Facing the Goliath - Confident Writing Workshop


Zuzi Fort
Zuzi Fort
Communication & Drama Teacher, Industry professional with over 20 years of experience

3 hours Class size 1 to 20

label $90 - $110 (or 4 payments of $22.50 - $27.50 Afterpay)
($110 per guest when you book for 1 guest, $90 for 2+ guests. $10 per class surcharge applies for private classes)


“Closer and closer it came, it was getting bigger and bigger, soon it filled the sky above our school. Then, time seemed to halt. Everything went blank… computers, clocks, mobiles… We were trapped… Men in space suits descended, were they even human… and herded everyone into the hall… Everyone except our secret club, we were hiding in a dusty corner of the library… footsteps were approaching…”

A potential disaster and a potential triumph - let’s see where it takes us!

Every day we face challenges and overcome obstacles, as individuals and as a society. Against all obstacles, we beat the odd. We survive and thrive. Can you face the challenge of penning a survival story in just 90 short minutes? Are you up to the challenge of finding your character, often someone who is not the hero type, an underdog? Can you give him or her a test after test, a Goliath to beat? Getting within a hair width of a breaking point can your hero eventually become triumphant? Using the Maslow's hierarchy of needs and various writing techniques, role play and drama games we will prevent a disaster and triumphantly write an amazing short story!


Teamwork and conflict resolution
Social skills
Plot structure (linear and non-linear)
Optimistic outlook and perseverance
Confidence and positive self-image
Speaking in public and debating

Whether your child is the next Shakespeare or if he cannot stand the sight of a pen and paper, this is a fun and interactive workshop that will stimulate and educate without the drudgery of a class-work, the kids are sure to have a ball while learning the basics of composition, be it creative or essay writing.

Knowledge required
What to bring
Bring a pencil case and paper

Parramatta NSW

This venue is a short walk from Parramatta station (500m).

Your teacher can also travel within 20 kms of Parramatta, to a venue of your choice for a private class with 6 or more guests

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Zuzi Fort
Zuzi Fort

Communication & Drama Teacher, Industry professional with over 20 years of experience

Zuzi studied at the University of Western Sydney – Nepean (Theatre) and at the University of Technology – Sydney (Communication – directing and scriptwriting). Zuzi’s worked as an actor, director, scriptwriter, drama teacher, life coach, communication and public speaking tutor, community facilitator, radio/TV host as well as a stunt performer. Highlights include performing Moliere at the Belvoir, acting with David Ritchie in Place with the Pigs, playing Tiger Lily at Capitol Theatre, performing stunts on the Superman movie, Home & Away, Sea Patrol, All Saints and working for the Universal Studios. For over ten years Zuzi has worked with children, young adults and adults encouraging their creativity, developing confidence and providing essential life skills.

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