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Over a decade of experience teaching thousands of students

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With a background in art therapy our philosophy on teaching pottery is that it should be fun and easy so you can expect lots of humour and laughter at one of our sessions.

We've been teaching pottery for more than a decade and have had television appearances on both Channels 7 & 9.

We're a member of the acclaimed Bundeena Maianbar Art Trail which features many well known artists including Archibald winners.





Catherine Lee Jun 2023

22 ClassBento workshops attended • 23 reviews

Awesome class with a lovely teacher.
Having just 4 in the class means you each get individualised help.
We all successfully made 3 bowls which we can actually use
Our group had a mix of pottery virgins and those that had a bit of experience

Pottery class review by Catherine Lee - Sydney

Chloe Llewellyn Nov 2022

26 ClassBento workshops attended • 18 reviews

Lovely teacher and it was enjoyable experimenting with different fragrances and taking home our own blend

Aimee Bartolo Nov 2022

We had a lot of fun and our instructor was so lovely and helpful. Was a great afternoon doing something out of the ordinary.

Cherylea Browne Oct 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Marion was amazing!
She broke down wheel throwing into easy steps.
She shared a lot of tips and tricks with us.

Sui Reardon Oct 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Marion provided a great venue and supplied everything required for the class. Thank you to Jane who is a terrific teacher. Her vivaciousness, energy and passion for pottery was contagious. My 14 year old son and I had such a wonderful afternoon. I loved that we made bowls and cups to keep. It was a great opportunity to do something different and learn new skills. Most importantly I could share the moment with my son and we had fun together.

Pamela Hagopian Aug 2022

Attended with my husband introduction to pottery wheel throwing class.
Sonya was amazing at the way she demonstrated each technique. She made it look so easy! Very jealous about that, however she was so very patient which was appreciated.
The equipment provided and materials were of good quality and what we ended up producing were rather unique and personalised pieces.
It was also a very intimate class which made it super fun.
Highly recommend this class.

Kyle Hume Jul 2022

8 ClassBento workshops attended • 7 reviews

So much fun. Teachers helped me fix my over worked clay bowl. As I wanted a bowl made by me to be functional for breakfast.

James Pham Jun 2022

Lovely place and lovely people that has taught us how to work with clay to make our very own tea pots. Very good first time that makes me want to try more thing

Zing Tang May 2022

Fantastic experience and lots of fun. Teacher was friendly and patient. I would highly recommend this class!

Amour Mah Feb 2022

10 ClassBento workshops attended • 9 reviews

My niece and I had a great time - can't wait to see the final result!

Bernadette Feb 2022

Had a great time, Kate the instructor made the course a fun time and was very knowledgeable in the subject matter.

Chantelle Bower Jan 2022

Jane, the teacher was amazing. So helpful and so friendly. Produced three amazing pieces and had an absolute ball. Definitely recommend.

Alice Nguyen Oct 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I did this class with a friend and it was enjoyable. We got to chose the style of the pot, colour and design of it all. We unfortunately weren't able to heat it up or see that process as that would've taken longer, but Mary explained she would do it.

We collected it once it was all done and were super happy with the result. Really good experience to get to know how to mould clay with your hands only.

Merilyn Hayes Jun 2021

Highly recommend private group booking - we had a great time together. Finished product now collected and so happy with end result. Thanks Marion

Catherine Lee Apr 2021

22 ClassBento workshops attended • 23 reviews

Great value for money, and each tea pot is so unique and functional! I can't wait to pick them up after they have been fired!
Grear class to do with a group of friends, Marion is fun and energetic
Suitable for all ability levels

Clay Hand Building Class: Make a Teapot review by Catherine Lee - Sydney

Catherine Lee Apr 2021

22 ClassBento workshops attended • 23 reviews

Brilliant class with a Brilliant teacher!
Marion is able to help you create masterpieces with her top tips and her incredible ability to save mistakes
With so many years experience she knows all the secrets
Gorgeous location

Pottery class review by Catherine Lee - Sydney

Bronte Gossling Apr 2021

Loved every second of it! Got to learn the basics and make three ceramics pieces. Felt very relaxing and rejuvenating, and can’t wait to see the finished products once they’ve been fired and glazed!

Rhys McWhinney Apr 2021

Something At Mary’s located in a beautiful suburb. Great energetic teacher who guided us beginners through the process. Ended up with some great bits of pottery!

Pottery class review by Rhys McWhinney - Sydney

Donna Smith Apr 2021

Great class lots of laughs teacher excellent knows her stuff and great at saving mistakes . Would recommend

Introduction to Pottery Wheel Throwing Class review by Donna Smith - Sydney

Brian Mar 2021

It was a great class. Just enough students to make it more intimate and fun.

Clay Hand Building Class: Make a Teapot review by Brian  - Sydney

Dmitry Akimov Mar 2021

It was great. Good friendly teacher, very attentive. provided all the tools needed, even for the special requests as well. Clay clay clay

Tulin Sayah Mar 2021

23 ClassBento workshops attended • 23 reviews

What a fun morning to create a masterpiece. Took my husband to create a teapot - and we were left in awe of what a great Morning we had. Maryanne - was very helpful and made sure everyones' needs were catered for to create something wonderful whilst learning and creating and bonding at the same time

Pottery class review by Tulin Sayah - Sydney

Mark Pisani Mar 2021

Absolutely wonderful experience. Would have no hesitation in recommending to others. Great teacher and extremely helpful

Introduction to Pottery Wheel Throwing Class review by Mark Pisani - Sydney

Natasha Martin Mar 2021

We had such a great time, we learnt so much and are keen to learn so much more!

Saarangi Grero Mar 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

This was a great introduction to wheel throwing. The teacher was so helpful. Will definitely we back.

Pottery class review by Saarangi Grero - Sydney

Sarah Smith Feb 2021

8 ClassBento workshops attended • 6 reviews

We had the most amazing time. Complete novices and totally uncoordinated but Maryanne made us feel like we good do anything and we did. Outstanding teacher and well appointed facilities. Loved it

Christian Thomas Feb 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Great class, lots of fun with a great teacher. Would really recommend doing this class

Carolyn Pieri Feb 2021

Very enjoyable class and all the teapots looked great. Would recommend this class to anyone. Definitely beginner friendly.

Emily-Rose Ferlazzo Feb 2021

The pottery class was an amazing experience! Was very fun and our teacher was amazing! Would definitely recommend this class

David Yang Feb 2021

Awesome class - really well instructed and had a ton of fun! Would highly recommend if you're up for a hands on class with a teacher who really knows her stuff! Thanks Marion for the class, can't wait to do it again sometime!

Jasmin Lin Jan 2021

65 ClassBento workshops attended • 65 reviews

So much fun, teacher was knowledgeable, lovely and patient, and now I have a wonderful teapot. Also, gave wonderful advise about the local area. Thank you.

Kimberley Chapple Dec 2020

My husband and I visited today for a beginners throwing class. We had never thrown before but managed to make 3 lovely pieces each with the fantastic guidance and assistance from our teacher T. We can’t wait to go back and learn more - what a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. We highly recommend!

Daleen Rabe Nov 2020

I didn’t expect to learn as much as I did. The teacher was really friendly and made me feel like the only person in the room.

Vanessa Wong Nov 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Lots of fun! Great teacher - Super helpful. Can’t wait to pick up my teapot!

Leah Crosariol Nov 2020

Amazing day out. Wouldn't change a thing. The two ladies helping us make our teapots were absolutely awesome. They were lovely, patient and a good laugh. I would highly recommend this to anyone one :)

Pottery class review by Leah Crosariol - Sydney

Madison Mouat Sep 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Teacher was fantastic, great value for money. Really fun day
Would definitely do it again :)

Jessica Day Aug 2020

Teacher was lovely, she made it so comfortable for us to do. Also so helpful and we walked away happy with the whole experience and our final products. So fun, definitely recommend giving it a go.

Lisa Horgan Aug 2020

Great class! Lovely atmosphere, very informative and practical instruction. Looking forward to seeing how the 3 pieces I made turn out.

Callista Vrzic Jul 2020

All materials provided throughout the class. The teacher was excellent and patient. I very much recommend this class to anyone who wants to try out pottery.

Angelica Manlangit Jul 2020

It was an amazing class with a great teacher. She was super friendly and patient with the two of us who were completely new to pottery. Venue is a short walk from the jetty in Bundeena.

Jeany Surya Jul 2020

The class was a lot of fun . We made 3 items during the time and had lots of laugh. I love the class :-)

Karen Cruz Apr 2020

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Excellent class! She really takes her time to teach us techniques but made it fun at the same time, definitely recommend!

Carmen Mar 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I was surprised that the class was held outdoors which was great. Marian's instructions were simple and easy to follow. She kept us engaged with a good flow of conversations whilst helping each of us as we make our teapots. It was overall a very enjoyable workshop.

Emily Mar 2020

I had so much fun, I learnt a new skill and had great company including with a chirpy pup, Abbey and Marion the lovely host.

Suzanne Sivieng Mar 2020

I organised a mother daughter day with my friend Carmen who brought her daughter as well. We had a wonderful teapot making private class with Marion our teacher.
It was a nice day and she had set up the class outside in the garden. The class ran at a good pace and we developed some pottery skills and was able to spend quality time with our daughters. The teapots we made turned out to be unique and interesting which makes great souvenir as a reminder of the fun day it was. It was a lovely afternoon ~ Suzanne

Pottery class review by Suzanne Sivieng - Sydney

Kevin O'Gorman Feb 2020

Marian is a great teacher with a relaxed style that makes the creative process of pottery making easy for newbies

Rhiannon Alexander Feb 2020

Teacher was great! A very laid back, but professional class. The teacher was very patient and focused on making sure everyone left with 3 great, usable pieces. Highly recommend.

Jeanette Grinham Jan 2020

Marion is a lovely teacher, who encouraged us through the process of making a teapot. The techniques and skills needed were simple, and effective. Looking forward to seeing my fired and glazed teapot.

Amanda Bisson Jan 2020

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

It was a small class so you got plenary of help, teacher was helpful and experienced. Tea pot turned out great!

Pottery class review by Amanda Bisson - Sydney

Susana Goncalves Jan 2020

I booked in a class for my daughter as a Christmas present. She absolutely loved the class. The teacher was very lovely and her studio was perfectly equipped with all the tools and materials needed. She created 3 pieces, (2 x Bowls and a cup). Well worth the money spent.

Justina Challita Jan 2020

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

What an awesome class! Can’t wait to pick up our glazed teapots! Thoroughly enjoyed every minute, thanks Marion!

Clay Hand Building Class: Make a Teapot review by Justina Challita - Sydney

Christine Huynh Sep 2019

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Spent a wonderful morning making teapots! We chose and made the base, attached the handles and the spout. We also created a design on the lids. Excited to pick up the finished and glazed product. Great day!

Clay Hand Building Class: Make a Teapot review by Christine Huynh - Sydney

Stephanie Bird Sep 2019

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

A lovely and productive morning creating our own teapots. Marion is a warm and enthusiastic teacher who knows her craft and is delighted to pass on her knowledge. I would recommend this workshop to everyone.

Heather Knott Aug 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

What a wonderful experience, Marion was a charming host and I am particularly fond of the little elephant lid she made me. I highly recommend this course. I can't wait to see the final product.

Pottery class review by Heather Knott - Sydney

Amira Akil Aug 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Such a fun afternoon, and in a beautiful location! Marion is lovely and made the class fun and most enjoyable. Highly recommended!

Lila Elias Aug 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Was great fun in a lovely location Marion explained everything really well and was super fun and helpful.

Jazzie Quinn Aug 2019

This class was really engaging and great value for money. I had a great time and the teacher was well prepared and clearly had a lot of experience. We had a great time and had a lot of laughs while we were at it! Would highly recommend!

Clay Hand Building Class: Make a Teapot review by Jazzie Quinn - Sydney

Michelle Lin Jul 2019

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

I went with 2 other friends and had an overall great time playing around with clay. There was a super cute, super sweet doggo and the location was quite a drive but scenic and unique - felt like it was part of the whole experience.

Carmen Lloyd Jul 2019

We had a lovely afternoon! Our teacher was very helpful and explained things along the way. Thoroughly recommend it!

Susan Edmonds Mar 2019

Really fun class, this was the first time I had ever 'thrown' clay and Marion was really helpful, easy-going, instructive and generally a great teacher to have. She was very happy to show us the pieces she had made as well and tell us their story. It's a great location for a full day out, the Royal National Park is a beautiful setting for this little village of Bundeena and it's easy to take time to go for a hike or appreciate the views on the way. We're really excited to see our finished pieces and have already recommended this workshop to friends.

Samuel Bridger Mar 2019

Extremely inviting and highly enjoyable, had an excellent time and was able to make to be beautiful teapot.

Liz Dalgleish Feb 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

We had such a lovely time making our teapots. The class size was small enough to feel like you were getting 1 on 1 care. Beautful outdoor venue and lovely teacher. Would definitely recommend!

Shreya Medhekar Feb 2019

3 ClassBento workshops attended

My husband and I enjoyed the pottery class . We had done the class for the first time. I am very glad that I did the class as I was always fascinated by how a pot is made.

Teresa Bu Jan 2019

Marion is fabulous and patient! There was a lot of fun during the class and everyone enjoyed it very much!

Annalisa Gardiner Jan 2019

This was such a fun afternoon of mindfulness and learning! Highly recommended for anyone looking to learn more about the art of pottery wheel throwing. The location is also beautiful, so get there early and go for lunch

Stefanie Strudwick Jan 2019

Marion is a fantastic teacher! From not having any experience in wheel throwing, we managed to whip up 3 pieces in such a short time with her guidance. A really enjoyable class in a beautiful location. Thank you Marion!

Hla Thi Jan 2019

Marion made the workshop fun and enjoyable. After workshop, went out for a walk to the wedding cake rock. Bundeena is a bear place to spend the short vacation.

Andrew Cable Jan 2019

This class was great! Teacher was lovely, and the small class with a wheel each made the lesson really worthwhile.

Elicia Varley Jan 2019

We really enjoyed our lesson, this was the first time we had tried using clay on a pottery wheel and had a really good time and made three pieces each.

Michelle McGoldrick Jan 2019

This was a great class! Marion is kind and hands-on. Giving you creative control but, assisting you when needed so that the end result is 10/10!

Would definitely recommend!

Melissa Chhoeu Jan 2019

Mary explained the throwing technique well and was very helpful throughout the class. It was challenging at first but the atmosphere was relaxed and we had a great time using the pottery wheel to make 3 pieces! I can't wait to use them after they've been fired and glazed.

Jessica Liao Jan 2019

Two other friends and I booked a class, not really knowing how difficult it would be but it was so enjoyable for all of us. We made three things and learnt a lot in terms of techniques too. Our teacher was extremely friendly and helpful in guiding us. Overall a wonderful introduction to pottery. For a bonus, Bundeena is a beautiful place too! Definitely worth making the trip down. Would definitely recommend to a friend!

Milan Venter Jan 2019

My partner booked this for us to do together as a Christmas gift and we both thoroughly enjoyed our experience. All materials were provided and teacher demonstrated what we were doing and then was there to guide and help when needed. We made 3 different pieces each which I can’t wait to collect soon ! Would highly recommend as a gift or if you’re wanting to just try something new.

James Bridgman Jan 2019

11/10. Marion was lovely. She even waited to start after we rang to say we’d be late. She keeps her class sizes small (~4-5, ours was 3) which is great; you get to know everyone and can actually have a chat. She let us pick any design, and eloped is through it even if they were outlandish. She also doesn’t rush you which is nice. It was very relaxing. Marion first showed us what to do, then let us do the rest of it ourselves, step by step. About 2.5 hours of fun, education, and relaxation - totally worth it. You even get a teapot out of it!

I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

Lisa McConnell Jan 2019

I loved this class! The teacher was wonderful, it was easier than I thought, it was a fun and relaxing way to spend a morning. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

Pottery class review by Lisa McConnell - Sydney

Barbara Pozoglou Jan 2019

This class was a fantastic way to spend a few hours - great value for money as you get to make 3 pieces that you can keep from the class. The environment was very casual, fun and not at all intimidating, a great atmosphere to learn pottery. All the materials used were of high quality.

Shichao Luo Jan 2019

3 ClassBento workshops attended

A very lovely experience :) Teacher is very helpful and willing to help completing my crazy design. Definitely will go again.

Maxine Henderson Dec 2018

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

What a lovely way to start off our Christmas break. We all left buzzing, cannot wait to see our final teapots. Reccomend to anyone who like fun.

Kelly Macri Dec 2018

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

What a great day! Even for absolute begginers to pottery it’s so much fun, and you have 3 pieces to craft. Overall it’s a wonderful day in a beautiful area.

Tiarne Dec 2018

So much fun making a teapot with my friend for her birthday. Teacher was friendly, and we had a good bunch of ladies to do the class with.

Jessica Peirce Dec 2018

My sister and I attended this class on the weekend and we had the best time. The teacher was extremely knowledgeable and I now really want to do the teapot class. We ended up with two bowls and a cup. Plus it’s in bundeena which is a beautiful location.

Benjamin Congiusta Nov 2018

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

This class was fantastic and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for something like this.

Ellen Macdonald Nov 2018

Marion was great to work with and really fun to talk to. Had a great time with the other students making our teapots. I made mine as a gift to a friend and really looking forward to how it turns out. Marion was super helpful with shipping to my friend since I live abroad. Definitely recommended. I had not done much pottery before attending and I think it turned out pretty well. I had a lovely hike and swim around Bundeena afterwards so it was great to make a day of it. Can't recommend more :)

Pottery class review by Ellen Macdonald - Sydney

Pieter O'Hearn Nov 2018

Marianne was a great friendly teacher and very patient with us. Bundeena was beautiful and we went for a swim and a bush walk after the class. The pots turn out amazing even with not slot of skill at all.

Clay Hand Building Class: Make a Teapot review by Pieter O'Hearn - Sydney

Jane Rees Nov 2018

Great experience, lots of fun and great teacher. Nice location too. Looking forward to receiving the final product :)

Jessica Partridge Nov 2018

2 ClassBento workshops attended

This was a great value for money class, everything you needed was provided, Marion has superb knowledge and she is funny and friendly, I highly recommend any of her classes.

Emma Kaczmar Oct 2018

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Absolutely loved this class! Was expecting to walk away with a ball of clay as a door stop but actually made 2 bowls and a mug Great fun, great teacher and beautiful area to explore before or after class too!

Julian Seeto Oct 2018

Marion is a fantastic and helpful teacher, catering to all experience levels and ensuring everyone had a great time. Great venue in a cosy studio so all supplies and equipment are provided. Thanks again!

Karen Oneill Oct 2018

Marion was a great and helpful instructor. We made a teapot and they all turned out fantastic.
It was a wonderful day and highly recommended. I am going to go back for the wheel throwing next time. Tks Marion

Pottery class review by Karen Oneill - Sydney

Andrew Wesley Oct 2018

Mary was more that welcoming and patient with the class.
Would recommend this to anyone whether you're into it or not. The whole experience is fun, entertaining and you walk away with something you have made from a ball of clay.

Ron Gordon Oct 2018

Very efficient - the three hours passed very quickly and Marian was happy to oblige my quirky artistic temperament with professionalism.

Cathy Hindle Oct 2018

Easy to find. Don’t need a thing, you simply turn up. The teacher was clear and demonstrated each step. I started knowing nothing and then before long I was shaping my bowl and seeing it take shape . Can’t wait to see it glazed. Worth doing !

Sarah Brandon Sep 2018

The class was fantastic. We learned the basics and made three different pieces that will be fired and glazed for us.

Matthew Charles Sep 2018

Mary-anne was a wonderful teacher. I can't believe we were able to make 3 items!

Jon Contos Sep 2018

We had a great class, very well instructed and very enjoyable!

Andrew Stephen Sep 2018

We attended the Make Your Own Teapot. It was a lot of fun and can't believe we managed to complete our own pot in such a short amount of time. Marion was very knowledgeable, she helped us make our vision for our teapot by suggesting different ways to do things.
Our 8 year old was extremely please with her creation and can't wait to get them back.
Marion is such a pleasant teacher, it is definitely worth the money you pay for :)

Amardeep Gill Sep 2018

Mary was patient and lovely. A group of four of us did the class together and we all loved it and were rather pleasantly surprised at the end outcomes! We're excited to get the finished products in a few weeks and now want to do more activities like this together!

Pottery class review by Amardeep Gill - Sydney

Sarah Sep 2018

The teacher was great! She was funny, insightful and passionate about pottery. Also very patient with us! The studio for the class was very cosy. We really enjoyed ourselves! We managed to make 2 bowls and 1 cup each and are awaiting for them to be glazed :)

Catherine Pham Sep 2018

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

We made very cute teapots and the dog Abbey was adorable!

Tonie Sep 2018

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Marion was a great instructor. The class was very hands on and practical. Marion helped us at every single step to make sure we both left with successful products. She was engaging and funny. She was very patient too. Overall, the class is great! Highly recommended. The only one is that we still haven’t been contacted on when we will receive our products by the post.:(

Sabrina Bhuiyan Sep 2018

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

She was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. She was quick to react and paid lots of attention to the pieces. Really encouraging and a great experience well worth the hour drive from home!

Raine Gui Sep 2018

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The class was really fun! The teacher was very informative.

Her instructions were clear and concise and we became experts by the end of the class (in our opinion).

Would definitely recommend this class to anyone looking for a unique experience.

James Maclennan Aug 2018

Really enjoyed doing the hands on class, and was great hospitality

Nathan Hawkins Aug 2018

Loved this class. Purchased as a birthday activity to do with my partner and we loved every bit of it. The teacher was an excellent, down to earth instructor with great humour. Highly recommend this class.

Clay Hand Building Class: Make a Teapot review by Nathan Hawkins - Sydney

Estelle Ziegelaar Jul 2018

I enjoyed class. Teacher friendly n knowledgable. Very happy with teapot! Small class (5) worked very well.
Thank you

Sarah Owens Jul 2018

Incredible to be able to make a teapot from start to finish, personalised as I liked. Venue was great, Marion fantastic and class very interesting. 100% recommend.

Douglas Noble Jul 2018

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

This class was brilliant fun! It was welcoming and super instructive. By the end of the class we had each made a cup, and two bowls. This is an experience that I would absolutely recommend!

Kurt Jun 2018

Was really good class teacher was very good . Had a really nice day down there beautiful spot and lots of fun

Scarlet Jun 2018

The teacher was really sweet and made sure that all of us were able to walk away with teapots that were not only what we wanted but also practical. It was nice and warm inside the studio (a good winter activity!) and the class was not too big so the teacher was able to come around to each of us to help us.

Kristina Curtis Jun 2018

I loved my teapot making class. Great value!

Marion was very helpful.

I can't wait to see the finished product.

I would recommend this class to anyone.

Great fun!

Rhys McInerney Jun 2018

Great day had by my girlfriend and I. Maryanne was humourous, friendly and informative. Great day for first timers.

Clare Iarandine Jun 2018

Well guided. Beautiful location. I came out amazed what we all achieved.

Anna Ly Jun 2018

Such a lovely and intimate experience creating teapots at Something At Mary's. It is situated in a beautiful location and would highly recommend this experience for couples and friend groups.

Rupert Jones May 2018

Had a great time in a lovely part of the world. Teacher was fun and made the whole process very easy and enjoyable.

Dimitra Papavassiliou Apr 2018

Great fun! Teacher was very informative and lovely home environment.

Pablo Comino Apr 2018

The pottery class with teacher Marion was great! I had such a wonderful time with her and we could make three potteries which was awesome. She is very skillful and helped me very patiently since it was my firs time on making art but definitely not my last one. I strongly suggest everyone who are interested to join. You wont regret.

Samuel Mar 2018

Really fun! We didnt know anything about pottery and made some fun designs. The teacher was great at giving us ideas at what was possible and what doesnt work so well, then let us make our own design.
The pace was great- not too fast not too slow. The price is high compared to the movies or dinner, but there is painting and firing that happens after you finish so take that into account. Its a great special occasion or occasional activity.
Nice little garage full of pottery to look at and copy, and i got a cup of tea included which was nice.
I would defs go back again

Pottery class review by Samuel - Sydney

Fionna Oct 2017

Fun and interactive workshop. Marion was very accomodating. Would be nice if we could choose more colours/mix colours.

George Oct 2017

Mary-an was a really patient and informative. She was also very generous and made us feel right at home! Making the teapot was also really fun and therapeutic. The studio is also very close to the beach.

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