Massage Workshop

Basic Relaxation Massage For Couples

4 hours Class size 1 to 4 (public classes), 4 to 6

label $90 (or 4 payments of $22.50 via Afterpay)
($350 per class surcharge applies for private classes)

The 4-Hour Massage Workshop With A Lifetime Of Benefits!

* When you purchase the class...1 guest=1 person. Highly recommended to come with your partner.

* This class is limited to just 2 COUPLES per session for the purpose of practicing social distancing measures.

Our trained and experienced massage therapist will guide you step-by-step on how to use your hands, forearms, fingers, and body weight to create soothing, feel-good massage strokes that combine to produce powerful, effective massage techniques that alleviate tension, stress, and pain.

We recommend this workshop to ANYONE who wants to learn the art of massage in the comfort of a professional, friendly, & extremely relaxing environment — no prior experience required!

Couples especially love taking this workshop together as it gives them an opportunity to strengthen their relationship on a deeper level by communicating through the power of touch. If you're attending as a couple, you will be learning and exchanging massages together as a pair all through out the workshop) - no swapping as massage is more personal and we want you to be as comfortable as possible.

Course Topics

Back, shoulder, neck, head, arm, and foot massage and reflexology techniques

Continuous massage techniques for each body part

Specific techniques for breaking down knots, stiff muscles, & scar tissue, and relieving tension

Contraindications, workplace health and safety, body spots to avoid massaging

Step-by-step instructions of a full 60-90 minute massage routine

Benefits Of Attending This Workshop

Our workshops provide the hands-on experience, personal insight, and guidance that you can’t get from simply reading a massage book or watching massage videos online— and you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback all in real-time!

The massage techniques that you will learn can be used anytime and anywhere to instantly alleviate stress and tension in your body and in others and help you live a calmer, more relaxed life.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your workshop experience for any reason, please contact us to see how we can make it right!


What should I wear?

Comfortable and loose shirt/singlet, shorts, and flipflops.

Is this workshop only for couples?

No, all are welcome! Many friends and family members also love attending together.

Can I attend by myself?

We highly recommend you attend this workshop with someone so you can have a body to practice on that you are comfortable with.

Is this workshop appropriate for pregnant women?

Yes! Massage is incredibly beneficial for pregnant women.

What if I have prior injuries?

Please let us know of any prior or existing injuries or conditions.

What if I have allergies?

Please let our professionals know of any allergy that you may have (i.e. essential oil, food etc.)

Knowledge Required
No prior knowledge required. This is perfect for beginners or for those who have tried massaging their partners or loved ones at home before.
What you'll get
You'll be enjoying some afternoon tea offerings after the class. You'll also be taking home your very own self-care goodie bag and a special certificate for joining the class.

All materials and equipment needed for the massage will be provided.
What to bring
Just wear a loose shirt/singlet, shorts, and flipflops. We highly suggest you bring your partner or bestie with you to be your massage partner as everything will be hands-on. We want you to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible so you can enjoy the overall experience.

Mandara Massage Studio - 63 Albert Crescent, Burwood NSW

Your teacher
Mandara Massage
Mandara Massage

Breathe. Relax. Let Go.

5.0 (54)

I am a certified massage therapist and massage teacher. Learning the art of massage therapy from best experts abroad, I have finished formal education in Australia and have been practising ever since. If superheroes had amazing powers, I am lucky enough to have one too-the power of touch. I've been sharing my superpower through massage for the past 4 years. After working at a 5-star spa for 2 years, I began working as a full time professional mobile massage therapist around Sydney taking care of people from all walks of life. I believe that there is no real substitute for the power of touch

Verified reviews

Daniela Acevedo • Nov 2020

We loved this couple massage experience!. Kristine was so nice and explained everything in detail (we were the only couple thou :). It was so relaxing ‍♀️ She provided some snacks, drinks and a goody bag , I even got a nice frame to remember the experience! I Highly recommend this class. Exceeded our expectations :)

Rachael Bryant • Nov 2020

The whole experience was fantastic! Kristine is warm, caring and friendly and immediately made us feel comfortable. Her instruction was excellent and we both feel like we learnt a lot. She gives an excellent massage too! We will definitely be recommending to our friends.

Caleb Heard • Nov 2020

We absolutely loved our workshop and learned heaps! Kristine was a marvelous instructor - we would highly recommend!

Julisa Edwards • Oct 2020

Wow, Kristine was such a great teacher She was super friendly and fun (we had a good laugh together over some of her tips), she explained and demonstrated all of the touches and techniques really well and really put you at ease, and a she gave us a lovely gift bag and beautiful certificate to remember it by! We're so very pleased we took this class, absolutely fabulous experience, really can't recommend this class enough

Massage Workshop review by Julisa Edwards Sydney

Nicola Bartley • Oct 2020

My partner and I had the most wonderful experience with Kristine. She was super knowledgable and friendly and caring. My partner has issues being touched and she accommodated us in a sensitive and compassionate manner. We both learnt so much during the lesson. It was kept light and fun as well as informative.

Thanks for a wonderful experience Kristine, we can’t recommend you highly enough

Ray Z • Oct 2020

The studio was extremely clean and ambient.
Christine the teacher was very friendly, knowledgeable and experienced.
The lesson was very well structured and progressed at a very good pace.
Would highly recommend.

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Frances Chen • Oct 2020

Lovely relaxing session with Kristine. We really enjoyed it! Kristine was great at explanations, patient, professional and experienced

Gabrielle Messer • Oct 2020

Wonderful session. Well paced and we learned a lot. Even got a goodie bag to take away with us. Would definitely do the class again one day.

Shelley Ryan • Oct 2020

Fun experience, great teacher gave clear, easy to follow instructions.
Would recommend to any other couples!

Ethan Zhang • Sep 2020

The class were amazing. I had really good time with partner. Kristine is very professional and funny! Oh, did I mention the delicious snacks she bake for students? Or the little gifts she prepare after class? Highly recommended!

Sarah Childs • Sep 2020

This was the most amazing class! Kristine was fantastic and very insghtful. Kristine even provided snacks and a take home bag. My partner and I loved the session!

Michaela Turancova • Aug 2020

Great class! Really hands on. Taught us a full body massage plus after class we got links to a few videos with tips and reminders so you didn't have to worry about trying to remember everything. Didn't rush, we went a bit overtime but Christine didn't cut the class shorter which was much appreciated. The only downside is that the location is in a residential block of units which is totally fine once you get in because it is set up as a massage studio but it fills you with a bit of doubt as you are arriving.

Body and Soul workshop review by Michaela Turancova

Jillian Imler • Aug 2020

We had a great time with Kristine! She made it more than a class, it was an experience. We really enjoyed learning how to target specific muscles and focus on what our partner likes. She kept us very well fed with a few snack breaks, and even sent us home with a bag of goodies! She is very knowledgeable and made us feel very comfortable. We certainly recommend this workshop! Thank you, Kristine!

Cherisha Koshy • Aug 2020

We had an absolutely lovely 5 star experience. Kristine was an amazing teacher - patient, experienced and respectful!
The venue was well set-up and the ambience was perfect, we learnt so much and got a cute goodie bag to make sure we do practice more.
Would recommend to all everyone interested in massage.

Colin Churton • Aug 2020

What a great teacher and experience! She Was friendly and so helpful. She provided snacks and also gifts from for us to use to practice with after the course

Lyjelle Tinsley • Aug 2020

Don’t judge a book by its cover inside, the facilities are fresh, clean and professional. Really friendly and personable instruction and a fun evening for all The goodies bag and videos are a thoughtful touch and weren’t expected. Excellent value for money. Highly recommended

Glen Philpott • Aug 2020

Christine was very informative and taught us some good skills for massaging. She also answered any questions we threw her way
Would definitely recommend this to friends

Casey Au • Aug 2020

Wonderful workshop - Kristine was lovely and took us through a step by step guide on a massage routine. Everything was thoughtfully prepared and we had a great time. We left feeling fabulous and refreshed.

Loic Ayoul • Aug 2020

We had a great time.
A lot of valuable knowledge and the teacher was fantastic !

Jessica Austin • Aug 2020

This is possibly the best present I have ever bought someone - which I also benefitted from!
Kristine is amazingly gentle, good humoured and insightful - she has an intuition of her clients and is highly professional.
Admittedly the building is little deceptive, but on entering her premises we were nothing short of relaxed and comfortable.
I have no hesitation in recommending this to anyone and everyone - do yourself a favour!

Emily Yun • Jul 2020

Highly recommend this couples massage class! Christine was an amazing teacher. We had a wonderful and relaxing time. The class was held in a small, but cosy room and all materials were provided for at the end. Christine explained everything slowly and in detail and we had so much fun!

Michelle Ang • Jul 2020

My partner and I have been wanting to go for a massage class for a while now. So when I saw this on Class Bento, we jumped at the opportunity. Our teacher Kristine was warm, friendly, and professional throughout. The venue was small and cosy, and felt just right. The ambience of the room was set-up really well, with scented candles and warm towels for us to use. This really sets the mood for a massage.

The session was really hands-on. One person went first, while the other was the 'guinea pig'. After the first person was done, we then did a swap. Kristine would first demonstrate the strokes and we would follow. We learnt different massage techniques and how to apply them properly. She also gave us tips on how we can improve our strokes, and shared about the do's and don'ts.

We also loved the fact that tea and snacks were provided during our break, and after the class. This small gesture made a huge difference because all that massaging made us hungry. It showed the extra effort Kristine put to take care of us, which we really appreciated.

We would definitely recommend this to our friends and family. Its such a relaxing and meaningful activity that you can bond over, not forgetting that it's also super value for money because we learnt something new, got a full body massage, AND a goodie-bag at the end of the class (a scented candle and a bottle of massage oil). We can't wait to practice on each other when we get home!

Thank you Kristine!

Body and Soul workshop review by Michelle Ang

Kristen Jones • Jun 2020

We had a wonderful class with Kristine. The entire experience was fun, professional and great value for money from start to finish. Kristine is an incredibly patient and knowledgeable teacher and all the extra touches like the snacks and gift bag at the end made it even more special. Thanks for a wonderful afternoon. I would recommend this experience without question.

Guillermo Diaz • Jun 2020

Thank you so much Kristine for your thoughtful fun and seamless massage workshop. From the moment we arrived we felt extremely well taken care of and were able to relax and enjoy learning the techniques.

Angela • Jun 2020

The teacher was warm and professional and guided us through what to do in a clear and succinct way. We enjoyed the massage and being able to learn together was a great experience. Highly recommend and value for money!

Carly Burns • May 2020

We had such a wonderful afternoon learning some skills that will benefit both of us in the future. Our instructor was beautiful. Calm and patient, we were comfortable in the environment. Great little touch with snacks provided and a lovely take away gift. Our first Classbento experience and we'll definitely use this site to book unique gift and date night/day experiences in the future.

Andrew Howie • May 2020

This was absolutely incredible! The instructor was so lovely, patient and genuine in wanting us to get the most out of it that we could. The venue inside is so beautifully done. Such a wonderful, calm, peaceful environment created, very creatively. The class is incredibly good value for money, because not only do you learn the skills, but you also get a LONG massage out of it too. Would highly recommend this to anyone who is thinking about it. The content covered everything we wanted it to, and we were provided with notes to take home after to help us remember everything!
So great. Thank you!

Aidan Nguyen • May 2020

A lovely experience from start to finish. Our teacher, Christine, was an absolute delight to learn from. Both my partner and I left feeling very refreshed. Highly recommended.

Rachel Lorizio • May 2020

Our massage class with Kristine was the perfect combo of relaxation and learning new skills all rolled into one morning. Kristine is a patient and enthusiastic teacher and not to mention amazing with her hands. We seriously recommend this for couples looking for a few hours of bonding over massage, laughs and learning

Penny Hare • May 2020

Kristine was a fabulous teacher. Great pace for learning as well as the massage being enjoyable to the massage recipient. Highly recommend the class.

Ashleigh Brown • Mar 2020

This was a fantastic class! Kristine was a great teacher, very patient and gave clear and simple instructions. The class ran at a good pace but there were plenty of opportunities to ask questions. All the materials provided were of high quality and the goodie bag at the end was a bonus. The location of the class was easy to find and Kristine did a great job creating a lovely atmosphere. Would highly recommend!

Belinda Lam-Duong • Mar 2020

Kristine's class was definitely worth every cent! Kristine was very friendly and helpful (and not to mention, very funny and witty as well)! It was a very safe and non-judgemental environment so we felt very comfortable throughout the entire workshop.
The materials that were provided were very helpful and informative. Would (and already have) recommended this class to my family, friends and workmates!

Stephen Ginsburg • Mar 2020

My partner and I both did this course and thoroughly enjoyed it. Christine is a great teacher. Can highly recommend anyone into massages doing this course.
Thanks Christine

Alida Vuuren • Feb 2020

Excellent teacher and a lovely shared experience with my partner. The snacks were great too!

Akos Lumnitzer • Feb 2020

Very friendly and relaxed environment. The teacher was knowledgeable and thorough. We learnt so much during the time spent there.
Excellent guidance throughout the session and we completely enjoyed the proper way to massage.

Matt Hillocks • Feb 2020

Kristine was really good as a teacher, she gave fantastic instruction and lead by example. We did a quick intro bit, then she did the first round of massages, we then stopped for light refreshments, then did the second round. At the end she gave us a brownie each and some tea, as well as a little gift bag. Great experience, fantastic learning experience, and I've taken quite a lot from the course. Massively recommend!

Raymon So • Feb 2020

Upon driving to the location, we were a little confused at first as it was a residential area. But once within the room, everything made sense! The place was had great ambience, clean, and though small for 3 couples, felt more homely and intimate because of it. The set up was professional and well thought out with massage beds, towels, oils, incense etc. The part that made the whole experience worthwhile was definitely our instructor - Kristine. She was amazing! She was kind and generous with her explanations and tutorials, allowed a generous amount of time for everybody to understand and be comfortable with what they were doing. And she was utterly professional yet inviting and friendly so that we all were enjoying the time there. She had some special little touches that I won't mention here but it did add that little extra to the whole experience. Would highly recommend this experience - it's something that is unique and can perpetually benefit you and your partner!

Kylie Tung • Feb 2020

Such a fun and worthwhile experience! Kristine was an enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher, and made us feel really comfortable. She had fluffy robes, great equipment and food and drink for us which were nice additional touches. Would definitely recommend!

Tiahn Melhem • Feb 2020

LOVED this class so much. As soon as we walked in Christine was sooo accomodating. From the cold refreshments to the half time cookie break and then to end on brownies and strawberries she really went above and beyond to make this experience even better than expected.
I received such an amazing massage from my partner from her clear and concise directions, her hands on demonstrations were amazing too!
She is very knowledgable to has taken alot of time to organised and construct these workshops to perfection.
HIGHLY recommend, had such an amazing day with my partner. Thank you so much

Nigel Burr • Feb 2020

Kristine was an amazing teacher and provided a real hands on massage session at the Mandara Massage class. The venue was serene and relaxing and made for a truly memorable experience. The teaching room is compact but very comfortable and all your need are attended to. This is a great opportunity for couples to get to know each other better and learn about the benefits of massage. Highly recommended.

Danielle Reid • Jan 2020

Fantastic teacher. Wonderful value. Must do activity for couples. We had a lovely time learning how to provide each other a massage, a great skill we plan to use regularly

Donya Vahdani • Jan 2020

Very comprehensive class which made us feel very comfortable. We learnt some great skills we will definitely use again :)

Oonagh Connor • Jan 2020

Kristine was excellent. I booked this for my partner and she was thrilled with it. We both got to massage each other for an hour and a half under Kristines guidance. Setting was in her peaceful studio and she put in alot of effort with homemade brownies, strawberries and iced tea in between breaks. We even got a goodie bag at the end!

Darren Sivewright • Dec 2019

Absolutely brilliant Recommend this great hands on class to everyone. Kristine is amazing. You instantly feel comfortable and she is a wealth of knowledge. We were also given a little bag of goodies to take home. 10/10

Body and Soul workshop review by Darren Sivewright Sydney

Darren Sivewright • Dec 2019

Absolutely brilliant Recommend this great hands on class to everyone. Kristine is amazing. You instantly feel comfortable and she is a wealth of knowledge. We were also given a little bag of goodies to take home. 10/10

Darren Sivewright • Dec 2019

Absolutely brilliant Recommend this great hands on class to everyone. Kristine is amazing. You instantly feel comfortable and she is a wealth of knowledge. We were also given a little bag of goodies to take home. 10/10

Body and Soul workshop review by Darren Sivewright

Satya Koutsoukos • Dec 2019

Christine is a skilled and professional teacher. She was so thoughtful and led us through an enjoyable massage. The class was not overcrowded (only me and my partner and another couple). The lesson was taught in a fully customised massage parlour in her apartment. New wooden massage tables. Clean, warm towels. All equipment was clean and modern (she even had a towel steamer). Essential oils were burning. We were given refreshments midway and also at the end. We were also given a gift bag at the end of class and the massage oil we practised with during the class. The gifts and hospitality were totally unexpected. It made the experience very special. We felt very welcome and were treated like royalty. Considering the cost, this class was excellent value for money. My husband and I really enjoyed ourselves and feel like we have the tools to continue practising at home. Christine even gave us personalised techniques for our specific ailments. We cannot recommend this class highly enough. Thank you, Christine. xx

Mark Luo • Dec 2019

Fantastic class, really helped us as a couple to massage better with more professional techniques. Kristine was patient and really detailed in helping us out.

Lorraine Wallace • Nov 2019

Great class, fun & comfortable atmosphere. Teacher created good vibe to make it instructive and yet personal for the couple at the same time. Lovely touch with the snacks & treats at the end. Would definitely recommend.

Tyrone Phan • Oct 2019

Great teacher, very informative and personalized. We have definitely improved our massaging techniques with each other and will use them often.

Krista Hulm • Oct 2019

My partner and I had a great time this massage workshop. At first it we weren't sure we were at the right place as it's hosted in a residential building. Once inside, the room was very comfortable, clean and nicely set up with a relaxing ambience. We were the only couple and were lucky to have a private session. Christine was a very professional and experienced teacher. She would clearly explain and demonstrate how to do different techniques and we would have a go at practising a couple of moves at a time on each other. She made us feel comfortable, allowed us to ask questions and gave great feedback to let us know when we were on track or not. We learnt a lot about massage that we can take home and apply. We highly recommend this enjoyable experience to other couples.

Heidi • Sep 2019

Friendly and welcoming and very professional. Was a lovely afternoon and very informative as well as relaxing!

Chris Wilson • Sep 2019

Great teacher very knowledgeable fantastic brownies afterwards great to have the follow up with the routine and video too.

Overall great experience

Brett Steel • Sep 2019

Great teacher, we went through all the basic techniques nice and slow which was really helpful
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