12 Unique Hens Day Activities in Melbourne

12 Unique Hens Day Activities in Melbourne


Some brides-to-be love the idea of spending a quality day exploring the best things to do in Melbourne with her closest friends and loved ones. Instead of the party-all-night bachelorette party, a hen’s day full of fun and relaxing activities is much more her style. That might mean creative indoor activities Melbourne residents have been buzzing about or adventurous outdoor events that you've never had the time to try. No matter what, you want to arrange her hen’s party around the Melbourne activities that will allow the bride and her bridal party to bond and socialise all day.

If you’ve been trying to find the perfect hen’s day activities for an upcoming hen’s party, ClassBento has you covered. We’ve got some great ideas for the creative brides, the foodie brides, the active brides, and all of her bridesmaids too! Let’s take a look at some hen’s day activities that everyone will love.


A hens day to relax and rejuvenate

With all the wedding planning that the bride-to-be has to deal with, you can bet she’s pretty stressed. So what better way to help her out than to throw a relaxing hen’s day for her and her bridesmaids? These hens day activities will help her let go of all the wedding responsibilities, from dress shopping to family dramas to budgeting and all the rest. Plus, the rest of the bridesmaids will love the chance to relax and rewind, too!

First, you might ask the bride (or her loved ones if you want it to be a surprise) about her favourite ways to relax. Does she love a good spa day? Is she one for a bubble bath? Maybe she lights her favourite candle or incense. Then, organise the hen’s party around that particular interest. There are plenty of hands-on classes in which you and the ladies can learn how to make soy candles, organic skincare, natural soap, incense and more. At the end of your three to four-hour class, each member of the hen’s group will walk away with their own pampering product to use at home.

What we love about these relaxing hen’s day activities is that they’re designed to encourage your group to relax and maybe even practice mindfulness by learning something new. But even after the hen’s day is over, the bride-to-be will have a wonderful handmade product that she can use whenever she’s feeling stressed in the days leading up to her wedding.

Burning incense


A hens day for the outdoorsy bride

One of the wonderful benefits of having a hen’s party during the day is that it caters to the adventurous and outdoorsy bride. While this kind of bride-to-be may enjoy a night on the town with her best friends, she’ll probably be even more excited about the chance to spend a wonderful day outside with them.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to pull this off without feeling like you’re giving up the hen’s day vibe altogether. You might, for instance, arrange for a mobile flower crown workshop in which a talented florist will come to a location of your choice. This is great if you’re planning a hen’s day at a park or in a backyard space. What we love about this hen’s day idea is that your flower crowns can become the perfect props for an outdoor photoshoot. Simply have everyone make their own flower crown and then get outside for the perfect fairytale photos.

And that brings us to our next outdoor hen’s day activity: photography! If the bride-to-be loves to take photos, why not sign the group up for a photography-based walking tour of the city? With a fun smartphone photography class, the hen’s party members don’t need a fancy camera or any photography experience. Your experienced photography instructor will take the hen’s party to all the best Melbourne attractions for a great day enjoying the fresh air and spending quality time with the bride.

Or, maybe the bride-to-be is more of a health enthusiast. Instead of making flower crowns and trying out her photography skills, she might be interested in taking an outdoor movement class like a private Tai Chi Class or a hula hoop dance and fitness class. If you’re planning something like a dinner or drinks later in the evening, this is a great way to loosen everyone one.

Boho diy flower crown


A hens day with a creative twist

If you’re struggling to find the right activities to fill up a day hen’s party, creative workshops are a great option. They’ll give your group a chance to sit down and dig into a new skill that the bride has been wanting to try. Maybe she always wanted to learn how to do macrame or crochet or paint. Well, this is the perfect opportunity!

Many craft workshops fall flat for a hen’s party because they speed through the basics and don’t give you time to try out your newfound skills. However, ClassBento workshops are designed for groups, so that you can all sit back, relax, chat, and work on your projects. Most of these classes have a running time of between two and four hours which will give you plenty of quality time for your hen’s party.

The classes that are most popular for hen’s day activities include paint and sip classes, crochet workshops to learn how to make a scarf, hand building with clay classes and beginners terrarium making classes. There are so many options that you’ll easily find one that will cater to the bride-to-be’s preferences and interests.


paint and sip class


There are so many ways to make her day hens party amazing!

A hen’s party that takes place during the day opens you up for so many wonderful activities. Instead of going with the common night on the town tradition, a day hen’s party can cater to brides-to-be who want something a bit more tailored to their interests. If you’re looking to plan the perfect event for a loved one who would rather explore, create, or sit back and relax, these hens day activities are sure to be a hit.

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