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Located at 308 Victoria Avenue Chatswood, Welight Art Space presents Australia's latest art trends and humanities in a fun and diverse space. Welight Art Space adheres to innovative art perspectives and more in-depth understanding of high-quality art and Australian cultural resources through art exhibitions, workshops, classes and events.




Linda Tran Jul 2024

Neon paint and sip class was a great date night idea during the winter season we bought our own nibbles to enjoy in the class. We loved being creative and enjoying the experience in the dark. The teacher was very helpful and saved my mermaid who was looking a tad horrible. But I loved the final product would definitely recommend the activity

Kiernan Mannix Jul 2024

This was the perfect date night vibe that we needed. The class was very relaxed. We were able to bring along our favourite bottle of wine and enjoy the neon atmosphere. The instructors were amazing and super helpful - never pushy but gave expert advice. Definitely one date night we won't forget

Peter Griffiths Jul 2024

It was great the painting turned out fantastic and the teachers jumped in and gave great advice.

Claire Tan Jul 2024

The class was held in a spacious art studio in Chatswood. Our instructor Edward has been so helpful and amazing. This is such a fun experience, great for date night or a group of friends.

Painting class review by Claire Tan - Sydney

Maria Nguyen Jul 2024

Cindy was great! She was so patient and helpful considering we could all choose a different item to paint and we definitely chose some works beyond our ability! Booking through to the end was so easy to arrange as well!

Junichi Shimoda Jul 2024

Close and attentive teachings
Quiet studio and location
Variety of activities to do
Will return for another class

Chantelle Lam Jun 2024

It was fun to paint whichever painting we chose. It was a small class so it wasn't chaotic like other paint and sip classes. The vibes were relaxing. The teacher gave clear instructions to support each student when needed and it wasn't too restrictive, so that we could paint our creativity.

Luke Golding Jun 2024

The neon art class was really fun, my partner and I enjoyed it a lot. Ed (the instructor/supervisor) was really nice, helped out when we (I) needed it. A very relaxing class, would go again :)

Isabella Ho Jun 2024

Great weekend experience with amazing teacher and staff :) the neon paint under the light effects was fun!

Edwin Gall Jun 2024

So much fun, the blacklight and neon paint was a great quirk to make the experience stand out

Devina Quinsilla Jun 2024

Good experience!! The teacher really helps and also give a tips to make it better

Painting class review by Devina Quinsilla - Sydney

Nicole Cano Jun 2024

Very fun and the instructor was super helpful. Definitely recommend as a fun friend activity

Malika Krishnadasan Jun 2024

Overall a friendly environment and a fun experience using a different medium of neon paints!

Rebecca Cullum-Brow Jun 2024

I came with a couple of friends just to spend some quality time together. It was a full house and the teacher still provided individual time and guidance for us all. No masterpieces were made by us this day but the fun was well worth it! Definitely value for money.

Painting class review by Rebecca Cullum-Brow - Sydney

Nayeon Kim Jun 2024

Callum was fun and very thoughtful and sweet. Great teacher. He helped us all paint in our own style.

Monique Bennie Jun 2024

Little info at beginning just to let everyone know where to wash hands, where toilet is, etc.

Otherwise we were super impressed. Thought the guiding artists were helpful, relaxed and very present. Thank you!

Ryan May 2024

Really great experience with Ed.

Had no expectations going in and no art talent but managed to come out with something I was very happy with. Ed was friendly, helpful and encouraging.

What I like is that you can paint anything you want and get as much or as little help as you need.

Neon Paint and Sip Workshop review by Ryan - Sydney

Sureen de Silva May 2024

Had a great time at the neon painting session at WeLight Art Space in Chatswood. The session was well organised and the room layout was well thought out with individual easels and good quality paint. Painting under the UV / black light was really fun and we got to see our artworks glow while we worked. There was so much choice and flexibility on what images we could paint and the instructor guided us through our works and provided help and support to get the most out of the session.

Toni Tsoukalas May 2024

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

went to this class as a friend's bday, and loved it! really good class, fun and friendly teachers environment who were more than happy to help- learnt heaps! every material provided and good value for money as well. would recommend!

Amy Burke May 2024

What a wonderful way to spend Mother’s day! We found choosing our own artwork so be super fun, the environment was super welcoming and our instructor was very helpful. Thank you!

Will Summers May 2024

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Had a great evening at WeLight Art Space. The neon painting was fun and different to the usual sip n paint experience. Ed was a great teacher and a fun guy. Would highly recommend for a fun night out.

Rona Pather Apr 2024

Clean nice space, teacher is wonderful. Would go again. Excellent value
Took my cousin for her bday and my 10 year old join us. It was a great experience

Neon Paint and Sip Workshop review by Rona Pather - Sydney

Nils van der Werf Apr 2024

Ed was a great supportive teacher giving good tips and help to improve our work.

Jessica Moran Apr 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

My friends and I caught up for the choose your own adventure paint and sip. We all chose very different references and has fun trying to recreate the different styles. The instructions was wonderful and as she would come and help one of us we would all try to add the techniques she taught. In the end we all went home with some lovely artwork to display :) The wine was also quite tasty, we just had to remember not to dip our brushes in the wrong cup ;) We are defimation going to do another paint and sip, though we are thinking of trying a more structured theme next to learn more specify technique and improve. I also discover that under black light the white paint and things it was mixed with glow really nicely.

Vikram Bhaskaran Apr 2024

I like the fact that give all the supplies with the exact colours and also assist me in doing the highlights. Had a nice time would love to visit again

Ramya Keerthivasan Apr 2024

It was my daughter’s birthday and I wanted to celebrate it in a new way. As she lives in London we don’t get to meet her often. So I wanted it to be a memorable experience too. I was so glad that I chose sip and paint at Welight. We had great family time and it was extremely therapeutic. All 3 of us have no formal training in painting and we haven’t painted in ages. The teacher was helpful and also encouraged us to do the work. They gave my daughter extra time to finish which shows their love for art and they are not just focused on money. Venue was good and they gave us all the art supplies. We had a theme in mind and we were so happy by the end of the day that we can now hang our work in our living space.

Tamara Popovic Apr 2024

The teachers were very helpful and friendly. Had a great experience and definitely want to go again.

Paint and Sip Class: Choose Your Own Artwork review by Tamara Popovic - Sydney

Harish Ravi Apr 2024

Great teacher, amazing experience, would recommend to other couples looking for a great date idea

Damandeep Jior Apr 2024

Great instructor, did really well to teach us the various techniques for our first neon painting experience

Tayla Furey Apr 2024

It was a nice experience, but there isnt very much direction. If you enjoy painting/are good at it, this would be a good class :)

Mandy McPake Mar 2024

Work event
Teacher was great & very helpful
Venue was great, and easy to access
Materials were great and easy to use.
We learned how to paint (basically) most of us were less than talented beforehand.
We enjoyed the laugh it brought us & how relaxing and easy the whole experience was. Thank you!

Angelica Salmon Mar 2024

We had a small class so lots of help from Sophie the instructor, she was so knowledgeable & helpful that we both loved the way our paintings came out. Such a fun experience, we would definitely go back.

Ella Grainger Mar 2024

We couldn’t have asked for a better teacher than Alison. She was friendly, approachable, made everyone feel comfortable, extremely helpful and not to mention talented. She made everyone feel calm and supported everyone right from start to finish. Didn’t feel silly asking for help. 10/10 experience with her!

Lubomira Velinova Mar 2024

Highly recommend it. The teacher was great and super helpful. Would definitely go back for some of the other classes.

Painting class review by Lubomira Velinova - Sydney

Tammy Campbell Mar 2024

My daughter’s birthday.
Great teacher, easy to engage with, gave useful advice.
Venue was great, spacious and well lit.
Materials were great. Some more small brushes wouldn’t go amiss though.
To do as much background as you can first and overlay detail.
Yes good value for money.
Good conversation and time to focus on painting away from busyness of life.

Anna Monardo Mar 2024

What a fun experience and I am glad to have my birthday party in a private group of family and friends which all had a wonderful time and the teachers were so helpful to many of us and helped in showing some brush and splash techniques.
Best part is that everyone in the group enjoyed the experience.

Paint and Sip Class: Choose Your Own Artwork review by Anna Monardo - Sydney

Vanessa Alexander Mar 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The class was amazing!
We had a ball!
Maybe it could be a tad longer

Sarah Infanti Mar 2024

Super helpful and offered tips! Never made me feel silly and I’m learning to love it. Fun atmosphere!

Samantha Quinton Mar 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Had an amazing time at this class. The teacher was super helpful. Highly recommend, well worth the money spent.

Christine Horsburgh Feb 2024

Lovely and patient young lady
I gave my friend the ClassBento and we really enjoyed it
Thank you
Christine Horsburgh

Painting class review by Christine Horsburgh - Sydney

Annie He Feb 2024

Sophia was very patient and helpful in the class, and provided just the right amount of guidance for our work while letting us try our best.

Larissa Bricis Feb 2024

We had a fantastic time. Our teacher, Callum, was really engaging and friendly and was able to share so much artistic knowledge with us. This was a super fun class and would definitely recommend it :)

Tina Huang Feb 2024

Took the class to hang out with friends, it was really enjoyable and so fun to paint with different lighting!
Our teacher Sophie was really helpful and attentive with each of our pieces :)
Lots of paint was offered and we got great help mixing to find our perfect colours and Sophie kindly stayed with us later to help us patiently finish our paints really well. It took out the stress and made it more enjoyable. It also means alot to bring home a completed work for the value we paid, it was definitely worth it
Lovely to paint with my small group of friends! The ambiance with music and wall art was very calming for painting in the evening.

Sandy Jusuf Feb 2024

It was nice that one could choose their own painting to draw.
It felt like there was too many students though and the teacher did not have enough time to get around and help everyone.

Teacher's response

I apologize for your unpleasant experience. After reviewing the artworks from 6th January, it seems there were no significant issues. You should be proud of the painting you created that day; it was truly wonderful. Our Paint and Sip workshop involves one teacher guiding up to 10 students to choose images from different difficulty levels (Easy/Medium/Hard). Everyone can incorporate their unique style, and the teacher will go around to provide individual assistance while covering the basics of painting such as composition, outline, blocking in colors, adding detail, and adjustments. If you prefer a more personalized experience, we offer small group and private lessons tailored to the students, although the pricing for these options is not the same as the $49 per person for the 2-3 hours group class.

Natalie Sufong Feb 2024

We loved our paint and sip date! The teacher was very knowledgeable, kind and helpful! The venue was beautiful and I loved all the artwork around the space. It made my heart burst! Such a fantastic experience.

Paint and Sip Class: Choose Your Own Artwork review by Natalie Sufong - Sydney

Christina McManus Feb 2024

I purchased the tickets to Sip and Paint for my girlfriends for. Christmas and it was such a fun experience. Callum was such a great guide who wasn’t overwhelming and offered the right mix of help and allowing us to be our creative selves. He even said hello to my sister who rang from Ireland! Will definitely be doing this again.

Katrina Martiskin Feb 2024

Such a fun time! We really enjoyed the experience Nice way to get out of the house

Zena Santos Feb 2024

31 ClassBento workshops attended • 9 reviews

Such a fun unique experience. I have been wanting to experience a glow paint and sip and this was such a fun class for it! Callum is a great teacher! I have learnt a lot from him over many lessons at Welight. The teachers there are generous with their knowledge and graduates of well known art schools. Learning from them feels like going to art school but in a fun and casual environment. They even offer you a glass of wine :) A true paint and sip experience! Would recommend for date night, girls night any and every celebration ️

Neon Paint and Sip Workshop review by Zena Santos - Sydney

Samuel Bierling Jan 2024

It was a fantastic experience! I went there with my husband and my in-laws, and we all had a great time there! The teacher Edward was very friendly and helpful, it was a great experience with family.

Rebecca J Meacham Jan 2024

It was a very fun and therapeutic experience for us all, highly recommend this experience as it was our first time and we loved it.

Thank you

Painting class review by Rebecca J Meacham - Sydney

Jahnina Pamintuan Jan 2024

Callum was awesome, and Ed as well. Easy going and there was a flow to the class! They were very helpful with technique and at the end I am actually proud of my painting. I love that the place is bright and clean too! ♡ will go back again for more classes ☆

Christine Pan Dec 2023

Merry Xmas and happy new year!
Thanks for the wonderful experience.
I feel the time back to childhood. Love painting❤️

Paint and Sip Class: Choose Your Own Artwork review by Christine Pan - Sydney

Yi Jin Dec 2023

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

Teacher was very nice and helpful in creating my very first neon paint. Enjoyed the complimentary rose as well.

Connor Page Dec 2023

Awesome experience. Teacher was great, she was patient and chilled will definitely come back. Highly recommend

Prudence Doyle Dec 2023

Great sense of humour. Very helpful. I am now the next Leonardo Di Caprio da boyz

Sarah Lee Nov 2023

an amazing experience firstly the price was great compared to others and the service was IMMACULATE all materials were provided, the teachers all were extremely helpful. don’t limit yourself to an “easier” painting go all out :)) you’ll be in safe hands with the teachers the vibe was nice with calming music and overall just a really great experience going with friends or by yourself :)

Joy Layton Nov 2023

Everything was good . Bit more help with base . Also bit of introduction with everyone before starting to get to know everyone n make it fun .

Joyce Liu Nov 2023

Class was very relaxing and self paced! The instructors seemed very experienced and were super patient with our group, as we were all doing different paintings with different techniques. Great environment and worth the price. Will be coming back :)

Paint and Sip Class: Choose Your Own Artwork review by Joyce Liu - Sydney

Roxanne Heng Nov 2023

It was an amazing experience with Cara. She came in, greeted us and gave us instructions on what we should choose and how we can start on our painting. Checking in to the place was easy and the rooms look really beautiful and spacious which is definitely a plus point! Will definitely come back again.

Tianna Blaiklock Nov 2023

The venue was so cute, and surprisingly spacious. I had a wonderful time. The teacher was very instructive and gave amazing tips, allowing for a beautiful artwork in the end. She was not only attentive, but kind, and gave both feedback and compliments. Overall a wonderful experience, I couldn't be more pleased :)

Minkyu Beak Nov 2023

It was great experience for me, teacher was so kind of me even though I am late.

Rheah Menon Oct 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended

Very patient instructor and really looked after us and made sure we had so much fun

Adriana Senko Oct 2023

Teachers were helpful and supportive. You could choose to paint what you like and they ensured you could achieve it.
You only get 1 glass of wine though so recommend byo and snacks

David Trotter Oct 2023

We had a great afternoon with Callum, he has a very easy way of teaching so much in a relatively short period of time. We learned about depth and shading all whilst having fun. Neither of us can believe how well our paintings turned out. Callum was so generous with his time and unlike other classes everyone gets to chose their own subject.

Melissa Stark Oct 2023

My husband and I had a great time! We have never painted before and thoroughly enjoyed our time. Our teacher was lovely! Very welcoming, patient and helpful throughout the day. We will definitely recommend this class to friends and family

Senali Pandit Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

It was a fantastic experience! Aily was so great with us beginners and really took the time to teach us techniques.

Nitin Verma Oct 2023

It was a fantastic experience today - great fun painting with the help of the experts ! Didn’t feel that it was the first time when I was there - very coordinated setup and highly recommend for anyone looking for an awesome time!

Painting class review by Nitin Verma - Sydney

Hong Oct 2023

Great experience The best thing I’d love to go Classbento in Chatswood because the studio offers a variety of styles and artworks I can choose. The teacher Amy is lovely & she helps me finish my painting perfectly ❤️❤️❤️

Painting class review by Hong - Sydney

Nicola Hawton Oct 2023

Really fun experience, teachers were really helpful and I loved being able to pick whatever I wanted to paint.

Shikha Verma Oct 2023

Teachers were very helpful we enjoyed a lot looking forward to attend more sessions in the coming weeks…

Ziying Xu Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

It was a good experience. We did the starry night by Van Gogh, didn’t finished it by the end of the session, but love it! And will finish it later!

Jacqueline Puzny Sep 2023

Great experience! The teacher was nice. We were so focused and didn‘t even check our mobile phone the whole time. We definitely would go back!

Hong Nga Nguyen (Nina) Sep 2023

Wonderful experience at beginning for the 1 st time! I love the friendly beautiful cozy decoration.
Thank you so much teacher Ali She is very nice & patient.
Love all

Maham Ahsan Sep 2023

Loved the class! Teacher was very inspiring!The Atmosphere was very peaceful. Enjoyed painting! Reminded me of my old school days, friends & art class!

Danny Nguyen Sep 2023

Renee was an attentive teacher and also spent a quite of bit of her time to help us completing the artwork. The end result turned out great, love it
I will definitely go back next time

Paint and Sip Class: Choose Your Own Artwork review by Danny Nguyen - Sydney

Preetham Kadappu Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Friendly, great guidance, good facilities and teaching techniques on how to create artworks for beginners

Kathia Doueihy Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I went with 2 other friends on a whim and after interacting with Calvin we decided to make it a monthly tradition to go. He is such a chill guy and an amazing artist at that. He supported us each until we were all able to leave with art pieces we were genuinely proud of.

Linoska Castro Aug 2023

The class felt therapeutic, providing us with a delightful experience. The teacher offered valuable advice that greatly assisted us in completing our paintings.

Painting class review by Linoska Castro - Sydney

Lucy Anderson Aug 2023

The space was lovely and clean and the teachers were nice although a little shy at first. Very independent sort of class nice if you are either going to just try stuff out or if you know a little more and just want some practice.

Alok Rai Aug 2023

She was just amazing and helpful in every possible way. Me and my sister had a great time under her supervision.

Paint and Sip Class: Choose Your Own Artwork review by Alok Rai - Sydney

Evilia Evilia Aug 2023

Callum is the best! When we started the class he asked me to choose which painting i want to paint. After spending time choosing i open my phone and he saw it and asked me if i want to paint the one on my phone? Ah he was so nice, i found this picture on pinterest and finally i can hang this on my room with my own painting♥️ he even help me to fix my drawing without judgement help me with the colour that is excatly what i want.

Painting class review by Evilia Evilia - Sydney

Jake Steele Aug 2023

Very lovely evening, helpful and kind teacher also. Looking forward to coming back in the future.

Stevani Rinakit Aug 2023

It was a great experience. The teachers are very patient and friendly. They even wanted to stay late to help some participants finishing up their paintings.
I would definitely recommend this class and will probably join again another time.

Sarah Yu Aug 2023

Venue was good
Teacher was awesome and extremely patient with all the questions and people being over timed.
The only wee thing is sometime students spent more time chatting to the teacher and I felt awkward to interrupt.
All in all, It was a great vibe that night :)

Therese Ailes Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The teacher was amazing Didn’t catch his name but he’s very patient and very encouraging I’m very bad with painting but he was able to identify what my strengths are and found ways to make my experience better by teacher easier methods and still achieving the very difficult painting I chose

I also came alone so this activity is good for someone who is looking to try new activities alone or just to unwind. Very wholesome experience Also, Moscato was delicious Wish we got a bottle instead

Paint and Sip Class: Choose Your Own Artwork review by Therese Ailes - Sydney

Hema Sudhakar Jul 2023

Callum, Sofia and other instructors helped me alot. Thank you for the best experience. Btw, I am a beginner and still did a good job.

Bijit Adhikari Jul 2023

Really hands on experience with really excellent instructors with awesome insights. Learnt a great deal as being my first time painting al together.

Valencia Caitlyn Jul 2023

I love it! I never paint before and they teach me how to paint and also they’re so nice and friendly

Painting class review by Valencia Caitlyn - Sydney

Michelle Sena Jul 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

We got to pick our own artwork to paint from a little booklet of different images and the instructor came around to give us personal steps on how to make our picture come to life! in that way, we dint follow group instructions which meant everyones images were all special in their own way. the venue was also really fun and quirky, we had heaps of fun :D

Painting class review by Michelle Sena - Sydney

Sadia Zaman Jul 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Extremely fun and positive atmosphere! We were first time painters but that didn't matter. The teachers helped us enormously and we were surprised with how awesome our artwork turned out in the end. Had no idea that painting was such a relaxing meditative experience! Definitely recommend.

Xianzhuang Meng Jul 2023

10 ClassBento workshops attended • 6 reviews

I like the class. The teacher is really really nice. Looking forward to attending more classes!

Paint and Sip Class: Choose Your Own Artwork review by Xianzhuang Meng - Sydney

Zena Santos Jul 2023

31 ClassBento workshops attended • 9 reviews

Callum is a very patient and passionate about painting. Always learning something new from him. Really enjoyed our paint and sip date night. Thanks Callum, see you soon :)

Wing Yip Jul 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I really enjoyed this class and liked the idea that each person can choose their own reference art so we don’t have to choose from one of the fixed paintings like most other classes I’ve done. The teachers were friendly and really helpful, would come back again!

Alesha Cheung Jul 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The teacher was without a doubt very helpful, even with the amount of people in the class, she managed to get to each and one of us to make sure we’re on the right track & to assist us if we’re unsure of what to do next. Overall, it was extremely fun and a great bonding experience ! Will definitely come again and challenge myself to a harder painting :)

Paint and Sip Class: Choose Your Own Artwork review by Alesha Cheung - Sydney

Amel Kahlaoui Jul 2023

Perfect class we spend me and my partner a beautiful moment.
I recommand this class

Fernando Perez Jul 2023

We came on our anniversary and had a great time/ learning experience. Our teacher was very helpful and professional.

Lyn Pho Jul 2023

Callum our teacher was amazing. Of all the paint and sips we've done, our artwork actually looks really nice and it was quite fun and not rushed. We all got to choose different artworks to paint which was great and although there were a few people in the class which could be hard to manage, we felt we had sufficient guidance. Callum gave me a few cues for my painting which were actually really helpful and he did not even have to spend that much time with me which gave us enough freedom to experiment. He was calm and kind and also respected our opinions before jumping in to help us. I booked this class as a birthday gift for my boyfriend and we were a little unsure whether this was a good idea but afterwards we agreed it was great fun. Thanks for the awesome class! All the best!

Yasam Gorgulu Jun 2023

The teacher was great. He was very helpful and kind. The venue and the material were good.

Irina Pak Jun 2023

We had a Team Buidling event with Welight Art Space. Everyone enjoyed the experience and atmosphere!
Our talented teacher Callum Worsfold was amazing, encouraging and helpful.
Highly recommend!

Samantha O'Donohue Jun 2023

A group of seven of us celebrated my Mum’s birthday doing paint and sip at Welight Art Space and we all had the most fabulous time. A special thanks to Callum who was the most patient art teacher. Callum was very knowledgeable, helpful and made the experience for us novice artists very enjoyable. I would highly recommend.

Paint and Sip Class: Choose Your Own Artwork review by Samantha O'Donohue - Sydney

Zena Santos Jun 2023

31 ClassBento workshops attended • 9 reviews

Reallt fun class. Love the idea of choose your own artwork. Staff are very accomodating and have great tips. Would recommend for date night, group or solo.

Paint and Sip Class: Choose Your Own Artwork review by Zena Santos - Sydney

Lasini Agbenyegah Jun 2023

Teacher was super nice. Loved how she understood we were beginners and keen for a good time.
Venue was really cute as well. Good location (ie close to station)
Improvements: wish when you showed ur artwork they’d tell you roughly how long it may take/ difficulty level. I loved the artwork I did but since I was new to painting I didn’t realise how difficult it was to get the colours right etc.
I would say the price was alright I wished they would allow free refills of drinks though.
Overall had a great time and would highly recommend the place

Natalie Han Jun 2023

We are all happy with teachers and their spports to finish our first formal painting.
I was really good experience and i definatley recommend this class if you are interested.
Thank you teachers again.

Rachel Jun 2023

The Teacher was really helpful and encouraging. The class was really fun. Definitely beginners friendly.

Melvin Wibowo Jun 2023

Very good and engaging teacher. The teacher wasnt hesitant to keep helping and helping. Will defo come back.

Painting class review by Melvin Wibowo - Sydney

Daniele Lucena Jun 2023

I really loved the painting experince. The teacher was great and everybody was super friendly.

Bavya Mukundan May 2023

Great session and learnt some painting tricks ! Would love to come again on a weekday evening after work :)

Painting class review by Bavya Mukundan - Sydney

Vaishali Raja May 2023

The teacher was great, helped us a lot, gave really good feedback and encouraged us to paint!
The studio was also amazing, spacious, well-decorated, and clean, giving us a nice artsy experience.
The paint, the brushes and the canvas everything was of amazing quality. We even asked for things like masking tape. They provided us with everything!
I would have been less likely to book this experience had I not known the wine needed to be brought by us, but I don't regret it! I loved being there anyway!
I learnt how to make a painting that I chose, which makes me happy because I can do it again!
I liked that we had our moment in the huge studio trying to paint and learn how to do it while sipping wine. It made this definitely worth our while!

Paint and Sip Class: Choose Your Own Artwork review by Vaishali Raja - Sydney

Yuna Yang May 2023

Convenient location, nice studio setup ,friendly and patient teachers. Can choose own art work( lots of choices ) , our group had lots of fun painting together !

Tania South May 2023

Great venue and space to get together with a group of friends. Lots of choices in paint your own style. Teachers were helpful.

Paint and Sip Class: Choose Your Own Artwork review by Tania South - Sydney

van Tang May 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

This was my second time and a lot of fun, Callum was great and helpful

Beliana D'Mello May 2023

Good instructions and guidance. Constructive feedback which made painting enjoyable for sure. Will come back again.

Tania Delaney May 2023

Teacher was Helpful but not intrusive, and there whenever you had a question. Overall a very enjoyable experience

Johnathon Larking May 2023

Great idea for a date night, teacher was super helpful and was such a fun experience, definitely will be coming back!

Chloe Mahony May 2023

We had so much fun, also liked that you could choose own artwork! And the staff were very helpful and nice :)

Antonia Worrall May 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The teacher was lovely, we had so much fun!

Thanks so so much was so fun

van Tang Apr 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Callum was an exceptional great teacher, you can tell painting is his thing, and the class itself was good fun, esp after a tough day at work lol. One of the best panting classes I have ever gone to.

Ahmad Karbala Apr 2023

Great setting , the teacher was very talented and helpful and the whole environment was chill. Perfect date night :)

Painting class review by Ahmad Karbala - Sydney

Charunie Edirisinghe Apr 2023

Great paint and sip experience!
The staff were extremely helpful with teaching us techniques and helping us when we got stuck. Highly recommend this place.

Paint and Sip Class: Choose Your Own Artwork review by Charunie Edirisinghe - Sydney

David Alia Apr 2023

People are very nice, and very accessible. Provide good advice and always available to help

Margarita Kovernichenko Apr 2023

Great teachers! Very passionate about their job and patient with their students! Would strongly recommend

Sharon Wong Apr 2023

Very patient and friendly teachers. Taught some techniques. Great class for beginners, would go again. Best thing about this paint and sip is you get to choose what you want to paint

Le Lu Apr 2023

Callum is an outstanding teacher. Knowledgeable and friendly. Great experience for my first painting class. I feel that he has taught me some basic foundation that as piqued my interest in painting.

Eunice King Mar 2023

Callum was welcoming and friendly he made a great effort to engage with everyone in the class and provided helpful direction. He created a relaxed fun atmosphere in which to paint.
The upstairs studio was a pleasant environment, everything was well organized and ran smoothly. It was great to choose our own subject and the materials provided were well suited. The class was great value for money.

Lauren Fraser Mar 2023

Amazing and fun class. We had a great time and as beginners, we surprised ourselves a lot. We had a lot of help from the teacher. Callum was very knowledgeable, nice and great to chat to! We will definitely come back :)

Natalie Beerworth Mar 2023

Calum was an incredible teacher. He was so patient in our private class of 10 people. We really appreciated his help.

Sanem Mar 2023

The teacher and atmosphere was amazing Had the best time ever

Paint and Sip Class: Choose Your Own Artwork review by Sanem  - Sydney

Priyanka Cincotta Mar 2023

Callum was fantastic. We were fortunate that it was only us in the class so we got his attention and help. He was very kind, relaxed and professional. Really helped us improve our paintings.

Persis Arora Mar 2023

Callum was am excellent teacher. Patient, experienced and fun!
We loved celebrating mums birthday and everything was provided! We will be back!

Daniela Castro Mar 2023

nice place, the teacher very attentive to what we might need, high quality materials and tools

Painting class review by Daniela Castro - Sydney

Brigit Cameron Mar 2023

Second time here and I love it! Such a relaxing and chill atmosphere. My teacher was really great; he was helpful and gave great art tips. Will be back again!

Paint and Sip Class: Choose Your Own Artwork review by Brigit Cameron - Sydney

Alejandra Pachon Mar 2023

The class was very good, the teacher is very kind, I really enjoy painting for the first time

Painting class review by Alejandra Pachon - Sydney

Kayla Vo Mar 2023

Callum is an amazing teacher. I had a great time doing the class and we get to pick our own painting

Brigit Cameron Feb 2023

It was fun and really chill, a great way to unwind. Our teacher was helpful and gave great art tips to help with our paintings. Would recommend!

Yvette Knoxl Feb 2023

Absolutely fantastic artist. Very warm and accommodating. Best afternoon with my friends and their teenagers. Thanks.

Paint and Sip Class: Choose Your Own Artwork review by Yvette Knoxl - Sydney

Viola Tanaya Feb 2023

7 ClassBento workshops attended • 8 reviews

Learn a lot of things from this class perspective, colour mixing, paint splatter. Very enjoyable.

Painting class review by Viola Tanaya - Sydney

Andrew Hinschen Feb 2023

We really enjoyed the class and found the teachers to be welcoming and insightful.
We will definitely be coming back in the future

Lydia Lin Feb 2023

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 6 reviews

The teacheres are very nice and patient. I will have more classes in the future.

Painting class review by Lydia Lin - Sydney

Aashna Kansakar Jan 2023

Very helpful and encouraging. Me and my friends had a lot of fun and made good memories ♥️

Paint and Sip Class: Choose Your Own Artwork review by Aashna Kansakar - Sydney

Claudia Kim Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Totally Recommended Great group experience, friendly staff so helpful and nice environment! Visited three times already

Grisha Silver Jan 2023

The class was such great fun! The teacher was informative, helpful and funny! I would recommend this as a way to learn a new skill, or a fun date night or even just to hang out with friends!

Anthea Tse Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Callum was friendly, engaging and patient. The venue was cosy and neat. All materials provided, including a blank canvas, paint, brushes and an apron with a bonus glass of free drink - just bring yourself and friends along. Learnt brush techniques and how to paint. It was fun and will definitely revisit.

Painting class review by Anthea Tse - Sydney

Dalia El-Beaini Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Everything was amazing. The instructor was lovely and we had such a great time. Looking into more similar activities for the future

Rui Li Jan 2023

Teacher is really friendly, helpful and professional. I had an amazing learning and painting experience.

Painting class review by Rui Li - Sydney

Carolyn Birchill Dec 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Out of my comfort zone doing an art class. From the moment we started Callum put us at ease, answered questions, showed us techniques and supported the whole experience to be relaxing and enjoyable. Love my final piece!

Painting class review by Carolyn Birchill - Sydney

Kei Ouyang Dec 2022

Easy instructions, friendly environment. Our group had a great fun and experience! Will definitely

Leonie Auld Dec 2022

Teacher arrived 5 minutes before start time, so room was not set up by 11am. Several people enrolled in the class needed to use the bathroom, so they accessed the tuition businesses toilets, apparently we were not allowed to use their toilets & the lady got agitated with us & was rude.

The tutor Callum whilst arriving somewhat too late to create a relaxed & organised atmosphere at the start, was very amiable, approachable & helpful once he had set up.

The space was very nice.

Teacher's response

Hi Leoni,

I apologise for your experience, particularly with the lady from the business next door. That bathroom does not belong to our business, there are signs on the door which explicitly say this. We have our own bathroom which you are welcome to use.

For our usual classes, we ensure that teachers arrive at least 20 mins prior to set up. Due to some circumstances on that day, Callum was only able to arrive 5 minutes before the start time. He is very apologetic about the slight delay which is why he extended the class duration by an extra half an hour, for no other reason than to provide good service.

We appreciate the time you took to bring this to our attention.

Warm regards,
Welight Art Space

Vickie Zhang Dec 2022

Was a fantastic experience, will be back soon The teacher was really great and helpful.

Serena Soon Dec 2022

Had Callum as the teacher and he was great - patient and constantly went around to everyone to make sure they were doing ok and had everything they needed. Good value for money.

Beatrice Luna Dec 2022

Beginner-friendly! The instructor was great at guiding us through our questions. She also helped out a lot with getting us unstuck when we can't seem to get our paintings right. Relaxing environment too with music + good drinks :) would do again!

Franziska Goehl Dec 2022

The class was great fun and we learned a lot new skills.
Maybe it was a bit big in terms of number of participants.

Deepa Kerwar Dec 2022

Such a great teacher, great ambience and great class overall

Definitely will recommend and come again

Maggie Cheng Nov 2022

As a beginner it was such a rewarding experience for receiving guidance along the whole class

Catherine Sefton Nov 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Excellent class. Supportive teacher who made it easy . Lots of fun. Great you can paint what you want.

Sarah Wills Nov 2022

Fantastic class with a very friendly and knowledgeable teacher. We will definitely be back and recommend the class to our friends!

Sophia Bock Nov 2022

Love the flexibility of the art choices and the accommodation provided to us by the service when we had changes in the amount of people coming.

Kylie Lin Nov 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

My group had so much fun. We got to pick whatever we wanted to paint. The teacher was very attentive and gave great advice on how to paint.

Rita Rui Nov 2022

Teacher is really patient and friendly. He explained the techs clearly. Great painting experience.q

Anjali Arun Nov 2022

Lovely activity and amazing teacher had a great time Value for the amount paid :)will be back again !

Paint and Sip Class: Choose Your Own Artwork review by Anjali Arun - Sydney

Alyce Pacala Nov 2022

I loved the fact that this was a choose your own paint session. The teacher was amazing and very skilled. She was able to guide each person in the class with their unique projects. Everyone was able to walk out of the class happy with their art.

Grace Webb Nov 2022

Amanda was an excellent teacher, highly professional, capable and patient. I very much enjoyed the class.

Kajal Shah Oct 2022

Our teacher was always there when we asked. Always helped us. Gave us great tips. Very encouraging. His name was Calem

Paint and Sip Class: Choose Your Own Artwork review by Kajal Shah - Sydney

Danijela Gusa Oct 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Has a really good time. Teachers were excellent and a great help! definitely will do this again

Megan Roberts Oct 2022

This was my first time doing a painting. It was a fun class. The teacher was very helpful and I love my artwork.

Paint and Sip Class: Choose Your Own Artwork review by Megan Roberts - Sydney

Sudha Ramdev Oct 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Teacher was really great, Friendly, knowledgable and helpful.
Venue was OK.
materials provided were good.
I enjoyed the class throughly and will like to take more classes there.

Jacqui Crawhall Oct 2022

Good value for money- we stayed for longer than the allocated 2.5 hours. Teacher was very nice and happy to help- think he was more of a sketch artist than painter though. It was a fun and relaxing experience overall.

Magda Rurarz Oct 2022

Thank you for my new experience!

Great teacher, explained everything in a simple friendly way. Very helpful.

Alice Ai Oct 2022

It was a wonderfully relaxing experience. We could get plenty of paint and the teachers gave us a lot of help! I think providing some more utensils for the snacks would make it a bit easier but otherwise I enjoyed the added drink.

Nina Brown Oct 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Highly recommended MUST TRY We had so much fun and Callum is the best teacher ever! ❤️❤️❤️

Painting class review by Nina Brown - Sydney

Rachel Elsharkawy Oct 2022

Very fun and relaxing class. Got some good guidance from the teacher and got to choose our own painting. Also had a glass of wine which added to the relaxing experience. Will definitely be returning in the future.

Jody Wang Oct 2022

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

It was a really fun class to do with friends. I liked that you could choose your own painting - we even brought in our own inspiration. They were also very generous in giving us extra time.

Rachael Achiaw Oct 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Chivom and Callum were amazing As a first time painters, they dedicated time to guide us throughout the experience. Great services and best experience everrrr

Mirleth Rojas Oct 2022

Thank you very much, I was very well attended by the teachers, very helpful, I could learn how to do degradation in the sky and sea. The materials, colours were provided as per the landscape selection. Very happy with the experience

Kamy Rathore Oct 2022

Rainbow was very helpful and patient. Loved the experience and will definitely come back again!

Painting class review by Kamy Rathore - Sydney

Wei Cheng Oct 2022

I enjoyed it very much and will go there next time very soon. Wish they have evening classes for adults.

Painting class review by Wei Cheng - Sydney

Lydia Lin Oct 2022

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 6 reviews

Amanda is an amazing teacher. She is patient and details and helpful and respectful. I will take her class again.

Paint and Sip Class: Choose Your Own Artwork review by Lydia Lin - Sydney

Sarah Chen Oct 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Experience was really enjoyable. Good selection of paintings to choose from. Found the teacher of the class helpful. Was a really good experience overall!

Daniela Cortes Sep 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I love the class. I enjoyed a lot however I would like to have 2 trainers instead of one as I feel we could be more efficient

Teacher's response

Thank you for leaving this review.

Your feedback is appreciated and we are already aware of the need for extra teachers in these classes. Typically we can expect one of our teachers to comfortably handle up to 10 customers, with this system our classes tend to run quite smoothly.

Unfortunately last night was a public holiday and we had 4 unexpected walk-in customers who were not registered on our system, this meant that we were unaware that there should have been an extra staff member that night.

Thanks, May

Michelle Cruz Sep 2022

Hubby and I went for a date night to this - something hubby usually would never be up for. The group was a good mix of couples and singles, and we loved that you could choose your own image to draw. The teachers were great and available throughout. It was easy enough to do as a beginner, however I personally thought that this format may be better suited with someone who has painted at least once before.

Good location also for food nearby before or after class.

Paint and Sip Class: Choose Your Own Artwork review by Michelle Cruz - Sydney

Nicholas Sep 2022

Was a simple and relaxing class, teacher was helpful and supportive. Very calming and enjoyable class. All materials provided were great. Would return again.

Charlotte Sep 2022

Teacher was really nice and patient watching over 8 students. Time was sufficient and even when we needed more time, we could stay. Wine was sweet and environment was chill. 8 students pax was a good number

Jennifer Lum Sep 2022

4 ClassBento workshops attended

Teacher was patient and taught me some tips and tricks. The class had light calming music in the background which sets the mood perfectly!

Aline Gomes Sep 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The theacher was very nice and patient. The venue is prepared to receive students and all material was provided

Alice Devine Sep 2022

Teacher was kind, encouraging, instructive in the amount of time to complete the painting. He tailored to each student's need. Relaxing setting. Very happy to learn about some basic mixing of colours and the process of painting in a one off class. Great fun. 4.5

Sampath Somanchi Sep 2022

Our instructor was fantastic, she was incredibly friendly and talented! Very glad we went :D

Painting class review by Sampath Somanchi - Sydney

Lydia Lin Sep 2022

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 6 reviews

I really enjoyed tonight's painting and I learned different skills from the teacher and thank you so much!

Paint and Sip Class: Choose Your Own Artwork review by Lydia Lin - Sydney

Ashleigh Solomon Sep 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

My partner and I had a blast. All materials were of great quality, the instructor was great and we really liked that we could paint whatever we liked. Highly recommend

Paint and Sip Class: Choose Your Own Artwork review by Ashleigh Solomon - Sydney

Lamia Grici Sep 2022

Great experience, great teacher and atmosphere…
I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a peaceful but fun activity :)

Roseleen Maano Sep 2022

Took my fiancé for Father’s Day and we had a great experience for our first time painting. Callum was very helpful and friendly which made us feel more relaxed and we really enjoyed the process of building our artwork. Will definitely be bringing along more friends to this art space for another sip and paint class. Thank you

Paint and Sip Class: Choose Your Own Artwork review by Roseleen Maano - Sydney

Ma Tan Sep 2022

I had a wonderful experience. The instructor was hospitable, kind and accomodating. I would love to attend another session again! :)

Jessica Kuo Aug 2022

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 7 reviews

This workshop is really fun and enjoyable. The instructor is very friendly and helpful. Highly recommend for anyone who is interested.

Grace Moufarrege Aug 2022

I thought I would use my Services NSW voucher and booked into a paint class with Class Bento. It was great fun and really pleased with the result. I am not particularly a talented artist but with the direction and guidance from Callum, the teacher ( from Welight Art Space),made the experience more relaxing and enjoyable.

Sahara Phoenix Aug 2022

The teacher was great less people than we expected which was even better because you got more 1 on 1 time especially for a beginner definately going back again with the hubby or girls ❤️

Painting class review by Sahara Phoenix - Sydney

Dale Liebenberg Aug 2022

Great venue. Great fun, we had a good laugh. Callum (our teacher/host) was a star.

Lydia Lin Aug 2022

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 6 reviews

I enjoyed tonight's painting and it was so much fun and just loved it.

Fiona Boo Aug 2022

It was my first time painting. I had a really good time! The atmosphere and the teacher (Mat? I think?) was very friendly and accommodating. The teacher helped with basic techniques and gave me a lot of positive feedback. That encouraged me with painting and I truly enjoyed.
I also liked how my piece turned out too. :)

Thank you!

Maddie Wunsch Aug 2022

Amazing staff Had so much fun and staff were so nice

Recommend 100%

So good


Toshiko Wakakuri Aug 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The teacher kindly taught me how to layer colors and how to make colors. It was a great time and I could pain the more beautiful picture than I thought.
The wine was also so tasty!

Reshni Vuong Aug 2022

The teachers were so patient even though they had a big class! I'm not sure how they managed with our rowdy crowd to be honest

Paint and Sip Class: Choose Your Own Artwork review by Reshni Vuong - Sydney

Tanya Choudhary Aug 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Super helpful and very sweet and encouraging! Thank you for a fun night will be coming back :)

Soy Tran Jul 2022

Great experience, I would definitely recommend and return in future. Teachers were hands-on and helpful in explaining which brushes to use, what techniques to apply and how to complete a painting of our own choosing. The complimentary red wine was delicious (like a sparkling sangria!). We had a fun time and the class was small too which was a plus (approx 8-10 ppl).

Wendy Tran Jul 2022

I think Welight is the best painting class I’ve been to so far. Highly recommend it even if you’re a beginner. I’ve been to a few paint and sip places including Cork & Chroma and Pinot & Picasso and Welight is much better especially if you’re genuinely interested in painting. The studio looks awesome like a mini art gallery and you can tell that the staff there are passionate about painting. I took my parents who have never done these classes before and were complete beginners. They had no issues at all and their paintings looked great! You get to pick from a wide range of pictures to paint. Callum was our instructor and he was very patient, answered any questions we had and gave clear direction that were easy to understand.

Painting class review by Wendy Tran - Sydney

Slayde Tana Jul 2022

Great experience, teachers were very helpful and gave good advice throughout the class to everyone

Lydia Lin Jul 2022

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 6 reviews

All teacheres are helpful and beautiful and thank you so much and the painting make me feel I really like an artist.

Painting class review by Lydia Lin - Sydney

Catherine Su Jul 2022

A really great venue for hosting birthday parties! The teachers were all so sweet and helpful < 3 , and they have lots of reference photos to choose from. The venue is really nice and clean and quite spacious.

Paint and Sip Class: Choose Your Own Artwork review by Catherine Su - Sydney

Lee Carr Jul 2022

Callum was terrific. He was patient and informative to the beginners and allowed the more advanced to explore further with guidance. A really nice guy.
The venue was bright and cheery with lots of examples of students works on display.
Just an all round fun night.
Thanks and see you again.

Mayke Waddell Jul 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

My daughter and I had a really lovely time painting together. We had great guidance from the 2 teachers and we are very happy with our art pieces. Thank you, definitely will recommend to others and we may do another class soon.

Raymond Chong Jul 2022

We booked a Paint and Sip class with Welight art space for my birthday and it was an absolute success.
Everything from the booking process to the class itself was handled professionally and every team member I spoke to was more than willing to help with any questions I had or changes to the booking. Our booking was for 26 people and they handled it exceptionally well.
What really stood out was the format of the class, each person was able to choose their own picture to recreate from a number of albums of previous paintings and the teachers moved around the class helping to get people started with the line work, colouring or finishing touches. The teachers were absolutely fantastic, they had a great attitude and and equally amazing talent for art as they stepped in to save some of our poor artistic choices.
The studio was super flexible, they were more than happy to let us in slightly early as were setting up a grazing table and they were incredibly relaxed at the end of the class as people slowly started to leave while we packed up the food.
Would absolutely recommend Welight Art Space for a birthday or work function.

Paint and Sip Class: Choose Your Own Artwork review by Raymond Chong - Sydney

Lydia Lin Jul 2022

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 6 reviews

I like the teacher she gave me a clear and simple advice for me and I really enjoyed it and thank you so much and I will do it again.

Painting class review by Lydia Lin - Sydney

Namratha Naik Jul 2022

It was very good , nice and relaxing and the teacher was very helpful and gave us very good tips

Charlotte Goodchild Jul 2022

The teacher was friendly and helpful. A large variety of paintings to chose from with something for everyone. I would definitely go again!

Hudson Miller Jul 2022

Really sweet teacher
Gave good direction and time
Gave good access to paints
And easy to find the venue

Lijing Ma Jul 2022

The instructor is great in my class, I followed her instructions and got my first painting which I am very satisfied! I felt that she totally understood what I want to express and helped me a lot to finish my artwork, love her.

Painting class review by Lijing Ma - Sydney

Preetpal Kaur Jun 2022

Had a great time! Teacher was helpful; materials were a good quality, conveniently located and decently priced! Would do this again :)

Painting class review by Preetpal Kaur - Sydney

Natalie Ashkar Jun 2022

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Had a great evening. Welcoming and great art space. Freedom to paint but teacher helpful and supportive!

Phoebe Druce Jun 2022

Venue was good and teacher was nice and knowledgeable. Maybe to allow participants to keep painting their own and only make suggestions.

Annie Kulassarian Jun 2022

Such an amazing experience! Came here for my best friends birthday. Teacher was great and made the whole experience a lot of fun. Very memorable. Thank you

Kim Phung Jun 2022

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 7 reviews

Great night! First place we've been to where we got to paint whatever we wanted and still got great guidance and assistance.

Quyen Nguyen Jun 2022

Amazing teacher very helpful with techniques and colours . Good vibes. Would most definitely come back.

Jenny Lee Jun 2022

Great for social event or group! Friendly, highly skilled and great communication throughout the whole process. Loved every moment in freely painting and if there was something to be fixed up, the teachers were hands on.

Thank you for the great experience.

Luke Milligan Jun 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The teacher was super helpful and gave us a wide variety of paintings to choose from. We had a fantastic time!

Grace Morrisey Jun 2022

fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun

Joel Lee May 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The teacher was very friendly and helpful. My partner and i both enjoyed it. It was quite chill and relaxing. Would go again

Liz Hawes May 2022

Such a fun evening! Really great little hidden gem in Chatswood. Wonderful, helpful and friendly staff and a great atmosphere. Will be back

Cameron Della May 2022

Amazing teacher who was patient and kind. I loved it and the painting was fantastic.

Anna Biljon May 2022

The teacher help you when you ask her. She provides everything you need. Everything was more than enough. It was good. Thanks.

Elise Millauro Apr 2022

Our teacher was very patient and kind, breaking down the steps of the painting and offering guidance where needed. The venue is purpose built, spacious and very clean. Great value for money and would recommend to family and friends

Hyeon Lim Apr 2022

The class was good value for money. The teacher was very friendly and good at explaining.

Phoebe Wark Mar 2022

My mother and I went and it was amazing! The teachers were so kind and helpful. We had everything we needed and it was well worth the price. Would definitely go again!

Paint and Sip Class: Choose Your Own Artwork review by Phoebe Wark - Sydney

Soon Yap Mar 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The teachers were really friendly and attentive. It was great value for money. Venue was clean and spacious. Would definitely go back again!

Ukti Desai Mar 2022

13 ClassBento workshops attended

Awesome teacher, thank you very much for the support in building my confidence. Stay humble

Zi Cheung Feb 2022

My friend and I really enjoyed the whole experience, it was fun and time flies The teacher was helpful giving us advice of difficulties of the reference paintings, prepared the color we need for the painting and tried her best to save my friend’s painting. (Very important) personally I love the texture of the acrylic paint but not my friend. The reference picture I choose was originally a water color painting but the teacher showed me how to draw and express it with acrylic paint and I love how it turned out

The venue was easy to find and well located. Clean and neatly set up. I’m glad I bought a bottle of wine to top up our glass.

It’s a great value to spend the 2 hours doing this wonderfully calm and peaceful activity with everything provided, I will definitely do it again with my friends, or even by myself.

There are a few feedback from our experience, it would be great if you provide different sizes of paint brushes according to the reference picture we choose as my friend’s painting requires a bit more details, second our teacher was so nice but it will be nice to have her introduce herself, and at last maybe noted there’s only will be one glass of wine on the course descriptions.

But overall we had a lovely time, enjoyed every bit of the night. Thanks again.

Painting class review by Zi Cheung - Sydney

Phung Thu Jan 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Great activity for the weekend, i totally enjoyed it, the instructors were helpful throughout the session

Maria Droulias Jan 2022

Very helpful and loved the experience will recommend. Happy with the painting and proud of myself

Natalia-Grace Abboud Jan 2022

This was such an a amazing class and everyone was so accomodating and so helpful. Definitely coming back ! Thank you all so much

Orit Silberman Dec 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Teacher was kind, helpful, patient and didnt rush till the painting was done. Wine was good too and lighting in studio amazing

Brandy Chukwuka Dec 2021

Teacher was amazing! She was very informative and helpful. Would come back again. Thank you.

Qizi Lin Dec 2021

We really enjoy the class! There are two girls helping us a lot (not sure if I get the spelling correct, I think one is Shimone and the other is Yuebin)! We really appreciate their help! Without their help and encouragement, we don’t think we can get the final pretty paintings.

Anh Nguyen Dec 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Teacher Rainbow (Amanda) was super helpful and very friendly. The venue is spacious, and had very chill vibes.

Paint and Sip Class: Choose Your Own Artwork review by Anh Nguyen - Sydney

Valerie Chow Nov 2021

Venue was great and a lovely space to paint. The teachers were able to help guide everyone even beginners how to do their painting and had great tips and tricks. Would definitely do it again!

Painting class review by Valerie Chow - Sydney

Joy Phan Nov 2021

The teacher is very friendly. I could get a free drink in the class. Good experience.

Lei Shen Nov 2021

The room was very hot and didn't have air conditioning. It would have been good if the teacher could have provided more guidance on how ro paint for first timers like ourselves. Otherwise, the staff were friendly and the place was well equipped.

Teacher's response

Thank you very much for your feedback. The central air conditioner suddenly broke down recently, so we temporarily cancelled most of the student's appointments that day to ensure that the 80 square meter room was not too hot. The air conditioner should be repaired this weekend. The art tutors in our art space are responsible for helping beginners to choose suitable pictures, and help guide our students individually through the fundamental painting steps (composition, outline, blocking in colours, adding detail, adjustment). If the art tutor has not fulfilled their due responsibilities, then we will ensure the aforementioned tutor undergo more training.

Michael McManus Oct 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

teacher was awesome, good facility and resources for painting, we really
enjoyed it, was amazing

Paint and Sip Class: Choose Your Own Artwork review by Michael McManus - Sydney

Michael Chen Jun 2021

Teacher is friendly and helped us painting. Enjoyed the time and we are happy about the class and take our masterpiece home!

Painting class review by Michael Chen - Sydney

Georgia Bamba Jun 2021

The teacher provided good feedback. It was a lovely environment to paint in. Nice experience.

Sarah Mackenzie May 2021

The class was in an amazing venue. There was enough space, but it still felt cosy. There were lots of choices on what we could paint, and we were supplied with everything we needed. The class was incredibly good value for money.

Painting class review by Sarah Mackenzie - Sydney

Jeannette Ferguson May 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The studio was well set out with all the resources we needed for painting plus a glass wine or a soft drink. Two teachers on hand to give tips on how to paint our chosen masterpieces. Was a fun evening with friends.