Ikebana Flower Arranging Class

Flowers to heal your soul

2 hours Class size 1 to 10 (public classes), 2 to 15 label $80 or 4 payments of $20 Afterpay

Your teacher, Setsuko Yanagisawa is COVID-19 aware

This means that this teacher won't run a class if they've had flu symptoms in the last 14 days, and will adhere to relevant state restrictions (e.g. on maximum number of students per class)

Make stunning Japanese-style flower arrangements with Setsuko Yanagisawa, who has over fifteen years of experience in floristry, specialising in the ‘Ikebana’ technique.

Go behind the scenes at one of Sydney’s most renown floristry boutiques. In the tranquil surrounds of her workshop, you'll be transported away into a place of bliss and peace. Class sizes are purposely kept small to keep the experience intimate, and to ensure that you get enough one on one attention and feedback.

You’ll learn about the fascinating history of Ikebana, which in Japan is one of the three classical arts of refinement. You'll get unique tips and secrets on how best to combine elements, shapes and textures to create a cohesive masterpiece, as well as the logistical foundations of how to secure the flowers and their stems, and more. Create your own floral arrangements with your new knowledge and skills, from the season's freshest blooms. Setsuko will guide you but also give you space to be creative. Discover the elegance of simplicity, how less can be more.

Take the flowers home with you. Practice and decorate your living space, or give someone a heartfelt gift. You’ll be amazed by what you’ll invent with your own two hands! Each student in each class will make their own arrangement.

Knowledge Required
No knowledge required. Beginners most welcome.
For those who have already done another flower arranging class before, this class can show you an interesting new perspective and give you some new skills.
What to bring
Everything is provided. Just bring your enthusiasm!
You'll get to practice with a vase in the session, but you won't be able to take the vase home (though it's usually available for purchase on the day)
Suitable for

This class is a great indoor activity idea for individuals and couples as well as for a birthday or hens party.


170 St. Johns Road, Glebe, NSW

Your teacher
Setsuko Yanagisawa
Setsuko Yanagisawa
(Yuga Floral Design)

Floristry Teacher

4.9 (211)

I am a passionate qualified florist and teacher, with over 15 years of experience in floristry. I am the founder of Yuga Floral Design in Glebe.

I am specialised in Japanese (Ikebana) and European styles of arrangement. My work expresses a contemporary marriage between the exquisitely refined traditions of Japanese floral art Ikebana, and the vibrant textures and colours of Australia. I regularly provide flower arrangements for Sydney University, Sydney restaurants like Masuya Group, weddings, and more.

My Ikebana journey started at a young age, with the Ikebana that my mother created with flowers picked from the fields and gardens around our home, and has continued and evolved ever since.

Flowers to heal your soul.

Let's arrange flowers.

Verified reviews

Jacquelyn Arnott • Oct 2020

The teacher was very informative and knowledgeable.
She gently assisted us in making our flower arrangements more visually.
It was a nice way to spend a Saturday morning, playing with flowers.

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class review by Jacquelyn Arnott

Bill • Oct 2020

The venue was quaint but very suitable. The instructor gave a historical background which really set the scene fir the course. The material and tools were great. Overall a very enjoyable experience and would recommend it to others.

Floristry workshop review by Bill

Kay Vargas • Oct 2020

Really enjoyed our class.
Setsuko Has a relaxed and calming manner which set the tone for class. She briefed us on a side of Japanese culture we didn’t know.
The space is filled with plants and flowers your surrounded.
Her instructions were clear and concise without a lot of rules. When it came to our turn to create we felt open to try without feeling inhibited. We were given 3 variations to experiment.
Loved them all.
There were lots of healthy beautiful stock to choose from.
I recommend this as an activity to do on a girls day out and for couples.
It’s a very calming and relaxing an enjoyable art to do.
I will be taking what I’ve learnt into my home.
Thank you Setsuko

Floristry workshop review by Kay Vargas Sydney

Toni George • Oct 2020

A lovely workshop providing great take home skills. I feel inspired and confident to arrange beautiful displays in my home or birthday gifts to friends. 2 arrangements were accomplished in the 2 hours. Everyone in the 6 people class looked very pleased with there own arrangements.
Thankyou Setsuko

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class review by Toni George

Toni George • Oct 2020

Good value for money, all flowers leaves etc provided.
Everyone In the class seemto enjoy the experience

Anna Tow • Oct 2020

Located in a gorgeous flower shop, the experience in spending time learning about composition and contemplating Ikebana flower arranging was a treat. It's very hands-on and Setsuko gave great advice, feedback and cultural context.

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Lily Widodo • Oct 2020

Great teacher, great central location, loving the simplicity and elegance of ikebana flower arranging art.

Joanna Frank • Oct 2020

Our teacher was wonderful, we learnt about some Japanese history, then made 2 floral arrangements, both different styles. I had a great time, it was so relaxing and would definitely go again.

Floristry workshop review by Joanna Frank

Mireille L'Amie • Sep 2020

Tetsuko was such a wonderful teacher, the class was full of interesting cultural and practical information. The course taught me a lot about the visual presentation of flowers for future decorating attempts :) It was a perfect birthday present!

Pam Staton • Sep 2020

I was lucky to have the session alone. I loved the information and particularly a chance to remember things about time in Japan. I enjoyed bring ing home the flowers to use with my kenjan spike bases O had been collecting! Thanks it was a delight.

Mandy Alice • Sep 2020

What a special morning spent with Setsuko. She has a lovely, gentle energy, interesting history and knowledge of Japan and of course the joy of Ikebana and being creative with really valuable feedback from Setsuko. We got to take home our flowers and we’re spoilt for choice while creating. Definitely worth doing.

Floristry workshop review by Mandy Alice

Eldy Azurin • Sep 2020

Setsuko was a great teacher during our Ikebana class. She was very kind and approachable during the workshop. The class was enjoyable and was very relaxing.

Jo Garsia • Sep 2020

A wonderful morning of ikebana to celebrate mum's birthday! Setsuko's studio is such a peaceful setting full of beautiful flowers- a saturday morning sanctuary! Under her gentle guidance and artistic eye we were all proud of our ikebana arrangements! Setsuko was a fabulous teacher, sharing the history of ikebana and gentle feedback on our individual designs. She kindly gave mum lots of tips for her own vases she brought along from home too! Although we couldn't purchase the equipment after class this time, we did get to take the gorgeous fresh flowers with us to brighten our homes! Couldn't recommend higher, thank you!

Floristry workshop review by Jo Garsia

Suzanne Robbins • Sep 2020

I really enjoyed the history of Ikebana and tradition mixed with hands on learning with Setsuko.The constructive feedback was very helpful and I plan to use these skills in my studio Bold Botanicals.

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class review by Suzanne Robbins

Alice Ma • Aug 2020

Very enthusiastic and dedicated teacher. A lovely range of flowers to chose from and a bit of history about the aesthetic and japanese history

Floristry workshop review by Alice Ma Sydney

Joanne Stuart • Aug 2020

Really enjoyed spending two hours on Sunday morning with Setsuko learning the principles of Ikebana. The flowers and foliage we had to work with were beautiful, and we got to take them home to enjoy for longer. Will be back to buy a kensan so I can continue practising the art of ikebana at home, and would definitely consider taking a more advanced class at some stage. Setsuko showed us a range of her lovely antique and modern vases and discussed how each might be used which were great tips.

Elizabeth Jeffery • Aug 2020

The whole experience was fabulous - even while masked for COVID purposes. Setsuko was interesting and an excellent teacher. The venue was gorgeous, being surrounded by flowers. Great value. We'd love to do it again.

Floristry workshop review by Elizabeth Jeffery

Nicola Tuckwell • Aug 2020

The ikebana workshop was a birthday gift for my mum and she loved it! Mum deemed it as 2 of the best hours she'd ever spent.
Setsuko was kind enough to change our original date due to illness and we were so glad not to have missed out!
Setsuko's experience and love for her craft shone through in her presentation so her session was very engaging.
The flowers we were given to work with were gorgeous and brightened both mum and my own living spaces for nearly 2 weeks after the workshop. I would highly recommend Ikebana with Setsuko.

Jenny Hanssen • Aug 2020

Setsuko was amazing, I learned so much from her from our first session. Will come back for more.

Leigh Graham • Jul 2020

Great lesson in Japanese traditional Ikebana floral arranging.Setsuko was informative very kind and very creative. Loved the brief history lesson too Highly recommended and we got to take our creations home.

Floristry workshop review by Leigh Graham

Lisa Mak • Jul 2020

Ms Setsuko is a lovely and elegant lady. It was a beautiful Sunday morning, Where Setsuko gave us some background history on Ikebana, we then made 2 arrangements. Even my hubby who has no art/floral experience was able to enjoy the class!
Classes are kept small and sanitisers were provided, which is a plus at this certain time. Would highly recommend :)

Floristry workshop review by Lisa Mak

Linda Gorman • Jul 2020

Interesting and knowledgeable teacher. Friendly and welcoming. Beautiful design work, good feedback and well organized.

Joy Middledorp • Jul 2020

The class was interesting with a background briefing of Japan and its traditions. The practice and teaching was wonderful and I would love to do it for hours. Using natural materials and needing few tools makes Ikebana
a creative and sustainable practice.

Floristry workshop review by Joy Middledorp

Regina Haertsch • Jul 2020

Great value - excellent instruction. Beautiful flowers and comfortable venue. Lots of fun Thank you very much

Val Smith • Jul 2020

Grt venue. Fabulous amount of people present. Teacher very friendly and helpful.

Fabulous to try two different experiences - depth and width

Pawan Harpalani • Jul 2020

It was amazing experience learning the art of Ikebana flower arrangement with Setsuko. She was lovely and shared with us good tips for beginner's step to Ikebana. She is a great storyteller I think, and she took us back in time with her childhood memories which helped connect and make the class more purposeful. The classroom is set in the flower shop itself which Setsuko runs and made for pleasant and inspiring setting for this class. I enjoyed the class very much.

The only feedback I could possibly have is that there were no hand towel or napkins to wipe the hands, since one works a lot with water during the class it would be helpful to offer some hand towels or tissues or paper towel etc.

Caroline Yeh • Jul 2020

Totally absorbing, and inspiring class. The instructor clearly knowledgeable and able to share the principles involved. Constructive feedback respectful of student's intentions.

Janice Lang • Jul 2020

Although the class was supposed to be a group class, on arrival the teacher was still very happy to go ahead one on one and was very positive and informative.
I would highly recommend this teacher and activity.
Thank you Setsuko, sincerely,
Shannon Lang

Le Wilson • Jun 2020

Setsuko is amazing , so patient and works magic making the beautiful flowers come to life. Great selection of flowers and Under Setsuko guidance the arrangements became something to be proud of

Floristry workshop review by Le Wilson

Maggie Lu • Jun 2020

It was a great experience learning the ikebana with Setsuko! She was friendly and most importantly the flowers arranged by her were so pretty, elegant and calming.

The class was conducted in her flower shop, so we were surrounded by flowers and plants.

I think it’s a great way to relax and learn some Japanese ikebana skills :)

Floristry workshop review by Maggie Lu

Lee Corbett • Jun 2020

Could not fault anything. Setsuko was very knowlegable and a very warm teacher. Most certainly recommend the class. Thank you Setsuko.

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class review by Lee Corbett

Madeleine Baxendale • Jun 2020

We booked this class for our cousin's birthday. Setsuko was a lovely teacher, the studio was very welcoming and had a lovely vibe and the lesson was lots of fun! Setsuko was very good at explaining each arrangement and we took our time creating our floral masterpieces. It was a lovely morning and we would definitely recommend this class.

Floristry workshop review by Madeleine Baxendale Sydney

Rafia Hussain • Jun 2020

She is such a lovely teacher! Looooved the class. And got to learn a lot from her. Highly recommend

Kay Wilhelm • Mar 2020

Setsuko was gracious and welcoming. She gave us some background to Japanese history and showed us how to do 2 arrangements and we ended up with pretty good attempts. We got to take the flowers home. It was fun and very mindful.

Esther Toland • Mar 2020

Setsuko was good giving us a brief historical background of the concept of Ikebana.
It was nice be able to create our arrangements and them have them reviewed by her with very useful feedback and tips.

Tim Short • Feb 2020

A really great teacher, venue and class. Setsuko took the time to frame Ikebana within the Japanese historical context. Good value.

Sharon Coles • Feb 2020

Excellent teacher, great class. A wonderful way to spend the afternoon learning and understanding it in the context of Japanese culture

Thu Macfarlane • Feb 2020

Good class, nice teacher, nice shop a very relaxing experience. We learnt not only how to arrange flowers Ikebana style but also its history though briefly.

Stephanie Mok • Feb 2020

Setsuko has a beautiful floral studio and provided a very beautiful selection of flowers for the class. I appreciated the one on one feedback for each student's arrangement.

Patpai Suwannasit • Feb 2020

Setsuko's approach to teaching is simple yet effective. The structure of the class is well balanced between the theory and practice of Ikebana. She is ambitious and, I could feel, wants her students to do well. The flowers combining with Setsuko's personalities make the class highly refreshing and therapeutic.

Her flower shop is beautiful and heavenly cool in contrast to the extreme summer heat outsides the building. The materials are well-prepared

The class is a perfect remedy for everyday stress.

Julie Shannon • Feb 2020

I throughly enjoyed the ikebana class. Setsuko gave clear demonstrations but also encouraged you to find your own style and creativity.

Tima Carden • Jan 2020

The class was great. The teacher was experienced and friendly. I enjoyed learning about Japan and the ikebana traditions. Since I did the class I have been enjoying doing ikabana flower arrangements at home.

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class review by Tima Carden

Carmen Glenister • Jan 2020

Class was great Learned a lot. Teacher was thorough. Would refer this class to anyone. The end result arrangements were beautiful

Floristry workshop review by Carmen Glenister

Lu Qin • Jan 2020

It is a lovely class that I had a amazing afternoon with the teacher. Thanks for sharing ur knowledge with me. The class and the the process when I was matching and touching those beautiful flowers, which makes me calm and peaceful. Thank u so much.

Floristry workshop review by Lu Qin

Lara Ho • Dec 2019

Teacher was knowledgeable. Learnt about Japanese Ikebana floral arrangements. Material was all provided for and it was a fun and interesting afternoon.

Iain Wang • Dec 2019

Really enjoyed this class. Went as part of a work function and it allowed us all to just escape for a few hours and re-connect with nature and our artistic sides. Highly recommend!

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class review by Iain Wang Sydney

Louise Vuren • Dec 2019

Great workshop, we made two arrangements and got lots of tips and extra demonstrations of ikebana. The teacher was very welcoming and friendly, we could take our flowers home at the end. Such a relaxing and creative afternoon

Floristry workshop review by Louise Vuren

Etsuko Yoshida • Nov 2019

It was such a nice quality Saturday afternoon learning flower arrangement playing with fresh seasonal flowers. The teacher was very knowledgeable and friendly.
I’d love to take another class if there’s a chance. I highly recommend to anyone who’s interested in Japanese traditional flower arrangement.

Francis Huang • Nov 2019

Setsuko was great, gave us a history of where, why and how.
Venue was great, filled with flower and a beautiful setting.

Chang Liu • Nov 2019

It’s soooo much fun. We had a good time. Setsuko is a very lovely teacher. Thank you.

Sunisa Janekarn • Oct 2019

Teacher Setsuko is very professional and have lots of knowledge. The atmosphere is very relaxed, friendly class environment. This is good experience to try once and you will love it!

Floristry workshop review by Sunisa Janekarn

Jessica Lay • Oct 2019

Setsuko was lovely and told us about the history of Ikebana before we started getting hands on. We had a lovely time learning about both how to do Ikebana and the meaning behind it. Setsuko’s space was beautiful as well.

Sharon Bennett • Oct 2019

The teacher was so knowledgeable and talented with an amazing way of transferring her knowledge.

The venue was conducive to our learning and everything we required was provided.

I would recommend this fun and affordable course to everyone.

Gracie Guan • Oct 2019

Excellent class, lovely afternoon spent with Setsuko talking us through ikebana processes. Highly Recommend. Thank you!

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class review by Gracie Guan Sydney

Grace Shin • Oct 2019

Amazing class! I enjoyed a lot. It gave me more than I expected in every aspect. Very talented and kind teacher! Thanks a lot.

Floristry workshop review by Grace Shin

Michelle Ang • Oct 2019

There’s an air of calmness to Setsuko, which put me at ease the moment I stepped into her studio. Before her demonstrations, she gave us a short glimpse of the history and philosophy of Ikebana. I appreciated the fact that she didn't intervene or interrupt us while we were working on our arrangement. When we were done, she gave useful feedback and added slight touches to enhance what was already there. We used different variety of flowers and foliage for each arrangement which was great, because it gave me a chance to play with different flower shapes, heights and textures. The fact that we could bring the flowers home after class was another great plus point. Some of the flowers used for the workshop were not commonly sold at flower shops. The venue was small and cosy, just right for a small group workshops. 3 key things I learnt about Ikebana from Setsuko: 1) Triangle (Heaven, Man, Earth) 2) Less is more and 3) Depth and space – remember to let your flowers breathe. Looking forward to book another class with her again!

Floristry workshop review by Michelle Ang

Sandy Huang • Oct 2019

It was so great to attend this workshop and I had learned many techniques from the teacher

Seline • Oct 2019

Setsuko is very passionate with florist design. It was very enjoyable once you walked in the venue with different type of flowers around you. Would definetly book the class again so much to learn!

Yueli An • Sep 2019

Our teacher Ms Yanagisawa is very friendly and patient. The place is cute and easy to find. I gained a lot from the w0rkshop and truly enjoyed the process.

Floristry workshop review by Yueli An

Marica Hilton • Sep 2019

Had a great relaxing class with Setsuko. Very knowledgeable and friendly teach. Learnt a lot about Japanese culture and history as well as ikebana

Eunice Sin • Sep 2019

Very enjoyable class! Small class conducted in a cosy lovely florist in Glebe. Teacher is very experienced, clearly articulated why and how we should arrange the flowers. She also gave us history of Japan plus an extensive ideas on how we could be creative when doing it ourselves in the future. Would love to come back for other classes.

Yuna Lee • Sep 2019

“Flowers to heal your soul” - Setsuko

A beaut experience making not one but two ikebana arrangements. The knowledge Setsuko imparts on you is so meaningful. Will absolutely be going back.

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class review by Yuna Lee

Kris Moore • Sep 2019

Had the most amazing day learning the art of Ikebana flower arranging. Our teacher taught us some of the history and culture associated with this art. We had a lovely space to work in, using beautiful flowers and a very relaxed yet inspiring atmosphere. Just learnt so much from using the flowers and placement in the vases. We were able to make two arrangements and our teacher gave great advice and encouragement. I can’t wait to learn more! It was quite a spiritual day in many ways. Thinking of what we were creating and how we were feeling too.

Margot Latham • Aug 2019

Wonderful teacher. Quaint atmosphere full of gorgeous flowers. Calming but inspirational. Would recommend to everyone.

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class review by Margot Latham

Anne Widjaja • Aug 2019

The class was informative and we were able to put together a few different arrangements. A beautiful form of flower arranging! May have been helpful to understand some basics of form to apply at home

Cassandra Sxully • Aug 2019

I absolutely loved the workshop! Setsuko was a very informed and patient trainer. The product was beautiful and fresh and the lessons learned, super valuable. I will be sure to tell others about it!

Floristry workshop review by Cassandra Sxully

Pip Lee • Jul 2019

Setsuko is delightful, warm and provided concise but effective instructions in our introduction to Ikebana.

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class review by Pip Lee

Annalisse Hunt • Jul 2019

Beautiful class learning about traditional Japanese flower arranging! I got this for my mum for her birthday and we both loved it, it was such a nice and creative way to spend time together and the flowers we used were stunning. Setsuko has such a wonderful spirit and is a great teacher.

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class review by Annalisse Hunt

Jo Tai • Jul 2019

It was a relaxing class and it will brighten up your day! Learnt different flower management skills and you can bring home your flowers too after class. I am very happy to recommend anyone to attend this class to bring some value home.

Idil Abdullahi • Jul 2019

I enjoyed every minute of the workshop. Thank you Setsuko for the wonderful introduction to Ikebana. I can’t recommend it enough xx

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class review by Idil Abdullahi

Annetta Tourta • Jul 2019

Loved the class. Setsuko gave us a little information about Japan and how Ikebana evolved. This was very interesting. Setsuko was very clear in her instructions and very helpful and patient. She showed us how to create something quite beautiful from very little. I recommend the Ikebana class with Setsuko. It would be a fun thing to do with a group of friends.

Tina Wang • Jul 2019

The venue was lovely, and Setsuko was really great. I feel like I had a good introduction to Ikebana and would continue to practice the skills at home. Definitely recommend this workshop.

Nanda Almeida • Jul 2019

I have been wanting to learn Ikebana since high school and after 30+ years i finally did it and i am glad i did. It was group of 4 people in the class and it was so much fun. The teacher is a very pleasant person and was very helpful. I could see that she knows what she is talking about and has a knack for the flowers/arrangement. We learnt 2 arrangements and was very happy to take home and display. Overall it was a memorable experience.

Floristry workshop review by Nanda Almeida Sydney

Alexander Swart • Jul 2019

We very much enjoyed the class and were happy with it being a bit more laid back in terms of allowing creativity rather than sticking doggedly to ikebana rules.

Sara Tononi • Jul 2019

My husband and I had a great afternoon surrounded by flowers learning Ikebana flower arrangement, sipping sencha Japanese tea. It was great learning from Setsuko. The class was very informative and she gave one by one feedback. We loved this class and we absolutely recommend it.

Floristry workshop review by Sara Tononi

Seul Lee • Jul 2019

I have learnt not only Ikebana Flower arrangements but so much about Japanese history & culture, the class was amazing, relaxing and enjoyable

Floristry workshop review by Seul Lee

Giovanni Durso • Jul 2019

The teacher was lovely and very informative.
The flower shop venue is pretty its the perfect place to focus and learn about how flowers look.
Good value for money, we definitely have a new appreciation for decorative flowers, leaves, and greenery.

Floristry workshop review by Giovanni Durso

Paul Rankins • Jul 2019

Delightful afternoon in a lovely setting surrounded by flowers. Setsuko presented the class with insight and knowledge with some stunning arrangements to show. Well worth the experience.

Debbie Bourke • Jul 2019

As a group of five friends we spent an enjoyable afternoon flower arranging. Highly recommend.

Mellissa Read-Devine • Jun 2019

What a lovely time we had - the class was very interesting and most inspiring. Lovely venue surrounded by flowers and foliage. Thankyou to Setsuko for a lovely class.

Kylie Jackson • Jun 2019

Had a great time with Setsuko. Really enjoyable class, calming and quite meditative. Great to flex our creativity with help from a passionate and experienced ikebana master. Highly recommend.

Floristry workshop review by Kylie Jackson Sydney

Georgina Owens • Jun 2019

Excellent class - very informative and the teacher was very experienced. Would be interested in doing a follow up course.

Catherine Bishop • Jun 2019

An inspiring couple of hours got to take our flowers with us (to have another go at home) Setsuko was generous and gracious with her help and comments. A really nice start which I highly recommend.

Dolores Doran • Jun 2019

I absolutely enjoyed the workshop this morning. I felt that I learnt so much in an easy and supportive environment. I am stimulated to try to do more in this style.

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class review by Dolores Doran Sydney

Charisse Low • Jun 2019

I enjoyed Setsuko’s explanation of the background to Ikebana and using the concepts of line, shape and flow to the arrangement. She was extremely patient and not overbearing, creating a very satisfying and inspiring class!

Floristry workshop review by Charisse Low

Qiqi Tang • Jun 2019

The class was amazing with an elegant Japanese teacher. I enjoyed the class and felt peaceful while arranging flowers. Its an impressive experience.

Floristry workshop review by Qiqi Tang Sydney

Andree Wright • Jun 2019

A wonderful window on Japanese culture & traditions & we learned many useful tips for creating beautiful Ikebana arrangements at home. A great afternoon out.

Floristry workshop review by Andree Wright

Anru Chen • Jun 2019

Overall it's great~ love the Japanese style flower arranging. Love to hear more professional knowledge and tips about the flower arranging.

Floristry workshop review by Anru Chen

Elena Gratcheva • May 2019

Great and down to earth woman, that takes her time to explain everything possible about what is carried out and involved when creating/arranging Ikebana style flowers. This is done though Japanese history and it’s unique techniques. It wasn’t just a class it was a fantastic experience. Strongly recommend

Janice So • May 2019

Lovely afternoon learnt a lot about balance and this Ikebana style of flower arranging. Very knowledgeable and passionate teacher Setso! Did 2 arrangements myself and also demonstrations

Floristry workshop review by Janice So Sydney

Fiona Cui • May 2019

Setsuko is very knowledgeable and articulate in explaining the art of Ikebana. Had a good time and will definitely recommend friends to try!

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class review by Fiona Cui

Kristen Smith • May 2019

Absolutely loved it, was amazing and highly recommend. Would have loved an option to purchase the bowl we used too.

Rachel Freeman • May 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed my Ikebana class . Setsuko was a great teacher , very helpful and informative. Being surrounded by flowers was very inspiring and I'm excited to continue my own Ikebana at home. Would even consider going again , Setsuko was right it is good for the soul!

Karina Arakel • May 2019

What a fantastic class! The teacher was very informative and friendly. It was a great way to learn something new and meet new people, highly recommend!

Floristry workshop review by Karina Arakel

Helen Spoor • Apr 2019

Very interesting class and really enjoyed the experience of a different type of flower arranging. Has inspired me to go on the hunt for unusual cases and try out some creations!

Le Wilson • Apr 2019

Really special morning and I absolutley loved the two arrangements we created .
Setsuko was so helpful and I can’t wait to go back

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class review by Le Wilson

Maureen McFadyen • Apr 2019

A beautiful experience.

In 2 hours I learned so much. The venue is inspiring: surrounded by flowers, my Ikebana skills took a leap forward thanks to Setsuko’s beautiful grace, experience and teaching skills.

To be repeated!

Kyla Kohler • Apr 2019

Setsuko, was a very calm and peaceful teacher. She has very beautiful flower shop that has the sweetest of flower smells.

The place was full of interesting branches, flowers and leafs to choose from.

It was a very lovely 2 hours to escape into something creative

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class review by Kyla Kohler

Dorinda An • Mar 2019

The class was well structured, relaxing and great fun. The teacher is very attentive and gives timely constructive feedback to everyone. I had a great time and will use my new skills soon.

Floristry workshop review by Dorinda An

Alice Thachasongtham • Mar 2019

I enjoyed it very much and even feel like learning Ikebana with Setsuko sensei further! highly recommend for those who want to regain mindfullness and focus.

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class review by Alice Thachasongtham

Mitee Erda • Mar 2019

It was a wonderful experience. The teacher was very friendly and welcoming. An interactive and well-planned class.

Hannah Julius • Mar 2019

Excellent class! The teacher was lovely and the class was both suitable for both beginnings and more advanced florists. My only suggestion would be to give the students more freedom with their flower choice but perhaps that is a suggestion for a more advanced class! Love love loved it!

Karen Lancaster • Mar 2019

Excellent value course. Setsuko our teacher gave enough information but not too much. We tried 2 designs and I was very pleased and enthused with what I learnt in 2 hours.

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class review by Karen Lancaster

Agatha Lyons • Mar 2019

Great hands on demo and background thrown in. Would have been great if we got to keen the whole arrangement in the pot and all not just the flowers

Kym Pham • Mar 2019

The class was small and very fun! We made two arrangements and was taught a little bit of history. At the end she showed us different ways we can do arrangements and more modern take on ikebana. Very attentive teacher!

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class review by Kym Pham

Alexandra Papas • Mar 2019

Setsuko was an amazing teacher and helped us create beautiful arrangements. The class was held in her lovely little shop and we were treated with tea and sweets. She provided us with fresh flowers from the markets, which we were able to take home afterwards.

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class review by Alexandra Papas

Sharon Page • Mar 2019

Our teacher was very gentle, informative and gave great assistance. A good number (4 first time students) attended. The space wood be too small for more. All the beautiful flowers/plants were of the best quality and we got to take them home. This was great as we could try and "rebuild" our arrangements at home. I can't believe how much I learnt in such a small amount of time. The gentle urgeing from our teacher with her demonstrations of shape, height. balance, texture, etc was very enlightening.

Dr Luck • Mar 2019

A fabulous class! Setsuko was a lovely and kind teacher and was passionate about her craft. She was welcoming and accommodating and left us with tips that we can take away with us to create our own arrangements in future building on what we learned in class. It was also great that Setsuko took the time to explain the cultural background to us to begin the class and also to share her immense general floristry knowledge with us. I would highly recommend this class!

Julie Wood • Mar 2019

What a delightful way to spend an Saturday afternoon - surrounded by flowers and learning the art and brief history of Ikebana with Setsuko, our teacher. Less is definitely more when creating a Ikebana arrangement. Great class - thank you Setsuko.

Jen Nowiczewski • Feb 2019

Ikebana with Setsuko was delightful. On entering the cosy, sweet smelling flower shop, you start to get a sense of simplicity and beauty. Class was fun and well instructed and left me with a desire to do more of this wonderful pastime.
Thoroughly wonderful!

Setsuko also had a special area for us to take photos of our finished art!

Floristry workshop review by Jen Nowiczewski Sydney

Cass Houlihan • Feb 2019

I highly recommend this great class. Setsuko is a wonderful teacher, putting the whole class at ease, greeting us with green tea and red bean cake. I joined the class with my mum and sister for a girls afternoon and we had a great time making two Ikebana arrangements under the encouraging of of Setsuko. Highly recommend.

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class review by Cass Houlihan

Donna Thomas • Feb 2019

An authentic teacher and a gentle introduction to Ikebana in a calm and beautifully fragrant workroom. Setsuko is clearly very knowledgeable and talented. More time on the history and principles of Ikebana would have been even more interesting. Her demonstrations and explanations for slight changes to the placement of plants in our arrangements helped our understanding. A very interesting two hours. Thank you Setsuko.

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class review by Donna Thomas

Renae Bartley • Feb 2019

I had a wonderful time in the class, and a great experience! I now know some basics for creating my own Japanese flower arrangements at home. The venue is in a pretty flower shop, we sat around the table and were given japanese tea and some snacks on arrival which was nice. The teacher was lovely and informative, she also gave us a brief history on Ikebana and answered any questions we had about Japan. For me the class was good value for money, I was able to learn two types of ikebana following the teacher's arrangements and then create my own arrangement using whichever flowers & vase I wanted. There were opportunities to take lots of photos, asks questions and meet new people. It's definitely a skill that i'm glad I have now, can't wait to impress everyone with my Ikebana! thank you

Melanie Reen • Feb 2019

Setsuko was very friendly and knowledgeable of Japanese History as well as flower arranging. We really enjoyed our class and learned alot. Thanks Setsuko.

Aledis Kedwell • Feb 2019

Setsuko was excellent. She took the time to provide the historical, cultural and spiritual context of Ikebana. She explained the two arrangements, including the why, very well and gave good feedback to ensure ours were Ikebana-ish. All materials were provided, the venue was excellentoverall a great day out and great value

Chiemi Keniry • Feb 2019

The teacher was lovely and kind. Nice authentic green tea was served while the teacher talked about The history of Japanese Tea Ceremony. You arrange flowers in a tranquil space. Good value for money.

Joan Moffat • Feb 2019

The teacher was lovely really enjoyed the class.
would have like to be able to buy products to take home at reasonable prices

Jocelyn Blair • Feb 2019

Really enjoyed the class. Made us all realise that you can create amazing designs with only a few flowers. You don't even need to spend money on flowers. Just use some from your garden. Highly recommend the class for those who love a flower arrangment that you can afford to have everyday! All you need is a pair of scissors,a nice vase & the kenza block.

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class review by Jocelyn Blair

Maureen Cable • Jan 2019

I absolutely enjoyed this class. Satsuka was very warm and informative.
I would recommend this class to my friends.
The class was a gift.
I would love to learn more about Ikebana.

Floristry workshop review by Maureen Cable

Lindsey Leehy • Jan 2019

The class was excellent value for money, Setsuko, was very good, and informative, the class room was great, the smell of flowers is always wonderful, i really enjoyed the challange of making my own display and was very happy to take home the flowers, would highly recommend this class

Jonathan Mok • Dec 2018

It was a wonderful experience. Our teacher was lovely and we were able to make some beautiful flower arrangements.

Floristry workshop review by Jonathan Mok

Di Wang • Dec 2018

I really enjoyed a great afternoon with Setsuko Sennsei. She was friendly and kind, and was always there to help you with your work. We started with the background of ikebana flowers in Japan, then learnt two different ways of arranging ikebana flowers. We have plenty of time to complete our own works. Great teacher, great class, great time!

Floristry workshop review by Di Wang Sydney

Charlene O’sullivan • Dec 2018

It is a beautiful venue and we worked with equally beautiful flowers! The teacher was very knowledgeable and helpful! A very tranquil class!

Floristry workshop review by Charlene O’sullivan

Catherine Rocha • Nov 2018

Setsuko was an engaging and patient teacher. Her studio was utterly charming and really emphasised the theme of the class. For the amount of pieces we made and flowers we used the price was more than reasonable. I highly recommend this as an introduction to ikebana and has certainly encouraged me to continue.

Richard Keys • Nov 2018

Teacher Setsuko is super lovely&informative.Big choice of seasonal flowers.Cosy space.Lots of fun.Highly recommend!

Jill Drilon • Oct 2018

The ikebana class was very enjoyable, and we were able to recreate the flower arrangements at home. Setsuko has a lovely manner and gives helpful tips and feedback. Her short background on Japanese culture and history was relevant and interesting. The class was in her beautiful flower shop,, and the flowers were really fresh and varied. We learned some principles of ikebana that we can apply to any arrangements, and learned to appreciate this art form.

Laura Brabyn • Oct 2018

Setsuko was a great teacher - she discussed the history of Ikebana which was very interesting and then demonstrated some principles. There was so much variety of flowers and leaves to choose from and nothing seemed to be off limits. She discussed her craft with ease and provided some useful corrections to my attempts. I will look out for some other interesting classes in the future.

Kerry Naughton • Oct 2018

Had a great time. Had a lot of fun and also learnt the basic principles of ikebana. Setsuko is a very good teacher and explained it in a way that was easy to grasp. Would highly recommend.

Penelope Jones • Oct 2018

A really wonderful, relaxing experience. The shop was beautiful and the flower selection stunning. Setsuko was a patient and knowledgeable teacher who really taught the art of ikebana as a soulful experience. It was great how she also shared some Japanese history to give you context for the development of Japanese culture. I thought that it was very reasonably priced as well. Thanks for a lovely afternoon!

Felipe • Sep 2018

So much fun Setsuko is sensational! We took the flower arrangement class and learned heaps. Will definitely come back to learn more! :)

Rayan Chermand • Sep 2018

It was a great class! Recommend the Ikebana session to everyone out there. Would’ve hoped to pick up more skills, but hopefully next time! Will be back.

Rebecca • Sep 2018

This class was a great introduction to ikebana flower arranging and I really enjoyed it. The arrangements were simple to follow and the whole process was very relaxing.

Floristry workshop review by Rebecca  Sydney

Lynne Jackson • Sep 2018

Wonderful class with a fun and interesting teacher. We made 3 different displays from gorgeous flowers and also got to take them home. Excellent class.

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class review by Lynne Jackson

Janine Caburian • Sep 2018

We went to Setsuko's ikebana class as a gift for my mum's birthday who has been wanting to do an ikebana class for ages, and it did not disappoint! Setsuko was a wonderful teacher and we had a really great time learning how to arrange and maintain balance in our ikebana arrangements. We got to use lovely spring flowers and take them home, and it was really a great experience! Highly recommended.

Floristry workshop review by Janine Caburian Sydney

Leanne Croker • Sep 2018

Thank you Setsuko for a great class. We did three different Ikebana arrangements, learning different techniques for different flowers and styles. I am taking my blossoms home to practise! Feeling very inspired.

Craig Rowlands • Sep 2018

A great introduction to ikebana. The venue for the class is a florist shop and is an ideal size for 4 or 5 students.
Setsuko, the instructor, gave a short history of the art and then gave insight through practical involvement and individual encouragement.
Fabulous selection of vases, kenzan and flowers.

Chan Wah • Sep 2018

Very good class in which I learnt 3 beautiful ikebana in one lesson :)

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class review by Chan Wah

Natalie Lagana • Sep 2018

A great course, highly recommended. The teacher was very knowledgeable and made us all feel very comfortable.

Penny Vlies • Aug 2018

It was just delightful. My friends and I did not want to go home.
I would highly recommend it.
It was a great balance between instruction and autonomy.
Very beautiful and lovely setting.

Susan Harney • Aug 2018

A great lesson, filled with information, demonstrations and with plenty of useful equipment provided, all in a delightful florist shop setting
A generous and most pleasant experience for myself and my two adult sons

Tracy Marshment • Jul 2018

I really enjoyed this class. As a novice when it comes to flower arranging I was not sure what to expect. Teaching on Ikebana flower arranging was excellent and everyone in the class was able to make three wonderful displays. It was very relaxing working on the displays. I will be recommending this to my friends.

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class review by Tracy Marshment Sydney

Lucy Simpson • Jul 2018

Great session. Lots of fun and some great ideas to practice on at home.

Frances Zhang • Jul 2018

Really enjoyed this class very interesting, teacher was great!

Sophia Solanki • Jul 2018

A lovely, peaceful and creative way to spend your Saturday morning. The class was an absolute delight and the teacher very friendly and kind. We made 3 arrangements and learnt different presentation styles. An awesome experience!

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class review by Sophia Solanki Sydney

Scott Lee • Jul 2018

This class was magical and beautiful. To learn from a true expert in Japanese flower making. I would highly recommend it for a different day out. Where art meets flowers meets beauty.

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class review by Scott Lee

Sasha Valdez • Jul 2018

Comfortable and welcoming workshop. Setsuko sensei was very knowledgeable and friendly! Will be back to take another class.

Floristry workshop review by Sasha Valdez

Grace Shen • Jul 2018

It was really fun and informative. Setsuko was knowledgeable and helpful. It’s my first ikebana class and I really enjoyed it, the set up, vibe and other students were also very delightful. It’s a great mindfulness exercise and I highly recommend it!

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class review by Grace Shen

Justine Tran • Jul 2018

It was a great day - I really enjoyed the class and Setsuko-san was very friendly and helpful.
We got to learn 3 different styles of arranging and even take home the flowers. I loved it.
The complimentary drink was nice too, and the class size was just right so she can help us equally.
Thank you!

Floristry workshop review by Justine Tran

Jennifer Whitfield • Jun 2018

Really lovely experience. Setsuko was friendly and informative, the setting was cosy and I now have several bouquets in my home <3

Joyce Chen • Jun 2018

Really good. We celebrated our friend's birthday by attending the class. The teacher explained the meaning of Ikebana flower arrangement in the class. Very cozy class environment. I felt the sense of peacefulness when doing the flower arrangement.

Sue Rutledge • Jun 2018

A lovely morning working with flowers and foliage. Learning the basic principles of Ikebana, appreciating the simplicity and beauty in the art form. Thank you

Susan Ritchie • Jun 2018

Teacher was great, venue good, choice of flowers for class was excellent, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, it was also a great birthday present for my daughter who also enjoyed the class and looks forward to more. The teacher was obviously very experienced and we got to take the flowers home and practice what we had learned. The free coffee was a bonus we did not expect. Cannot thank you enough for a lovely morning.

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class review by Susan Ritchie

Sophie Penkethman-Young • Jun 2018

Class was really helpful and taught me lots. It was a relaxing way to start my weekend and I got to keep the flowers!

Floristry workshop review by Sophie Penkethman-Young

Wendy Stahel • May 2018

I loved this class - spending 2 hours amongst flowers in a flower shop for a start was just lovely! Setsuko was a patient and gentle teacher No pressure just an enjoyable relaxing experience Thank you

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class review by Wendy Stahel

Carole • May 2018

Thoroughly enjoyable class in a relaxed setting. Fun way to spend the afternoon learning something creative. Thank you Setsuko for making it fun and enjoyable.

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class review by Carole  Sydney

Liz Newell • May 2018

It was lovely being in the flower shop and I loved getting the great coffee from next door as part of the friendly service. I found the instruction clear and there was lots of hands-on. Setsuko-san was very happy to respond to my many questions. I am enthusiastic to come back and learn more!

Zehua • May 2018

The teacher was wonderful. She gave students very good guidance and encouragement. Students have learnt the history of Japanese flower arrangement and three different flower arrangements by using seasonal flowers. A very impressive and enjoyable experience.

Floristry workshop review by Zehua

Yuekang Hu • May 2018

The teacher is really friendly and patient. We learned three different flower arrangement, which were really pretty and interesting.

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class review by Yuekang Hu

Jenny Thammavongsa • May 2018

Setsuko was so lovely, the class was so much fun! It’s an easy to find location with lots of parking, and the workshop is beautiful. We got to choose from a range of vases and created 3 flower arrangements which all look beautiful together when you put them in a bouquet to take home.

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class review by Jenny Thammavongsa

Amelia Cai • May 2018

Such a enjoyable class. The instructor is very patient and lovely. She has good skills to make my arrangements even better.

My friend and I had a very relaxing time. We will come back again!

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class review by Amelia Cai

Lauren Cheng • May 2018

The class was fantastic. Setsuko was excellent in demonstrating the arrangements. Highly recommended.

Jeeshan • Apr 2018

I absolutely loved it , as I am a kinaesthetic learner I need to do things in order to learn .
I loved Setsuko and her wisdom , even being unwell she ran the class well

Janet Macdonald • Apr 2018

I absolutely LUV'D the Ikebana class, Setsuko was beautiful, great knowledge, awesome teacher, warm & superbly helpful with her eye for detail, attention to each person in the class

Marilina Ripoll • Apr 2018

Setsuko was a wonderful teacher! The class was intimate and fun! Gorgeous seasonal flowers to play around with

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class review by Marilina Ripoll

Amy • Mar 2018

I went with a group of 3 girls and we all enjoyed ourselves immensely In the beautiful Glebe venue where the light-filled class room is surrounded and lightly scented by fresh flowers. From the mini history lesson on where Ikebana comes in the beginning of the class to the hands-on flower arrangement with Setsuko's assistance where you can let your imagination run wild. Will definitely recommend this workshop to everyone!

Stephanie • Mar 2018

Loved the class, I bought it as a birthday present for my mum and we both enjoyed it. Setsuko provided feedback so felt like we got a lot out of it and we were able to take the fresh flowers we used home with us.

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class review by Stephanie

Gabriela González • Mar 2018

Was an awesome experience! Definitely recommended it and I can’t wait to go back

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class review by Gabriela González

Sasha • Mar 2018

It was absolutely enjoyable!
I will definitely join again.
Friendly and relaxing.

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class review by Sasha

Shelley • Mar 2018

A very enjoyable couple of hours in a lovely flower studio. The teacher was very knowledgeable and there were plenty of vases and flowers available to put the theory into practice. Definitely recommend to anyone interested in floral work.

Nikola • Mar 2018

I loved everything about this class. It was the best way to start off a Saturday morning. The teach is amazing and has so much knowledge and even gave a history lesson on Japan.

Floristry workshop review by Nikola

Wendy • Mar 2018

I enjoyed the class very much. The teacher explained a bit about history of ikebana in Japan, Coffee was offered and all materials supplied and could take flowers used in the lesson home. We made three different designs of ikebana and the teacher was helpful and guided us on our displays. Will defiintelty go back again.

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class review by Wendy

Karen • Feb 2018

Setsuko began the class with a history of Ikebana. The two hours were spent using beautiful flowers and foliage, completing 3 different arrangements under the guidance of a great teacher. This class was great value for money, would recommend activity, great even if you have no experience with flowers. ( like me ) Thoroughly enjoyed it. :)

Karen • Feb 2018

It was great fun arranging the flowers and Setsuko was very encouraging and easy to talk to- it’s a lovely way to spend some time.

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class review by Karen

Stacey • Feb 2018

The class was fun and I really enjoyed it. We were given 3 chances to try different techniques with different vases. Recommended!

Hazel • Feb 2018

A most interesting and creative class - three charming demonstrations by our teacher were enlightening, each creating a totally different effect.
A great lesson of less is more.
I look at containers and vases now with a very different eye.
This lesson - beautiful gift.

Jean Clarke • Feb 2018

The teacher was very friendly encouraging and helpful. Venue was ideal with lots of variety of flowers and foliage and wonderful coffee. Content was just right for a beginner.

Aaron • Feb 2018

Friendly, interactive class. Great teacher and very good value for money

Halina • Nov 2017

Loved the class. Teacher is very knowledgeable and patient. I had no previous experience of ikebana but after 1class left feeling confident that I could produce something quite nice. Looking forward to doing more sessions.

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class review by Halina Sydney

Karman Lam • Jul 2017

Really enjoyed the class and have learned the basic ideas and skills of how to arrange the flowers

Cecilia • Jun 2017

We did Setsuko's Ikebana flower arrangement class for my friend's hen's party. The class is set in a beautiful little workshop and has a wonderful relaxing atmosphere. We were taught how to create simple and beautiful flower arrangements, and had a wonderful time.

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