How to Plan the Perfect Hens Party in Melbourne

How to Plan the Perfect Hens Party in Melbourne

Sarah Hinds-Friedl

Hens parties can be tricky to organise. If you’ve never planned one, the whole process seems overwhelming. And even if you have planned one, every bride has a different personality and a unique group of friends and family in her bridal party. Luckily, ClassBento has a full list of fun hens party ideas that will appeal to everyone in attendance. Let us help you plan the perfect hens party in Melbourne, and give you some helpful tips to make the whole process a little less stressful.


Try out some fun workshops for your hens party

If you’ve got a group of creative hens coming to the party, there are plenty of workshops to choose from. Here are a few of our favourite Melbourne workshops:

Perfume Making Workshop

This is a two hour course that will allow the girls to get creative with fragrances. After learning the basics of perfume mixing, each hen will have the chance to choose from over 50 unique fragrances to create their very own signature perfume. And, everyone will walk away with a 50mL bottle of their custom fragrance.


DIY Organic Skincare Essentials Workshop

We can’t think of anything more fun than a traditional girl’s night - complete with luxurious beauty products. In this three hour class, your experienced instructor will teach you how to make three different products - body balm, lip balm, and face serum - all while relaxing and having a great hens party.


Private Flower Crown Workshop

Learning to make flower crowns is a relaxing and delightful activity for a hens party. You’ll all look Instagram ready with this two hour flower crown workshop, and you’ll be able to take your wonderful creations home with you.


Need a little more booze? Try these fun classes in Melbourne!

Of course, if you’re looking for a bit of a boozy hens party, there are also some great options to get everyone nice and buzzed.

Tipples and Tints: Paint and Sip Class

This class is the perfect balance of exploring your creative side and relaxing and having a great time with friends. You’ll spend two and a half hours with a paintbrush in one hand and a delicious cocktail in the other. And, by the end of the class, everyone will have a beautiful masterpiece to commemorate the evening.


Cocktail Making Masterclass

Maybe arts and crafts isn’t going to go over well with the bridesmaids, and that’s okay! With this fun cocktail making class, you can get right down to the boozy business of making wonderful cocktails. For an hour and a half, you’ll learn the insider tricks of making great beverages from Red Spice Road’s bar manager, Kasey. She’ll create the perfect party experience for your group of girls!


Mobile Cocktail Making Class

If you’ve already got a venue for your hens party, you might consider bringing the cocktail making course to you! With this mobile cocktail making class, an experienced mixologist from Mofo Lounge will bring all the cocktail making supplies to your party. The girls will love the chance to get creative with new cocktails in this intimate setting.


This list is just the beginning

If nothing on this list resonated with you, don’t worry! There are plenty of other classes that will be perfect for your upcoming hens party. Take a look at our full list of classes in Melbourne to find the right hens party activity for you.


And before we let you go, some tried-and-true tips for planning hens parties

Planning a hens party is never without its unique challenges, so here are some tested pieces of advice that will help the process run a little more smoothly:

  • Start early. You’re going to be trying to wrangle multiple calendars, so it’s a good idea to lock down a date for the hens party early and start the planning process as soon as possible.
  • Keep an eye on your budget. Some bridesmaids will be more comfortable than others handing over money for the hens party activities. Make sure that you talk to everyone ahead of time to gauge where everyone is at in terms of the budget. After all, you don’t want to book an instructor only to find out that the girls aren’t able to pay for the class.
  • Arrange transport. Especially if you’re going to be organising an booze-filled night, you’re going to want to have someone to take the girls home. It might be one of the bridesmaids who’s willing to stay sober to drive a van, or a hired driver. Another option might be to budget for rideshares to and from the event. Whatever you choose, make sure you’ve organised it all ahead of time.

And the last piece of advice? Have fun!

Don’t forget that you’re also part of the hens party! You’ve done the hard work of getting everyone together and finding the right activity.. You deserve to partake in the celebration, too!

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