Gift Experiences for Your Creative Man

Gift Experiences for Your Creative Man

Sarah Hinds-Friedl

It's time we get away from the idea that men can be categorised into one of two camps: the creative artist or the manly man. If you think of the men in your life, chances are, they are more creative than the world gives them credit for - even the ones who are first to fire up the grill or change their own car tyres. Actively encouraging men to explore their creative side can have positive effects on their mental health and overall wellbeing. And no, picking up a paintbrush or learning a new style of dance isn’t going to radically change his personality. But it will open doors for him, give him a confidence boost, and provide him with an outlet to relax and recharge. And although he might not have thought to sign up for an art class on his own, just wait until he attends his first one. He’s going to love it. 

So, if you’ve got a man in your life who could use a little push to explore his creativity, we’ve got just the experience gift ideas for him in Sydney.


The visual arts

Interested in how the man in your life sees the world? Sign him up for Sydney workshops that explore the visual arts. Visual arts are anything having to do with drawing, painting, sculpture or photography. There are plenty of art classes that will introduce him to any medium he finds interesting.

A Smartphone Photography Course is great because he won’t need any special equipment to develop this new hobby. In fact, don’t be surprised if you find him capturing his perspective on his iPhone with the skills that he learned from his introductory class. Not only will he be able to explore the world through a new lens, but you’ll have your own personal photographer. Not a bad deal! Another popular option would be a Tumi-isi Painting Class. This centuries-old practice incorporates visual arts and minimalism, inviting the participants to paint a stack of five wooden blocks. It seems simple, but he’ll be deep in meditation by the time this class is over. 


The culinary arts

We don’t often think of cooking a tasty meal as a creative outlet, which makes these Sydney workshops the perfect gifts for men who aren’t too keen on exploring their creativity. He’ll still get the chance to tap into his inner artist, even if it just feels like he’s cooking a meal.

A Middle Eastern Cooking Class is a great place to start. Food from this region of the world requires an incredible attention to detail. Your chef-in-the-making will be required to find the perfect balance of conflicting flavours and create a visually stunning end result. And, he’ll love eating what he makes so much, he’ll want to explore more on his own - a bonus for you! If you’re really looking to challenge the stereotypes, why not explore experience gifts that involve baking? This part of the culinary arts may be traditionally reserved for women, but what about the man in your life that loves a good sweet treat? With a French Croissant Making Class, he can make his own delicious desserts.


The textile arts

It’s pretty rare to see a man with a pair of knitting needles, but with all of the wonderful benefits of textile arts, from mood improvement to better focus and more, we should be encouraging all of the men in our lives to explore textile arts.

If you know a man who is always building something or fixing something or doing something similarly useful with his hands, why not teach him a hands-on skill in the textile arts? One of the most popular experience gifts in Sydney is the Small Leather Goods Making DIY Class, in which participants transform leather swatches into beautiful cardholders or earphone cases. If you’re looking for even more non-traditional experience gift ideas, you might sign him up for a Beginner’s Macrame Pot Hanger Workshop. This class will appeal especially to the men in your life who might already know some knot-tying techniques from spending time on boats or going fishing. The difference here is that he’ll walk away with a lovely plant hanger that he can display in his home or give away as a gift.


The performing arts

Performing arts like singing, dance, or theatre can have incredible benefits on a person’s sense of confidence and self-awareness. And for men who are in leadership or engage in public speaking, performing arts classes make useful experience gifts for him!

You might give him the gift of a Hiphop Dance Class, where he’ll not only have a great time but will also get an amazing workout. These classes are an opportunity to blow off some steam, enjoy good music, and, most importantly, have fun. Before you know it, the man in your life will be developing his own dance routines and breaking them out at the party, or even in the living room. Singing is another wonderful way to let go of stress and build confidence. With one-on-one singing lessons, these Sydney workshops are ideal for the man in your life who could benefit from performing arts but would never want to attend a group class. His instructor will help him to find his inner voice, and you’ll get to hear him belt out the high notes when he realises how lovely his singing voice is.


Try out these fun experience gifts for your creative man!

We’ve all heard the outdated tropes about men being left-brained and non-creative and unwilling to explore their hidden talents. But it’s time to let those old thinking patterns go! With experience gifts for men, you can foster his inner photographer, chef, sculptor, or weaver. He’ll be glad that you gave him that extra little push to let his creativity run free. The man in your life may not have thought to sign up for Sydney workshops, but once he’s attended his first one, he’ll want experience gifts for his next birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion he can think of.





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