Incense Making Class – Handmade Stick Incense

Christina Xu

Christina Xu

Founder of "Preserve Health"/Public Speaker to Promote Traditional Chinese Medicine

2 hours 1 to 15 label $135 - $150 ($150 per person when you book for 1 student, $135 pp for 2+ students)

Dao of Incense is the ancient art of appreciating incense and a way to enjoy scents to relax and sooth anxiety, and to calm down mind and body deeply and thoroughly. Incense has been highly regarded and used and for medicinal and purification purposes for thousands of years and across many cultures and religions.

At ESSENCE OF LIFE we offer the opportunity for you to come and participate in this magical world of incense to create your own special experience, your pleasure moment, and to create a focus that dispels all distractions and worldly worries. Let the air of the incense of premium grade Agarwood flow silently around you to keep your mind and body healthy whilst taking care of your spiritual wellbeing.

Agarwood is known as the “Wood of God”. According to Wellbeing, Agarwood is said to calm the nervous system, expel negative energies, bring alertness, relieve anxiety, invoke a sense of strength and peace and enhance cerebral functioning.

All you need to do for this is:
• Be in the moment,
• Enjoy the pleasure of the moment,
• Feel the emotions of the moment,

Morning class (10am-noon): Handmade Stick Incense
Teaches you the fundamentals in preparing and rolling stick incense that exceeds the length of your finger.

Afternoon class (1pm-3pm): Pattern Incense
Using a set of tools to create a pattern incense in the furnace. The class includes the tools and incense so you can continue to enjoy the making of incense at home.

Note: We use premium grade Agarwood so the cost is high. Ensure you purchase your incense from a reliable source so that they do not contain any artificial scents.

Knowledge Required

No knowledge is required, just follow your heart :-)

What you'll get

You'll get to practice with a stainless incense making board, spoon, spade, burner... You will take the tools set, burner and incense home with you :-)

What to bring

Everything is provided. Just bring yourself.
Calm the Chaotic Heart
Empty the Cluttered Mind


Glebe, NSW

Exact location is anonymised for privacy. You'll get the specific address after booking.

Your teacher
Christina Xu
Christina Xu

Founder of "Preserve Health"/Public Speaker to Promote Traditional Chinese Medicine

Christina Xu has studied 5 years traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing, and has also spent years in the corporate working environment. She now dedicates her time to the promotion of the Concept of health preservation and awareness to assist more people to have a better, more balanced, healthier and happier life.

The making of incense is a practiced skill that focus’s mind, body and spirit allowing the concentration of emotions and the heart for well being and clarity.

You can learn and enjoy the art of making a variety of incense type using different methods to create a range of patterns.

The product of your efforts will be a fulfilling and relaxing aroma to tantalise the senses and impress your family and friends.

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