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Pepa Martin and Karen Davis are the designers behind boutique design house, Shibori. Based in Sydney, Australia, Shibori specialises is art based designs with a youthful, classic edge.

What began as a creative dream in 1996 turned into a design destiny, with Shibori internationally known for hand dyed leather, contract grade fabrics and wallpapers, two published books and a swag of collaborations.

Shibori continues to invent new ways to create designs and loves passing on the passion through creative workshops.





Kerry Little Apr 2024

Karen is a warm and generous teacher. We loved our time in the Shibori studio.

Ellie Hawthorne Feb 2024

Such a beautiful workshop, the teachers are amazing, we can’t wait to go back to do a drop in class!

Allan Jan 2024

Loved the workshop leader Karen- she gave us just the right balance of ideas and advice, and letting us get on with playing and experimenting.

I’m inspired enough to want to go back and book some studio time to play around more. I think this is a great beginner class as you do get to try out your own ideas, and it’s hard to go ‘wrong’- you’ll end up taking home some pieces that you can be proud of.

Claire Fowler Jan 2024

Relaxed and fun class with just enough instruction so we could get going, but not so much it ate into our time.

Very patient with us and did the very messy bit fishing around in the dye vat so we didn’t all end up blue.

Offered to keep some larger pieces in the vat for longer than the class rather than have us disappointed with a piece that needed more dye.

Even bought in ice blocks because it was so hot today, so lovely! I’ll be back, thanks for a great intro class!

Vanessa Mafe-Keane Jan 2024

Karen is a generous and supportive teacher. She provided clear explanations with examples of work and gave each student personal advice and encouragement throughout the workshop. I learnt a lot from the hands on approach of the workshop and enjoyed the studio environment with all materials provided.

Rachel Pearce Jan 2024

Great tuition and great freedom to experiment. Teacher was informative and atmosphere was great as well

Maki Takken Jan 2024

The perfect class for friends, colleagues, families and singles, whether crafty or not. Kate and Pepa explained the process, provided some samples for inspiration then encouraged us to start experimenting! There was lots of hands-on assistance if required, and otherwise we were free to just get on with creating as much - or as little - as we wanted. Certainly one of the highlights of my holiday, and will be visiting their studio again

Tiffany Muirhead Jan 2024

Karen and Pepper were great teachers. Very helpful, and encouragingly, and great fun. I learnt so much from them. Highly recommend this class.

Lynne Eastwood Dec 2023

I thoroughly enjoyed my Shibori class. I came home with beautiful pieces of hand dyed cloth and some nice t-shirts to wear. I even have a beautiful silk scarf.
We were in a 3 hour public class of around 6 participants, and the layout of the venue made it easy to work. Everyone had enough space to fold and have their items dyed. There were many different templates to choose from to create interesting patterns on the fabric.
The teacher / business partner Karen explained techniques in a clear way, while demonstrating how to do them. She also co-ordinated the workshop well, so that everyone had space t0 wash and dry their pieces.
The location is easy to get to, around 10 minutes walk from Stanmore train station.
I would recommend this workshop for anyone wanting to try Shibori!
Lynne (Sydney)
02 /12/2023

Lana Kularajah Nov 2023

Fantastic class run by Karen. Really good instructions and laid back style to let us explore the different techniques. Fun to do with friends.

Highly recommend!

Creative Shibori Workshop review by Lana Kularajah - Sydney

Di Williams Jun 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I recently did the shibori workshop with Karen. I loved the class which was a small group. Karen is an excellent teacher and I was delighted by the things that I made and was able to take home. I will def do another one with Shibori, Thank you!

Lesa Ioannou Feb 2023

Lovely teacher created a welcoming relaxed environment. Workshop provided equipment and fabrics to work with. Everyone took home finished pieces. Learnt simple techniques for beginners. Would recommend for anyone wanting to try their hand in an indigo vat . Small group, nice social and creative evening

Creative Shibori Workshop review by Lesa Ioannou - Sydney

Graeme Renes Feb 2023

Such an amazing immersive experience
Full of inspiration and a tutor that was so knowledgeable but open to share.
I want to do more. What a hidden gem

Melissaq Paisley Feb 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

This class was really enjoyable and great value for money.

Karen created a really relaxed atmosphere, giving us the skills, techniques and advice to be successful along with the space to really get creative and try new things.

I brought a long a bunch of yarn to test out, as well as trying a range of techniques using the supplied fabrics, and came home with lots of beautiful pieces I can't wait to use for knitting / sewing.

Textiles class review by Melissaq Paisley - Sydney

Linley Matthews Oct 2022

Our teachers Karen and Pepper were friendly and helpful in a warm, encouraging and relaxing environment. We were able to explore our own creativity and learn about techniques that weee simple to apply. They were supportive and helpful. The range of materials and tools provided allows us to take away some great products and also a passion for and Knowledge of shibori. The 5 participants all had diverse ideas about what they wanted to produce and they were all catered for and left with beautiful products It was great value for money.

Textiles class review by Linley Matthews - Sydney

Siyona Berghmans Oct 2022

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Our 11 year old had an absolute blast! Very friendly teachers, you are provided with everything you need for 3 hours of solid fun! Highly recommend this for anyone who loves to craft. Thank you to everyone at Shibori for being so lovely and great!

Harry Bevan Sep 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

What a fantastic class! both tutors were so helpful and collaborative and helped us to achieve exactly what we wanted. Space was bright and airy with a cute dog added in for extra enjoyment. Would highly recommend to anyone who has every wanted to give Shibori a go and also for those that haven't ever considered it, have fun!

Robyn Fitzgerald Sep 2022

Loved this class. Teachers were very helpfully. Learned heaps. Will definitely use this skill.
Thanks Robyn

Creative Shibori Workshop review by Robyn Fitzgerald - Sydney

Sarah Tresidder Aug 2022

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

I really enjoyed this workshop & would love to do it all over again. The teacher was so approachable, friendly & very encouraging. The process of Shibori gives fast, rewarding results & is wonderfully therapeutic and relaxing. The idea of being able to up-cycle and refresh all types of natural fabrics by dyeing them in this way is so appealing - and good for the planet too! The workshop space works really well with plenty of space for everyone. It was great to hang our newly dyed fabrics out to dry at the front as passers-by wandered past - intrigued to see what we were up to. I highly recommended this workshop as a really productive & interesting new skill to learn and I am already planning to return. Thank you all.

Creative Shibori Workshop review by Sarah Tresidder - Sydney

Caroline Hochstetter Aug 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Shibori Dyeing with Karen and Peppa was fantastic. My daughter and I had so much fun and creative inspiration. Karen gave good easy to follow instruction and was accessible to help right through the process. Good quantity of cloth and equipment supplied. Welcoming and friendly atmosphere. So happy with the results and look forward to coming back in future.

Textiles class review by Caroline Hochstetter - Sydney

Dorit Herrmann Aug 2022

Really nice relaxed and creative atmosphere.Loved every minute of it.Thank youI shall be back.

Greg Cawthorn Jul 2022

Such an awesome class and brilliant teachers. Really well set up to explore your creativity and the session was really flexible to learn and grow your skills. And you walk away with really beautiful textiles that look so pro! Really cool teachers too! Can’t recommend enough!

Pip Rooke Jul 2022

Karen is an amazing teacher. Her manner is inclusive, fun and encouraging. A fabulous 3 hours well spent.
Pip Rooke

Ivy Kanawati Jul 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

A really fun and creative course. The teacher was great, helpful and had interesting demonstrations before diving into our practice pieces. Totally value for money.

Textiles class review by Ivy Kanawati - Sydney

Patricia Baker May 2022

This was a wonderful productive class. We all made beautiful pieces and it was great fun.

Jennifer Jackson May 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Pepa was extremely patient and helpful. She had great suggestions to make the dyeing work best.
The venue is very accessible and next to a great coffee shop.
Highly recommend this course.

Petra Arifeae May 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The teachers were super friendly and have a wealth of knowledge. They made sure everyone had the opportunity to talk to them and supported each participant. Thank you so much Karen, Eve and Pepa for a great class and set up. Highly recommending this class to anyone who wants to attend. Best regards,

Textiles class review by Petra Arifeae - Sydney

Susan Williams Apr 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended

I brought my mum along to this class and had a blast! Karen was extremely knowledgeable on the history, process and techniques of shibori. We made some beautiful designs with ease with Karen’s guidance. Highly recommend

Creative Shibori Workshop review by Susan Williams - Sydney

Jennifer Panya Mar 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Loved it. Pepa was so helpful and informative. I got several fun pieces to take home. It was such a fun class to attend. Thank you Pepa!

Lynne Small Mar 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Karen was a great teacher who provided individual support to help people achieve their shibori ideas. It was a really fun class and my friends and I would recommend it.

Angela Edward Jan 2022

Karen was really great- she explained and helped us with all of the projects that we worked on, and she also stayed later to cater for the students that brought more items to dye. It was a great learning experience

Textiles class review by Angela Edward - Sydney

Diane Townley Dec 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

A great atmosphere with really lovely people. Karen was a very generous and supportive teacher. I learnt plenty of tips and techniques. The workshop setup provided everything we needed so I feel I achieved a lot in just a few short hours. To see Pepa and Karen’s work was inspirational and really made me want to continue to develop my skills. Thank you so much.

Kylie Tomlin Oct 2019

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Such a fun workshop. Karen gave clear instructions and encouraged experimentation during the workshop which resulted in some great patterns across the group.

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