5 Unique Presents for Dads Who Love DIY

5 Unique Presents for Dads Who Love DIY

By Kellie Maloney

If Dad is passionate about DIY then these gifts for Dad across Australia are sure to make him smile! From quirky glass art in Sydney to functional woodworking projects in Perth, our unique presents for Dad will make all his DIY dreams come true. Whether you’re looking for Father’s Day ideas, birthday present ideas for Dad, or gifts for Dad from his daughter—these unique experience gifts are the answer.

Keen to find out more? Read on and discover our top gifts for DIY-loving Dads in 2024!

Ignite his passion for DIY with glassblowing

glassblowing class father and daughter

If your dad loves trying new things and has an artistic streak, why not consider glassblowing classes as Father’s Day gifts or birthday gift ideas for Dad? It may seem unconventional, but this ancient craft is making a comeback in a big way. Whether you’re after experience gifts for Dad in Canberra or gifts for Dad in Adelaide, these classes offer a chance to learn from skilled artisans and create stunning pieces of art or functional items. It's an experience that combines creativity with craftsmanship—perfect for Dads who appreciate both.

Glassblowing classes offer a truly unique and mesmerising experience for your Dad. As he steps into the world of molten glass and learns the art of shaping it into intricate designs, he'll be captivated by the magical dance of colours and forms. He’ll be guided through the process, from gathering the glass on the blowpipe to using tools to manipulate its shape. He'll feel a sense of accomplishment as his creations take form, and the joy of crafting his own glass art will leave him beaming with pride. 

If you’re on the hunt for experience gifts for Dad in Melbourne, consider booking him into an introductory glass art class with Ruth Allen. At the end of this hands-on class, he’ll return home with his own paperweight and vessel to take home and admire!

Forge steel into functional objects at a knife making workshop

knife making class for dad

If your Dad's a fan of outdoor adventures or simply enjoys a bit of handiwork in the shed, a knife making workshop will be right up his alley. These workshops teach the art of forging and crafting custom knives. He'll learn about different blade shapes, handle materials, and even the ancient techniques of Damascus steel. With a bit of sweat and craftsmanship, your Dad will walk away with a personalised and unique knife that'll serve as a constant reminder of your thoughtful gift.

Searching for meaningful Father’s Day gift ideas in Australia, birthday present ideas for Dad or unforgettable experience gifts for Dad in Brisbane? A metalwork workshop like this knife making class in West Ipswich is not just about crafting a sharp blade; it's a journey back in time to the days of craftsmanship and tradition. Your Dad will immerse himself in the world of metals, learning about different steel types, heat treatments, and grinding techniques. With skilled mentors by his side, he'll take raw materials and transform them into functional works of art. From honing the edge to fitting the handle, each step will require precision and dedication, which will undoubtedly resonate with your Dad's can-do spirit. The knife he creates will not only be a practical tool but a symbol of his dedication and your heartfelt gift.

Inspire Dad’s inner craftsman at woodworking courses

man smiling at woodworking course in Perth

Woodworking is often top-of-list when it comes to DIY hobbies and its popularity is no surprise; working with wood offers endless possibilities. A woodworking course would be an ideal gift if your father loves crafting furniture or other wooden items himself.

Whether he has some experience or is just starting, these courses cater to all skill levels. From gifts for Dad in Canberra crafting small wooden trinkets to building custom furniture with gifts for Dad in Sydney, your Dad will develop a deeper appreciation for the beauty and versatility of wood as he creates marvellous pieces.

Ready to get him started with his own DIY woodworking projects? Check out gifts for Dad in Melbourne like this beginner-friendly spoon carving class in Coburg North or try something different with gifts for Dad in Perth like this woodworking class in Darlington.

Get hands-on at a traditional blacksmithing class

blacksmithing course in Sydney

Blacksmithing is one of the oldest metalwork crafts known to man and still holds fascination today—especially among those who love DIY projects! Blacksmithing classes can provide your dad with fundamental techniques used in shaping metal into valuable tools or decorative pieces. These Father’s Day gifts or Christmas gift ideas for Dad strike the right balance between practicality and craftsmanship.

For the Dad who loves working with metal and fire, blacksmithing vouchers for Dad are the perfect treat if he loves DIY. He'll get the chance to shape red-hot metal with hammer and anvil, just like the old-school blacksmiths did. From making decorative hooks to practical tools, the possibilities are endless. Your Dad's creativity will be ignited as he hammers, bends, and twists metal into fantastic creations that will amaze the whole family.

Keen to get Dad started on his DIY journey? If you’re looking for experience gifts for Dad in Sydney, an introductory blacksmithing workshop in Brookvale is the perfect place to get started. After something more unique? Gifts for Dad in Brisbane like this blacksmith blade class are also a great option.

Discover the satisfying art of welding 

welding workshop for beginners

Searching for unique gift ideas for Dad in Australia or Father’s Day presents that he’ll actually love? There’s no better way to indulge his passion than gifting him a welding workshop where he can work with metals directly. These classes will teach him the skills to fuse metal pieces together, opening up a world of possibilities for his DIY projects. Whether he’s new at it or looking for more advanced skills, these workshops cater to all levels of experience—making them one of the most versatile presents for Dads out there!

These gift experiences for Dad will equip him with the skills to join metal pieces together, whether it's for repairs or creating entirely new structures. As he learns various welding techniques like MIG, TIG, and arc welding, he'll gain confidence in handling metal with ease. From fixing broken household items to bringing his innovative metal projects to life, your Dad will be a true DIYer in the eyes of family and friends, capable of welding together solutions to everyday challenges.
On the lookout for unique experience gifts for Dad in Perth? Get him to learn TIG or MIG welding in Bayswater. With these gifts for Dad in Adelaide, Perth and beyond he’ll get the lowdown on safety, tools and techniques so he can continue this newfound hobby at home in his own shed!

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