Blooming DIY Acrylic Earring Kit

Amy Yang
Amy Yang
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This kit is designed for all of you flower lovers! With an extensive variety of flower-shaped materials, and the shiniest, brightest colours, you can create your own little garden to hang from your ears.
This kit includes enough materials for you to design and make 6-8 dangling earrings (Refer to our product pic for the earring pieces you'll get).
We will give you some examples of what the earrings designs could look like, but we also encourage you to get your creative juices flowing and come up with your own funky creations!
This kit includes:
  • Laser-cut Acrylic Pieces 65+
  • Earring Findings (enough for making 7-8 pairs)
  • Little figurines + Beads
  • Earring cards*3
  • Instructions
Essential add-on tools:
  • Plier
  • Hand Drill + Drill Bits*3
  • Jumpring opener
  • Superglue/E6000 + finger Cots
we will always provide you with a few extra than the quantities specified in the description. If we accidentally leave one or two small pieces out of your kit, we can only include it in your next order rather than reissue it. Please also note that some small bits may be laser-cut in a different colours and shapes.
What you'll need
Other tools:
If you would like to achieve a more delicate and smooth fine finish, we would suggest you use UV resin to glue the earring posts and other elements.
Most charms only have 1-2 holes on them, and if you want to connect them in your own way, we strongly advise you to have a hand drill on hand.
Add-ons available for this class
  • UV resin kit set ($29)
  • Essential add-on tools ($16)
You can add these when you book (optional).
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Amy Yang
Amy Yang

4.9 (43)
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FunkyFunYou is a handmade jewellery brand, but it is also so much more.
We started with a focus on making earrings that tell a story and using jewellery-making as an art form to express ourselves. Our point of difference was our use of unique materials, such as tiny figurines traditionally used in miniature models, as well as experimentation with different jewellery-making techniques.
Over the years, the business has evolved, and we now have a focus on spreading our love of DIY far and wide, through our range of DIY kits and workshops.
In our workshop, you’ll be able to practice some jewellery-making techniques that we have collected over the years, to make some pieces that are truly unique to you.

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