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Classbento CTO

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I'm the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) at Classbento, and a proud resident of Sydney, Australia. I'm hugely passionate about teaching, learning, and how technology can help us to achieve things here that were previously impossible, and to connect people and and the arts like never before.

I believe that recreational learning can become a hugely popular entertainment option. Instead of just passively watching others having the fun on screen or on stage, recreational learning puts the freedom to express, to shape our worlds, in our hands. The rockstars of the future won't just be performers; they'll be teachers too.

I'm always open to feedback, whether it's something boring like a website problem, or a radical new idea. Please get in touch!


How Teachers Earn More and Students Pay Less, Via Tiered Pricing

What’s the best way to maximise a teacher’s hourly rates, without imposing minimum class sizes, while at the same time automatically offering discounts to students for bringing their friends? We think the answer is ‘tiered pricing’. Before I delve into the details, let me share ...

Re-imagining Learning - Lessons from Sculpture by the Sea

What do you think of when you see the word ‘learning’? I think of a classroom. I think of an older person, lecturing. One-way communication. I think of rote learning, memorisation, assessments. I think of stress and boredom. Learning as outcome based, and competitive. Learning for advancement ...

Intimate Learning and Teaching - the Power of Privacy

ClassBento's privacy options allow teachers to use secret venues, and gives students marvellous new ways to experience classes. So what's this all about, how would it be helpful, and how did we apply lessons from psychology research? Let's run through these options one by one and see.   We ...
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