Spiritual Guidance Class: Career and Passions

Transform your career and learn how to live your passion

Tameera and Michelle
Tameera Kemp
Tameera Kemp
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6 hours Class size 6 to 25     label $147

Reprogram your mind and step into your self-worth using a powerful combination of hypnosis, astrology, numerology and DNA activations, led by Michelle and Tameera in Sydney.

Bring your career goals and inner passions to fruition. Perfect for if you have been feeling stuck, confused and in search of deeper meaning lately. We are here to guide you to certainty!

Over six hours, this intimate experience will steer you towards your destiny and work with your unconscious mind to create change.

What you'll learn:

  • Understand the key astrological backdrop directly impacting your life right now and the near future, allowing you to make informed decisions about what’s next for you.
  • Discover your soul’s high-level blueprint to gain insight into your greater purpose in life to guide your path.
  • Explore limiting beliefs holding you back from evolving your career in line with your purpose.
  • Receive reprogramming and new neural pathways to build confidence and motivation to step into your authentic self and begin your journey.
  • Experience light language activations to infuse you with love and energy to take inspired action towards your desires.

Please note: This workshop is not for you if you aren't ready for change, feel happy in your comfort zone or can't imagine making lots of money doing something you truly love.

Knowledge required
Beginners welcome. Please ensure you are truly ready for change!
What you'll get
  • A transformative 6-hour intimate experience led by Tameera and Michelle.
  • Self-hypnosis to support you to reprogram your beliefs for 14 days after the masterclass.
  • A law of attraction meditation to help you step into the new you.
  • Special handouts.
  • Your individual charts, soul blueprint and light language activation.
  • Follow-up Zoom session two weeks after the event to connect, review your progress and answer questions.
  • Uplifting refreshments and delicious snacks.
What to bring
Pen, paper or a notebook.

Leela Centre - 2/113 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst NSW

This venue is within walking distance from Museum Station station (600m).

Spiritual Guidance Class: Career and Passions location
Your teacher
Tameera and Michelle

Tameera and Michelle

Tameera is a Sydney based Intuitive, Astrologer, Master Numerologist, Feng Shui Specialist, Relationship and Energy Alchemist with over 20-years’ experience. She helps big-hearted men and women transform their life, relationships and mindset to live a deeply fulfilling life.

Tameera holds a background in journalism training. She is featured in Vogue for her astrology and has conducted consultations for VIP clients of a luxury brand, Roger Vivier, designer for Queen Elizabeth II, The Beatles, Christian Dior and Marlene Dietrich. Tameera's clientele includes Hollywood celebrities. She has read for leading Australian women’s magazines and is screened in fitness centres across Australia sharing her gifts.

Michelle Boyde is the creator of Floetic. She is a Registered Master Hypnotist, NLP Master Practitioner, Matrix Therapist, Meditation Teacher and Multiple Brain Integration Practitioner. She walked away from her career three years ago, without any idea of what was next, but an inner knowing that it was time to change direction.

Michelle has over 10 years of experience facilitating executive teams around company purpose, but now she helps successful people to recover their purpose and design a work-life they love.

Your host
Tameera Kemp
Tameera Kemp

20+ years experience in Astrology, Numerology, Feng Shui + Alchemy

5.0 (1)
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Tameera is a sought after intuitive astrologer, master numerologist, Feng Shui specialist and manifesting expert with over two decades of experience. She specialises in life direction, relationships, career, names, travel, home energy and you! Her passion is to help you live your best life.

Tameera lives and breathes her work, she writes and teaches through festivals, workshops and retreats in addition to private sessions. Her personal vision board and Feng Shui niche is designed to change the vibration of your home and life.

She is based in Sydney and looks forward to meeting you soon!

"Amazing woman with amazing skills. Highly recommend taking one of her classes!" Laura Alva

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