Incense Making Class: Handmade Stick Incense

Learn how to make your own stick incense in Glebe

75 mins Class size 1 to 5

label $135 - $150 (or 4 payments of $33.75 - $37.50 Afterpay)
($150 per guest when you book for 1 guest, $135 for 2+ guests)

Dao of Incense is the ancient art of appreciating incense and a way to enjoy scents to relax and sooth anxiety, and to calm down mind and body deeply and thoroughly. Incense has been highly regarded and used and for medicinal and purification purposes for thousands of years and across many cultures and religions.

At ESSENCE OF LIFE we offer the opportunity for you to come and participate in this magical world of incense to create your own special experience, your pleasure moment, and to create a focus that dispels all distractions and worldly worries. Let the air of the incense of premium-grade Agarwood flow silently around you to keep your mind and body healthy whilst taking care of your spiritual wellbeing.

Agarwood is known as the “Wood of God”. According to Wellbeing, Agarwood is said to calm the nervous system, expel negative energies, bring alertness, relieve anxiety, invoke a sense of strength and peace and enhance cerebral functioning.

All you need to do for this is:

  • Be in the moment
  • Enjoy the pleasure of the moment
  • Feel the emotions of the moment

During the class you will learn the fundamentals of preparing and rolling stick incense that exceeds the length of your finger.

Pattern Incense Class (DIY Box)
Using a set of tools to create a pattern incense in the furnace. The class includes the tools and incense so you can continue to enjoy the making of incense at home.

Please note: We use premium grade Agarwood so the cost is high. Ensure you purchase your incense from a reliable source so that they do not contain any artificial scents.

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Knowledge required
No knowledge is required, just follow your heart!
What you'll get
You'll get to practice with a stainless incense-making board, spoon, spade, burner.

You will take the incense home with you.
What to bring
Everything is provided. Just bring yourself.

Glebe, NSW

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Incense Making Class: Handmade Stick Incense location
Your teacher
Christina Xu
Christina Xu

Founder of "Preserve Health"/Public Speaker to Promote Traditional Chinese Medicine

4.9 (39)

Christina Xu has studied 5 years traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing, and has also spent years in the corporate working environment. She now dedicates her time to the promotion of the Concept of health preservation and awareness to assist more people to have a better, more balanced, healthier and happier life.

The making of incense is a practiced skill that focus’s mind, body and spirit allowing the concentration of emotions and the heart for well being and clarity.

You can learn and enjoy the art of making a variety of incense type using different methods to create a range of patterns.

The product of your efforts will be a fulfilling and relaxing aroma to tantalise the senses and impress your family and friends.

Verified reviews

We only show reviews from customers who have paid for and attended this class

Sabine Sep 2023

Christiana is a very lovely and knowledgeable teacher. It was a great experience to learn more about the incense stick making process and I got quite a few to make and take home. Can definitely recommend

Incense Making Class: Handmade Stick Incense review by Sabine - Sydney

Katrina Brady Jul 2023

Christina was great and very accomodating. I learnt heaps and was very happy with the incense I made

Chi Yang Apr 2023

Super fun and relaxing Really enjoyed the class and the instructor is super nice Highly recommended

Jacqui Turner Feb 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

What a lovely class this is!
Thank you for a great experience. It was relaxing, fun, and we had our own incense to take home with us!

Emma Marta Feb 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Did this class with my daughter. We like burning incense at home and thought it would be fun to make our own. The class was great. Very relaxing rolling out the sticks and chatting to Christina - who was a lovely host. Would highly recommend.

Incense Making Class: Handmade Stick Incense review by Emma Marta - Sydney

Munu Maharjan Jan 2023

Christine is very wonderful instructor. I enjoyed learning new skill with her. Hope to do more classes with her.

Maria Rojas Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Christina was great and the whole class was very insightful highly recommend! The venue was also super cute and cozy!

Marc Harry Oct 2022

21 ClassBento workshops attended • 20 reviews

This is a wonderful class I thoroughly enjoyed and will love to continue making this style of incense. The teacher is perfectly delightfully informative and I learnt so much more than I realised I could. Thank you…

Incense Making Class: Handmade Stick Incense review by Marc Harry - Sydney

Di Sampson Aug 2022

Thoroughly enjoyed this workshop - definitely my favourite so far! Christina was really lovely and very happy to share her infinite knowledge with us. Would recommend this workshop to anyone who loves incense or even just to experience the meditative aspect of it at the same time as learning a new skill. Can't wait to make my own at home :-))

Linda Seve Aug 2022

Loved it
Teacher was beautiful sharing her knowledge and resources
This was relaxing and healing.
A mindful and medicinal experience.
With gratitude Linda

Incense Making Class: Handmade Stick Incense review by Linda Seve - Sydney

Daniele Peres Aug 2022

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I loved everything about this workshop. To start, the venue was just beautiful and cozy, amazing atmosphere with plants everywhere.
Second, Christina has a beautiful soul and was very pleasant to spend my afternoon with her learning the incense history, she was very friendly and patient, also, she explained in different ways to help me to reach the goal of making the incense. It definitely was an enjoyable afternoon. All the material is provided.
I highly recommend this workshop!

Perfume Making class review by Daniele Peres - Sydney

Paige Nguyen Aug 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Enjoyed this class so much, super chill Christina was warm and knowledgeable, I learned a lot from her including the meaning of incense, how to make incense, how to choose incense holder, what ingredients to use when I want to feel calm and when I want to feel energetic, etc. The other classmate was friendly and lovely she helped me a lot in class. The material and tools were impressive, so beautiful. Location was small but decent. Highly recommended

Incense Making Class: Handmade Stick Incense review by Paige Nguyen - Sydney

Celia Zhu Aug 2022

A interesting incense class with recommend!

Incense Making Class: Handmade Stick Incense review by Celia Zhu - Sydney

Lillo Guarneri Jun 2022

It was a fantastic and intimate experience.
A practice class that teach you a lot about Chinese philosophy. Strongly raccomended :-)

Summer Henwood Apr 2022

Very relaxing and educational in a beautiful setting.
My teacher was very skilled and I felt comfortable learning from her.
Was happy to go home with some hand made, high quality incense and some tools as well.

Perfume Making class review by Summer Henwood - Sydney

James Chahwan Feb 2022

Teacher was great, location good and materials provided for and pretty good all round a good time to learn how to make hand made incense.

Katherine Ferris Jan 2022

I really enjoyed the hands-on experience of making incense. Our teacher Christina was warm and friendly and informative. She made it fun as well as calming and relaxing. The other participants in class were friendly and easygoing. I loved the pleasant aroma of the incense. And the lovely tools we used in class were given to us as a beautiful gift to take home. I highly recommend the class to anyone else who is considering it. Thank you. Katherine F.

Sharyn Kaapro Jan 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Christina was very knowledgeable and had a very kind and caring manner. I learnt a lot and will definitely try it at home.

Tash Jun 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Christina was friendly and her knowledge of Agarwood was impressive. And although the activity was quite relaxing, I found the workshop limited. There was only one choice of incense, I would have liked to have more options of different smells or knowledge of other incense that could be combined together.

Perfume Making class review by Tash  - Sydney

Radhia Kazura Jun 2021

It was an interesting class. Rolling the incense was therapeutic and meditative. Christina is a friendly instructor. Class was held in a courtyard of a cafe which is a unique spot to have a class. Overall, a good class. I enjoyed it. I started using the incense at home and they smell divine

Perfume Making class review by Radhia Kazura - Sydney

Roxanne Phan Jun 2021

11 ClassBento workshops attended • 11 reviews

Christina was very friendly and responsive to inquiries leading up the the workshop and in the class itself! Lovely venue and it was very interesting to hear about the background of agarwood and incense. We enjoyed our time hand-rolling incense and immersing ourselves in the moment.

Perfume Making class review by Roxanne Phan - Sydney

Evelin Zhang May 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

This was a lovely class and Christina is a calm and friendly teacher. Rolling each stick of incense was like a little meditation. The oud powder used was high quality and we got to keep the little spoon and spatula which was used for mixing. Overall a very relaxing and pleasant class.

Incense Making Class: Handmade Stick Incense review by Evelin Zhang - Sydney

Melissa Fitzgerald May 2021

Knowledgeable teacher with a soothing vibe; a beautiful craft to experience and connect with. Venue was delightful.

Maree Elias Apr 2021

This was an incredibly wholesome experience. The teacher, Christina was very knowledgeable and her calming and friendly presence aided in the enjoyment of the afternoon. The class was well paced and I really appreciated how we were allowed quiet time to focus on our practice and technique of hand rolling. I would most definitely recommend this class to others.

Incense Making Class: Handmade Stick Incense review by Maree Elias - Sydney

Zeik Stevens Mar 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I really Enjoyed participating in the class and the teacher, Christine was lovely and knowledgeable.

Francesca Dove Mar 2021

Fantastic class with Christina who is very knowledgable, welcoming and a great teacher. You really get to understand the art of incense making and leave feeling calm and relaxed with some beautiful incense to use at home. Great class and teacher! ❤️

Zoe Revill Oct 2020

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

My 14 year old daughter and I loved this class. The process was very relaxing and Christina is a wonderful, generous facilitator. It definitely inspired us to make more incense at home. Thank you Christina. Zoe & Daisy

Manuela Leigh Feb 2020

Great class! Very calming and a great skill to learn. I loved the class and would recommend it to friends- Christina is a great teacher.

Elena Fullerton Jan 2020

It was a great class, we both walked away with so much knowledge (and special incense)!

Jun Kim Nov 2019

Great class to make your own incense with quality ingredients.
I would recommend for anyone looking to make their own incense

Vanessa Candelario Nov 2019

Amazing women teaching the art of make incense. Have to say as I found it quite interesting that she learned it in Taiwan with a family who have doing it for generations as well as she knows not just how to make it, also about Agarwood itself and its benefits and another fields related to nature and Chinese medicine.
I felt quite comfortable, calm and connected in this class.

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