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At The Italian Table

At The Italian Table

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Italy born chef Christian Colognesi has over 20 years of experience working in a number of distinguished restaurants alongside some of the most inspirational chefs around the world.

Christian’s career officially began as a Chef in Milan, working in a number of distinguished restaurants, before moving to the Milan Intercontinental. The outstanding performance and the talent demonstrated gained Christian an opportunity to work with the famed Giorgio Locatelli in London in 2007.​

After many years of cooking his way around Europe, Christian moved to Sydney, where he displayed his modern Italian cuisine as the Head Chef at places like the Aperitivo and Bambini Trust, with numerous high scores and write-ups from the Sydney Good Food Guide. He had been featured in numerous media publications, Two Hungry Man, Spice News, Eat Drink Play as well as international publications such as Italian Magazine.

Christian is passionate about sharing his passion for food and wine as a northern Italian chef, his knowledge and his creative and contemporary yet practical style of cooking with you.




Charmaine Silk Jan 2024

Christian has put together an excellent well crafted course to master pasta with an authentic Italian feel.

I would highly recommend this class for anyone that wants to learn to create pasta and ravioli at a relaxed pace.

Stuart McWhinnie Jan 2024

Great class! Thank you Christian

I have to add 10 more words for the review.

Samantha Wood Jan 2024

We had so much fun in this class! Christian was so informative and the class was so thorough but also super relaxed. Would definitely recommend it, thanks Christian!

Lucille Korfel Jan 2024

We had a great time with Christian. The class was intimate and pleasant. Thanks for a nice evening learning how to make yummy pasta and enjoying them straight after. Highlight recommended!

Yasna Mora Perez Jan 2024

Chef Chris was so friendly and dedicated. It was a very personalized experience and we left feeling like we had learned a lot and ready to put it into practice ♥️ Def recommend this class for anyone who loves pasta and wants to make it from scratch

Mandy Furka Jan 2024

My daughter and I just LOVED the pasta making experience last night - such FUN !
Christian was relaxed and informative, and shared his years of experience with us as he guided us through various techniques, offering tips and tricks along the way.
All of this was topped off with a bowl of delicious pasta we had made , prepared and served by Christian. Great value , and a wonderful evening - Thankyou !

Huu Minh Hang Jan 2024

Chef Alessio was very kind and he cooked at very good meal afterwards. He showed each of us and spent time with us to make sure we had a great dough for pasta. The products were chewy and tasty. Thanks very much.

Tracy Neale Jan 2024

We had a great night learning to make pasta. Alessio explained everything clearly and was able to spend time with each of us. It was great to experience making pasta with and without a machine. Thanks for a great night and for cooking us dinner with the pasta we made

Gabriel d'Angelo Jan 2024

Very fun time, learnt from Alessio who was great and patient with us all. Would definitely recommend

Melinda Rollason Jan 2024

Christian ran a great class - very clear instructions provided in a calm and patient way. Would highly recommend!

Anamaria Mihaescu Jan 2024

Had so much fun on this pasta making class, you learn so many secret Italian tips and tricks to make the perfect pasta And the final pasta cooked by the chef is just delicious! Thank you!

Alexander Roth Jan 2024

Christian was super nice and really loves what he does. Great experience and super inspired to make my own pasta now.

Hilary Chan Dec 2023

Christian was a very patient and engaging teacher. I loved the bits of trivia scattered throughout the class. We made fettuccine, ravioli and tortellini and discussed other types. Christian made pasta making seem very straightforward (although I’m sure there’s an art to it!). The dish he made at the end was so flavoursome and highlighted the texture of fresh pasta. Would highly recommend for a team bonding exercise, learning how to make pasta, or if just in it to eat delicious pasta!

Michael French Dec 2023

A Really fun time, easy to learn.
A good crowd of people.
Etc etc etc

Evan Politis Dec 2023

Amazing experience with an outstanding teacher. Clear instruction, loads of fun and genuine excitement from everyone in the room. The wealth of knowledge was shared with everyone and hints and tips made the experience so much more than a class. The pasta we made was delicious and I left with skills that I can use for the rest of my life!

Steve McGrath Dec 2023

Great class. Fun explanations and lots of hands on experience.
Christian does a great job going through the whole process and puts up with all our mistakes!

Enya Kazic Nov 2023

Had such a fun time with Christian!
Given he is Italian it was a very authentic learning experience - and his mum was there too visiting from Italy!

We learned how to make the pasta dough, how to roll it out and then how to make a couple of shapes - fettucine, ravioli etc.
Came home with a ball of dough and some of the shapes we made ourselves!

Very fun class and delicious pasta dinner too!

Alison Oct 2023

Christian was a great teacher - very personable and engaging. His instructions were clear and the demonstrations valuable. The practice time allowed was very beneficial. It was great to finish the night with a lovely bowl of freshly made pasta with a meat sauce.

Britney Scali Oct 2023

We had a lot of fun learning how to make pasta! It was so delicious :) thanks Christian for all the pasta knowledge!

Kelly Nguyen Oct 2023

Chef Christian provided us with the most amazing pasta class! The experience will remain a core memory for myself & my friends. The experience had us all in awe & we were so excited to eat the pasta we had made AND bring home an extra ball of pasta dough! We can’t thank you enough chef!

Cooking class review by Kelly Nguyen - Sydney

Dexter Lai Sep 2023

Christian is knowledgeable and patient. We all enjoyed the class very much. Would highly recommend.

Voula Valanidas Sep 2023

Took my kids here it was lots of fun for the whole family. Service and food was great. Highly recommend this class.

Marco Elias Aug 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Great teacher and class. I enjoyed to much that activity. I recomend for all lover cuisine people .

Marlene Moser Aug 2023

Super knowledgeable and friendly teacher who was willing to answer all our questions and made the most delicious pasta!

Hamish Reeves Jun 2023

It was an amazing experience Christian was an amazing teacher, and was super flexible. Our class had some cancellations right before it started, so only my fiance and I were there, but he still ran the class for us. We learnt so much and it was a great time. 10/10

Magda Read Jun 2023

A lot of fun for team
Building. Beautiful food and very easy going.
Great time slots for teams to choose from. Free parking.

Chris Rowe Jun 2023

Great night, thanks Chris for the great tuition, great food and great fun. I cannot wait to trying this out at home with friends.

Pasta Making Masterclass review by Chris Rowe - Sydney

Sara Hekmat Jun 2023

- The pasta making was good and the teacher was knowledgeable but the facilities were very poor
- Small space even not enough for 10 people
- No seats, need to stand Thor more than 2 hours
- No toilet
- one small sink for washing hands, we needed to line up and wait for our turn

Teacher's response

Hi Sara,

Thank you for taking some time to review us. We are disappointed to hear that you were not happy with our facilities.

To touch on some of the points you have raised.

  • While we are not a fancy restaurant, our facilities and equipment all meet the council's health and safety requirements.
  • I'm sorry that you felt that the kitchen wasn't large enough for all the participants, we haven't had this feedback before, but will certainly take it on board.
  • We don't offer seats in the class as they pose a health and safety risk. They are also not suited to the class that we offer.
  • We do have a toilet situated outside and it's available for everyone to use.
  • The sink in our kitchen meets H&S regulations. We also have sinks located in our bathrooms.

Please reach out if you would like to discuss anything further.

Warm regards,

Angela Han Jun 2023

Great class, and great teacher! We made fettuccine, ravioli and tortellini - and got to enjoy our hard work with a delicious dinner at the end of the class.

Bibiana Jandey May 2023

Chris was a great teacher! Explained everything really well and made the most delicious meal!

Benjamin Sterland May 2023

Al was great, he was really informative, funny and gentle in teaching us, and we left feeling like the class both met and exceeded our expectations.

Deborah O'Mara May 2023

It was great but we did not realise that the whole thing was conditional on having a kitchen whizz attachment that costs $250. Luckily I do have a kitchen whizz but I dont think I will buy the attachment - would have been nice to know how to make pasta without a kitchen whiz ie a rolling pin

Samantha Tate May 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The pasta class was great and our teacher taught the group lots of tips and tricks he was very knowledgeable.
The dinner served was delicious with the pasta we made. I would definitely attend another class.

Cooking class review by Samantha Tate - Sydney

Kylye Hooper Apr 2023

Class was well worth it great teacher not as scary as I thought it would be to make pasta!

Mia Giordano-Hauser Apr 2023

9 ClassBento workshops attended • 12 reviews

Christian was very friendly and willing to share his knowledge with everyone. He taught how to make the pasta dough and different styles of pasta. At the end of the class Christian served a plate of a delicious pasta, and let everyone take home the pasta they made. We cooked ours for dinner tonight (the day after the workshop) and it was amazing. Fantastic class!

Pasta Making Masterclass review by Mia Giordano-Hauser - Sydney

Daniel Lai Apr 2023

Great class, very achievable goals. Learned how to make and store pasta for home cooking.

Sophie Cook Apr 2023

Loved this class - Christian was so great at explaining how each type of pasta is made and it was such a hands on class! Our dinner was delicious and we were able to take home some pasta too. Would highly recommend!

Cooking class review by Sophie Cook - Sydney

Konner Blunt Apr 2023

Christian was really kind to everyone. The class itself was the perfect length and depth, too - not too sure or long, not too hard or easy.

Jodine Argayoso Apr 2023

Christian was an excellent teacher; he made the whole process simple, fun, and interactive. I enjoyed learning more about the main ingredient of my favourite dishes. The delicious and freshly made pasta was the perfect way to end the class

Cooking class review by Jodine Argayoso - Sydney

Alessandro Croce Apr 2023

A Really fun experience. A great night out with a knowledgeable teacher. Bring some drinks and enjoy.

Celine Cano Mar 2023

We really enjoyed the class, Christian was very knowledgeable and approachable. Definitely recommend, and the food was very tasty

George Abikhalil Mar 2023

Christian was a great teacher. The lesson was great and simple. Got straight into it. Dinner was delicious and we got to take home another prepped meal. Class is nice and intimate. Enjoyed it very much!

Teneille Bridgewood Mar 2023

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

What a fantastic class, lots of fun, laughs and amazing pasta pasta making, at the end we even got to eat it. Christian, is such a lovely guy, great teacher and awesome chef. Would highly recommend and would definitely attend again

Cooking class review by Teneille Bridgewood - Sydney

Sophia Moussaoui Mar 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

A wonderful class, with delicious pasta at the end! It was so good learning that pasta making isn't as scary as I thought, and I can't wait to make more at home!

Martin Mar 2023

The experience was really good good it was located near a train station and was surprised how easy pasta is to make

Lakshan Fernando Mar 2023

Christian was such a wonderful teacher! He was very clear and crisp in his instructions and was very fair in allowing everyone a go in performing each step with their hands. His hands on teaching style was thus very effective and I'm certain I have learnt one of my most valuable life skills from him.

Chloe Llewellyn Mar 2023

22 ClassBento workshops attended • 15 reviews

It was a good class and I really enjoyed eating what we made thank you

Niki Marsh Mar 2023

The teacher was very knowledgeable and explained the methods clearly. Everything we needed was provided to make our pasta which
We took home. We ended the night with a pasta meal.
An enjoyable night out.

Laura McAuliffe Mar 2023

Friendly and knowledgeable teacher who is clearly passionate about cooking.
Great interactive class with a delicious meal at the end.
I learnt so much about the finer details of making a good pasta.

Cooking class review by Laura McAuliffe - Sydney

Kit Wong Mar 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The teacher is nice and demonstrates well. The class was good in size and very organized. Enjoyed it very much overall.

Cooking class review by Kit Wong - Sydney

Hue Hominh Feb 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Teacher is friendly. Answered every question. Great class planning (student had a meal and also took samples and dough home to practice)

George Gill Feb 2023

Friendly teacher, authentic experience. Learned enough to take home and try ourselves. Also given a take home box of pasta. Would 100% recommend!

Cooking class review by George Gill - Sydney

Stefan Lay Feb 2023

Received this experience as a gift from my brother and his girlfriend… loved the experience

Bob Mullins Feb 2023

Christian Colognesi at The Italian Table was friendly, engaging and demonstrated a lot of really practical tips that make the difference between making pasta and making delicious pasta.

Violet Roumeliotis Feb 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

A fabulous pasta masterclass Very hands on and the teacher was fantastic- informative and chatty. Learnt so much and confident to try it all at home!
The meal at the end- tasting what we made was Bellissimo!

Cooking class review by Violet Roumeliotis - Sydney

Caitlin Manganar Jan 2023

Friendly, informative, funny teacher. Great quantity of pasta to eat after making and take home.

Cooking class review by Caitlin Manganar - Sydney

Aurelie Zengerlin Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

It was super fun and a great class but the location was not what I expected, not super nice. And it was super super hot in there, no AC.
Apart from that, we loved making pasta there with the lovely Italian chef.

Cooking class review by Aurelie Zengerlin - Sydney

Emily D Jan 2023

Christian was very friendly, knowledgeable and taught at good pace for beginners and intermediate learners.
He gave us a few tips and tricks to make homemade pasta even more enjoyable.

Alexandra Storey Jan 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Christian was great, he is funny and engaging. We got to take home so much food to cook ourselves which was an unexpected surprise! absolutely delicious pasta and sauce. Thanks heaps

Pasta Making Masterclass review by Alexandra Storey - Sydney

Leah Middlemass Jan 2023

Our teacher was very knowledgeable and friendly. Ample materials were provided along with time to practice the processes. A nice meal was provided at the class.

Matthew Schnelle Jan 2023

Amazing and helpful teacher, with a good sense of fun. A great class group to do it with and a good length. Delicious dinner too!

Matthew Wheatley Jan 2023

Absolutely amazing class Christian was amazing so knowledgeable and very understanding of new learners and showing them how to do the right way very patient calm and cool. Was very engaged with the group and gave everyone a go. Would definitely recommend this class for begginers and pasta lovers alike so worth it the price the atmosphere and the teacher was brilliant and the food excellent. Thank you so much for the amazing experience ive learnt will definitely be coming back so fun.

Mika Lansley Jan 2023

Had a lot of fun! Christian was very nice and helpful, answered our questions and engaged with us. Clearly new what he was doing and served us a great dinner afterwards! I think the price was good, really worth the experience and now I know a bit about making pasta from scratch!

Jack Whitehorn Jan 2023

Very good class, very interesting and Christian is obviously very knowledgeable. Lovely food at the end of the night with some of the pasta we made

Rachel Tan Jan 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended

The class was fun - learnt how to make linguine & tortellini. Good instructions and a very nice bolognese pasta cooked by Christian at the end. Containers provided at the end and we took back our 200g of pasta that we made. Only thing is that there was only 1 pasta roller which we took turns to use - could have been quicker if there was 2. But otherwise it was a fun class!

Pasta Making Masterclass review by Rachel Tan - Sydney

Stephanie Gore Dec 2022

Learnt lots of new things about pasta making, it was a really nice date idea! Loved it!

Cooking class review by Stephanie Gore - Sydney

Winifred Wang Dec 2022

What was the teacher like? Very educational and engaging with all members during the night.
How was the venue (if applicable)? Secluded but nice for parking
If materials were provided, did you like them? All the materials were provided to us and we watched him before we did our own.
Was the experience good value for money? Yes, i could use the class in future events
What did you do / learn? make many types of pasta, fettuccine, ravioli
What did you like most? The people that came along and the wholesome vibes

Richard Beattie Dec 2022

A fantastic 2 hours of fun and learning. Enjoyed by our whole team. Definitely recommended.

Chantelle David Dec 2022

Christian was a wonderful teacher! My partner and I learned so much about making pasta which we will definitely put to use. We finished off the session with an incredibly tasty meal. Would 100% recommend to anyone! Thanks Again Christian :)

Cooking class review by Chantelle David - Sydney

Solange Fadel Dec 2022

The class moved at a very comfortable pace allowing room to ask questions, teach and learn slower and overall allowed for a more thorougher description of all the steps. It was extremely engaging as we were able to not only able to watch a demonstration but to also do it ourselves such as assembling the dough from scratch, rolling the dough out, running the pasta through the roller machine and cutting the pasta by hand. Lastly the teacher/chef Christian made us an amazing Bolognese dish using the pasta we created which was delicious! The entire experience was very engaging, interesting, fun and appetizing. Definitely recommend! :)

Pasta Making Masterclass review by Solange Fadel - Sydney

Yoni Charlupski Nov 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

It was a really great experience. Christian was informative and practical. The venue was a perfect size for the 9 people in the course. The pasta was delicious.

The only thing is we didn’t get anymore

Luke Panovski Nov 2022

I would definitely recommend. I will be a returning customer for future courses. Thank you.

Carolyne Bereveskos Nov 2022

Best experience ever definitely booking again and recommending to friends and family teacher was awesome

Coralie Williams Nov 2022

We loved our pasta making class with Christian. He provided an informative and fun class, all finished off with delicious pasta. Would highly recommend

Josephine Doueihi Nov 2022

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

Christian is a pasta master! I learned so much from a few hours in a class with him than I did in any cookbook. Would highly recommend, especially if, like me, you've tried and failed a few times.
PS. Look at what we made!

Pasta Making Masterclass review by Josephine Doueihi - Sydney

Ally Macdonald Nov 2022

Thanks Christian for a great class. Your explanations were super clear, we had plenty of chances to participate and learn, the space was well set out and the dinner you cooked us with the pasta was delicious. Really enjoyed it.

Cooking class review by Ally Macdonald - Sydney

Kevin Luc Oct 2022

Really patient teacher and willing to answer all of our questions! Great learning companions! Had fun!

Isabella Lettini Oct 2022

Exceptional !
An absolutely great class. Learned how to make fettuccine, tortellini, agnelotti. Bellisimo.
I will put more photos on ForkenKnifefoodies instagram page.
Thank you

Pasta Making Masterclass review by Isabella Lettini - Sydney

Nikita Kherodiya Oct 2022

It was a great class. Went with my work mates; we had fun and learnt so much about Pasta making.
Excellent class! And Yummy Pasta

Alana Fisicaro Oct 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Amazing! It was so much fun making the pasta. The class sa’s so much fun.

Shane Kingsbury Oct 2022

Had a fantastic time during our workshop! Christian was a great teacher and very helpful. The food was absolutely delicious as well. Great value for money and highly recommend.

Suzanne Bonamy Oct 2022

Fun learning experience. Only 6 people in the class. Alessio was very informative and helpful& the dinner was lovely.

Sogand Mohammadi Oct 2022

Very professional learned alot of tips would recommend to anyone who likes to learn as a beginner

Belinda Wyard Oct 2022

Christian was so friendly and happy to answer any questions. We were impressed by the relaxing and welcoming manner that he guided us through the class.
Would highly recommend this class to anyone and will be definitely signing up if any pizza or gnocchi classes come up in the future.

Loch Wijesinghe-Vournovas Oct 2022

Teacher (Alessio) was friendly and approachable and shared his knowledge freely.
He made the class fun and interactive.

Pasta Making Masterclass review by Loch Wijesinghe-Vournovas - Sydney

Valentina Borin Sep 2022

Ssssso much fun
Christian is such a nice person, and a great chef! After teaching us how to make fettuccine he cooked them with a delicious sauce
We learned how to make tortellini too that we then took home so the fun keeps on happening

Adrian Mendoza Sep 2022

Teacher was nice and friendly and accommodating! The class was fun and made it simple to make at home

Sam Reid Sep 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Great for a date night. Simple straightforward instruction and a hands on experience. Would go again

Marc Harry Sep 2022

21 ClassBento workshops attended • 20 reviews

Had a great time learning much, had a feed as well delicious . The fresh pasta making was a real good opportunity for me and I will be if it knowing had to make my own now. Christian was a perfect trainer and the venue is excellent. Thank you.

Pasta Making Masterclass review by Marc Harry - Sydney

Carmen Dang Sep 2022

Christian was lovely - he was understanding even when I misread the start time and arrived a bit later. The class was very hands on and my friend and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Would definitely recommend it.

Kate Fowler Sep 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Christian was amazing at showing us how to make pasta and have us lots of tips for home!

Catriona McKenzie Sep 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Great class. Learnt a lot and enjoyed the end product! Looking forward to testing my new skills at home.

Natalie Coleman Sep 2022

We had Alessio as our Pasta making teacher and he was fantastic!
He made the whole process seem so easy and was so helpful answering questions and offering guidance.
The venue was easy to find and well equipped.
I was so inspired that I bought a pasta machine today
The class definitely needs 2hrs for everyone to be able to participate and eat afterwards.

Pasta Making Masterclass review by Natalie Coleman - Sydney

Nicola Coleman Sep 2022

The class was amazing, we loved it! Alessio was a great teacher and the pasta was delicious!

David Moore Aug 2022

Super fun night - enjoyed it immensely , would recommend to experience to my friends. Well worth doing

Marina Liaskos Aug 2022

Chris was a fantastic teacher! I had the best time and got to refine my pasta making skills. Will definitely be recommending this class to everyone I know!

Sarah Cunningham Aug 2022

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

This was such fun. Christian is completely authentic - a great hands on teacher. Venue was perfect, equipment and everything all supplied. We just turned up and from scratch made our own fresh delicious fettuccine, then raviolis then tortellini. I’d recommend it for anyone who wants to make great pasta at home.

Cooking class review by Sarah Cunningham - Sydney

Tommaso Tesoro Aug 2022

Great atmosphere!
Easy to follow!
Great utensils supplied
Great hospitality
Fun class
Confidence gained

Thank you!

Winnie Lam Aug 2022

Such a rare thing to go along to a class and feel so comfortable from the start and at the same time learnt some really good skills on pasta making from a professional teacher. Highly recommend!

Anthony Ward Aug 2022

What a great way to spend a few hours with 10 or so other students. Our teacher introduced us to the art of pasta making and made the whole process seem very easy. And then topped off a really enjoyable night serving us with a meal made with our own handmade pasta topped with one of his delicious sauce.
Great Teacher, very enjoyable.

Lorelei Harb Aug 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Christian was a friendly, patient teacher. It was a very well prepared class, a good size. A very enjoyable, hands on, productive,relaxed experience, finished off by a meal. I really enjoyed the class. It was held in a professional setting. Christian is informative and happy to answer questions. An enjoyable way to meet other people and experience shared learning.

Sonya Thai Aug 2022

Fantastic experience. Christian was lovely! Would recommend to anyone. Great for a date night too.

Lisa Plant Jul 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Super friendly teacher with a well kitted out venue. Great experience with a delicious meal to finish off with a lot of leftovers to make at home. Amazing value for money and would absolutely recommend

Tanya Kement Jul 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The class was really enjoyable and interactive, Chris was lovely and super helpful to everyone!

Jennifer Nguyen Jul 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Had a wonderful time at this fresh pasta making class. Christian is a great teacher- knowledgeable, patient and accommodating. I highly recommend this class.

Sara Gourlay Jul 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Christian was a wonderful teacher. We were all made to feel at ease and not to mind if we messed up! Easy to find venue. We all made our own fettuccine, ravioli and tortellini and then ate the fettuccine with ragout that Christian had made. Delicious! A great evening. Thank you

Toni Clenton Jul 2022

Had such a great time doing this pasta masterclass with Christian! He was a great teacher who was very patient with the class and also super friendly! He had a wealth of information about pasta to share with us, and we got to learn how to make fettuccine, ravioli and tortellini! And we got to enjoy some of the pasta we made for dinner which was super delicious as well as getting to take our raviolis and tortellinis home to boil and some dough so we get to have another go at making it from scratch! Definitely recommend for a date night, girls night or just go by yourself if you want to learn about pasta! Thanks Christian!

Cooking class review by Toni Clenton - Sydney

Elyse Griffiths Jul 2022

An awesome class. Enjoyed the evening making and eating delicious pasta. Was a relaxed and easy going class.

Pasta Making Masterclass review by Elyse Griffiths - Sydney

Claudia Higgs Jul 2022

We thoroughly enjoyed the pasta making experience and a delicious meal at end. Can highly recommend!

Maria Fernandez Jun 2022

8 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Our teacher Christian was the best teacher, he was so patient and accomodating. I loved every minute of the class, it was a really nice group , he gave us all attention and encourage us every step of the way, the venue was clean and perfect for our learning and I am now confident to make home made fresh pasta at home.
And did I forget to mention he cooked us the pasta we made and it was wonderful I highly recommend this class. It was so much fun!

Cooking class review by Maria Fernandez - Sydney

Gabrielle Blomson May 2022

Chris was such a great teacher! We made 2 delicious pastas. Highly recommend this course and would definitely do it again!

Pasta Making Masterclass review by Gabrielle Blomson - Sydney

Madhu Gaikwad May 2022

Great class! Perfect surprise birthday gift . Our teacher was very generous with his time and knowledge. We made 3 different types of pasta and got to eat them after ! Would recommend

Mark Apr 2022

Chris was very helpful and informative the whole time.
He was happy to answer all our questions and has a lot of knowledge to share.
The class had a very personal and homely feel which would be great for anyone feeling anxious about doing their first cooking class.

Betty Tan Apr 2022

Christian was very friendly and taught us how to make fettuccine, ravioli, and tortellini. All the ingredients were provided, we just needed to bring ourselves and an empty belly! At the end of the lesson, Christian cooked us the pasta we made and it was delicious! We got to take home our dough and extra pasta that didn't get cooked! I will definitely be making my own pasta at home now thanks to this lesson!

Megan Daniels Mar 2022

Amazing class. Christian was informative and personable. We made fettuccine and ravioli and learned about how to make pasta using both traditional and modern methods. Would thoroughly recommend!

Cooking class review by Megan Daniels - Sydney

Justin Mar 2022

Christian was an excellent instructor, the pasta Masterclass was well planned and presented. My partner and I learnt so much about pasta making from his class. We even had pasta to bring home. Would highly recommend.

Nancy Gorial Feb 2022

We had a great time and learnt so so much! Christian was super accommodating and cooked us a delicious meal after the class! Would definitely recommend this class to all

Cooking class review by Nancy Gorial - Sydney

Helen Benari Dec 2021

Lotsa fun learning how quick it was to make pasta dough. Christian was very personable and clearly passionate about his trade! Best spag bol that we've ever eaten and we took the pasta that we made home. Couldn't ask for more - thank you Christian!

Louise Heunis Nov 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

What a delight it was to do this class. I learned so much of pasta making and got a delicious meal and goodies to take home. Highly recommended

Vincent Tran Nov 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended

It was such a fantastic session to celebrate my girlfriend's birthday! Not only did Christian provide us the basic fundamentals on how to make the pasta sheet, but he also showed us how to make all types of different pasta (more than we expected). It was very hands on and we were able to play around and have a crack at making the different pastas as well. It felt like an authentic experience and Christian was very personable and friendly! He gave us everything we needed to know about pasta making - including giving us all of the different types of pastas that we made for us to take home. He also made us a nice little lunch after the class using the fettucini that we made, and it was absolutely delicious. I would 100% come back for another class with Christian.

Marina Dalamagas Jun 2021

Teacher Christian was absolutely brilliant. So full of knowledge, calm and very clear with instructions. The materials were set out neatly, clean and organized from start to finish. The atmosphere was warm and friendly and the food was simply delicious. Loved it !

Su Kim Jun 2021

I would like to highly recommend this class especially to the beginners. We learnt how to make different types of pasta from the scratch. It was lots of funs!

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