Mindful Eating Meditation: Zen Eating

Learn how to enjoy food on a deeper level during this mindful eating session based on Japanese Zen Buddhism

1 hour Class size 1 to 99

label $12 - $250 ($12 per Person, $77 per Group (Up to 10 persons), $100 per Group (Up to 30 persons), $150 per Group (Up to 50 persons), $250 per Group (Up to 99 persons))
Learn how to enjoy food on a deeper level to enrich your life and discover new ways of eating in this live streaming class!
During this mindful eating experience, your instructor will take you on a one-hour journey of eating meditation that will bring peace and joyful energy to your life.
Highlights of this class include:
  • A brief introduction of Japanese Zen Buddhism and how to apply it to mindful eating
  • Stretching and breathing exercise to prepare your body and mind for the eating experience
  • Guided eating meditation (zen eating), e.g. let the food sit on your tongue without chewing and enjoy the flavour with your five senses
  • Sharing time
This mindful eating experience is structured in three parts. We will begin with an introduction to the philosophy of zen, including how to eat mindfully. Your instructor will guide you to induce relaxation through simple exercises and breathing techniques.
Next, we start eating in a calm and relaxed state for 20 to 25 minutes. Mindful eating is one of the practices in Buddhism that is easy to implement in your own life. You may feel the connection with people, food and nature. We’ll explore this state of peace while eating, feeling full of joy. Eating together slowly in a calm and relaxed environment will leave you feeling more grounded.
Finally, we take a moment to share what we feel together. Sharing your perspective, thoughts and feelings is helpful for you to clear your mind, connect with others and end the experience with a positive feeling.
Eating mindfully promotes your happiness by resetting your mind to appreciate everything that surrounds you! It's an easy and effective practice that you can implement to enrich your everyday life.
Please note: If you are late to join via Zoom, we will admit you up to 15 minutes after the experience begins. One ticket is for one person per screen.
Knowledge required
Previous experience of mindfulness is not necessary. This activity is for adults since we sit in silence for a while. However, you can bring your children if your kid is fine with eating in silence.
What to bring
Just your meal or snacks to join the mindful eating session - anything to eat is fine but you may feel more comfortable if you bring something healthy like bread or salad or healthy snacks! Ideal meals are ones which remain delicious even when cold since we will start eating about 10 minutes after starting the activity. (Quantity: We eat 6-10 bites together.)
Your teacher

I have hosted more than 250 guests online.
I would like to share the calm and happy moment by giving you my activity "zen eating".
I integrate zen philosophy into eating.
I have been practicing Zen Buddism for 8 years.
My spiritual journey has been going on from when I studied religion and culture at university.
I was born in Northern Japan and raised in Tokyo.
I am passionate about knowing Japanese traditional culture as seeking tradition is entertaining for me.
I love sharing wisdom that I learned from traditions with my guests.
I have practiced Indian meditation too while I was living in India for 1.5 years.
As a happy person, I will share the way of eating mindfully based on Zen to gift yourself joy and calmness with you.
Instagram/FB @zeneatingmomo

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