Ceramic Tile Wall Art

Ceramic Tile Wall Art

Make your own hand painted tiles wall decor

Natalia Basalaeva

Natalia Basalaeva
(Le Motif)




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In this 5 hours workshop I will demonstrate technique of glass/ceramic painting, technique of applying outliner on the surface, as well as mixing different mediums and then I will guide you as you make your very own exciting and unique painted tiled artwork that you'll be proud to hang on your wall.

To begin you will learn about glass and ceramics painting in general and materials and techniques which can be used to achieve various results.

Then using stencils, which will be provided, you will create your own "pazzle" of 4 different designs and colours that you like and transfer this pattern on 4 ceramic tiles 15 x 15 cm using outliner and special paints.

Also we will have a tea/coffee break with something yummy that I will make for you :)

The finished artwork will consist of 4 painted tiles set in a 30 x 30 cm white frame.

Classes are VERY small, up to 3 people, almost private :) So no doubt I will be able to assist every participant.

Please note that listed time for this workshop is very flexible. You can request ANY other day and I will do my best to make it available. For the class we need minimum 2 participants, but if you are happy to pay more ($260), we can arrange a class just for you and you will be able to make two pieces of art!

What you will learn:

- The use of various materials and techniques in ceramic and glass painting.
- How to work with glass and ceramic paints and other mediums.
- The skills you need to continue to create your own gorgeous artworks at home
- All materials are provided. No experience is necessary. Age 15+

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ALL materials will be provided. Just in case do not put nice clothes on.


2 Bardo road Newport, NSW


Natalia Basalaeva
Natalia Basalaeva
(Le Motif)

Stunning stained glass and ceramic painting

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I am a ceramic and glass artist who originally hails from Russia but 2 years ago moved to Australia and now based in Northern Beaches of Sydney. I graduated from art school in my youth, but applied myself to the field of economics before returning to my roots with a course in Interior Decoration in the International Design School in Moscow in 2014 after 10 years of auditing.

To quit my job was a big desicion but now I can say - the best in my life. My family used to say that hobby can't be your full time job, but I disagreed.

I specialise in glass and ceramic painting, having started the former in 2013 in Moscow. I learned glass and ceramic painting by myself, step by step, year by year. And still learning: learning new techniques, new materials, new surfaces...

Constantly developing my work, I am currently in a period of transition and evolving from my previous style. I found contemporary art interesting to me and decided to use my mediums to create some pieces of art in another way.

If you are the one who loves stained glass painting, painted ceramic tiles or plates, fluid art...if you want to learn how to do it yoursellf, you are more than welcome to my workshops! I will tell you everything that I know.

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