Sofia Beker, photography teacher

Sofia Beker

3 years experience as a photographer

4.8 (12)

I have been travelling the world non-stop for two years now. Since then, my passion for travel has not only been something that I do, but it has been something that has become a part of me. Through my trips i discovered photography and through photography, teaching.

I realized teaching is one of the most rewarding things as you get to transmit your students what you love doing as well as sharing your experience, your knowledge and assist them in everything they might need.




Marty Korn Dec 2021

Portrait Photography Class

Fantastic class for beginner photographers. I learned a lot doing outdoor portrait photography with Sofia the other day. She is an excellent teacher and as someone who is just staring out in photography, she helped me a lot understanding the basics of taking fantastic portrait shots with correct poses and composition. Well worth the price! And I would definitely recommend this class to anyone who is keen on learning portrait photography!

Ben Weinstock Mar 2020

Photography Class for Beginners

Sofi is so friendly and has a great approach to teaching. She uses a blend of information and practical experience to help me learn. She was very patient and smart. I learnt from her the basics of photography and a some clever tricks. Thank you Sofi for an amazing experience!

Hyerim Suh Dec 2019

Photography Class for Beginners

She gives a good foundation of knowledge and is very friendly. Perfect class for beginners!

Fabio Zulianello Nov 2019

Photography Class for Beginners

Sofi was competent and genuinely Passionate about her job making easier to understand. Her lesson was really helpful and taught me few fundamental tricks and to know my camera potential better. The meeting point was at the iconic Sydney harbour so it couldn’t have been a better practice spot. I would highly recommend her.

Brooke Clark Sep 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Photography Class for Beginners

Sofia was super flexible and friendly! I learnt a lot. I'm having lots of fun putting what I learnt into action

Nathalie Rump Jul 2019

Panoramic Photography Workshop

Sofia was great she was able to both cater to my friend who was a beginner and myself who have a bit more experience. There was a clear slideshow beforehand and we had lots of time to try out or skills. Originally i thought it was a "class" I was joining but only because of the pricing did I realise it was a private lesson. Not sure if that could have been made clearer on the booking site.

Charlotte Jacquemin May 2019

Photography Class for Beginners

That was a very good introduction class to photography. I now have a good understanding of the basics principles. Sofi took the time with me to make sure I understand how my camera works. She is passionate about photography and she appreciate teaching. I recommend a class with her.

Vivek Alexander May 2019

Photography Class for Beginners

Really good session. Sofi explained the basics very well. Really good class for beginners. Thanks

Fariha Faniad Apr 2019

Photography Class for Beginners

Sofia is an amazing teacher, I found her class enjoyable and very helpful. Definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to learn more about photography and is after getting great pictures using the manual exposure.

Michael Eagle Mar 2019

Photography Class for Beginners

Sophia really knows her stuff and explains the technical parts of Photography so it makes it simple to understand. Really liked the way she taught the basic principals and then put in all into practise using her Camera. Definitely recommend this course for anyone wanting to gain more from their pictures!

Thais Araujo Mar 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Photography Class for Beginners

I loved my class today. Sofia is lovely and she taught me in a simple way that made everything easier to understand.

Megan Reid Feb 2019

Photography Class for Beginners

Sophia was amazing She was patient and very knowledgeable My partner and I had no idea what we were doing going into the lesson and by the end we understood how to take a great pic and use the camera to capture the light! We didn’t feel silly asking the same questions twice as Sophia was such an engaging and helpful teacher

Photography Class for Beginners review by Megan Reid

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