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Mark Eliott Glass

30 years experience in glassblowing

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Mark Eliott is a contemporary artist working primarily in flame-worked glass and also incorporating a variety of media such as music, stop-motion animation and wood carving.

Mark completed a Master of visual arts and Master of Studio Arts at Sydney College of the Arts, as well as an Associate Diploma in Jazz Studies (Saxophone) at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

Collaborations with other artists are also a feature of Mark's work, for example the stop-motion animation project with Jack McGrath for which they coined the term Flame-ation (flame-glass animation). This work aims to bring glass to life by presenting the object together with animation, and sometimes, live performance.

Mark teaches flame-work and provides interactive demonstrations. He has exhibited internationally and has a strong interest in environmental issues.




Amy Shaw Feb 2024

Mark was a great teacher. I learnt a lot and had a heap of fun

Kate Weir Feb 2024

I've been interested in glass blowing for a while and my friend gifted me this class for my birthday! Mark was a great teacher – incredibly patient and helpful. I was so absorbed watching how the glass reacted to heat and movement, and was much more intentional with the second project/piece. Even though it was a swelteringly hot day, the venue was bright and cool. Plenty of drinks provided to keep you hydrated too. Definitely recommend Mark's class for anyone interested in a beginners experience with glass blowing!

Amy Levinson Feb 2024

We had a really fun and educational session with Mark and made some awesome sculptures in the process. It was lovely to be in Marks studio and admire his works. We will be back! Would 100% recommend.

Teacher's response

Thanks heaps Amy, glad you had a good time. Yes please do come back.
Regards Mark

Delian Entchev Feb 2024

My partner and I have been raving about this class since we finished it! Mark was a great, patient teacher, and gave all the assistance you'd need to bring your ideas to life. You'll get to work on real pieces almost straight away, and I was surprised how many different pieces I was able to work on and take home at the end of the day. This is a great way to celebrate a special occasion!

Teacher's response

Thank you Delian, it was great to have you in my studio.

Regards Mark

David George Feb 2024

I had bought this class as a Christmas gift for my wife as she had been clearly fascinated by a glass blowing display she had seen recently on a trip to Europe, and I accompanied her. Mark is a wealth of knowledge, experience and skill in the glassmaking art, and was able to quickly make both of us feel relaxed and confident to experiment during our first hands on experience. The venue was well suited for the class. At the end it left one with an appreciation of glass blowing/making and certainly well able to make one think of pursuing it further as a hobby.

Teacher's response

Thank you David, I'm so glad you both enjoyed the class.

Regards Mark

Laura Shepard Feb 2024

Mark is a great teacher, answered all questions and always wore a smile. We learned so much and had such a good time. He provided cold drinks and made sure to keep things flowing smoothly. He very was safety conscious and even took photos for us. We also really appreciated the flexibility with timing for a private lesson. Highly recommend this experience.

Teacher's response

Thanks Laura, you were an incredibly enthusiastic and creative group. I'm so glad you enjoyed the class.
Regards Mark.

Hoi Yi Wai Feb 2024

Loved it! Mark was a great teacher. It was fun and we learnt a lot of different skills.

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Hoi Yi Wai - Sydney

Teacher's response

Thank you for your kind feedback Hoi Yi Wai. I'm glad you had fun.

Regards mark.

Chad Berry Feb 2024

Fantastic class as Mark made it feel super casual and comfortable. Showing you the ropes but not leading you to create something stead letting you create with the tips and tricks he teaches. Really enjoyed it.

Glass Blowing Class for Beginners: Taster review by Chad Berry - Sydney

Teacher's response

Thank you Chad, I'm glad you enjoyed.

Regards Mark.

Su Yeon Jo Feb 2024

This class was very informative, well designed for the beginner, you can take back few different pieces using different techniques making it.i will definitely come back for anither class some time.

Mark and Simi was very kind and helpful during the class!

I recommend to do this full day class as you don't need to rush the process, and learn more skills overall.

Teacher's response

Thank you Su Yeon Jo, it was great to have you in the class.

Regards Mark.

Andrew Robinson Feb 2024

This course was well worth it. Very detailed with a lot of hands on glassblowing.

Mark and Simi are friendly, talented, knowledgeable, and they are excellent teachers.

I've been looking for an introduction to glassblowing for a long while and this course was the perfect fit for beginners.

I strongly suggest doing this longer full day course as we made a variety of pieces, learned basic skills for handling and blowing glass, and really had the time to get into it properly.

It was an excellent experience and I highly recommend it!

Teacher's response

Thank you for your detailed review Andrew, we're glad you enjoyed the class

Mark and Simi

Cameron de Jong Feb 2024

Outstanding class. Mark and Simi are excellent teachers and the structure of the class allows sufficient time to consolidate the terrific tutelage!

Teacher's response

Thanks heaps for your feedback Cameron. It was great to have you in the class.

Regards Mark and Simi

Victoria Young Feb 2024

Mark and his daughter are both very talented, knowledgeable and helpful. It was a great class and I would love to go back for more. The only negative was sitting on uncomfortable stools all day. The class itself was great.

Teacher's response

Hi Victoria, thank you for your feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed the class. In future I inform the all day class students in particular that I have a couple of different seats available for anyone who finds the stools uncomfortable.
Regards Mark.

Mathanhi Jegatheeswaran Feb 2024

I booked out the whole class (8) for a work event and it was truly a fun experience for everyone. Mark and Simmi helped all of us make pieces that we could take home. Would highly recommend this class!

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Mathanhi Jegatheeswaran - Sydney

Teacher's response

Thank you for your great feedback Mathanhi and thank you for organising your work event in my studio. It was great to see you again and to meet your work associates.
Regards Mark

Jessie Jan 2024

Best experience ever! What a kind, patient teacher Mark is! He made us all comfortable and kept any eye on everyone- no one was left behind. Thoroughly enjoyed this activity and we were able to come out with some interesting creations. Would 10/10 recommend.

Joanna Klein Jan 2024

Absolutely amazing class. We went as a group of 5 friends and had a wonderful class. All enjoyed and came away with unique and beautiful creations. Mark was an experienced, friendly and helpful teacher. Highly recommend you try Mark’s class. So worth it!

Glass Blowing Class for Beginners: Taster review by Joanna Klein - Sydney

Teacher's response

Thank you so much for your kind review Joanna, apologies for my delay in replying. It's been a busy period.

Regards Mark

Joanna Klein Jan 2024

This was really an incredible experience! Mark was a great teacher, a pleasure to deal with from first contact. He first demonstrated and explained the process and then we got to have a go and he helped us throughout the experience. I made 2 blobbys and then a beautiful mini vase. Mark helped us feel at ease, encouraged us to relax and be creative, and troubleshooted as needed. I really thought this would be a once in a lifetime then done experience, but I enjoyed it so much I would definitely like to return again!

Teacher's response

Thank you so much Joanna, it was great to have you in my class
Regards mark.

Melissa Mezups Jan 2024

My husband and I had an amazing session with Mark; he was so informative about the medium, and willingly answered the hundreds of questions we threw at him!
Mark had a great balance of teaching us the techniques and safety requirements, and then letting us just get on with it and let our creativity flow!
Mark also had great patience explaining concepts and techniques as we were working, guiding us only when we needed it
This course was great value, and we left with two pieces of our handiworks each
I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in glassblowing - it’s fascinating, and you couldn’t have a better teacher than Mark!

Teacher's response

Hi Meissa, apologies for the delay in replying to your wonderful review, its been a busy time. It was great to have you in my class
Regards Mark

Jasmine Peters Jan 2024

Mark was an incredible instructor - patient and encouraging as he allowed us to explore glass techniques.
Was a really fun session that allowed us to be creative with the skills we had learnt!
I wish I had more time once I got a feel for the experience - will definitely be coming back to hone in on my skills!

Teacher's response

Thanks heaps Jasmine, Apologies for my slow response to your kind review. Its been a crazily busy period. Yes please do come back somne time.

Regards mark.

Virginia Chenney Jan 2024

Mark is a very informative teacher and I enjoyed the class very much. Very well equipped workshop and I will most likely book further classes.

Teacher's response

Hi Virginia, thanks for your kind review and apologies for my tardy reponse. Busy times yes please do come back some time.
Regards Mark.

Christine Chang Jan 2024

Loved the experience. It was a bit pricey, though after attending the class you can understand why due to the equipment which you use, the accessibility to glass supplies, the venue and Mark’s expertise. Mark was very knowledgeable, skilful, patient and so lovely. Thanks Mark for such a great experience in glass blowing and working with glass.

Teacher's response

Thanks for your review Christine, sorry for my slow response. I have been super busy. Yes youre right about all the costs involved in running this kind of class.
Regards Mark.

Tammy Carter Jan 2024

Amazing Mark and Similar are amazing and so good at teaching people how and what to do. Highly recommended five stars

Teacher's response

Hi Tammy, thanks so much for your kind review. Apologies for my tardy response. I have been super busy. regards Mark

Alyson Hickey Jan 2024

Mark is a great teacher. The class was a good way to get an introduction into glass blowing. We loved it

Teacher's response

Thank you for your kind review Alyson. apologies it has taken me so long to reply, its been a super busy period. Regards mark.

B Merz Jan 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Enter a wonderland of creation and imagination. I learned a ton, felt well instructed on safety protocols, and knew I was in the studio of an engaged, collaborating artist. Mark’s class flashed by because it was immersive and allowed for maximum time working with the elements. It’s the beginning of a journey that I already feel the pull of the path onwards…!

Glass Blowing Class for Beginners: Taster review by B Merz - Sydney

Teacher's response

Hi B, I'm finally getting to read my reviews thank you so much and its been great to have you in my studio returning for another class and further practice sessions.
Regards mark

Neala Fraser Jan 2024

Had a great time learning how to meld glass and to blow glass. Teacher was very knowledgeable and helpful. Really interesting process and new found appreciation for handmade glass objects. Would definitely do another course with this teacher.

Teacher's response

Thank you for your review Nealer, Sorry its taken me so long to reply due to a busy period.
Yes please do come back some time.
Regards Mark.

Alex Jackson Jan 2024

Mark’s a great instructor, he makes it fun and supports when you need help

Teacher's response

Hi Alex, thanks for your kind review apologies for my slow reply in this busy period. All the best.
Regards mark.

Shane Rigg Jan 2024

Absolutely delightful session that was informative and fun. Fantastic introduction into the art of glass blowing and I'd recommend it to everyone. Mark was a great instructor and made the process of learning very relaxed.

Teacher's response

thanks heaps Shane, I am just getting to read my reviews after a very busy period. It was great to have you in the class
Regards mark

Emily King Jan 2024

Had a great experience! The teacher was very nice and knowledgeable and we had a lot of fun learning the glass blowing techniques

Teacher's response

Thanks heaps Emily and sorry for my slow reply due to super busy times
Regards Mark

Martijn Brouwer Dec 2023

It was a great and fun experience. Mark is very knowledgeable and explains well how to use the material. We definitely got a taste for more.

Teacher's response

Thanks for your kind review Martijn, sorry for my late reply due to a busy period in the studio Regards Mark

Darien Dec 2023

Great class. Mark had the skills, tools and touch to help the class create and enjoy.

Teacher's response

Thanks for your kind reply Darien. I am finally getting to reply after a very busy period Regards Mark

Hailey Damato Dec 2023

Mark was very knowledgeable and patient. He was able to utilise his amazing skills to assist us enter the world of glass and glass blowing. We will definitely be back to refine our skills.

Teacher's response

Hi Hailey, Thank you for your review and apologies for my slow reply in this busy period. I am always trying to strike the right balance in my classes as some people prefer the sculpting and others prefer the blowing. Hopefully you found it all fun. Come and try the all day class some time as you will find there is more time to explore both compared to the taster class. Regards Mark.

Kylie Dixon Dec 2023

We had such a great time in this workshop with Mark for a team day. We got to play (safely) with fire, and learn a new and challenging skill. I also think it was great for our construction crew to be a little creative as well. I have a new appreciation for glass art as it really isn't that easy! Thanks for being so patient with us and showing us multiple ways of working with glass and helping us achieve our little creations

Teacher's response

Thank you Kylie for your kind feedback. i'm glad your crew enjoyed the session. sorry about my slow response. it has been a crazily busy period. Regards mark.

Bennett Marie Dec 2023

Our class with Mark was challenging & wonderful. So much, much more than we anticipated. In the middle of anxiety (mine) Mark spoke to us in his beautiful calm way.
Surprise! We came away with a piece I am thrilled to call my own.

Teacher's response

Thanks heaps for your kind feedback Bennett, it was great to have you in my class. Apologies for my late reply I have been flat out. Regards mark.

Dimitra Korkidas Dec 2023

Mark Eliott is a wonderful teacher. Very patient and is able to convey techniques is a very easy to follow manner. I was thrilled with what I was able to achieve under his direction. Can't wait to do the second course. Highly recommend his classes! Dimi

Teacher's response

Hi Dimitra, thank you for your kind feedback. Sorrey for my slow reply in this busy period. Yes please do come back sometime. Regards Mark

Indigo Phibbs Dec 2023

A fantastic class! Got to try lots of different techniques and Mark was a great teacher.

David Stern Dec 2023

Despite being 40 degrees outside, the venue with an air-conditioner and fan proced to work well. The setup for eight students and two teachers was very professional and all the tools etc. were provided and explained. Nice to see everything was sterilised etc.

Mark and his daughter Simi knew their stuff, and his explanations and guidance and hands on help were invaluable.

There was no shortage of materials and we were allowed to make multiple attempts at the same pieces.

All in all an experience that I can recommend.


Teacher's response

Thank you David, Simi and I enjoyed having you in the class. Apologies for my slow reply as I have been super busy.
Regards mark.

Jess Liang Dec 2023

Mark was very informative, teaching us various techniques to make many different kinds of glass creations. Simi was a wonderful helper and also did a great demonstration on pendant making.

Nichola Walker Dec 2023

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

Mark and Simi are great teachers. The class is really well structured with lots of free time and taught sections. Definitely recommend.

Glass Blowing Class: All Day review by Nichola Walker - Sydney

Teacher's response

Thanks for your kind feedback Nichola, apologies for my slow response due to a very busy period. Simi and i enjoyed having you in the class. Regards mark.

Andrew McFarlane Dec 2023

Our family had a great time learning about glass blowing. Mark was an excellent teacher and his years of experience in glass came through in the class. As a taster for glass art we couldn't have hoped for more.

Teacher's response

Thanks heaps Andrew, It was great having your family in my studio

Celine Ho Dec 2023

Mark had great detailed demo and always was there to lend a helping hand. A great teacher :)

Teacher's response

Thanks for your feedback Celine, please come again

Olivia Jeon Dec 2023

We had a wonderful time with Mark. He is a great teacher! Definitely will be returning. Highly recommended.

Teacher's response

Thank you Olivia, please come again

Fiona Thornton Nov 2023

Very experienced and patient Teacher, Mark with a friendly and knowledge Assistant Anna. It was amazing what we could learn and create in such a short space of time.

Thoroughly recommend it. Allow an extra 30 mins at the end for your artworks to cool in the kiln and read the instructions in your confirmation email re what to bring / wear.

Teacher's response

Thanks for your feedback Fiona, it was great having you in my studio

Winnie Huen Nov 2023

Mark is an experienced glass making master, he taught us a lot of techniques in the 2.5 hours and gave us a lot of time and space to experiment with our creations. A really great first-timer “taster” session and even a bit addictive! I loved learning two glass making techniques in one sitting. It is one of the best experiences we’ve had in Sydney. I’d highly recommend it if you’re after something different and memorable.

Teacher's response

Thanks heaps Winnie, it was great having you in the class.

Lou Hayward Nov 2023

My partner and I had such a fantastic time at Mark's glass blowing taster class! Neither of us had ever tried anything like this before and we learned so much. Mark is a patient and supportive teacher, and he created a really lovely classroom atmosphere. Highly recommend!

Teacher's response

Thanks a lot Lou it was great having you on board

Shan Huang Nov 2023

really enjoy the course and definitely wanna to go here again and again Mark is so patient and really willing to help!

Audrey Ormella Nov 2023

Mark and Anna were clear and helpful throughout the workshop, always ready to provide help if needed, but still left space for you to be creative and experiment with the material. Fantastic value for money, we each got to take home the 2-4 pieces that we made. Learned so much about the craft of glasswork! Will definitely be back.

Niki Taylor Nov 2023

Great teacher, taught us a lot of techniques for the class, and very fun class

John Roach Nov 2023

Mark is an excellent teacher and professional in his approach to ensure we got a wonderful experience. We walked away with a couple of meaningful “trinkets” that we will treasure.
PS. ask to see some of the miniature animals that Mark makes, they are beautiful

Cynthia Winter Nov 2023

Was a great class, we thoroughly enjoyed it, Mark is a great teacher and encourages your own artistic flair.

Rebecca Gray Nov 2023

Mark Elliot conducted an incredible class. He was so accommodating of everyone needing a touch of support through the experience here and there. Mark and his daughter Simmy are amazing artists and teachers. I would highly recommend anyone to go! And I think I will be back

Clare Morgan Nov 2023

This was a really fun day trying out something new. Instructions on getting to the venue were clear and it was a great little spot with numerous lunch options nearby. All materials were provided and the pace was just right. The all-day class offers the opportunity to try two different ways of working with glass, and you'll end up with a few keepsakes to take home at the end of the day. Mark Eliott was endlessly patient and encouraging - a fabulous teacher. Highly recommended, especially if you're looking for Christmas gifts.

Pamela Koh Nov 2023

Mark was so passionate and shared so freely about his experiences! My partner and I thoroughly enjoyed the session, and the time flew by so quickly even though this was a full day course. Definitely try it out!

Mathanhi Jegatheeswaran Nov 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Mark was amazing at teaching us the basics and making sure we got to have finished products that we all loved.

Would recommend this class for anyone who has been thinking of trying out glassblowing and lampworking.

Elly McManus Nov 2023

Mark and his daughter we fantastic teachers. The venue was open, bright and had a great atmosphere. The materials were great and the experience was fantastic

Jess Nov 2023

An amazing experience. I love showing off the things that I made (even if they are a bit abstract). Everyone was really friendly and a complete novice like me was able to make something displayable by the end of the class. Highly recommend as a group or individual activity.

Robyn Clune Nov 2023

Lovely supportive environment for beginners. Such a wonderful process and an enjoyable afternoon. Thank you mark!

Liam Oct 2023

Mark was an amazing teacher - confident in his methods and patient with us first-time glassblowers. We came out knowing significantly more about the art of glassblowing and with some pieces to remember the experience.

Thank you Mark!

Harsha Ramchandani Oct 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Mark was an absolutely lovely teacher. I came away with a fascination and deep appreciation of working with glass. I'm very inspired to do more!

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Harsha Ramchandani - Sydney

Anna Papoutsakis Oct 2023

Had a blast! Took my 74 year old Father as it’s always been a bucket list item for him. Mark was amazing! He was ever so patient towards my Dad (even when Dad was not following instructions ‍♀️).
I don’t have a creative bone in my body but found that I loved the whole experience. It didn’t matter that I didn’t know what I was doing. I found it quite meditative. My 5 year old loved my ‘abstract blob’ ha ha.
Venue was great ,materials supplied were ample and varied and Mark even had coconut water to offer us :)
Would definitely do it again. Thank you Mark!

Taryn Rath Oct 2023

Really enjoyable class, very informative. Mark and Anna were really helpful and quick to give advice. Would definitely recommend and would love to do it again.

Teacher's response

Thanks heaps Taryn, great to have you in my class. Regards Mark.

Susan Britton Oct 2023

We really enjoyed learning to play with glass, colour and shapes.mark has a gentle very encouraging manner and Anna his assistant is the best.
The studio was light and I loved the serious workshop feel. Mark had some of his work there for us to see which was so interesting.
All 3 of my group would totally recommend this class. One of us had attended a previous class and inspired we other two to come along.

Teacher's response

Thanks for the great feedback Susan, glad you enjoyed the class.

Regards Mark.

Ko-Chueh Lin Oct 2023

I bought this class as a birthday present for my partner. We both had a lot of fun during the class. Mark is a great teacher, very patient and inspiring. He demonstrated a number of techniques at the beginning and let everyone have a go at practicing these techniques at our hearts content before moving on to the blowing portion of the class. We ended up with a few pieces each to take home. It was a fun and memorable class. Perfect for total beginners who want to have a dip in the glass making world.

Teacher's response

Thank you Ko-Chueh Lin, I'm so glad you enjoyed the class. Regards Mark.

Marco Dandolo Oct 2023

Fabulous course, lots of fun.

Mark was a great teacher, very knowledgeable. We had a lovely afternoon.

Teacher's response

Thanks heaps Marco, I'm glad you all enjoyed it. Regards mark.

Sarah Moran Oct 2023

Wonderful experience. Highly recommended. Great group activity. Would definately do it again. Bring your creatively.

Teacher's response

Thank you so much for the nice review Sarah.
Please come again. Regards Mark.

Alexandra Camilleri Oct 2023

An absolutely wonderful experience the class was so much fun and I will definitely be back! The teachers were so informative and helpful. Best experience ever!

April Han Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Absolutely loved the class with my friend. Highly recommended! Getting crafty was amazing with Mark’s help.

Renee Oct 2023

Mark is such an incredible—and patient—teacher! We had so much fun learning and playing with two different techniques and got to leave with some cute pieces we made. Would definitely recommend!

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Renee - Sydney

Claudia Solin Oct 2023

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Mark is very personable and relaxed; clear in his instruction and encouraging around making mistakes. The perfect instructor to invite you into a new world of creative exploration. Such a great introduction to glass blowing! I’m looking forward to doing another class.

Rana Hadid-Richards Oct 2023

Great workshop! Mark is exceptionally skilled and a wonderful teacher.
I highly recommend joining a class.

Travis Duck Oct 2023

Had a wonderful time, great instructor, the family had a really fun time, thanks for all the help and instruction.

Jeff Oct 2023

Incredible beginners class to which you leave wanting to learn more. Mark shared the perfect amount of knowledge over the 2 hrs. Came out of the class eager to share my creations and experience with family and friends.

Alexander Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The class was a really fantastic experience that I can’t recommend more. There is no substitute for hands on learning and this was top notch. Mark was extremely knowledgeable and was able to impart that know-how in a very accessible and fun way without getting in any way too complicated, though ready and willing to delve deeper into any aspect if a student was interested. The facility was easy to get to and comfortable. I’ll likely be coming back for some more to hone what I learned - it got me hooked!

Paul T Finnerty Oct 2023

Great. Informative, interesting and very hands on with plenty to do and a great range of skills learnt, producing successful items to take home. An enjoyable experience.

Nihal Aldere Oct 2023

could be structured rather than free work so that there is a real object to take home even if a simple one

Jasmine Biala Green Oct 2023

My favourite workshop I’ve taken so far. Mark was very thorough with his instructions and was happy to help us as we made our items.

Lots of fun and we got to take our little glass pieces home!

Glass Blowing Class for Beginners: Taster review by Jasmine Biala Green - Sydney

Nikkita Horne Sep 2023

Mark was great. Classes very well structured but relaxed. Learnt two main types of glass blowing (torch). Created two objects. Highly recommend.

Teacher's response

Thank you Nekkita, your review is much appreciated. I'm glad you enjoyed the class. Hope to see you again.
Regards Mark

Lianne Koinis Sep 2023

Attending Mark's glass blowing class was a fantastic experience that I recommend. Mark is not only an expert in the field but also a patient and passionate teacher, ensuring we were comfortable and supported. The venue had great equipment and the materials provided allowed us to fully embrace our creative potentials, leading to beautiful creations. What stood out the most was the hands-on experience under Mark's guidance, transforming our glass into art. For anyone curious about glass blowing, Mark's class is an enriching blend of art , and self-expression that shouldn't be missed.

Teacher's response

Thanks heaps for your in depth review Lianne, I'm glad you really enjoyed the experience. Please come again

Samantha Hughes Sep 2023

Beautiful workshop, highly recommend it! Mark gives you all the tools and knowledge to run with whatever your creativity inspires. Taught in a professional manner, where you get the why/how to gain a deep understanding.

Lots of fun, great opportunities to continue learning, and very inspired by Mark's own work.

Teacher's response

Thank you for your lovely review Samantha, It was great to have you in the class

Travis Duck Sep 2023

Very fun, knowledgable and interesting class, I'll be going again with some other friends.
Way harder than expected to make something that actually looks good, just shows the skill of the teachers, had a great time.

Teacher's response

Thanks Travis, I try to make the process as easy as possible but it is still challenging I'll admit which I think is half the fun. Glad you enjoyed the class.

Stephanie Kennedy Sep 2023

The class size was great and the teacher was really good. Very experienced and easy to follow.
It was a fun 2.5 hours.

Teacher's response

Thank you Stephanie, it was great to have you in my class. Please come back for another session sometime. Regards Mark.

Antonia Rizova Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The class was great Mark’s instructions were clear and it was really fun to work with a medium I never have before :)

Teacher's response

Thanks very much Antonia, it was great having you in the class. I hope you enjoy my book as well.

Murray Herbert Sep 2023

Mark had a very calm and encouraging demeanour. He covered numerous skills and techniques that we could use as novices and it was all done in a light and friendly manner. I loved the experience. 10/10. Murray

Glass Blowing Class for Beginners: Taster review by Murray Herbert - Sydney

Teacher's response

Thank you very much for your great review Murray. I'm glad you enjoyed the class.

Rhiannon Fuller-Sandys Aug 2023

I absolutely loved the class and found both the process and the teaching very fascinating! :)

Teacher's response

I'm so glad you enjoyed it Rhiannon

Erin Potroz Aug 2023

The teacher is very positive and very knowledgeable. The class was amazingly fun. We had been looking forward to the class and were not disappointed

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Erin Potroz - Sydney

Teacher's response

Thanks heaps Erin

Michael Clapham Aug 2023

What a wonderful to spend time on a Sunday. Perfectly tailored to the complete novice. This truly was a taster, it left me wanting more.

Teacher's response

Great Michael, you are welcome to come back.

Mr Nolan Aug 2023

The teacher was very good. Facilities were great, very clean and organised. Great demonstrations and advice.

Very safe. We will be back for sure.

Glass Blowing Class for Beginners: Taster review by Mr Nolan - Sydney

Teacher's response

Thanks Mr Nolan, glad you both enjoyed the experience

Gordon Duff Aug 2023

very cool space, fantastic teacher. Definitely recommend coming with an idea of something basic u want to make though so that you can make the most of the time there, would absolutely recommend this for anyone curious about getting into glassblowing, was a lot of fun :)

Teacher's response

Thank you for your thoughtful feedback Gordon.

Craig Bennett Aug 2023

Mark made our class very enjoyable and with his wisdom and thoughts the outcome of our pieces were somewhat successful
All in all a great day

Teacher's response

Thanks Craig, it is a challenging medium I know and thats part of the fun. I'm glad you enjoyed the experience

Luke Parkinson Aug 2023

Mark was amazing and it was so interesting to get to try the working with the glass

Teacher's response

Glad you enjoyed it Luke

Keshet Cohen Aug 2023

Mark is an amazing teacher. The venue was perfect and so well set up. The class was beautiful. We absolutly loved everything about the session and will be back to learn more.

We picked this class because of Marks art, so different to other glassblowers and had such a beautiful time. We took home a couple of our own little creations and loved every moment of it.

Teacher's response

Thanks for the wonderful feedback Keshet

Hannah Andreuzza Aug 2023

Fantastic class, highly recommended. Mark had so much knowledge and patience. Definately will book again

Glass Blowing Class for Beginners: Taster review by Hannah Andreuzza - Sydney

Teacher's response

Thanks Hannah

Geoffrey Tunbridge Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Mark was engaging, informative and supportive. Thoroughly recommend this day for anyone looking for a creative experience

Teacher's response

Thank you Geoffrey

Scott Furze Jul 2023

Mark was fantastic! So much knowledge and explained everything so thoroughly. It was an amazing experience and I will not hesitate to organise another glass session.

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Scott Furze - Sydney

Teacher's response

Thanks so much Scott

Michel Vogel Jul 2023

I had a wonderful time. I only wish I could take more classes in Newcastle. Thank you Mark.

Teacher's response

Thanks Michael, I hope you can make it down again sometime

Kelly Zenere Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Really great experience and was lot of fun.

Our instructors Mark and Simi were super helpful and very patient with us all.

We got to create 2 pieces to bring home.

I'd recommend this to anyone who is looking for something creative - it's a great introduction to glass work.

Teacher's response

thanks heaps Kelly

Jennifer Uhlhorn Jul 2023

Mark was a great teacher and explained the techniques well. Simi was also wonderful.
We could have stayed longer listening to Mark explain more of his own works.
Fantastic experience

Teacher's response

Thank you Jennifer

Peter Bryant Jul 2023

20 ClassBento workshops attended • 18 reviews

The class was great fun. Mark is an excellent teacher and very knowledgeable. It was great to be able to try both, creating glass ornaments and blowing glass. I did the class with my daughter and we had a great time together. Would thoroughly recommend this class and would love to go again

Glass Blowing Class for Beginners: Taster review by Peter Bryant - Sydney

Teacher's response

Thanks Peter it was great to have you both in my studio

Annette Bui Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Wow, what a wonderful and unique experience. Mark is a knowledgeable and thoughtful teacher. Mum and I entered the class with no glass blowing experience and he took the time to carefully explain the basic principles to us, and patiently answered any questions we may have. All the materials and equipment (including safety equipment) are provided for you. I do think the class is very good value for money considering the materials required and how long the class is. I would highly recommend this class.

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Annette Bui - Sydney

Honor Sinclair Jul 2023

Mark was wonderful, just watching him work was amazing. He was so lovely and experienced, we had such a great time and love our little treasures

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Honor Sinclair - Sydney

Linda Williams Jul 2023

This was a fantastic class. Mark teacher was very knowledgeable and it was great fun, we each got to create a couple of glass items. Highly recommended.

Glass Blowing Class for Beginners: Taster review by Linda Williams - Sydney

Dianne Le Jul 2023

Great fun and very enjoyable!
Mark was amazing, very patient and is an incredible teacher. Felt very comfortable there. Definitely wish we had more time to create more glass pieces!

Molly Barr Jul 2023

Really fun intro class to glass, a hard medium to do a crash course in but Mark did a great job.

Juliette Harrington Jul 2023

Mark was patient and helpful with the entire class. We had such a fun time learning this amazing art form! Thank you Mark!

Kathryn Merry Jul 2023

Loved the experience and learning something new!
Just wish I had more time to play.
Thank you

Megan Wilson Jul 2023

Mark is a lovely man, very knowledgeable and experienced in his craft. He explained everything clearly and it all made for a very enjoyable afternoon

Daniel Roffey Jul 2023

I thought the class was really informative and covered a good range of the first steps towards enjoyable glass blowing, good value for money and flexible on what you'd prefer to learn or practise on. Ill definitely look into stage 2 in the near future. Cheers Mark.

Kiran Deol Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Well organised class in a pleasant, safe environment. Patient, engaging teacher who was able to tailor the class according to the participant's level of skill comfort. Great funand I made a thing!

Jessica Ball Jun 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

This was a fantastic experience, we had a great time. Mark is highly knowledgeable and a great teacher, happy to share his time and experience.

Daynia Tupou Jun 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Had an incredible lesson with Mark, truly remarkable and had such a blast learning this intricate art!

Debbie Whitford Jun 2023

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Mark is a great teacher, he explained things really well. Really good setup for the classes. Challenging but a lot of fun.

Leigh-Anne Rhodes Jun 2023

This class was a great taster session for working with glass. Mark was patient, clear and thorough in his teaching. All materials and equipment were provided and explained. Leave perfection at the door and come with the attitude of creative free flow. This class didn't disasppoint.

Ariane Falkenberg Jun 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Mark is a great teacher - very patient and explains everything very well.
Time passes way too fast but somehow you still manage to produce 2 pieces each.
We are hooked.

Chris Younger Jun 2023

Really enjoyable class, able to get quickly onto the tools and have a go at it. Mark was a very relaxed teacher which was reassuring when dealing with hot fire. Can recommend!

Madison Amorim Jun 2023

This class was so much fun, unlike anything I had ever tried before. Both teachers were super knowledgeable and passionate and so it made the experience even better.

Vanessa Leszczuk Jun 2023

Brilliant fun to work with glass which is such a fascinating material. Mark was a great teacher and the set up was perfect.

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Vanessa Leszczuk - Sydney

Shyleen Hewlett Jun 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Super interesting and fun class! It’s a great opportunity to be creative and try something new.
We got to make 2 things and had a lot of help from the friendly teacher :)

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Shyleen Hewlett - Sydney

Heather Kremen Jun 2023

Great class. The teacher was very good at demoing how the glass moved and what you could do with it. Then he gave the students plenty of opertunity to play around and create really unique pieces while experiencing working with borosilicate glass.

Natalia Teulan Jun 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Mark is a knowledgeable and engaging teacher, whilst also clearly an artist at heart.
I really enjoyed the playful aspect of the first stage of working with the glass, and in the second stage I was able to blow a small bottle.
The materials available to use were varied and plentiful, with lots of gorgeous colours to choose from.
The venue was perfect too, lots of light, equipment and plenty of room for many people.
I came away with my two individual creations and some basic skills. I look forward to developing these skills further!

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Natalia Teulan - Sydney

Diana Ng Jun 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Mark was patient and knowledgeable, the class was fun and I learned a lot. I brought home way more glass work than I’ve expected, Mark also provided a space where you feel safe to make mistakes. I would love to go back and make more work with Mark! Highly recommended.

Matthew Wilson Jun 2023

Good fun. Great experience. Time just went so quickly! (Well, it was a taster session after all.) Showed off the two glass pieces to guys at my local Mens Shed: nobody has seen anything like my work! Didn't get any buyers though! Recommended experience.

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Matthew Wilson - Sydney

Sandra Parkin May 2023

We had a great time. The Mark was very informative. The equipment was great with free range. Just not long enough to let our creative selves go.

Lynne Matthews May 2023

This class was amazing - Mark is a wonderfully kind and patient guide - he looks for the creativity in each student and creates a lovely space to explore both the process of flame-work and the possibilities. It was just a great day in a joyful and tranquil environment. Lots of fun :)

Rebecca Malek May 2023

We loved Mark's class. He was a great teacher who was able to guide us safely into making some great pieces. Would certainly recommend

Yang Qiu May 2023

It’s really fun class. I really enjoyed it. I made little glass sculptures in the class.

Juha Hietamaki May 2023

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and Mark was an excellent teacher! I got to make 5 objects using different types of glass and techniques. I learned a lot and I will definitely go back for more. 5 stars!

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Juha Hietamaki - Sydney

Catheryn Banks May 2023

A wonderful fun day. Mark was so patient, encouraging and polite. No matter what our creations looked like he genuinely liked them and encouraged us enthusiastically to continue our creations. It was a day full of hands on creativity and fun.

Jesi Domingo May 2023

Mark is a very knowledgable, patient and kind teacher. He answered all questions and you can really see his passion for the art.

Glass Blowing Class for Beginners: Taster review by Jesi Domingo - Sydney

Julia Sassen May 2023

Mark is very good at what he does. He is very thorough when he is explaining on what to do, and how you can just explore and have fun with it. It was an honour to be taught by him. Would definitely recommend!

Trina So May 2023

Mark was a very thorough, attentive and patient teacher making this class even more enjoyable. The venue was appropriate and easy to find. The materials and equipment were plentiful and good quality. I would recommend making smaller items if you want to make multiple things.

Glass Blowing Class for Beginners: Taster review by Trina So - Sydney

Vallan Brandy May 2023

I had booked this as a gift to my partner for their birthday and both me and my partner walked out of the class loving it!
Mark was a great teacher who taught us a variety of techniques used in glass blowing. He was also there to help with some of the more difficult parts, including help saving our pieces when they started to crack.
Would recommend this others and would do this again :)

Janet Hillary-Taylor Apr 2023

Enjoyed the day. Mark was a great teacher who made glass work look easy. It was great having pieces to take home. All of them unique.

Leran Admoni Apr 2023

Such a great day of trying glass blowing and getting a feel for it. Mark was supportive and encouraged the class to try lots of different techniques and experiement. I learnt a lot. Thanks!

Ana Karvouniaris Apr 2023

We loved our class with Mark! He was kind and we had a blast! Thank you so much for offering this class Mark!

Zoe Mikulandra Apr 2023

Super informative about glass theory, practice and history. Lots of fun and a small class made it easy to learn.

Glass Blowing Class for Beginners: Taster review by Zoe Mikulandra - Sydney

Tina Le Apr 2023

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

Amazing class and very hands on help from our teacher Mark! We had a lot of fun learning a new craft.

Glass Blowing Class for Beginners: Taster review by Tina Le - Sydney

Bonnie Huang Apr 2023

Mark was an excellent teacher, soft-spoken and kind but instructive and educational. We learnt sculpting, pendant-making, and blowing with borosilicate glass and a flame-work torch. Mark was really helpful and encouraged students to learn more/ask more and the lesson was planned well so that we could all learn the needed basics in an approachable manner and then take some lovely items home. Mark was available to help students with certain visions or if they wanted to make specific things. The venue and materials provided was all great and fulfilled the needs of the workshop - everything was extremely safe and clean - such lovely and caring hosts, thank you! It was absolutely perfect!

Alex Jackson Apr 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Such a fun class that is challenging but also very easy to get into at the same time. Had a fantastic time.

Georgina Veneziani Apr 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

This course was great! Mark is an excellent teacher, very patient and thorough in his explanations. Would highly recommend.

Alana Canceri Apr 2023

We had a great time at the all day beginner class. Mark was very generous with sharing his knowledge. The studio was fantastic. I now have a greater appreciation for glass art and blowing.

Robert Witty Apr 2023

A really warm welcome from the training team. As a beginner I was given the safe space to explore, experiment and bring my creativity out. The trainers were on-hand to save a piece of work in its moment of need. They seemed to genuinely take an interest in my development, but did it in a very positive way. Than you very much Mark and Mimi

Lauren Giordano Apr 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

This was such a fun class! Mark was a great teacher. Would definitely recommend for something different.

Mark Christopher Mar 2023

Mark was such a fantastic teacher. All materials were provided which was super easy. It was a great experience to try two different types of glass making in our lesson. The group session was great too as you can see different ideas. I can't recommend this enough.

Tully Ozgur Mar 2023

Mark is a brilliant artist and a teacher. He took his time with all the participants and explained glass blowing basics in clear language. We were supplied with all the materials we need and Mark was ready give us a hand when needed! I highly recommend this course for anyone who likes to create and experience different materials!

Amanda Wise Mar 2023

Fun day with Mark and Siddy - had a ball learning to melt and blow glass. Mark is a patient and lovely teacher.

Judith Leacock Mar 2023

Learning to create things with glass including glass blowing was a great experience and I highly recommend this class. The teacher is excellent - the right pace, the encouragement to be creative with no right or wrong elements, thorough explanations and historical descriptions gives you a much greater appreciation of the art of glass blowing. All equipment required is available and the studio is large enough to allow you to have a break from what is quite hot work! We proudly came home with 5 items each that we had made during our class - not bad for total beginners. Definitely a class anyone could do and enjoy.

Lyndall Brockhurst Mar 2023

Great class to give you a taster of glass blowing.
Had plenty of time to be hands on and heaps of materials to choose from.

Mark explained a number of different techniques that helped guide our creations. He was very clear and approachable. Making the whole experience enjoyable.

Melissa Willings Mar 2023

Great fun for a group activity. No wasting time, came how with two cute pieces. Clear instructions and plenty of help if you needed it, but left to do it on your own.

Moet Sela Mar 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Great class, comfortable studio knowledgeable teacher, lots of fun, I highly recommend attending the class

Catherine Wood Mar 2023

Great class. Had an opportunity to make two different things with two great helpers when we needed help. Would recommend to anyone who wants to try something new.

Mark Deweerd Mar 2023

Enjoyable first experience with no pressure or expectation from Mark. Would highly recommend to anyone interested in trying something different!

Renee Calphy Mar 2023

Fun classes with great instructon producing many and varied art
works which will now proudly go ‘straight to the pool room’.
Thanks for a fun day Mark.

Tyson Galvin Mar 2023

Mark is very knowledgeable, extremely talented and patient.

I took a little longer to make my flower at the start and he was able to help the others in the class with the next stage of glass blowing, while i finished.

I really enjoyed it, and as a first timer, didn't realise I would pick it up so quickly.

I feel another hobby fostering!

Thanks again Mark.

Glass Blowing Class for Beginners: Taster review by Tyson Galvin - Sydney

Matin Harbus Mar 2023

Really well
introduced. Got skilled up enough to ACTUALLY get to make some pieces in glass. Just made me want to do more.

Terry Fake Feb 2023

Great teacher who shares his time with all students, always readily available if you required individual assistance.
Venue and the setup in the workshop worked very well, plenty of materials provided with variations if required.
Highly recommended course, Marks teaches and doesn't hold back on ideas.

Charlotte Mungomery Feb 2023

Marks glass class was incredible Couldn’t recommend more! Learnt so much, got to experiment & am inspired to continue glass journey! Thankyou so much Mark

Jordan Arlenghi Feb 2023

A really comprehensive and supportive lesson, Mark provided alot of 1 on 1 time and set projects I actually wanted to work on. Fantastic!

Jacqui Krause Feb 2023

Great fun and a little harder than I thought. I learned a lot and Mark is an excellent and passionate teacher

Sophia Le Feb 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

An absolutely thrilling class, that I highly recommend - Mark provides a wonderfully balanced experience wherein he provides you with the tools and knowledge you need to start confidently and then encourages you to dive straight into play and experimenting with flamework and glass blowing.

It was a wonderfully enjoyable workshop for my partner and I - we loved being able to create something that we could take home and cherish forever.

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Sophia Le - Sydney

Niharika Hukku Feb 2023

Mark is an excellent teacher and a wonderful artist. He was very detailed about safety and was very comprehensive in his teaching method. He was also very attentive and helpful and gave us freedom to create. I attended the class with my husband and we both came home with pieces we love.

Glass Blowing Class for Beginners: Taster review by Niharika Hukku - Sydney

Paige Owen Feb 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Mark was great! He was patient and taught so well, bringing so much humanness to glass blowing. He encouraged creativity and flow, and was very nurturing in the process. It was amazing to learn how to blow glass, such a unique skill - and in the time allocated you were able to get a feel for just how incredibly talented glass blowers are.

Merilyn Heuschkel Feb 2023

Loved this class. Had so much fun learning about how to manipulate glass. Great for beginners!

Amanda Cook Feb 2023

A really informative and creative class. Loved it. Will definitely think about coming back to do the longer class. Thanks Mark.

Sascha Kelso Feb 2023

this class had a really great balance of instruction and freedom. Mark is generous with his input, materials are well laid out, the process was so interesting and i loved the oblects i got to take home

Melissa Ward Feb 2023

Great intro to the art of glass blowing/ sculpture. Mark is very knowledgeable and passionate and was a wonderful teacher. Small class size allowed Mark to be very helpful with all of us. Great to make and take home a few treasures too

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Melissa Ward - Sydney

Debbie Calvert Feb 2023

Loved the experience and Mark was a wealth of knowledge and support. Really appreciated the intricacies of the work and would happily recommend to friends and family.
Thank you Mark for a great introduction to your passion

Clare Robinson Feb 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Mark was so knowledgeable and patient. He let us be creative while passing on some really cool skills. Loved this class!

Julie Scott Feb 2023

The glass blowing class we did with Mark this week was fantastic. Mark took time to explain the basic techniques (& safety practices) then we were able to begin experiencing this fascinating art by melting glass, adding colour, changing the shape of the object and using a variety of crafting tools. Then we moved onto some actual glass blowing. This class was excellent, good value for money and with a patient, very talented teacher. We didn't want the class to finish and now hope to return for a full day session very soon.

Monika Diak Feb 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Excellent teacher, calm and precise. Thoroughly enjoyed the class, will definitely be back for more.

Catherine Donnelley Feb 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

It was a great introduction to Glass Blowing and forming. The space could do with some air-conditioning on a hot day as the fans blow the flame and it was very hot but otherwise a brilliant day! Thank you

Isabel Garraway Jan 2023

Enjoyed the structured approach to the day and the gentle and supportive guidance provided by Mark. Great day - thankyou.

Meena Ahn Jan 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Excellent workshop - I’ve wanted to do this for a long time.
Excellent teacher, all materials provided.

Kyra Kim Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I booked this glass blowing class as a birthday gift for my partner and it was so much fun and a really unique experience. Mark is a great teacher, very encouraging and knowledgeable. He coached us through the different glass moulding techniques and we were able to take home some unique vessels that we made. I would highly recommend this class as a memorable and fun activity! I am looking forward to doing a longer class and honing my new found skills

Katie Jan 2023

Great experience. Mark was super knowledgeable and explained everything really well. First time for me so lots to learn. Would definitely do it again and next time try not to drop my partners glassware on the floor

Elise Girdler Jan 2023

Mark was a fantastic teacher, extremely passionate and knowledgable. He showed us different techniques before we were able to try ourselves, and then was on hand to help and give advice. The experience was really great and unique - would recommend. Thank you!

Paul Gibbons Jan 2023

Mark is an excellent tutor, very patient, helpful and informative. The workshop is very well set up in a good space and we managed to come home with some not too bad pieces for novices. We loved it!

Samantha Coultas Jan 2023

We really enjoyed this experience. Mark is very knowledgeable. He was able to give us all the information we required to get started and was very patient with us as beginners. I would recommend this to anyone who just wants a taste of working with glass.

Lisa Herrod Jan 2023

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

We had a great experience with Mark. The structure of the taster class is perfect for getting a sense of the studio environment, tools, materials and fundamental techniques.

There was plenty of time for a good introduction as well as experimenting with a variety of techniques.

Safety and hygiene (Covid etc) was well addressed too.

The taster class was a perfect introduction for me to the longer series of more advanced classes.

Mark is extremely welcoming and friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.

I would recommend this to anyone with any interest in the art.

Really interesting and a great selection of materials and tools.

Thanks Mark!

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Lisa Herrod - Sydney

Rhys Stratford Jan 2023

My wife and i had an amazing experience with Mark, He is such a lovely guy with alot of patients and a very calming manner which is exactly what you need when dealing with a hot flame and molten glass! He is very happy to throw you in at the deep end and that's what i liked most about the whole experience as no time is wasted getting creative.

I would strongly recommend this experience to anyone who is looking to try something totally new and doesn't mind a challenge!

Thanks Mark for a great afternoon!

Kylie Chow Jan 2023

7 ClassBento workshops attended • 7 reviews

Thoroughly enjoyed my first experience of glass blowing thanks to the warm and creative studio space created by Mark. It was a great afternoon!

Elizabeth Franklin Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Loved every part! Will do again, Mark is a great teacher and his assistant Anna was wonderful. Far exceeded my expectations and I want to learn more!

Glass Blowing Class for Beginners: Taster review by Elizabeth Franklin - Sydney

Xue Cao Jan 2023

The teacher was fantastic. Explained things simply and concisely, took things slowly to make sure we understood everything. We also had similar interests so we had many fun conversations during the class.

Mary Veigh Jan 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Mark was a great teacher. He explaiend the process thoroughly- both safety and techinque. I really appreciated the way he was encouraging of my less than skillful efforts.

The class was fun and I loved the opportunity to be creative withour feeling I had to produce a masterpeice.

I would recomment this class to everyone.

Anika Lukins Jan 2023

Great class! Mark was fantastic and very helpful. I discovered a real love for working with glass. I’ll definitely be coming back!

Daniel Snitzer Jan 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended

My wife and I really enjoyed the class. The teacher was entertaining and informative. It felt like we covered enough interesting things in enough detail to make the time fly by.

Lisa Emery Jan 2023

I had a fabulous time learning how to work with molten glass and blow glass. Mark was a fantastic teacher, very knowledgeable, he explained everything really well and is creative. The lesson was well prepared, good equipment and a lovely space to work in. Thanks for a fabulous lesson.

Jasmine Aspinall Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The teacher was very friendly and helpful! Encouraged everyone to let their creativity flow and to have fun. Definitely recommend

Amy Kranz Jan 2023

It was equal parts fun, interesting and challenging. Mark has a wealth of knowledge and is an excellent teacher and just genuinely a lovely guy.

Johanna Kovats Dec 2022

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

My husband and I had a geat day
Fun and laughter and quizzical looks
broken glass and weird funny shapes to take home
Mark was very committed and a pateint teacher
All materials provided and no expense on the gas spared
Highly recomend this class if you want to try something new !
Hanna and Grant

Cristie Little Dec 2022

Mark was a patient and accommodating teacher. The projects were suitable to a wide variety of abilities and were designed to be progressive in skill building. I felt like we produced a good amount of work in the day, it was fun and challenging. The facilities, materials and class size were great value for money. Thanks for a great day!

Lena Gorov Dec 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Fantastic demonstration of glass blowing. Good explanation of the process. Beautiful pieces to make and to take home as well.

Glass Blowing Class: All Day review by Lena Gorov - Sydney

Phoebe Ludemann Dec 2022

Mark's class was fantastic – we all had a great time and took home some lovely objects/ornaments! My colleagues and I would all highly recommend this class if you want to try something new in an approachable, skilfully guided setting.

Jane Cleverley Dec 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Well I really loved this class, a nice group of students and the teacher was thoughtful and informative and helpful.
We heard a little about the history of glass, where we may purchase the tools and then we had free form, then projects including pendants and small glass blowing object.
Lots of colours and crashes but lots of support and 2nd life blown into the minor mishaps.
I liked the way my partner laughed at my attempts when I bought the pieces home. But thats art for you Bringing joy and anyway I really liked how they turned out.

Vinity Gill Dec 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Mark is a very patient teacher. As we were a group of high needs individual participating, Mark managed the participants really well.
He is an amazing teacher.
Vinity from Moksha Therapy Psychology Practice

Giselle Epstein Dec 2022

Class was great, very good opportunity to get introduced to glass blowing techniques.
Teacher was very supportive and help the class during the day

Heiron Chan Dec 2022

I booked this class with a group of friends to learn a new and different skill. Mark generously shared his knowledge and talent in this class. He was extremely patient and encouraging in all our creative glass making endeavours. It was a really wonderful experience - the taster class gave us the freedom to test our new skills and create some lovely pieces that we could take home. We would not hesitate to book another class with Mark.

Murray Hopkins Dec 2022

Mark was thorough and generous in his approach. There was time to listen to the glass and begin to hear a few words in response.

Katrina Sanders Dec 2022

We did this class as a family, it was engaging, fun and gave good insight on the basics.

Ashleigh Cullen Dec 2022

Such an amazing class Mark is a great teacher that is able to explain his skills so well and give us the freedom to create. We were a group of 8 and had great time - all want to do it again!

Glass Blowing Class for Beginners: Taster review by Ashleigh Cullen - Sydney

Megan Engard Dec 2022

Mark was a fantastic instructor! We loved being able to jump right in to working with the tools and were chuffed to walk away with our first handmade glass pieces! Great as either a one off activity or the start of a fun new hobby.

Sophie Lamarque Dec 2022

Mark was great.
Super informative and helpful.
His passion for glass was really apparent. He made a couple of total novices feel comfortable

Rena Hirani Dec 2022

i just had an amazing time at this class. i was nervous but i was able to make something i was proud of and mark was a great patient and enthusiastic teacher! Looking forward to doing another class.

Gemma Grayson Dec 2022

This was my second class with Mark and it was as good as I expected. So much fun and I had the time to experiment and learn the glass medium

Ella Pybus Dec 2022

We had a brilliant time! Mark was a clear and patient teacher and the glass blowing / sculpting process was just so fun - would highly recommend.

Dani Bennett Nov 2022

7 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

It was very informative and very well run. I felt I learned a great deal.

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Dani Bennett - Sydney

Deirdre Chia Nov 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Mark was very patient, friendly and accommodating during the glass blowing class. He taught us a good variety of techniques and gave us the freedom to explore. It was a cathartic experience which left us wanting more. Would highly recommend!

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Deirdre Chia - Sydney

Nick Krajewski Nov 2022

The course was really fun and very interesting. Mark did a great job with the demonstrations and was very helpful. Would recommend this course to others.

Gabrielle Chidiac Nov 2022

Great class and great teacher! We had no experience but quickly felt so confident and curious.

Eleanor Stokes Nov 2022

Absolutely loved it
My husband and I were lucky enough to receive a Classbento gift card for our birthdays. And what better and more unique way to spend it then on a glass blowing class. You can really appreciate it as a diverse and intricate skill.

Mark the teacher has over 40 years experience, a true gentleman and very professional with a true passion for the glass medium.

Materials were provided and to a great quality, and you have plenty of opportunity and resources to really try out the skill in a low pressure environment. Mark just wants you to have fun and play around.

Tea and water are provided, location is roomy with plenty of room between yourself and other class mates, and good visibility in learning from Mark.

Book it in, you won’t regret it. Also check out the show “Blown Away” before you plan on going. The possibilities with glass are endless.

Glass Blowing Class for Beginners: Taster review by Eleanor Stokes - Sydney

Ruth Smith Nov 2022

Our family attended together and found all levels of ability where equally adapted to by Mark (teacher). Instructions where clear and precise before participating in the activity, safety always a priority with constant encouraging assistance along the way. Great knowledge shared with enthusiasm and happily answering enquires without hesitation. I would recommend taking this introductory glass blowing class, great family or work building bonding experience.

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Ruth Smith - Sydney

Danielle Clapham Nov 2022

A big thank you to Mark for a fantastic class! He was a great teacher. Highly recommend this class. It was great value and perfect for beginners.

Glass Blowing Class for Beginners: Taster review by Danielle Clapham - Sydney

Patrick Rosario Nov 2022

This class was a great introduction into glass blowing. Mark was lovely and very helpful, great instructor. Had a fun time and would definitely recommend :)

Meghann Thai Nov 2022

Mark is an excellent teacher. He provided us with all the materials and taught us how to safely heat the glass and how to safely handle the molten glass as well. He showed us basic glass moulding techniques as well as glass blowing.
This class is definitely a taster and leaves you wanting more. Our group will definitely be back for a full day class.

Claire Markey Nov 2022

Mark was so friendly and passionate about his craft! It was a wonderful experience and we felt we learned so much even in such a short class!

He was very encouraging, offering help and advice when needed but he really allowed us to get our creative juices flowing!

Thank you for such a wonderful experience- I can’t recommend it highly enough!

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Claire Markey - Sydney

Tania Sweatman Nov 2022

7 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

What a wonderful introduction to glass blowing and glass art. We were all a little nervous but Mark calmly took us through the processes and soon had us working with the glass rods, colour and flame. We each came away with two pieces of very unique art and a greater appreciation for the skill that these artists have. I've included a copy of my creations - definitely room for improvement! Venue was easy to locate. We arrived early and were able to enjoy a coffee and morning tea at a nearby cafe. The studio was set up well for us to easily get started at our own stations. An extra special "thank you" to Mark for being so patient and accommodating - we had to reschedule several times due to the floods and COVID.

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Tania Sweatman - Sydney

Luke Merrill Nov 2022

Great fun with a thorough teacher who knows and loves his art Mark was very easy going and made the day relaxing and highly enjoyable! I would highly recommend this awesome class and can’t wait for my next glass blowing adventure

Dianne Grazioli Oct 2022

Great and fun experience. The teacher was very knowledgeable and friendly and explained the process well.

Paul Bakker Oct 2022

A great time was had, Mark was very good at helping us create some interesting glass Art

Very friendly, with lots of time to createwill definitely be having another crack at glass blowing

Helen Gaulton Oct 2022

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

Teacher was very good, materials great. Location good coffee shops and gelato nearby. Will do the longer class next year

Tony Bennett Oct 2022

Mark was a fantastic teacher, patient, passionate and knowledgeable.
It was a lot of fun, great value for money and walked away with some lovely quirky glass things

Fareida Mama Oct 2022

Enjoyed the glass, had always wanted to experience it. Only point of improvement would be (which atleast 3 of us felt) that the Instructor could be a little louder as it was hard to hear. Would definitely recommend.

Bobby Mueller Oct 2022

Mark was very patient, friendly and knowledgeable, will definitely recommend anyone that are interested to give it a go

Chantelle Lawrence Oct 2022

Highly recommed this class! We had so much fun, it was a very unique experience. Mark was such a great instructor, very knowledgeable and talented - made it look so easy! He was very helpful, patient and down to earth. It was a very hands on class, no time wasting, we made 3 pieces each and could already see progress in the short amount of time. Good location, there was parking right outside the stuido which was very convienent as well. Can't wait to go back and create some more things!

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Chantelle Lawrence - Sydney

Peter Feldbusch Oct 2022

Mark is a great teacher explaining procedures clearly
Has patience and a smooth manner
I learned a lot in the 2 hrs

Joshua Patrick Oct 2022

Mark is an extremely talented artist *and* possesses the skill set to provide a conducive intro class to ordinary folks, like my and my partner. We loved the class! The venue was fun to work in and we felt like we got a good “bang for our buck.” I would highly recommend this course and hope to do a follow-up myself to have another go!

Marina William Oct 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Mark is a great artist and teacher, we had a wonderful time and learned so much from him! I highly recommend this class!

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Marina William - Sydney

Ramla Fakhri Oct 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Mark was a great teacher, very passionate and detailed and friendly and patient. We got to make two different things - glass sculpture and glass blowing so it was a great introduction

Narain Mirza Oct 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I really enjoyed the two hour class. Mark gave time to everyone individually and was really patient, his expertise really shines through. I will certianly be going back to his studio for more classes.

Bronwen Williams Oct 2022

This introductory glass blowing class is excellent and super fun and accessible. Mark is extremely knowledgeable and explains clearly the methods and techniques and is very encouraging and helpful. It great to be able to make our own creations to take home. Thank you Mark!

Rowland Martinez Oct 2022

Mark’s a great artist and teacher. He goes through the process and safety essentials in depth and leaves you to work with your imagination to create one of one glass works. No complaints with the venue. Mark provides all the tools and glass needed to get started.
Definitely worth the money and time.

Dee Jonsson Oct 2022

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Was a great lesson. Hands on for most lesson. Went home with 3 pieces. Thanks.

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Dee Jonsson - Sydney

Elliot Foy Oct 2022

I had an absolute blast doing the beginner glass blowing with Mark. He was an excellent teacher and showed us some really helpful things but also gave us lots of freedom in creating whatever we wanted. He waited around for us to finish up and really gave us a great experience I would definitely recommend his classes :).

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Elliot Foy - Sydney

Peter Harrowell Oct 2022

The introduction to glasswork was great. Mark was an enthusiastic and patient teacher. The venue was excellent and my daughter and I had a great time. A very satisfying and worthwhile experience. Excellent value.

Sunita Shah Oct 2022

This class was incredible - Mark was informative, patient and has a wonderful energy. We made so many pieces and now I just want to do more glass work! Thank you! Highly highly recommend :)

Daniel D’Appio Oct 2022

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

The teacher Mark was great, very knowledgeable and super helpful guiding the participants to create fun objects and explain how the glass craft works! Highly recommend!

Peter Langmaid Oct 2022

A great beginners class to glass blowing - mark was thorough and it was a fun way to spend my evening !

Melanie Gribble Oct 2022

We loved it and would definitely like to do it again. A great introduction to glass blowing

Sarah Dempsey Oct 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I booked a private class for my husbands birthday. Had such a great time we will be back with our kids and my mum. Thanks Mark you’re a great teacher

Glass Blowing Class for Beginners: Taster review by Sarah Dempsey - Sydney

Robert Petitto Oct 2022

Mark was an amazing teacher! He was so helpful and catered to everyone’s needs. I highly recommend this class

Michael Shipstone Oct 2022

Brilliant introduction to a very interesting craft
Mark was a great teacher - informative and inclusive - instructed by demonstration and then assisting without controlling our individual work
Would definitely recommend giving it a try
Thanks so much!

Margaret Bevan Oct 2022

Good course, Mark explained and demonstrated well and we came away with some lovely sculptures

Yvonne Sheehan Oct 2022

I really enjoyed the class with Mark.
He explained everything well and had a good demonstration before we started.
All material were included.
Nice to take something home too.

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Yvonne Sheehan - Sydney

April Mountfort Oct 2022

Mark taught well, he explained technique well and was patient when providing assistance. Mark has an enthusiastic personality.

Rodger Baldry Oct 2022

Just fabulous. A complete new experience for my wife and I. Mark did a fantastic job with the teaching side.
Its not an easy skill to learn But such a rewarding experience.
Would definitely recommend it.

Ling Lee Oct 2022

22 ClassBento workshops attended • 21 reviews

A fun and engaging class with a very passionate instructor. I would definitely come again.

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Ling Lee - Sydney

Katherine Boom Oct 2022

Great entry level introduction to glass blowing and the art of it. Great amount of time spent between learning and practicing.

Cameron McKenzie Oct 2022

We had a great experience with Mark. He explained what we needed to do very well and assisted as needed. We throughly enjoyed the experience and would recommend to anyone thinking of doing the course. It was a great afternoon spent and we will hopefully be back again soon!

Christopher Potter Sep 2022

My daughter and I really enjoyed our glass blowing experience. Mark is very encouraging and patient. The equipment and set up was well organised. The venue is conveniently located. I would highly recommend Mark's class to anyone who wants to try glass blowing.

Carla Fallaria Sep 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Had a great class with Mark - he was very knowledgeable and also very patient. The class venue was quite easy to get to on public transport, and located in a building that seems to be a studio space for a lot of different creatives (woodworking, painting, pottery) that just adds to the atmosphere.

We had all the tools and materials we needed to create our little abstract objects, my favourite part of the class was blowing the glass for our vessels. Factor in an extra half hour or so to the class time as you'll need to wait for your glass to cool before you can take it with you.

Had a blast and will be booking another glass blowing class, this was an excellent experience.

Hannah Lehmann Sep 2022

Mark is such a great teacher, this was such a fun class! Great for groups.

Dani Bennett Sep 2022

7 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Mark is an inspired and patient tutor with a capacity to meet everyone in a diverse groups needs.

Gina Agostini Sep 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Good therapeutic and interactive lesson, Mark is very knowledgeable in all corners of this field. Thank you

Kristie Gray Sep 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Spent a fun few hours learning the basics of glass blowing and shaping. We were so bad at it but Mark was very helpful and patient! Thanks

Glass Blowing Class for Beginners: Taster review by Kristie Gray - Sydney

Belinda Ellis Sep 2022

8 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

Nice, clean set up. Lovely to walk through other artists’ studios to get to Mark’s. He gave us time to explore and gently guides you to where you want to go. Thank you for a wonderful experience ‘playing’ with glass.

Rewenka Buhr Sep 2022

Amazing class I can only highly recommend to go great teacher!
Thanks Mark for an awesome experience!

Rupert Oreilly Sep 2022

This was a brilliant time, Mark is a wonderful and talented teacher it was a joy to be taught by someone so creative. Everything about the experience was high quality, including the materials and the venue itself, very positive atmosphere. It was worth every cent and second of our time and left us wishing to return to do more.

Jeltje Jansen Sep 2022

Mark was brilliant, such a great experience and looking forward to next time! The studio was easy to find and everyone was so kind and friendly!