for how to make flower bouquets. Maybe the teacher was a bit busy as two separate classes ran at the same time but she also forgot to bring out the tea she offered us when the class stared.

Overall a fun experience which I can recomend for someone looking for a fun thing to do.

Sarah Bowman Jun 2018

Such a great class! Setsuko was very friendly and showed me some great techniques to basket arrangements. Also got to take home the beautiful table display

Basket / Bouquet Flower Arranging Workshop review by Sarah Bowman

Jerlene Sevilla May 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. With all materials provided, Setsuko guided us on how to create our own masterpiece. Being in a small group, it was easy to watch and listen to instructions. I appreciate how she observes and checks every individual's creation and gives feedbacks to ensure we do the right thing. Setsuko is very passionate and artisticand most of all she is very willing to share her knowledge and experience to newbies like me

Francisca Araya Apr 2018

The place is cozy, full of flowers and the moment I went inside I smelled the flowers and it made me feel good.
The materials were already set up, so it was easy to follow the instructions for start it.
The teacher gave as an introduction and then we start making our arrangement.
I went by public transport which is not a good alternative for this one, as the bouquet is very big for carrying on the bus.
Well, at the end was a lovely rainy morning. I felt so good that I wanted it not to end! It seemed it was short for me :)

Maria Buenviaje Apr 2018

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I can say that I got the essential theoretical and hands on training on basket flower arrangement from Setsuko even in just one session because she was concise in her teaching and provided constructive feedback. The session was worth it as it was not only informative but was also definitely fun!

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