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Jacqueline Molina

Palette Knife Painter

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Jacqueline is a Sydney based artist, born in Broken Hill and raised in (R)Adelaide. From a young age she was always creating pieces of art here there. After finishing high school she moved to Paraguay with her family where she studied graphic design, did a few years of private oil painting classes, photography & engraving workshops and studied visual arts at the Superior Institute of Art of the National University of Asuncion where she discovered and developed her abstract expressionist style of painting.
The foundation of her practice is based on the spontaneity of abstract expressionism. It enables her to express and translate a non-tangible experience into a visual form enabling viewers into her visual world.
Her paintings are inspired by her surroundings, music and experiences and are created with acrylic paints and palette knives. This fast paced technique of using a palette knife creates textural qualities, expressive gestures, enhances light and movement. She has exhibited as a solo artist and taken part in group exhibitions in Asuncion, Sydney and Melbourne.




James Anvia May 2024

46 ClassBento workshops attended • 34 reviews

a really good teacher, venue 10/10 materials were great learnt diff techniques, although could have modelled more good value needed more demo and modelling

Anna Babatzanis Apr 2024

Teacher was nice and gave us a little practice of different strokes. I would have liked a bit more information on the best way to use the different palette knives and what various strokes could be used for. I also think there’s a big gap between practising some new strokes and being expected to produce a landscape. This is quite common in art classes unfortunately.
The venue was good. The materials were ok but very hard to get some of the colours out of the bottles. I learnt I could buy a large place mat to use as a palette. I was able to practise different strokes. I like that all materials were provided. It wasn’t the full 3 hours though. I think the class was a little too expensive for what was done.
On a general note, a couple of teachers I’ve had spend some time on the phone or leaving students alone while doing their own thing. I’m an ex-teacher and this is not good practice. Teachers should walk around the class being there for questions and encouraging students. I know I don’t like to interrupt when someone is on the phone or computer.

Katy Jenkins Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

We expected a little more guided and controlled learning, like how to use specific tools and make specific marks with them. We were just left to make art by ourselves after a warm up and felt a bit lost.

Priyanka Iyer Oct 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Really Great class. Jacqueline was a good teacher and it’s good value for money!

Painting class review by Priyanka Iyer - Sydney

Queenie Tran Oct 2022

Fun session with experienced teacher who provided lots of individual feedback, as well as demonstration. Great opportunity to learn and experiment with different palettes and paints under expert guidance from Jacqueline

Zarin Gundevia Mar 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

It was a fun session experimenting with the different knives and textures and creating something on canvas

Ardele Blignault Feb 2022

Great communicator who really inspired me to paint with a pallet knife. Lots of tips and easy to follow demonstrations.

Lynda Gray Nov 2021

Jacqueline was a very approachable teacher with clear instructions. She gave plenty of alternatives and demonstrated a variety of techniques which we were able to practise before completing 3 canvases. It would be good to have some ideas for the style of art that you would like to attempt.

Painting class review by Lynda Gray - Sydney

Marta Pozo May 2021

Jacqueline, the teacher, is fantastic. The material provided was great: 3 canvas, acrylic colors and plenty of palette knifes to chose and experience with them.
A good starting point for Palette knife painting

Chantel Lorimer Mar 2021

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

I really loved this class. Our teacher Jacqueline was fantastic and inspirational. Highly recommended this class.

Robert Anderson Mar 2021

Enjoyable class. Very practical and applied. Kept us busy. Very engaging and helpful instructor. Learned new skills.

Jehna Liddle Feb 2020

This class was really good Started slow with techniques and by then end you felt like a pro. Simple to learn almost anyone could do it. Best to come in with an idea of colours you like together or a subject to paint as the last hour is essentially self directed exploration.

Yujia Liu Sep 2019

Wonderful experience with Jacqueline and classmates. A good chance to discover interesting colour combination. The environment is beautiful as well. Thanks and looking forward to the next workshop!

Laura Hudson Sep 2019

Teacher was good, not too artsy which I liked but could have provided more understanding on our goals/intentions of the warm up exercises.
Venue in DARLINGHURST was lovely and added to the tranquil element of the class.
We learnt palette knife painting techniques and got to use artist extensive supply of knives but we didn’t see her demonstrate much. And only took canvases home, I had thought I might get some knives too to enable me to keep practising.
Overall, I really enjoyed my time out being creative.

Lee Oct 2016

Thank you Jacqueline and other class members for an enjoyable workshop. The view was fantastic out the windows. Jacqueline was very helpful and attentive. I would like to attend another workshop after I have practised a bit, to come and learn more.

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