Yoga Therapy Class. Reduce Neck Discomfort

Yoga Therapy For Cervical Spine. On the mat or on the chair.

65 mins label $20

The yoga therapy class focuses on the neck area..
You may not notice that you have been sitting in one position at the computer for several hours, but this is a big test for your neck.
It is unlikely that you change your body position every half hour - not only when sitting at work, but also while reading or watching a movie. Over time, poor posture can cause muscle imbalances and spasms..
Have you ever woken up with neck pain? This can happen if, for example, you lay on your stomach almost all night.
Our necks are not designed to bend forward or sideways constantly, leading to pain over time. Special pillows and, of course, yoga for the cervical spine will help relieve discomfort..
Yoga for the back and neck for beginners will not be appropriate if you have:
exacerbation of spinal diseases;
acute pain syndrome, which manifests itself even in a stationary position;
postoperative period;
acute infectious or viral diseases;
malignant tumour at any location;
increased body temperature;
uncompensated hypertension (high blood pressure that is not regulated with medication);
Before doing exercises you need to consult with your doctor!.
Remember :

  • practice is performed in comfort mode; When moving, there should be no pain or any discomfort in the neck, shoulder girdle, or arms; there should be no dizziness and other negatively coloured subjective experiences;
  • all movements are performed starting from the minimum range, with a gradual increase in amplitude, at a smooth pace, without jerks or sudden movements. No movements are performed with maximum amplitude, the range of movements is in the range of 60-90% of the maximum.

Knowledge required
What to bring
Yoga mat or chair
Your teacher

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My yogi way started in childhood, when I asked myself about death. It was so evidently, that I cant dead, I am something more, than this physical body, beyond the 5 organs of sensations. I started exploring, who am I...

It is an interesting and deep way with a lot of spiritual experiences. I meditated a lot, more than 5-6 hours during the day and many years one after another to find answers to my questions.
And once, when I came back to the physical body after a long meditation two main thoughts came into my mind: "There is no mind over there", and "People are suffering from the mind"
Later, I met my spiritual teachers. I came to India to learn yoga, where the science of Yoga was born. It's impossible to understand Yoga without learning the Indian culture, because Yoga and India are the same!
Western people know yoga as physical training. But it's anything, but not yoga.

Yoga is deep spiritual science expanding the perception of consciousness from simple human to cosmic divine! Yoga is a way and a fruit. Yoga is a mystical knowledge.

I never stopping to learn yoga. Yoga is being called a state of unity and the way to achieve this state.

I have more than 10 years of practising Ashtanga yoga, not fitness. Ashtanga means 8 parts. Modern Ashtanga yoga is fitness, and does not have something similar to the true meaning of Ashtanga Yoga of Patanjali.

8 parts include: Yoga philosophy for increasing the level of consciousness, Asanas for the physical body, Pranayamas for purifying the prana (prana means vital energy), Pratyahara (bringing the 5 organs of sensations inside), Dharana (concentration), Dhyana (holding the object of meditation for a long time), Samadhi (beyond the words. Being in superconsciousness).

All this is not easy and needs a serious guru. From my side, I am trying to help people not forget the true meaning of yoga and probably goad someone to do yoga as a Sadhana (spiritual practice), not as a fitness.
Ananda Dewi
Your Yoga teacher

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