Experience Gifts for Grandparents This Christmas

Experience Gifts for Grandparents This Christmas


Christmas Day is not far off…You’d think we’d be used to it by now, but December 25 seems to creep up on us faster every single year. Just like our grandparents always say, time flies when you’re having fun.

Ah grandparents, so full of profound wisdom. Which is exactly why those golden oldies deserve a token of your appreciation this Christmas and only the very best gift will do!

Want to buy your grandmother or grandfather something unique? Not sure where to start? ClassBento has got you covered — ’tis the season of giving, after all.

From flower arranging and cooking classes to pottery wheel and painting lessons, ClassBento has carefully curated a whole range of creative, hands-on workshops that are perfect for grandmas and grandpas of all ages. Either book them in for a specific workshop or simply buy them a voucher and ClassBento will send out a lovely little gift card. You can even get the voucher emailed to you as a nice, easy-to-print PDF — great for those last-minute presents!

Has the silly season already broken your budget? Relax! ClassBento workshops start from as little as $15 per person, so the only hard part will be choosing which one to book first.

Need some more pressie ideas? Here are ClassBento’s top four experiences that you can gift to your grandparents this Christmas:

1.     Soap making workshop: Grandparents love a good old-fashioned bar of soap, whether they place it in their chest of drawers to keep their clothes smelling fresh or they have one on hand to wash your mouth out when you say something rude. Now they can learn how to make their very own natural soap from scratch using beautiful, nourishing ingredients — think essential oils and premium botanicals.

soap making

2.     Pottery lesson: Encourage your grandma and/or grandpa to roll up their sleeves, get their hands dirty and learn the art of pottery. They’ll also get to take home a brand-new, handmade decorative bowl, teapot or vase which they’ll most likely tell you will be “yours to inherit one day”.

3.     Tea brewing class: Grandparents enjoy nothing more than a good cuppa. Here they can immerse themselves in the history and healing powers of tea before making their own unique and delicious blend to share with you next time you visit.

4.     Painting workshop: What a fantastic way to relax, unwind and get those creative juices flowing after a hard day of grandparenting. The masterpiece that they will no doubt create will be the perfect memento of their special day and a great talking point for family get-togethers in the future.

ClassBento’s workshops take place all over Sydney every day of the week, from AM to PM, so your grandparents will always be able to find a local class that suits their schedules.

Plus, by attending a ClassBento workshop, your grandma and/or grandpa will be supporting a local small business or artist AND one dollar from every ClassBento workshop booking gets donated to Dementia Australia — spread that Christmas spirit!

You can find out more about ClassBento and all of the fantastic, grandparent-friendly workshops that they have on offer here.

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