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Ian Porter

Ian Porter

James Hill Certified Ukulele Teacher



1 - 25


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8-week course

Starting at the very beginning, learn a bit of history, ukuleles sizes, how to hold, how to sit/stand, names of strings, proper strumming technique using both thumb and fingers. Basic finger picking, and basic strumming patterns (more than 30). Enough chord shapes to be able to play literally 1000s of songs. Over a dozen songs in detail in the repertoire, including lullabies, pop songs, standards and a couple of songs of your choosing (if technically possible). Practice tips, care and maintenance.

If you have attended a beginner workshop or know a couple of things about this instrument already this course starts out as great revision and will sort out some bad habits. It is structured and aims to provide you with the ideal platform to go on to join a local ukulele club with confidence or take a more advanced course later on. We do expect you to put in a little practice between lessons on this one.

Singing is not essential, but highly encouraged – even shower-singing.

We cover a lot! Be prepared.
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Regular classes can have up to 14 students; however this teacher can take up to 25 students for special events.

Booking larger group events is easy. Just Request it.

library_books Knowledge Required

Reading music is not essential, but is an advantage; we will cover all you need on the theory front, (and there is some, but we make it meaningful and ukulele focused).

build Equipment Needed

Preference for beginners is a Low-G or linear-tuned ukulele, but it is not essential. All material works for all soprano, concert and tenor ukulele. This course does not suit a learner of baritone ukulele.
Preferably you have your own ukulele, but when you book, please let me know if you want to buy one on the first night (~$80, tenor size).

filter_8 Session repeats

After the first session, subsequent sessions can be arranged with the teacher, at a time that suits you

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This workshop is perfect for individuals and couples as well as for a bucks party.


Beginner Ukulele Classes class location

Dougherty Centre, Victor Street Chatswood NSW


Ian Porter
Ian Porter

James Hill Certified Ukulele Teacher

Conservatorium trained musician, teacher in residence at the Dougherty Centre in Chatswood. Teaches all styles except claw-hammer. Beginner and intermediate class as well as intermediate and advanced workshops.
Founding member and secretary of the Australian Ukulele Teachers and Leaders Association Inc
Completed the James Hill Institute Ukulele teacher program (3 years)
Ukulele tragic often found at festivals and strumming groups, I can relate to you if you have only just discovered this beautiful little instrument and the joy it can bring.

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