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Dreamtime Southern X is 100% Aboriginal owned, and is proud to be one of Tourism Australia's Indigenous Tourism Champion Members. This Elite group of product suppliers represents the best-of-the best Indigenous experiences in Australia.

Dreamtime SouthernX Pty Ltd offers a suite of tailored products and services for education and tourism markets, that are grounded in Aboriginal culture experiences of being greeted-welcomed to country, walking or travelling over ancient Aboriginal pathways tracing the ever-present DREAMTIME of Sydney - delivered via a series of outdoor learning in continuity with nature and the seasons, walking or travelling by bus or with a basic welcome to country.

We operate our business in one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities, Sydney. It also has the added advantage of being a part of the most ancient human culture on Earth: the Aboriginal Peoples Dreamtime. This cultural advantage in the visitor market is currently vastly untapped and under-utilised.





Cathy Campbell Feb 2024

This tour was full of information about the indigenous people who lived in the harbor area. Nathan was a wonderful guide and pointed out uses of plants and trees and shared the history and culture. We enjoyed visiting with him and learning from him.

Teacher's response

Thank you, Cathy, for your glowing review of Nathan's tour of the harbor area! We're delighted to hear that you found the information about the indigenous people and their use of plants and trees to be interesting and educational. Nathan is indeed a fantastic guide, and we're glad that you enjoyed enjoyed from him. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Cate Ryan Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Amanda was a lovely guide. It was very informative and gave us a great insight into First Nations beliefs and culture.

Teacher's response

Thank you, Cate, for your kind words about Amanda as a guide. She truly provided an informative and insight-filled experience into First Nations beliefs and culture. Her passion and knowledge made the tour unforgettable.

Kathleen Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Brilliant tour of Sydney foreshore. I grew up in Sydney and it was so enriching to be guided by Amanda around these areas and learn so much about her traditions. I have a new perspective of the foreshore, one that includes Amanda's stories of her ancestors and how they lived their lives in harmonious relationship with the land, as well as how traditions continue in her life today.

Teacher's response

Thank you, Kathleen, for your wonderful review of Amanda's Sydney foreshore tour. We're so glad to hear that you found her guidance and stories enriching, offering a new perspective of the land and its traditions. It's fascinating how Amanda's ancestors lived in harmony with the land, and it's heartwarming to see those traditions carried on in her life today.

Rosie Nahma Aug 2023

Guide was great. Articulate and passionate. Engaging and connected with the group. I would definitely recommend.

Teacher's response

Thank you, Rosie, for your lovely review! We're thrilled to hear that you found our guide to be articulate, passionate, engaging, and able to connect with the group. Your recommendation means the world to us!

Christopher O'Brien Jul 2023

Apologies as I thought I'd had responded to this evaluation/feedback my team and I had a wonderful experience on the 15th June 2023; so much so that we tried booking again for our NSW & ACT Cultural Mentors Network on the 30th November 2023, however, there's no availability, so we need to source another cultural tour in Sydney. If there's any chance of something becoming available on the 30.11.23 for the AM session, please let me know at: [email protected] or by calling me on: 0487 779 193

Elizabeth Rush Jul 2023

12 ClassBento workshops attended • 8 reviews

Aunty Margaret was very knowledgeable
I just wish we could have seen some more of the cultural aspects even though I know most of them have been lost

Emma Hynes Apr 2023

The tour was very resourceful and insightful on Aboriginal culture and Amanda was very passionate and very open to discussion throughout l.

Pat Peasland Mar 2023

Really enjoyed my Aboriginal Dream tour around Sydney Harbour. Amanda was our guide and she was very informative about their culture. Happy to answer people’s questions. You came away quite a bit wiser on how they see their land. Pat

Illi-langi Aboriginal Dreaming Tour review by Pat Peasland - Sydney

Emily Shaddick Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Even in the pouring rain this was a great tour. I was greatful for Amanda sharing her knowledge and story. Fun for all.

Marie Louison Jan 2023

It was an amazing experience. I learned a lot about oboriginal culture. Highly recommended. Thanks

Walking Tours class review by Marie Louison - Sydney

Charbel Jan 2023

Very passionate. Made us connected with mother land. I highly recommend it to anyone. Thank you

Marguerite Sakkal Dec 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

the teacher was really great. passionate about the stories and made us really feel the culture. she made us feel mother earth in the busy environment. she made us look and actually see the real world.
the shared information were astonishing.
thank you :)

Garry McDonald Sep 2022

It was a great pleasure to have Aunty Margret open our eyes to the connection between the custodian and the our land. The interaction between Aunty and the team was great ensuring that all were involved.
If you don't walk away without learning something than you haven't listen or opened your eyes.

Sarah Bell Aug 2022

What an amazing tour! We had Faith as our guide, she was so generous with her time and knowledge. Her warmth and kindness made us feel so welcomed on the walk. Our group all live in Sydney but despite this we learnt so much about the rich history of our First Nations peoples and were grateful to have so many stories shared with us. An amazing tour and would recommend to everyone!

Paula Pimentel Jul 2022

It was a great learning experience. The teacher used grass, plants and trees to show how her people found water, and made tools from nature. I learned about girls and boys becoming adults and how this was achieved in their culture.
I learned about boomerangs and what they were used for. I learned about how children were raised to be one with nature and understand how to limit use of animals to help with conservation and sustainability. I learned about who elders are and what they represent.

Walking Tours class review by Paula Pimentel - Sydney

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