Lydia's reviews

Jun 2020

Pottery Wheel Workshop: Embrace Wheelfulness

My partner and I had a fantastic time. Bettina's teaching style is very relaxed. She is very patient and provides a calm atmosphere for learning the basics. The workshop is clean and welcoming. We would recommend this class for anyone looking for something to do with a partner, friends or family.

Dec 2020

Beginner's Kintsugi Workshop

We had a lovely time learning kintsugi with Kumi. It was very relaxing and Kumi was very helpful. We all had beautiful pieces of kintsugi plates we could take home at the end of the class. I would recommend this class to anyone!

Jan 2021

Ikebana Flower Arranging Class

Very relaxing and meditative. I would highly recommend this class to anyone and I would definitely come back for more. Setsuko is a great teacher who will make suggestions without interfering to much with your creativity.

Floristry workshop review by Lydia Saputra

Jan 2021

Learn Brush Pen and Pointed Pen Modern Calligraphy

Awesome class for calligraphy beginners. We learned the fundamentals principles in calligraphy using both brush pen and pointed pen. We also got to experiment with different lettering styles. The class also comes with a workbook so we can continue to practice! Thanks Icy
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