Watercolour Painting at Home: Eucalyptus Blossoms and Leaves

Learn to paint beautiful Australian flora at this at home watercolour painting workshop.

2.5 hours Class size 5 to 50     label $39

Whether you're a nature lover looking to capture the beauty of the natural world or you'd like to try your hand at watercolour painting and want to work from an incredible subject, this online painting class will show you how to create a gorgeous painting of some iconic Australian flora.
In this online class, your friendly and experienced teacher Fran, based and 'zooming' in from Blue Mountains, will guide you through the techniques behind basic watercolour painting and brushwork, creating gradients, and washes with watercolour.
Under Fran's expert tutelage, you'll work on a range of exercises to prepare you for painting your beautiful blossoms. The eucalyptus (Australians call them Gums) is considered a holy tree for the Indigenous peoples of Australia. For the Aboriginals, it represents the division of the underworld, earth, and heaven. The eucalyptus leaf is also often believed to have a purifying effect, as negative energy disappears in the place where you burn it.
This class is a great place to explore watercolour art, no matter your level of experience. Anyone can learn how to paint with watercolours, and this class caters to both beginners and those with some painting and illustration experience.
This unique watercolour class is also a lovely way to connect with other like-minded creatives from the comfort of your own home with a glass of wine or cuppa in one hand and a paintbrush in the other!
Please note: Public dates for this class require at least 3 guests to run. In the unlikely event that we don't reach this number, we'll cancel the class; in this case we'll inform you and allow you to get a refund or reschedule, so please watch your email/SMS one day prior to the class.
Knowledge required
Beginner friendly
What to bring
  • A4 sheets x 2 of smooth textured 180gsm or higher grade (sometimes called g/m2) watercolour paper (you can purchase this at any art supplies store or some office suppliers).
  • Watercolour paints: green, white, yellow, orange, red, brown. Suggest 'cake/pan' style instead of tubes. You can often buy them in a 'set' with a range of colours. (Please message if you would like brand suggestions, for this workshop high quality paints are not necessary).
  • Brushes: no.6 round tip (medium tip brush) and no.0 or no.1 round tip (fine tip brush for detail).
  • A pencil and eraser.
  • Two cups or glasses half filled with water to wash your brushes (Recommend access to water, in case you need to change it during the class OR have a jug of water clean water and container for dirty water.
  • Paper towel (a few sheets) and cotton buds.
  • Hairdryer (optional).
  • Apron or old top to protect clothes.
Suitable for

Suitable for adults, and kids (minimum 12 years old).

An adult must accompany any attending kids. The adult may observe at the class for free.

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Your teacher
Fran Cane
Fran Cane
(Lady Bird Design)

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Fran is an artist; an educator, neither overshadows, they simply entwine and enrich one another.
At a young age Fran discovered the value of creating art in her daily life. The act of art helped Fran express her identity. The process of developing an idea, especially with jewellery, seeing that idea come to completion by Fran's own hand filled her with satisfaction and accomplishment.  Fran began to see how creating art helped other aspects of my life and learning.
Fran is inspired by nature, patterns, form and texture. Each created piece portrays a slice of life, a perspective of the world in which we all live. Her mediums span painting and jewellery to collage and stitching. They all bring joy, though not everything turns out how she envisaged.
In particular Fran sees the unique design and individually handcrafted nature of bespoke jewellery as an ornamental way of extending personal self-expression. During the creative process, she is mindful that someone will be wearing the piece and it will come alive only when it finds its owner.
Fran is most comfortable in the studio classroom teaching art than in any other place or endeavour. It fills her soul to help others learn by exposing them to tools, materials and techniques of Fran's trade and then develop their skills and confidence in the creative medium.
Through support, conversation and laughter, I set a welcoming scene of free expression.
Ladybird Design Creative Studio is the culmination of creating a life around my passions of art, jewellery and teaching. It frees Fran to take a piece of silver, blank canvas or paper, turn it into a beautiful thing and share it with the world every day. Fran believes now more than ever that pursuing one’s passions makes life more colourful and vibrant, gives us pleasure and purpose, but most of all it reminds us of who we are.
Fran would love to share the joy of creating and making with you.
2024-06-28 15:00:00
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