Introduction to Chai Brewing at Home

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Learn to brew delicious Indian tea at home in this short online masterclass

Chai Walli

Chai Walli

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1 hour Class size 4 to 200     label $60 - $80 ($60 for Class only, no box, $80 for Class and box)

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Join Australia leading chai and spice educator to learn about the history of Indian tea, in this fun and relaxing live-streaming chai brewing class. This one hour workshop is designed as to be a great team activity for the workplace or to do as a group.

This live streaming introductory chai class is an exploration into the origins of this spiced tea, which is deep-rooted in Indian and Ayurvedic culture. Hosted by Australia's leading chai expert, Uppma Virdi from Chai Walli, this class will equip you with the right skills to truly understand authentic masala chai.

Uppma will guide you through the complex flavours of chai and how chai is traditionally brewed, which all adds to the mystery surrounding this famed drink, an essential in Indian culture and now having gained a strong following in the Western world. To understand what chai actually is, we will explore its culture, taste, ingredients and brewing methods.

This one hour class is facilitated by Uppma who is the granddaughter of an Ayurvedic doctor who specialised in Indian spices and remedial chai. Her Indian upbringing involved playing and experimenting with Indian herbs and spices, meaning that chai was simply a part of daily life.

Uppma and her team at Chai Walli are dedicated to the cultural preservation of the art of chai and the ritual of Indian tea. They have won many awards for their outstanding blends and their unique flavour compositions, which are a tribute to Uppma's family recipes.

This live-streaming class will tantalise all your senses as you will be able to see, touch, smell and (of course) taste, authentic Indian chai with a kit delivered to you beforehand. Uppma will deliver this class in a fun, open and comfortable approach for you to learn all about chai; the beloved national drink of India!

This class is perfect if you're searching for unique group activities to try with loved ones or fun virtual team building activities to get you and your colleagues unwinding after a long week at work.

Please note:

  • This class may run over the hour due to Q&A at the end ( approx. 15 mins)
  • If you have an additional person attending from your household and they do not need a kit please choose the add on "Additional Attendee - No Kit" for them.

Add-ons available for this class
  • Chai Brewing Saucepan ($30)
  • Chai Lovers Pack (Mixture of six of Chai Walli's best selling blends, 20 serves of each item come in each bag. Australian made) ($60)
  • Chai infused Chocolate Bar (Australian Made) ($12)
  • Chai Natural Infused Soap (Australian Made) ($8)
  • Additional Attendee (No Kit) ($40)
  • Chai Lovers Pack (Mixture of six of Chai Walli's best selling blends, 20 serves of each item come in each bag. Australian made) ($80)
  • Sticky Chai with Honey 250g ($25)
  • Chai infused Chocolate Bar (Australian Made) ($14)
  • Sticky Chai with Honey 250g (Australian made) ($25)
  • 11 Spice Chai 500g (100 serves of Chai Walli's Best Selling Blend) ($68)
  • 11 Spice Chai 100g (Chai Walli's Signature Masala Chai Blend ($15)
  • Jaggery (Indian Natural Sugar) 100g ($8)
  • Chai Infused Natural Soap (Australian Made) ($9)
  • Stainless Steel Chai Brewing Saucepan - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR THIS CLASS ($40)
  • Additional Chai Strainers ($6)
  • Uppma's Mum's Signature Garam Masala Mix 45g ($20)
You can add these when you book (optional).
Knowledge required
Perfect for beginners, no prior knowledge is needed!
What you'll get in your craft kit
  • An 11 Spice Chai 100g Bag
  • A Caffeine Free 11 Spice Chai Mini Bag
  • A Golden Chai Mini Bag
  • A Chai Strainer
  • A Jaggery 100g (Indian natural sugar)
  • A Chai Dessert Recipe Cards
  • A Bookmark
What you'll need
  • A saucepan
  • Some water
  • Some milk of your choice
  • A mug for drinking your chai
  • Some cookies to dip into your chai!
Suitable for

This Box and Live class is great for virtual team building activities at home.

This would also be a nice gift for her, gift for mum or Xmas gift.

Your teacher
Chai Walli
Chai Walli

5.0 (27)

Uppma is the granddaughter of an Ayurvedic doctor who specialised in herbs and spices. She is a first generation Indian Australian migrant who left her career as a lawyer to follow her passion to share her ancient family recipes with the world.

Frustrated with the lack of authenticity, she started Chai Walli to educate people on the genuine beauty of Indian teas and spices that her grandfather gifted her with.

Uppma grew up with her mother’s love of cooking ingrained in her veins. She uses her innate senses to balance spices according to their Ayurvedic elements and teach others the Art of Chai.

Leading a team of passionate individuals, Uppma runs her small Australian business with deep values. All the blends are formulated and created by Uppma using her love of natural wholesome ingredients and family recipes.

We are grateful that we can share our ritual of chai and our art of creating beautiful blends with you. Thank you for choosing to support artisan makers like us. Your love for quality handcrafted products means that we get to share cultural heritage and age old techniques in a modern light with you and many others.

We care deeply about the suppliers we work with. We choose to have a tea farm to tea cup policy, which allows us to support some truly amazing tea estates in India producing organic and fair trade teas.

Our humble beginnings started with Uppma blending spices in her parent’s basement recreating her grandfather’s blends. Today, we are proud to have several award winning and well renowned masala chai and spice blends which are experienced by our amazing customers all around the world.

So come, join Uppma, Australia's leading educator in all things flavour, spice and tea.

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