Line Art Drawing and Perspective Workshop

Learn line drawing techniques!

2.5 hours 6 to 10 label $45

Learning drawing has never been so easy and simple with the techniques.

In the class you will learn the simple drawing technique from an architectural background, starting from understanding the pen and pencil types, line widths and their visual weights. Practice on developing the skill of freehand drawing, incorporating shade and shadow and learning different types of perspectives which are essential for drawing our surroundings.

All these learnings are linked with each other to produce a visually balanced drawing.

This class is perfect for you if you are trying to learn the basic drawing skills and to control over vertical and horizontal lines also the perspective drawings.

I will demonstrate the shadow drawing and perspective practically so that it gives a better understanding of reality.

This class is available on request for a group of students 4-6, also available for a private lesson

Knowledge Required
No, beginners are welcome
What you'll get
A set of 3 pens and 3 pencils
What to bring
Art or sketchbook
Suitable for

This class is popular for a birthday, hens party, team building activity, corporate event, bucks party or Christmas party.


Your teacher can travel within 60km of Haymarket

Your teacher
Thoiba Kongkham
Thoiba Kongkham

5.0 (3)

I like to draw on my leisure times. The fondness for drawing has increased in a thousand folds when I started learning architecture and knew the insides of it and how to draw in a very simplistic way. The knowledge I learnt from architecture is invaluable. I didn't only confine my exploration of art in the buildings but also in nature and our surroundings.
Line drawing is one of my favourite medium of drawing. The reason behind this liking is quite simple. How the lines create the shape of the object, how the same line gives the depth, distance, shades and shadows have always wondered me. I believe, this specific style of drawing can inspire people to draw without any prior learning also in a very accurate way. When this drawing merges with the rules of perspective, it gives an extra value to the drawing and makes more realistic. I will be happy to share my little knowledge among the new learners :). It will also enable students to develop the skill of freehand drawing, focus on details and become more observant towards nature.


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Verified reviews

• Nov 2019

The workshop was great.
Thoiba came to me which was super convenient, he was very friendly and patient.
The techniques that I learnt were very helpful, I would definitely recommend taking this workshop.

• Sep 2019

Thoiba was very knowledgeable and had a great way of communicating the techniques.

The workshop was comprehensive for beginners looking to understand fundamental hand drawing techniques.

• Aug 2019

Thoiba was a fantastic teacher, we all learnt so much and it was very enjoyable.

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