DIY Fermented Food Kit: Ferment Your Own Natto

Make healthy fermented foods easily with this DIY kit

Bliss Pure Foods (Kathryn Sunantha)
Bliss Pure Foods (Kathryn Sunantha)
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Natto is a very healthy fermented superfood commonly found in Japan as well as in most Asian supermarkets nowadays.
Natto contains fibre, probiotics, vitamin K2 and nattokinase that helps to clear blood clots, reduce cholesterol and blood pressure levels, decrease the risk of heart disease, give a good complexion and maintain healthy flora gut health.
In the kit, you will find:
  • Instruction sheet
  • Pack of 100g biodynamics demeter soybeans
  • Natto starter (for 10kg of Natto)
  • Natto fermenting machine
  • Steam cloth
What you'll need
A steamer
Universal plug
100g of BD organic soy beans are provided. However you may also prepare and use your own preferred beans like black beans, edamame etc.
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Bliss Pure Foods (Kathryn Sunantha)
Bliss Pure Foods (Kathryn Sunantha)

4.9 (174)
Instagram followers4k

Whole Foods medicine advisor and author of “Bliss Pure Foods: Living in Full Colors”. Owned a raw vegan restaurant for three years in Kathmandu Boudha Stupa before settling down in Sydney; devoting time to teaching meditative food making techniques that include traditional fermentations of the East & West, sacred geometry arts and Whole Foods color codes healing. Bliss Pure Foods is currently in the process of writing next book entitled Super 7 from the Ancient East (2024-2025).

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